The Easiest Way To Make A Self-Made Frame Clutch Tiller.

If your tiller does not have a clutch, you can make a clutch frame on the tiller with your own hands. This system should transmit torque from the engine crankshaft to the transaxle. The process is based on the impact of the clutch on the tiller. When this occurs, the separation of the motor and gearbox. Due to this system, the cultivator starts to move smoothly from its place and stops without turning off the motor.

What tasks does the clutch for tiller?

Coupling for tiller performs the following functions:

  • transmits torque;
  • dampens rotational oscillations;
  • smoothly shifts gears;
  • connects gears;
  • connects and disconnects the engine to the gearbox;
  • disconnects the transmission from the flywheel.

Depending on the design of the cultivator, the clutch is of various kinds.
The centrifugal system uses a clutch cable on the tiller, flywheel, shaft, handle, disc, washer. At high loads, the system slips. Therefore it is not widely used.
Hydraulic clutch tiller transmits the movement of the piston at a pressure on the pedal through the connecting rod, which directs the working fluid through the channel in a squeezing manner. The piston acts on the lever through the crank, and the handle is returned with a spring.
The automatic clutch on the tiller is installed on motor-cultivators with high engine power. Single-disk and multi-disk systems ensure smooth start-up of the unit and the start of its movement.

How to make a clutch frame on tiller yourself?

Consider how to make a clutch frame on the tiller with your own hands. The belt coupling, which is installed on most cultivators, wears out quickly, the V-belt system does not have high strength and reliability, has low efficiency, and is not used for cultivators with a powerful engine. Therefore, many owners carry out alteration and modernization of such a system.
Consider how to make a homemade clutch mechanism.

The basis should be taken:

  • flywheel and shaft gearbox from the car Moskvich;
  • hub and turning mechanism of the car Tavriya;
  • metallic profile;
  • pulley;
  • steel billet from the car GAZ-69, which can be used as a crankshaft.

Homemade is made by sharpening a steel billet on a lathe. It is necessary to put a hub on the manufactured shaft.
Finalization of the clutch tiller is as follows. After installing the pulley on the shaft, it is necessary to sharpen the seat according to the size of the diameter of the pulley ring under the thrust bearing.
It is necessary that the hub is worn without gaps; the pulley is well scrolled.
After that, you need to flip the device and perform the same actions on the other side. Then a drill with a 5 mm drill bit in the pulley makes six holes at the same distance from each other.
Since 10 mm bolts will be used, on the reverse side, holes are drilled with a 12 mm diameter drill hole for the wheel, which is intended to drive the belt.
Then the pulley is mounted on the flywheel, and the holes are drilled with the same drill, and then the parts are bolted.
While the pulley is located on the flywheel, through the holes made in it, make marks on the wheel. Then remove the pulley and drill through the six holes.
After that, with the help of bolts of 10 mm in size, the structure should be tied down. In this case, the thread of the capless bolt should be 60 mm. The crankshaft from the inside should be hone using blanks. To prevent the flywheel from striking and moving smoothly, it is necessary to hone its surface and center it on the bore.