Stihl 250 Original And China Differences

In any case, the Chinese version deserves attention, because the low price attracts any buyer. On average, the Stihl MS 600 chainsaw differs from the original in its price category, a fake will cost 100, while the original German chainsaw will cost several times more. It is difficult to name the exact price, because the original chainsaws are no longer produced; instead, they created the Stihl 661 model.

Chainsaw fake

Why is faking the Stihl brand so appropriate? The fact is that the color scheme of the saw and its completely standard sizes and characteristics enable the Chinese "masters" to change their cheap chainsaws to well-known brands. Very often, the Chinese Shain Saw 5200 saw with simple visual changes could become an inexpensive Stihl MS 660.

Stihl 250 Original And China Differences

First of all, the original can be determined by its characteristics, because a heavy saw is really “heavy” and powerful, its weight is 7 kg and its power is 7 hp. If the weight and size can be faked in simple ways, then the power, unfortunately, will be half as much. Therefore, the two versions of the Stihl 660 will have different purposes:

  • Original. used on sawmills, works with various wood and can be used continuously for several hours;
  • Fake. low power and medium quality makes it possible to use the saw for domestic purposes, equating it to amateur models.

Due to the low cost of fakes, this is an excellent choice for those who want to work with a chainsaw in a domestic environment, can easily cope with branches, harvesting firewood and other household tasks. With proper handling, the Stihl 660 will last a long time and without breakdowns. A small price will allow you to use the fake for various purposes, use the standard for chainsaws as fuel. But be extremely careful, especially greedy sellers can make a strong mark-up on a cheap saw, equating it to a real original.

Original china

Also on sale are the Stihl MC 660 models, which are considered original, but are manufactured in China using Chinese spare parts. People in the Middle Kingdom have been using this technology for a long time, in some cases it happens that the Stihl brand collects its saws in Germany, but from Chinese spare parts. Chinese parts and cheap labor force more and more companies to move their production.

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The main differences

Chinese Stihl 660 chainsaws are easy to distinguish, for this, be guided by the following differences:

  1. The original always provides complete branded instructions with all the information, including the manufacturer;
  2. The fake has a less attractive body color, not so bright and saturated;
  3. In a Stihl 660 chainsaw, the starter, or rather its body, is significantly different;
  4. Differences in the lid of the tanks (for oil and fuel), on the German version of the lid are created for a combined screwdriver (included), a copy received convex ugly lids;
  5. The original always has a serial number located in the housing area immediately below the muffler.

Any original Stihl chainsaw is confident in its quality, so it is sold with a warranty card.

The main disadvantages of the Chinese chainsaw

Unfortunately, low cost plays a role, the saw can work for several months, or it can completely fail in the first days. It all depends on the decency and hands of the Chinese making fakes. But we highlighted the main disadvantages of the Chinese Stihl 660 chainsaw:

  • weak unreliable clutch mechanism;
  • poor return spring on the starter;
  • cheap air filter housing, made of cheap plastic;
    very bad tire, it is recommended to change immediately after purchase.

Instruction manual

The instructions for the Stihl 660 chainsaw are mainly in German models, fakes can copy this data and indicate them in their manual. It is said above that the fake will not withstand the minimum load on the sawmill, so use the saw carefully and only for domestic purposes. Fill with good oil in the right proportions, keep an eye on the wear of parts in time, and adjust the carburetor. This will increase the life of even an inexpensive Chinese fake.

If you decide to get a really high-quality Stihl chainsaw for domestic use, see the Stihl MS 180 model review.

Accidentally stumbled upon a cheap chainsaw of a well-known brand, seduced and immediately bought. I didn’t work for long, I used only 5 liters of fuel, after which the chainsaw broke. I don’t see the point of repairing and diagnosing, it’s easier to take a more expensive but original model.

I bought a copy of the Stihl MC 660 chainsaw on the market, a week later the starter broke, the thing was simple. I decided to replace it. Then I changed the tire, like I worked on and sawed well, for domestic purposes I helped out well. After a month of lengthy work, he worked the entire plot, sawed down trees, and prepared firewood. A centrifugal clutch flew, decided not to “steam” with the search, and left the device dusting.