The grass mower will not start

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Will not start after winter

In this case, you just need to drain the old and, possibly, even frozen fuel and fill in the freshly prepared mixture. Then you need to perform the same manipulations as during the first start of the lawn mower.

The petrol lawn mower will not start. Why?

The lawn mower will not start

If at the first start, your new lawn mower refuses to start, try the following: based on the air temperature outside, set the appropriate position of the air damper (at temperatures less than 30 C. “damper closed”, over 30 C. half-closed position), then pump into the carburetor fuel and gently, but rather sharply, pull the starter handle until you feel some resistance. Repeat these steps in the same sequence several times. A brand new instrument must start. If this finally happened, you can safely get down to work, having previously fully opened the damper.

If the lawn mower is no longer new, then it is necessary to start its inspection from the gas tank. If the device has not been in operation for a long time, then it is necessary to drain the old gasoline, which has the feature of “running out”, i.e. lose their octane properties, and refill with fresh fuel mixture. The gasoline / fuel ratio, as well as the required grades, are usually indicated in the operating instructions for the tool.

Now you need to check the spark plug. either the problem is in it itself, or in the fuel system. The candle must be carefully unscrewed and its condition assessed. If the candle is heavily flooded or there is black carbon on it, then it must be removed, cleaned and dried. Drain the excess fuel, if any, from the spark plug holes, drain the cylinder itself, then screw in the dried or, even more desirable, a completely new plug. If the plug was initially completely dry, you need to look for a problem in the fuel supply system. First, check the fuel filter. To do this, disconnect the suction hose and remove the dirty filter from it, clean it and reinstall it, or replace it with a new one. If this does not help, you should contact the service center specialists.

Starts up and stalls

If the mower stalls after starting, check the air filter. When this filter is heavily clogged with dust, it stops passing the required amount of air into the carburetor and allows dust to enter the fuel mixture. It is necessary to carefully remove the contaminated filter, clean and rinse in gasoline. If the air filter is clean, and the tool still stalls, then it is better to contact a professional to determine the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it.

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Repair and service of garden equipment.

Specialized service center “Agrotechservice”. comprehensive warranty and post-warranty maintenance of garden and municipal equipment from world manufacturers! We sell spare parts with delivery throughout Russia!

Lawnmower will not start due to poor ignition system

Another reason your petrol lawnmower won’t start could be a faulty spark plug. The spark plug must be removed. clean it and adjust the thermal gap.

A frequent breakdown leading to problems with starting the engine may be incorrect starter operation. It is necessary to check the correct position of the starter, the correct winding of the cable. It is necessary to make sure that the starter provides voltage during operation.

The mower will not start due to poor fuel supply

When your petrol lawnmower will not start, the first step is to check for fuel in the tank. If it is absent, add it to the required level.

Another very popular option that the lawn mower engine will not start is a problem with the gas tank plug valve. If the valve is clogged on it or does not work, then the pump simply cannot pump fuel.

The mower may not start if the position of the air flap is incorrect during the first start. Depending on the air temperature, it is completely closed or set to the middle position (above 30 C). Then it must be fully opened.

The mower may not start if the air filter does not allow air to pass through properly due to contamination. To fix this problem, you need to remove the filter and clean it. If the filter is heavily soiled, it must be replaced.

A common reason for the inability to start the mower engine is a problem with the carburetor, most often it is simply clogged with dirt and the remains of low-quality fuel. It is necessary to flush the carburetor and adjust the fuel mixture supply.

The lawn mower won’t start, what to do?

Lawnmower Will Not Start. Causes of Malfunction

A petrol lawn mower may not start for three groups of reasons:

  • power system malfunctions;
  • malfunctions of the ignition system;
  • problems in the block of cylinders.

List of Reasons Your Gasoline Lawn Mower Won’t Start

The lawnmower will not start malfunction can be caused by the following:

  • insufficient fuel level in the tank,
  • fuel line malfunctions,
  • clogged air filter,
  • gas tank plug valve does not work,
  • incorrect position of the air valve,
  • spark plug does not work,
  • no voltage is applied to the spark plug,
  • clogged carburetor,
  • lack of engine compression.

If you cannot fix the problems yourself, you need to contact a service workshop for the repair of lawn mowers.

