Screwdriver Useful Case Work Will

Screwdriver Useful Case Work Will

A professional electrician to perform quality work must have a certain list of wiring tools. There are certain kits for wiring that you need to have both experienced professionals and beginners. The necessary equipment includes hand and electric tools, as well as work clothing.

Standard tool kit

So, for electrical work, you must purchase:

Special appliances

In addition to the usual tools for electrical work, various indicators and gauges may be needed.

  • Indicator screwdriver. It is necessary to check the voltage in the network, and will also be needed to detect the phase wire. An indicator screwdriver is essential for every electrician. It works according to this principle: when the screwdriver is touching the phase wire, the light comes on. If the light does not come on, it means that there is no voltage on the wire. When working with a screwdriver, you will need to touch the sensor with your finger.
  • Low voltage indicators. To determine the low voltage (standard network voltage of 220V), the INN-1 indicator is used. Such an indicator consists of a special lamp and two probes that are connected to the lamp. When the probes touch the wiring, the lamp lights up. Amateur electricians very often use a home-made indicator. It consists of a small incandescent lamp and two wires that replace the probes. Such a tool is very dangerous. the lamp may break, and the filament will still be energized. It is not recommended to use such a design; it is better to purchase a special indicator with a strong case.
  • Multimeters. They are the most common tool for an electrician. The multimeter allows you to carry out a wide variety of measurements. Currently, digital multimeters are in great demand. They allow you to measure voltage and current strength.

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It is advisable for novice electricians to purchase inexpensive models so that in the event of a breakdown, the device would not be thrown away by AL-KO. Professionals use expensive models with great functionality.

Essential Power Tools

In addition to all the listed devices, you may need various power tools..

  • Drill. The most important tool for wiring. It is necessary to purchase a drill well equipped with various nozzles and drills. Sometimes a screwdriver can be used instead, but this is an exception. In addition to the drill, you may need a hammer drill. They can drill a stone and hollow the strobes, make holes for sockets and switches. Often, electricians who have little money use a chisel and a hammer. But such work will be carried out for a very long time, and the result will be far from ideal.
  • Crowns. They will be needed to cut special holes in the walls for sockets, switches or boxes.
  • Stroborez. It is useful for cutting a strob. Due to the high price, it will be difficult for beginners to purchase it. An alternative to a chisel cutter is an angle grinder with a special disc. But it is worth remembering that when using it, it is more difficult to control the process and the depth of the incision. In the angle grinder there is also no removal of exhaust dust.

Even with a large selection of tools that can simplify and speed up the work, you must adhere to safety rules.

Do not use a tool with damaged insulation for electrical work.

Remember: if you can de-energize the area of ​​work, you should definitely use it!