Snow Blower Gasoline Husqvarna St227p

  • Snow Blower Gasoline Husqvarna St227p
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    Gas Blower Husqvarna ST227P in high demand among other Husqvarna models. This versatile Swedish-made snow blower is rated at 8.5 horsepower, high productivity and can handle vast areas.

    High flotation of the structure allows you to collect fresh, wet or stale snow with a layer of up to 30 cm. The strong metal auger is designed for a wide range of tasks. from cleaning near the house to cleaning parking lots and the area around commercial enterprises (hotels, restaurants, fitness clubs, etc.). )

    With relatively small dimensions, the ST227P model is maneuverable and easy to deploy, carefully removes snow blockages in the corners, along fences and walls of buildings. The 6.34 W four-stroke engine with electric start works without problems at low temperatures. Cables are wear resistant and do not deteriorate

    There are 7 speeds available, an amplifier makes driving easier and a solid weight of 96 kg ensures stability on surfaces. Of the nice additions that make it easier to work. convenient heated handles and bright LED-headlights.

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    Unlike the basic model ST 131, the device is equipped with a two-stage cleaning system: the collected snow falls under the auger, is crushed and the high-speed impeller is thrown up to a distance of 10 meters (the range and the discharge side can be adjusted).

    Husqvarne ST 227P on the shoulder any snow cover. Ideal for use in the home or farm, small commercial establishments.

    The Husqvarna brand has been pleasing for many years with high-quality assembly, impeccable work and durability even for demanding users. Thoughtful technical solutions, polished in practice, compliance with international safety and environmental friendliness are the main priorities of a world-famous company.

    Husqvarna ST 227P two-stage snow system: the snow is fed under the auger casing and then ejected by the impeller through the bell

    The ability to deactivate the differential lock and select the drive wheel (power steering) facilitates maneuvering and steering.

    Connect the Husqvarna ST 227P snow thrower to the power source and start the engine by pressing the button. A warm engine is easily started by the starting handle.

    Differential lock allows you to create traction using two wheels. Husqvarna ST 227P snow blower tires with deep tread pattern for very high traction. Wheels on snap pins for toolless mounting / dismounting and maintenance. The model is equipped with a wheel lock for turning (disabling differential lock).

    Plastic base plates give gentle contact with surfaces where there is a high risk of scratches. Opposite installation of support plates is possible, which increases their service life.