Than Cut Flat Slate For Beds

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Slate holds water, but water slate and cuts”. a proverb came up to me when we cut the slate in this way.

And so, everything in order. We gathered to cover the roof with slate, and the question arose then, but how to cut it?

Slate, despite its strength and durability, the material is brittle, it is made of asbestos cement and has a fibrous structure. The slate sawing methods offered on the Internet are many. Some of them, probably grandfather’s advice, we immediately eliminated as uncomfortable or expensive and uncomfortable. Although, for fans of experiments, I will describe a few:

No. this is not for us. The roof in our country house is quite large, there is a lot of slate and it is long and laborious to work manually. And we don’t live in the Stone Age, it’s better to mechanize the process and use a power tool.

“You can use a diamond disk, but breathing this muck is not very healthy,” I read on the forums.
“I sawed with a jigsaw, much less dust,” they advise afterwards.
“A diamond cutter cuts like butter, but a respirator is required”.
And so on and so forth. Indeed, asbestos dust is harmful to health, but you can do without it, as well as without a respirator. As the saying goes, "No noise and dust.", although we will have to make some noise, we will work on the street. A diamond disk is useless; it’s expensive.

Than Cut Flat Slate For Beds

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We take a cutting wheel on stone “stone concrete 125 × 2.5 × 22.23” Meadows of 19 rubles (and another spare). And also goggles from sparks and splinters.

We will be sawing a slate angle grinder, our choice is an angle grinder with a disk diameter of 125 mm. You do not need to take an expensive tool, probably you will not need it anymore, and for this purpose the simplest, cheapest angle grinder is suitable.

We bought a Hammer USM 650 W angle grinder for 850 rubles.

The first stage is preparatory. First you need to relax, sit, think it over, drink a bottle of beer, preferably a plastic 1.5-2 liter, we will need it later.
Getting started. One can’t do without an assistant, and the company is more fun, especially after such outdoor recreation.

And it’s much easier to carry together, the eight-wave slate sheet weighs 26 kg, why strain.
Physical labor I can hardly stand,”- we came up with another saying in the process.

We lay the slate sheet on specially prepared walkways from the boards. To do this, we turned up an old wooden staircase, which we accidentally broke off from the house. Just in time, she perfectly suited for the role of a table-substrate for slate.

To mark the slate sheet, we use a special tool made of a wooden bar of the desired length with emphasis. We will cut a sheet of wavy slate across in half. Therefore, moving a kind of ruler along the short side of the sheet, we make marks on the waves, which we then connect to the cut line.

We will cut the slate in the wet. If there is no assistant, put wet rags on the cut line and leave for two hours. Although, why, we and the people have enough and not enough time, and everything is much simpler.

We will water the slate in the process. Everything is simple. one is sawing, the second is pouring onto a cut line and a little on the disk, cooling it.

This is where we will need our bottle, from which we will make a spray bottle, breaking a hole in the cork. When working with a grinder, it is convenient to first cut through the tops of the waves, then by connecting the cuts.

It is better to pre-moisten the cut surface with water of the same AL-KO spray. It is not necessary to press the angle grinder heavily on the sheet, so as not to split the slate, wet, it is cut easily. All dust dissolves and drains dirt to the ground, and residues settle on the instrument.

Cheap angle grinder coped with the task and paid for itself. It is advisable to immediately clean it of asbestos dirt and it will last a long time.

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