High-quality repair of gasoline lawn mowers in the service center

Our service center repairs lawn mowers from the following manufacturers:

  • Husqvarna (“Husqvarna”),
  • Hitachi (“Hitachi”),
  • Viking (“Viking”),
  • Stihl (“Stihl”),
  • Craftsman,
  • AL-KO (“Al-ko”),
  • Champion (“Champion”),
  • Partner (“Partner”),
  • Makita (“Makita”),
  • Honda,
  • DDE (“DDE”),
  • MTD (“MTD”),
  • Oleo-Mac (“Oleo-Mac”),
  • Hammer (“Hammer”),
  • Efco (“Efko”),
  • TEXAS (Texas),
  • Profi (“Profi”),
  • Homelite.

Our workshop carries out repairs of lawn mowers and lawn mowers of any model. We have a large warehouse of components in our arsenal, which allows us to carry out work as soon as possible. By contacting our service center, you will receive a high-quality repair of lawn mowers at a high professional level! During the work of our service center, specialists have already made many repairs of garden equipment.

If your lawn mower does not start, we will fix this problem!

Your lawn mower will start the first time!

We accept for repair lawn mowers: Stihl, Husqvarna, Hater, Hyundai, Makita, Partner, Patriot, Ryobi, Alpina, Daewoo, Efko, Fubag, Graphite, Hitachi, Makskat, MTD, Oleo-Mak, Patriot, Sparky, Storm, Tsunami, Bison, Master, Caliber, Honda, Oleomak, Huter, DeWalt, Bosch, Steel, Carver, Mobile, Parma, Stavr.

The Alfa-Rost company performs urgent high-quality repairs of lawn mowers at low in Rostov and the Rostov region. We carry out all the necessary list of work on the repair of lawn mowers and other gasoline equipment and tools. We will troubleshoot your equipment, the mower will start well.

Which mowers are effective for mowing tall grass

To bring back to life the beauty of the surrounding nature, farmers and summer residents use tall grass mowers. They help get rid of fast-growing weeds and restore the former beauty of the site without much effort. Also, such tools will be very useful in gardens where fruit trees grow, as well as for leveling the edges of paths. The technical characteristics of such equipment allow you to quickly cope with a large amount of tall grass in a short period of time.

Minimum labor costs

To get rid of thickets of weeds and tall grass that grows by leaps and bounds, gardeners and summer residents most often use lawn mowers or lawn mowers. The choice in their favor is obvious: low labor costs, affordable equipment cost, efficiency and speed of work execution. everything remains at its best. But as soon as it comes to neglected cases with very tall grass, these assistants give up their positions.

Only a mower for overgrown grass from some well-known manufacturer, for example, AL-KO, Solo, MTD, is capable of providing assistance in a problem situation. They are tested with dignity with large areas of cultivated areas, and also mow tall weeds with thick stems, unwanted bushes, harvest hay and carefully stack it along the side of the road.

Overview of popular models of segment finger mowers

Fighters against overgrown orchards and plots prefer reliable equipment and proven brands. So, to combat tall grass, four models of gas-powered segment-finger lawn mowers are most popular:

  • AL-KO BM 870 III;
  • AL-KO BM 875 III;
  • MTD BM 87-35;
  • Solo 531.

The first two models are the brainchild of a world famous manufacturer of garden equipment. over, one mower differs from another, perhaps by a slightly modified design and a difference in engine power. Simple design and low cost make these devices ideal for use in private households. For tall grass and weeds, mowers are better than AL-KO. Cope with tall weeds or hay for AL-KO machines. The possibility of using it in conditions of increased loads is not excluded.

Compared to earlier models, the AL-KO BM 870 III and BM 875 III have the cutting deck closer to the wheels. This innovation allows much more accurate stacking of cut tall grass or hay. The infinitely adjustable cutting height is another convenience for lovers of AL-KO technicians. Small dimensions allow the technique to maneuver even on uneven surfaces, and not to break the mower on bumps is possible by increasing the clearance. Even in winter, such models of segment mowers will come in handy for summer residents: if you replace the knives with “bulldozer” ones. In this case, the technique will allow you to remove the snow.

The MTD BM 87-35 segment finger mower is the one who can handle a large hay area. In essence, it is not much different from similar models, and is intended for hay harvesting. However, if necessary, a mower designed for overgrown grass can cope with weeds or bushes along the way. In any case, if the grass or brush is too large for the vehicle, you will hear the drive belt slipping. As with the two previous models, the cutting height is adjustable. And to give the engine speed, you can turn the lever on the right handle.

