Stihl Fs 130 Trimmer Doesn'T Pick Up

A universal tool that cuts fruit trees easily and quickly, prepares firewood, cuts wooden billets in accordance with the drawing, or helps to cut wooden beams during the construction of a house. this is a chainsaw. Among the variety of gasoline assistants that are found in the assortment of the technical market, special attention is paid to units of the Stihl brand, known to the world for the tenth decade. In 1926, its founder A. Stihl opened a small manufactory in Stuttgart, with which the production of chain chainsaws began.

Currently, the Stihl brand is known in more than 160 countries around the world. The main focus of work to this day remains motorized saws, which have no equal in quality and production parameters. Despite the fact that its producing country is Germany, this product has become native to many: it easily adapts to any domestic and production tasks, regardless of whether it is used in taiga sawfields or for caring for mid-forest belts.

Before moving on to consider the Stihl gasoline model line, we will dwell on the nuances of their structure, use and maintenance.

Stihl chainsaw device

Stihl Fs 130 Trimmer Doesn'T Pick Up

The main working elements of Stihl gas saws are:

  • internal combustion engine;
  • starter;
  • cooler (flywheel);
  • incendiary part;
  • clutch;
  • brake block;
  • carburetor;
  • air filter;
  • gas tank;
  • muffler;
  • chain tension adjustment mechanism;
  • saw control module;
  • handle to hold the operator.

The operating principle of the Stihl sawing devices is quite simple. The starter is designed to force the engine to start. Its thrust through the flywheel and crankshaft is fed to the piston. At the same time, oil with fuel from the gas tank enters the carburetor, where it is mixed with air and fed into the piston coverage area. When the latter is at top dead center. a position above which it does not rise, an electric spark from the spark plug ignites the fuel-air mixture. After that, the piston goes down and performs a full duty cycle.

A centrifugal clutch is installed on the motor shaft: it allows you to transfer the engine speed directly to the rotating tire and the chain. the saw set through the drive sprocket.

Start of operation: what to look for?

Before starting a Stihl chainsaw, the user must familiarize themselves with the instructions for its use. It is important to pay attention to:

  • refueling;
  • running in of Stihl gasoline saws.

The correct procedure in each of these three situations is a guarantee of long-term operation with a minimum of repairs and the cost of spare parts. Consider one by one.

Stihl chainsaws: refueling correctly

Refueling 2-stroke engines, which are equipped with all Stihl cutting units without exception, is not an easy task. In addition to gasoline, which, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, should have an octane rating of at least 90, they need engine oil to work properly. Its main function is to lubricate the rubbing components and prevent their premature wear. There is less ambiguity on the question of which gasoline to pour into the Stihl chainsaw: any of the fuel options at our gas stations — AI-92 or AI-95 — is perfect. Oil is harder. For trouble-free operation of the chainsaw, it must:

  • to be branded. any motor oil for 2-stroke engines manufactured by Stihl;
  • made in a certain proportion.

According to the official recommendations of the manufacturer, the proportion of oil and gasoline for Stihl chainsaws is 1:50. This means that for each measured part of the oil should be exactly 50 parts of gasoline. In other words, before diluting gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw, it is necessary to prepare 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of fuel, and 1 liter of lubricant per 5 liters.

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How to start using Stihl gasoline saws?

After making sure that the tool is serviceable and fueled, you can start turning it on. The order of the operator will be as follows:

  • start the chain brake. remove the guard and turn its handle in the opposite direction from the user to prevent premature turning of the cutting part;
  • activate the decompression valve so that the motor starts faster;
  • pump up the fuel pump and set the lever to the cold start position;
  • remove the Stihl chainsaw from the case or bag and place it on a horizontal surface. Holding it with the left hand by the handle, try to pull the starter cable with the right. Continue until the motor sneezes;
  • after turning off the engine, move the lever to the middle working position and start the starter again;
  • close the throttle and add gas;
  • lower the brake lever and get to work. If the saw is new, it is being tested, which will be discussed later.

Running Stihl Chainsaws

All modern chainsaws need proper break-in. Stihl chainsaws are no exception. This is necessary to increase the motor resource of the engine part, the components of which must rub against each other, or, as experts say, make extra work. We must not forget that:

  • running-in of rubbing parts ends after using 10-15 refueling of the fuel tank;
  • during the break-in of the chainsaws of this brand, the engine should not be loaded with work. you need to start at low speeds, which can be changed to medium after the 2-3rd used gas tank.

Stihl Chainsaws Failure: Causes and Solutions

Like other technical means, motorized chain saws of this German manufacturer tend to break. It is important in the conditions of current prices for spare parts that with this brand it will occur at times less often than with the rest.

Faults that may occur during the sawing process with the Stihl motor-saws can be divided into several groups:

  • problems with the motor system;
  • problems with fuel supply;
  • defects in the ignition system;
  • when the chain is not lubricated or vice versa, chain oil leaks.

