Stihl 180 Chainsaw How to Distinguish the Original

Not every branded manufacturer of chainsaw equipment in the assortment has models of a cult level, which have become reference models of quality and durability. In the category of general-purpose household saws, the legendary Stihl MS 180 chainsaw occupies a worthy place without exaggeration.

Successful in all respects, the model with minor improvements has been produced for more than 15 years. During this time, a tool unique in many possibilities, in the status of a bestseller in the chainsaw market, has occupied the top lines of official and unofficial consumer ratings.

Stihl 180 Chainsaw How to Distinguish the Original

Photo: Stihl MS 180 chainsaw

The constantly high demand for this brand development is based on the effectiveness of application in private business. In a wide range of special works related to sawing fuel and preparing for the installation of building wood materials.

Design and application features

In the work on the project, the designers used the versatile operating experience of previous models, advanced engineering solutions even for our time. Chainsaw performance is geared towards private sector applications and small-scale construction.

  • Saw Stihl MC 180 successfully copes with sawing fuel wood, pruning large branches and forming crowns of fruit and ornamental trees.
  • The compact dimensions determine its suitability for working in hard-to-reach places of erected log and timber wooden structures.
  • The owners of this tool respect it for the stable performance of various types of simple and complex sawing operations, a high degree of operational reliability and a long service life.
  • Functional malfunctions of the chainsaw in most cases are the result of unskilled care, excessive loads, unjustified savings on the quality and cost of fuels and lubricants and consumables.

Video: Stihl 180 Chainsaw How to Distinguish the Original

According to information received from customer service, new Stihl chainsaws for warranty repairs come in single copies. The main part of the repair assortment is production models after the 2000s, the working and technical characteristics of which are restored by 96-98% with moderate material costs.

Maintainability and information support

  • The Stihl model 180 chainsaw differs from prototypes in high maintainability. Using commercially available spare parts, the owner can carry out rather complicated repairs with his own hands.
  • The instruction manual included in the standard package offers information that is readily available for perception. on preparing the tool for work, maintenance, self-help methods and troubleshooting.


The model Stihl МС 180 has optimal overall dimensions and weight parameters. A compact and easy-to-use 3.8 kg chainsaw stands out from the general assortment with an excellent case design, reliable grip, a comfortable level of vibration and working noise.

The tool is equipped with a standard, economical and easy to maintain 2-stroke carburetor ICE. With a working volume of 31.8 cm3, the unit operating in the operating mode develops power up to 2 hp. The engine runs on a standard fuel mixture, in the ratio of oil and gasoline 50: 1.

The manufacturer’s stability of operating parameters is guaranteed provided that high-quality high-octane gasoline and branded semi-synthetic engine oil are used. In the absence of the necessary consumables, it is allowed to use analogues of other brands that are identical in characteristics.

The advantages of a carburetor drive:

  • fuel-efficient operation;
  • reliable start-up independent from temperature factors;
  • stability of idle, as well as working revolutions under load;
  • high torque coefficient;
  • easy-to-service access to carburetor set-up points and an air intake filter.

The significant extension of the overhaul and service life of the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw is facilitated by the use of high quality materials, innovative metalworking and assembly technologies.