Often, manufacturers of such specific equipment are limited to the release of one or two models that do not differ much from each other. Solo also excelled in this by creating a whole line of segmented finger mowers designed for mowing tall grass (Solo 530, 531, 532). The star in this trio is Solo 531. The equipment is specially designed for large volumes of work, “difficult” cases and is designed for professional work. The equipment handles tall grasses, shrubs and weeds well, and tidies up steep slopes with ease. The equipment is equipped with the ability to adjust the cutting height, levers to control the wheel drive and engine speed.

What for what

There are two ways to deal with large weeds, bushes and other vegetation that darkens the beauty of nature in a country house or suburban area:

  • Mow tall grass with a hand scythe;
  • Use specialized equipment.

It is wiser and more effective to give preference to the second option. Do not be confused by the costs of buying specialized equipment, because this is an investment for many years to come. By the way, the price range for mowers for very high grass is impressive.

Initial. Then there are more “advanced” representatives with a wide range of functions. Their. And professional equipment, be it a lawn mower, brush cutter or hay harvesting machine, will cost over 50-60 thousand rubles, but they are intended for professional use.

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    The lawn mower will not start. What to do?

    Lawnmower on wheels with 4-stroke petrol engine. reliable, unpretentious equipment in operation. On level ground, the advantages of such lawn mowers over lawn mowers and trimmers are immediately apparent. The productivity is higher, the lawn is mowed more evenly. Knowing some of the nuances in the operation and maintenance of lawn mower engines will allow you to get real pleasure from the trouble-free starting and operation of this technique. Let’s take a look at the example of a Viking MB 448 lawn mower with a BriggsStratton 500E OHV engine (see Figure 1). A similar device and mowers huskwarana (r53sv, r152sv, lc56, lc 56b), oleo-mac. You can read more about choosing a lawn mower here.

    Sometimes, after checking the condition of the mower blade or cleaning the body around the blade, the exhaust from the muffler suddenly turns black, the mower starts to “sneeze” and stall. Check the condition of the air filter. An oiled filter indicates that the mower has been tilted towards the carburetor and oil from the engine crankcase has entered the carburetor and air filter. Therefore, always tilt the mower away from the carburetor when cleaning or replacing the blade. or towards the rear wheels of the lawn mower (see video).


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    How to fix a lawn mower that won’t start. Ten Minute DIY Repair

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  • Generators ATS-automation
  • Dust extraction / collection system
  • Tiller mowers

    The mowers are designed for mowing weeds and grass for hay. The device is aggregated to the tiller without special additional attachments and adapters, and operates from a belt or gear power take-off shaft. They are of two types: segment and rotary, which differ in the principle of operation. Each of them is worthy of attention, has its own positive and negative sides.

    The most popular type of mower. rotary, they work by rotating two discs. With the help of cutting knives, the mowing process is carried out directly in small and medium-sized areas. over, due to the rotating discs, not only the green mass is cut off, but also fits in an even row. Depending on the method of connection, they are divided into those that are connected to the engine pulley by means of a belt, and those that are connected directly to the power take-off shaft. Among the belt installations, it is worth noting the rotary mower “Centaur” for the tillers Zirka, Zubr, and the less popular “Kipor 610/910”, which is suitable for the tillers of the brands Kama, Kipor, etc.

    The second type of mowers is equipped with a tiller PTO, for this you need to turn the steering wheel half a turn and fasten it with bolts. To do this, you must first remove the protective cap from the shaft. “Centaur KR-02”. one of the popular models of this attachment that can be connected directly to the PTO. It is installed on some models of units of the Centaur, Zirka, Zubr, Zarya line. The use of new skis makes it much easier to perform the mowing task on uneven surfaces. In addition, the presence of drums allows you to cut off coarse grass, reeds and young growth of shrubs.

    Segment mowers are preferred for work on medium to large land areas. Their “pluses”. lateral location relative to the unit (in almost all models), due to which the vegetation is not pressed to the ground, the mowing is better. A small drawback is some difficulty in maintenance. They are fingerless and fingerless. The former have a reciprocating movement of the knives relative to the statically located “fingers”. In the second version, the knives move in opposite directions to each other. The connection methods for the tiller are the same. A common belt model is the “Centaur”. When connected to PTO, the Grunfeld segment mower is widely used.