In addition, the cutting headset may break or be improperly installed, which will provoke another option for breakdowns of a gasoline saw.
Consider all the options individually.

They manifest themselves as follows:

  • the saw does not start;
  • the engine turns off at idle;
  • the power tool stalls when you press the gas;
  • the gasoline engine runs spasmodically.

The reason that the Stihl chainsaw does not start may be:

  • filled spark plug. as a result, there is no spark on the Stihl chainsaw for lighting;
  • failure of the candle itself or air filter;
  • lack of chain oil;
  • carburetor malfunctions.

To determine the source of the problem, you need the following:
get and inspect the spark plug: if it:

  • dry. ignition is working properly;
  • wet. fuel is supplied in excess. This problem is usually eliminated by cleaning the carburetor and spark plug;
  • candle with a black coating. indicates the use of low-quality oil or carburetor adjustment, which is performed unprofessionally.

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The percentage of oil and gasoline specified in the operating instructions must be strictly observed. Special attention should be paid to the quality of the latter, on which the domestic consumer likes to save.
If a black spark plug is detected, it is cleaned of soot and tested for sparking.
In addition, the described malfunctions can affect the fact that the chainsaw does not start up cold.

Features of adjusting the carburetor of the Stihl chainsaw

In case the Stihl chainsaw starts up and stalls, the cause of the malfunction is the incorrect carburetor settings, which prevent it from functioning idle.

Idle adjustment is as follows:

  • turn off the engine of the gas tool;
  • turn the nozzles L to the extreme position, then. H;
  • start the engine;
  • squeeze the gas and adjust the screw N until the revs are set to the maximum mark. for this they use a special device (tachometer), the readings of which are checked with the data sheet for a specific model of the chainsaw;
  • the LA nozzle rotates a quarter of a turn counterclockwise at the moment the chain starts to rotate.
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Fuel Issues

A clean, dry candle when the engine malfunctions is a good reason to pay attention to the fuel system. The following problems are common:

  • obstruction of the gasoline filter;
  • clogged breather;
  • insufficient amount of fuel mixture.

In the 1st and 3rd cases, they clean all fuel supply hoses and clean the carburetor. In the second, the breather is cleaned with a pointed metal object, for example, a needle or a thin needle.

Muffler Service

Working at idle and turning off at high speeds is an alarm that indicates the need for muffler cleaning. To do this, they seize him, washed with detergents and allowed to dry. After installation, a similar problem usually disappears.

The situations described above should not be confused with a malfunction when the engine does not turn off. Most often this occurs due to the looseness of the switch. The problem is fixed by tightening the release switch latch.

Lubrication and cutting problems

A working, lubricated and properly sharpened chain is an important aspect of the successful use of gasoline chain saws of this brand. Failure of the feed pump for chain lubrication, clogging of the supply pipes are the most common causes of chain jamming during operation. The chains often break, creating not only a lot of inconvenience, but also a danger to the operator. There may be several reasons why the chain breaks:

  • no grease or no grease;
  • sprocket wear;
  • hit on a foreign object;
  • its low quality;
  • improperly selected or sharpened cutting blade.

The angle of sharpening the chainsaw chain is an important technological indicator on which the cutting capabilities of the whole gas tool depend. It is achieved manually (by file) or special devices. machines for sharpening chains. The Stihl company produces 2 categories of similar devices which smoothly and automatically sharpen saw teeth with observance of the necessary inclination.

Homemade chainsaw "Stihl"

Stihl chainsaws are high-power and reliable units. Stihl chainsaws turn them into useful homemade products that you can make yourself. The most famous of them are:

  • power-saw bench. consists of a welded frame, guides and a saw. Sawing is done in a horizontal direction;
  • Ledobur. a device with a worm and V-belt transmission. Motobur is equipped with a gearbox with a gear ratio in the range of 1: 25-1: 50. Useful in construction work and winter fishing;
  • wood splitter. eliminates the need for the operator to keep the saw on weight: this function will be performed by a vertical guide, towards which firewood is fed;
  • angle grinder. used for work on stone, metal and foam concrete. A pulley is equipped on the drive sprocket shaft. With a belt drive, it communicates with a saw blade selected in accordance with the performance characteristics of the chainsaw itself;
  • the bark beetle attachment is another popular attachment that helps make grooves in wood or logs. This milling head can only be installed on models in which the sprocket has 6 beams.

Stihl gasoline chain saws: how not to go wrong with the choice?

