Sharpening Lawn Mower Knives

The lawn mower, like any other cutting equipment, is equipped with knives that cut plants. When used, they tend to become dull and then the operation of the lawn mower becomes time consuming and painful for the operator working with this technique. Sharpening the knives of lawn mowers is much cheaper than buying new knives for them.

Sharpening Lawn Mower Knives

Low prices for tool grinding in one of the oldest grinding workshops in Moscow

So, for example, sharpening manicure tools costs only 300-350 rubles. A knife sharpening from 150 to 350 rubles.

The price of sharpening a chain from a chainsaw is 250 rubles. And sharpening a clipper will cost only 400-450 rubles.

The most common lawn mowers are rotary, they are the best-selling. But they all have an identical design, two sharp knives are placed in the case (or deck). They rotate at great speed, creating an air stream that raises the grass, and the knives evenly cut it. With the same stream of air, the cut grass is sent to a specially built-in bag (grass catcher). To make the air flow stronger, the knives are made in the form of blades, they are driven at high speed by an electric or gasoline engine.

Knives for lawn mowers can be sharpened many times, I remove the minimum necessary layer of metal using the right equipment for sharpening.

Sharpening the knives of lawn mowers in our sharpening studio is 250 p.

We sharpen manicure scissors and tools, knives, including ceramic ones.

Sharpening knives for lawn mowers is made on professional equipment

We are open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 20:00

The cost of sharpening knives of lawn mowers is 250 rubles.

The electric motor is powered by electricity and has a limited working radius and depends on the length of the wire. Allows the operator to work only in dry weather in order to avoid electric shock. Be sure to carefully monitor that the cable is not accidentally chopped, because the knives are very sharp and rotate at great speed.

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The most mobile lawn mowers with a gasoline engine. They have no limited radius of operation and electric shock will not occur. The main thing here is to observe the correct angle of the lawn mower so that the fuel evenly gets into the engine, this angle is not more than 30 degrees. Steep slopes should be mowed by carefully evaluating the surface of the mowing hill to protect the motor from damage as much as possible.

The knife has a crescent shape, cuts off, and does not cut grass. To form a beautiful lawn, it is important that the grass is evenly cut, but not pulled out of the ground, so the knife must be sharpened well. It is best to grind it on a grinding stand, but you can also use a regular drill with a grinding nozzle for grinding. To do this, be sure to turn off the motor and remove the knife, then loosen the bolt at the fastener and separate the knife. If the knife has screwed blades, you just need to turn the blades. Next, assess the condition of the dull blades, they can be bent from impacts of stones, in which case they are straightened with a hammer. A knife made from a single piece of metal requires grinding only the corners.
It must be borne in mind that the metal must be removed with the same layer on both sides, otherwise the knife can be unbalanced and this can lead to malfunction of the lawn mower. Sharpening the knives of lawn mowers requires complying with and monitoring the balance of both blades of the knife. It is best to use the time axis. put a knife on it, then it will be seen whether the knife is sitting exactly and it will be possible to control the uniformity of sharpening. If one side is heavier, it should be sharpened and the balance put in order.

Exclusively all methods of sharpening knives of a lawn mower have one principle. this is the removal of a layer of metal from the cutting surface. You can do this either manually or using grinding machines, angle grinders, grinders.
It’s best, of course, to contact a knife sharpener. They correctly and correctly sharpen and adjust the balance of the knives. After all, with a dull knife it is impossible to evenly cut the grass, its edges are fluttered and the lawn looks sick and groomed. The sharper the knives are sharpened, the less the grass gets sick and the lawn looks better. The appearance of your lawn and, of course, your mood depend on this.

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