The Best Assistant For A Personal Plot Is The Trimmer “Oleo-Mac Sparta”

The Italian company Oleo-Mac is the leader of the European consumer market in sales of garden equipment. The company began its active work in 1992, when it merged with the concern Efco. Today, Oleo-Mac’s business card can be called the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 trimmer, which is manufactured in various models and capacities.

Trimmer “Oleo-Mac Sparta 25”. universal unit for everyday life.

Trimmer “Oleo-Mac Sparta 25″ is convenient and easy to operate. Even a woman or a teenager can cope with the control of the unit. The area that is recommended for mowing by the manufacturer is recommended at 15 hectare. powerful model «Sparta 37” can be mowed in the territory, which is 20 acres. Thanks to the innovative bearings, which are installed in the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 benzokos, noise and vibration levels are reduced to the maximum. In addition, these bearings do not need lubrication.

Trimmer “Sparta 38”

This gasoline model is designed exclusively for the most demanding customers who want to see in the unit excellent technical characteristics. Thanks to the engine, which operates in two-stroke mode, the trimmer can be operated in intensive mode. It is ideal for mowing thick grass and high weed.

Trimmer “Sparta 44”

The unit belongs to the category of professional equipment. It is the trademark that has been produced the longest. This fact is caused by the fact that the trimmer has the following advantages:

  • high performance (transmission made of aluminum, can withstand heavy loads);
  • high power (2.1 horsepower);
  • performs both grass mowing, weeds, and shrub cuts (it is possible to install a special knife);
  • engine efficiency (tank filled enough to work for 45 minutes).

The model is not whimsical and does not require frequent repairs. Today, such a unit is not a luxury (luxe), but a necessity for many private owners and utility companies.

Trimmer “Sparta”: Do I need a lubricant gear?

Many trimmer owners ask the question: “Do I need to regularly lubricate the unit?”. The answer to the question is unequivocal: “Yes!”. After all, every detail performs its function; in the process of work, they are exposed to thermal and mechanical stress, so all parts of contact of parts must be regularly lubricated.

Before disassembling the trimmer, familiarize yourself with the factors that should contribute to lubrication:

  • the trimmer starts to change turns more slowly;
  • there were extraneous sounds in the process;
  • after replacing gears gear.

As a technical lubricant can be used as a liquid consistency, and semi-liquid or in the form of a suspension. For detailed information, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.