Than To Cut A Profile Pipe At An Angle

Often during repairs, you may encounter a situation where it is necessary to saw off a piece from a part, at an angle of strictly 45 degrees. Usually, this is necessary to connect two parts at a right angle, at 90 degrees, such as: door platband, baseboard, furniture and much more. An experienced master who is professionally engaged in repair work can often do without special devices, and is able to trim the necessary part evenly and clearly. But if you are a beginner repairman, and you have a desire to do the job as efficiently as possible, without damaging expensive parts, then you just need to purchase a miter box. a special device that allows you to saw off material at a given angle without special tricks.

Than To Cut A Profile Pipe At An Angle

For work you need to have: a miter box, a hacksaw, a protractor with a pencil, a wooden blank, a screwdriver with screws or a clamp.

Using ready-made miter box

Self-made miter box

  1. 1. First you need to assemble the box of the future instrument. To do this, it is necessary to drill holes in its side walls, for future fastening with screws and, smearing the ends of the parts with glue, connect them so that both walls are strictly perpendicular to the bottom and parallel to each other, after which we fix them with screws.
  2. 2. Using a protractor, mark with a pencil an angle of 45 degrees, if necessary, add additional lines for the grooves. The most important part is the cuts, it is best to do them with the same hacksaw blade as you will produce the saw cuts. It is necessary to saw while holding the blade, avoiding strong pressure on the tool, first saw one side, then the other.
  3. 3. We proceed to the processing of the material. With a clamp or screws, we fasten the miter box on the working surface. At the place of the future cut, on a plinth or board we make a mark. How to cut at an angle of 45 degrees, it becomes clear if you press it firmly against the side wall and combine the mark with the slot on the template. We insert the hacksaw into the groove and cut the workpiece, while the work of the blade is limited to cuts, which allows you to cut as smoothly and accurately as possible.
  4. 4. Before sawing the baseboard, you need to make sure that the angle of the room is really straight and, if this is not the case, you need to adjust the angle of cut of the workpiece. To do this, measure the internal angle of the junction of the walls, and divide the result into two. If you do not have a professional rotary miter box that can change the angle of cut by the required amount, then to achieve the result, you need to cut additional grooves at the desired angle in the homemade miter box. So you can cut the skirting for the most accurate alignment.

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Now you know how to cut a workpiece at an angle of 45 degrees. Perhaps the time has come to move from theory to practical action. The team at is confident that you will succeed. Stay with us!

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