Saw Stihl 180 Chain Sharpening

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To sharpen the chain, perhaps you don’t need to put in a lot of effort, since it is not very difficult, in this article we will analyze how to sharpen the chain on a chainsaw correctly, and consider all the smallest details.

First you need to find out the reasons why the chain is dull.

How to sharpen a chain on a chainsaw?

The chainsaw tooth you want to sharpen has a heavy geometry.

It has two edges with it that cut, one on the side and the other on top, one of them is beveled at an angle that determines how the chain should move, and it makes the operation a little complicated.

saw Stihl 180 sharpening chain

A chainsaw with high power cuts the whole tree, and with the help of a limiter it is possible to achieve what kind of chip thickness will be, small or large.

Why stupid chain?

  1. If you work a lot with a chainsaw, it will become dull very soon. And you will need to sharpen it a couple of times a day.
  2. Also, the main problem why the chain is dull is the ground. If you accidentally hook the soil, you can immediately go on sharpening it, since it will no longer be sawing as it should, the chainsaw is not already cut into the tree, and it will immediately be seen that the chips become much smaller than before.

Sharp Tooth Chainsaw

Dumb Chainsaw Tooth

Chainsaw tooth after collision with soil or sand in which there was a stone

In order to make the service life longer, you need to sharpen it as soon as possible, as soon as you see that the saw is not sawing so actively, go and sharpen the teeth, because if you tighten it, you will need to remove more material from it.

The main test for sharpening the teeth is to give a little more feed.

If the chain is sharpened, it crashes into the tree very quickly. Well, when you constantly increase the feed to the maximum, then you definitely need to sharpen it.

A chain that has already become dull is very easy to calculate as already stated above. this is a small chip.

Reasons why you can not saw with a chainsaw in which the teeth are dull:

  1. Your body is very tense due to the fact that there is a lot of vibration
  2. Cyclic load
  3. Impairment in cutting immediately visible
  4. Of course, performance decreases
  5. Very increased fuel and oil consumption
  6. Also, very large wear of all parts of the chainsaw, which will soon lead to repair

How to sharpen a saw, what tools to sharpen, and at what angle is it correct?

Let’s start in turn, the angle of sharpening the chain is measured from your case for use, for example, the higher you take the angle, the stronger and more productive it is, it cuts soft wood.

The grinding angle for the link that cuts, it affects the chain, on average it should be from 50 ° to 60 °

Depth gauge distance

When we reduce the angle, then the saw will very smoothly enter solid trees, and accordingly, the vibration will be much reduced, and will not give into your body.

Now we take the protractor and measure it, it is strictly forbidden to sharpen the chain more than 35 degrees or less than 25 degrees (with the exception of a chain for longitudinal cutting, which angle is 10 °)

Video: Saw Stihl 180 Chain Sharpening

Now you need to know what tools you need to sharpen the chain. Since the contour of the tooth itself is similar in shape. It is necessary to use a file (round) of small diameter.

Sharpening must be done very accurately, you should clearly hold the file without changing the angle, its upper edge of the file, it should protrude in the upper face of the tooth, about 1/5 of the diameter of the file.

An important step is what parameters of the teeth (chain) are, because it is for him that you need to knock down files for the chain pitch. In standard cases, this diameter is 4-5.5 mm.

And keep the file at a clear angle of 90 ° in the plane (vertical), well, 30-10 ° in (horizontal).

Now we will consider in more detail the tools which can be used to sharpen chains:

  1. File (round), which is attached to a round holder.
  2. Flat file to be used for sharpening the stop.
  3. A template that provides the latest operation.
  4. The hook with which we clean the sawdust from sawdust.

Chainsaw Sharpening Tools

On the file (round) which is attached to the holder, there are special lines due to which it is correctly positioned relative to the chain, and does not go to the side, and the plate rests against the tooth crown as much as possible, and thereby the file becomes the lower cutting edge.

Thanks to the holder, you will know for sure that the file with the correct height is adjacent to the saw tooth. And for each file with a sovereign, there are many options for a holder.

If you choose the right file with a holder, then you will definitely know that it comes into contact with the back of the tooth by 20% or 1/5 of its diameter.

When sharpening itself, you need to carefully strengthen the tire, and make smooth movements with a file with a holder for 2-3 movements from yourself, for maximum effect.

To affect even more fit the maximum effort on the file to sharpen even more. Also, to keep it from wear, make turns so that it is used on all sides.

So we do everything with teeth on the one hand, then we turn the saw and all the same, on the other hand.

The teeth also need to be made at the same length, you don’t need to grind one tooth 5-6 times, and the rest 2-3, do the same everywhere, so that the saw cuts well, it can also be due to uneven running, it can often be pricked.

When we have finished sharpening the chain, we need to start grinding the depth gauge.

It is necessary to impose a template on it, namely, so that it falls directly into the slot, then we take a flat file and they already, grind the end protruding from the slot itself.

When you sharpen the limiter, the template should stand close to the one where it says “Soft” (soft) or “Hard” (hard) wood.

And it should clearly fall into the slot, and when sharpening like with a round, we make smooth movements, and with the help of a flat file we make the same movements from ourselves.

Examples of a pair of chainsaw sharpening machines

The whole chain, all teeth can be regrind with files if you hit the ground or sand, but if this process seems laborious to you, you can use special grinding machines.


A company such as “Stihl” produces two types of machine tools and 2 modifications of hand-held machine tools, the first is mobile (FG1) and the second is stationary (FG2).

They are mounted on the bus.

These machines are very similar to crustacean saws only to replace the blade is a file (round).

These machines in their principle and sharpen machines (FG1, FG2). and thereby they are repaired, by means of fitting the edges to the same sizes, taking the smallest tooth for the head.

We do this on one tooth and move on to the next, while the settings that you set remain unnamed, after you set up on the first tooth, this sharpening ensures that all teeth are sharpened evenly to the correct size.

When we have already reached the limiter, we need to change the file (round) to a flat one.

There are also automatic (electret) machines in it, it has a system in order to set up, which presses the chain immediately takes the desired angle, and brings the disk to the stern which is sharpened, there are also machines that make a clamp on the machine when you lower the disk on chain.