Saw Stihl 250 Carburetor Adjustment

Saw Stihl 250 Carburetor Adjustment

Photo: Stihl MS 250 chainsaw

The tool attracts potential buyers with modern functionality, maintainability, interchangeability of standardized parts and consumable components with models of release of past years.

Range of application

The manufacturer of the saw is positioned as a universal, easy to maintain and durable in operation tool.

The scope of its application extends to a wide range of chores related to:

  • with fuel wood sawing;
  • care for ornamental and fruit trees;
  • construction of wooden structures and structures;
  • design of the original architectural and landscape design.

Operational capabilities

The Stihl 250 saw is characterized by universality of application, economical use, stability of working parameters during the overhaul and operational resources.

  • The tool with equal success performs transverse, longitudinal and diagonal cutting of any kind of wood, the tire length allows you to work with material with a diameter of up to 35 cm.
  • The production of this model involves modern materials and new technologies for their processing. The saw is assembled at a high technological level, which reduces the likelihood of failure or malfunction to a minimum.
  • Fine tuning of the fuel equipment allows using traction and economical resources of a full-time engine with maximum efficiency.
  • The instruction manual attached to the tool includes information on preparing the saw for operation, service features, and the search for and self-resolution of possible malfunctions.
  • The repair assortment is represented by a fairly wide selection, allowing to restore the operability of a worn assembly or system with minimal time.

Video: Saw Stihl 250 Carburetor Adjustment

Differences between the original and the Chinese version

The popular base model has become the basis for the production of substandard counterpart. Chinese Stihl with greater or lesser success copies the appearance and device of a proprietary tool, but its technical and operational characteristics are significantly inferior to it.

Forgeries are mostly represented in the assortment of small trading organizations. In order to avoid possible risks, it is better to buy the original at certified dealer companies and sales offices.

The differences between the Chinese counterfeit and the corporate tool are noticeable even with a superficial examination. First of all, it is:

  • low quality and rough texture of the plastic case;
  • custom logos and stickers;
  • lack of serial numbers and equipment of engines with simplified, compensator-free carburetors;
  • the presence of spark plugs with calm symbols, the production of which the company is not involved.

A significant part of the repair assortment in the domestic market is represented by low-quality and short-lived spare parts and consumables of Chinese manufacture. Practice shows that the service life of these products is less than half the resource of branded analogues.


A feature of the tool is a combination of optimal power with a compact layout and comfortable working conditions. The design of the saw is characterized by excellent balance, convenient for reliable grip by the shape of the body and handles. The use of modern materials has reduced the weight of the tool to 4.6 kg.

The Stihl chainsaw model MS-250 is powered by an air-cooled carburetor ICE with a displacement of 45.4 cm3. The compact, easy-to-maintain and fuel-efficient fuel-economy power unit at 3.1 rpm develops 3.1 hp. The fuel is a gasoline-oil mixture that enters the carburetor’s float chamber from a 470 ml tank built into the tank body.

Engine characteristics include a large supply of torque and overhaul of motor resources, reducing the noise background to 101 dB. Comfortable operation ensures the effective operation of the vibration damper.