How to choose a Stihl chainsaw? What to look for when buying a motorbike? These and other questions are asked by everyone who discovers the benefits of gasoline technology for the first time. Experienced experts advise to dwell on such points:

  • country of origin. all professional and household Stihl chainsaw models are made in Germany. This is important because the market is full of fakes made in China. This is not critical, but Chinese chainsaws should cost several times less, wear out faster and more often need to be repaired;
  • power of the unit. the higher it is, the greater the performance of the saw;
  • availability of the operation manual and warranty card;
  • completeness. in the box should be everything that the manufacturer indicated for this model;
  • lack of external defects. scratches, peeling paint;
  • reliability of fastenings.
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A petrol tool should be easy to start and run smoothly.

Range of Stihl chainsaws

The variety of Stihl chainsaws is unusually large. All models differ in their power capabilities, fuel consumption and weight of the structure. Consider the most popular of them.

MS 150 TC E

A very light and maneuverable tool that weighs only 2300 g. Suitable for beginners for simple domestic and garden tasks.

  • Power. 1000 W;
  • Tire. 300 mm;
  • Tank. 200 ml.

MS 170-14

MC 170 has a good complete set, average power and convenient features. auto-tensioning circuit, protection against rejection. It will be useful in construction and in the summer cottage.

  • Effort. 1.8 hp.;
  • Tire. 35 cm;
  • Weight. 3.9 kg.

Chainsaw "Stihl" ST 18

Ideal for home use. Suitable for farmers, gardeners or summer residents.

  • Power. 1.5 kW;
  • Gas tank. 0.25 L;
  • The length of the chain web is 35 cm;
  • Weight. 3.9 kg.

"Stihl" MS 210

Convenient saw of greater power. It is lightweight and easy to operate. There is a chain brake and a vibration damping system.

  • Motor. 1.6 kW;
  • Fuel tank. 0.47;
  • Chain. 350 mm;
  • Weight. 4.4 kg.

Stihl chainsaws MS 181 and MS 192 T

Ergonomic options for those who know a lot about gasoline powered tools. Low fuel consumption, quick adjustment of the knife and not noticeable vibration. all of these can offer each of them.

  • Thrust. 2 and 2.5 hp.;
  • Fuel capacity. 0.28 and 0.35 L;
  • Guide length. 0.35 m;
  • Weight. 5.5 and 6.5 kg.

MS 231-16

Equipped with a 2 kW engine and a large-sized tire. It has all the safety elements necessary for safe operation.

  • The tire size is 40 cm;
  • Chain step. 3/8;
  • Weight. 4.9 kg.

Stihl power saws MS 261, MS 270 and MS 271

Perfect for those who want to save their energy and do the job efficiently and quickly. This will be facilitated by the function of toolless chain tension and emergency braking.

  • Power. 2.6-2.8 kW;
  • The size of the knife is 40 cm;
  • Weight. 5.6, 5.3 and 5.2 kg.

MS 280 and MS 290

Stihl chainsaw models that have almost the same characteristics. Versatile and adapted for continuous operation.

  • Force. 2.8 and 3 kW;
  • Gasoline filling. 560 and 520 ml;
  • Weight. 5.9 and 5.3 kg.

Gasoline chain saw "Stihl" MS 310

It is a semi-professional cutting device with an additional brake, automatic lubrication of the cutting headset and low noise and vibration.

  • Thrust. 1.6 kW;
  • Knife. 35 cm;
  • Fuel tank. 470 ml;
  • Mass. 4.4 kg.

Ms 360

High-powered chainsaw, which consumes up to 470 ml of fuel per hour. Suitable for professional use.

  • Motor power. 3.4 kW;
  • Cutting headset. 0.45 m;
  • Weight. 5.7 kg.

Gasoline Saws MS 341 and MS 362

Modifications of chainsaw series “Profi”. Acquired for logging, sawing thick logs and construction. The power of the MS 362 saw is slightly higher, which allows it to operate even more efficiently.

  • Motor. 3.1 and 3.4 kW;
  • Canvas pitch. 3/8 inch;
  • Weight. 5.5 and 5.9 kg.

MS 440 and MS 441

They have a similar design. Designed for professional use. The performance of the MS 440 is slightly lower due to lower engine power.

  • Power. 4 and 4.1 kW;
  • Tire. 50 and 40 cm;
  • Weight. 6200 and 6800 g.

Ms 461

Petrol unit with low gas consumption, ergonomic handles, low noise and vibration effect. Generates up to 4.4 kW of energy and weighs only 6.7 kg.

Ms 650

Bestseller in the domestic market. Its power is 6.5 hp. enough for the most hard work.

  • Long tire. 50 cm;
  • The standard pitch of the chain headset is 3/8;
  • Low weight. 7.8 kg.

Ms 880

To this day, it is considered one of the most productive chainsaws in the world. Adapted to heavy loads and daily hours of use. It has a capacious gas tank (1.3 l), which saves the operator from frequent refills of the fuel mixture.

  • Power. 6.4 kW;
  • Tire. 75 cm;
  • Weight. 10 kg.