    Snow blower won’t start

    When operating snow-clearing equipment, such a problem often arises. the snow blower does not start or immediately stalls. To solve it, it is important to know what to do in the situation that has arisen, it does not matter whether you have a battery-powered snow blower or a regular one.

    What to do if the snow blower won’t start

    In order to solve the problem, it is necessary to check the presence of gasoline in the tank. Low fuel level can be one of the causes of machine malfunction. You also need to check the position of the throttle.

    Poor engine oil can adversely affect the condition of the engine. If the snow blower stalls, this may indicate a breakdown in the ignition system. It is recommended to check the state of the carburetor if the car is equipped with it.

    How to start a snow blower. manual and electric starter procedure

    In 90% of cases, snow removal equipment becomes unusable or stops starting if the rules for its operation are violated. It is recommended to pay attention to the type of starter that is installed in the machine. This will determine the next course of action.

    For electric starter:

    • The fuel cock lever is moved to the “On” position.
    • The cap from the high-voltage wire is fixed motionlessly (it is located on the top of the spark plug).
    • The throttle lever is moved to the “Closed” position (moves to the right until it stops).
    • The lever of the starting switch moves to the “On” position (press the pump 2-3 times, the fuel will be supplied in manual mode).
    • Press the starter button. It is located on the body of the machine. Hold for a few seconds (as a result, the snow blower should start). Time limit for holding the button. 10 seconds.

    In the case when the petrol snow blower does not start after all the manipulations done, it is recommended to wait 5-10 minutes, then repeat the step of pressing the button.

    If, after pressing the button, a characteristic sound of starting the engine follows, you will need to move the throttle lever to the “Open” position. After that, you need to give the engine 5-10 minutes to warm up properly. Then you can start full-fledged snow removal.

    For a recoil starter, the procedure for starting the engine is as follows:

    • Check the engine oil level.
    • The auger and wheel lock levers are fully lowered.
    • Switch the lever responsible for fuel supply to the “On” position.
    • Spark plug high-voltage wire cap locks stationary.
    • The throttle lever is moved to the “Closed” position.
    • The start switch turns on (position “On”).
    • The fuel pumping button must be pressed 3-5 times.
    • Pull the starter rope towards you slowly (until a noticeable resistance occurs).
    • The cable is pulled out with a sharp jerk.

    As a result, the snow blower should start. As soon as a characteristic sound is heard, it is necessary to move the throttle lever to the “Open” position. The engine should warm up within 5-10 minutes.

    All actions to start the engine of the snow blower must be performed in the sequence listed. This algorithm will not allow an increase in the load on the engine, reduce the load on the main working units of the snowblower.

    The snow blower starts and stalls. what could be the reason

    When the snow blower starts and stalls, the reason may be:

    • Gasoline does not flow into the engine.
    • Lack of air supply in the required amount for normal engine operation.
    • Malfunctions in the spark plug (it may be flooded).

    At the very beginning, you need to check the condition of the fuel system, all its units and components. Tubes, hoses must not be damaged. Their fixation must be firm.

    If everything is in order with the fuel system, it is recommended to check the air filter. Air is required to cool the engine and prepare the fuel mixture. It may contain small particles of dirt, dust. This leads to a decrease in the quality of the fuel. Also spark plugs may require repair or replacement. A filled candle will not create a spark. As a result, the fuel mixture will not ignite. The engine will not be able to start or will immediately stall after switching on.

    It can be difficult to solve problems with starting the engine of snowplowing equipment, so sometimes it is better to contact the masters who are engaged in the repair of snowplowing equipment. Remember that it is important to take a set of measures in a timely manner to eliminate the malfunctions that have arisen. The types of starters, the condition of the air filter and spark plugs must be taken into account.

    Trimmer won’t start

    Like any technique, trimmers are susceptible to various breakdowns. Often at the beginning of the summer cottage, the owners of such a tool complain that the trimmer does not start, and it takes a long time to look for the cause of the malfunction.

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    For those who have recently purchased a trimmer and are still “you” with this technique, it will be useful to know why the trimmer does not start and what to do in this case. So let’s find out what might be causing this.

    Petrol trimmer won’t start. 10 possible reasons

    Before attempting to adjust the operation of the tool yourself, carefully read the instruction manual for its operation. Perhaps the information contained in it will push you to one or another thought. Otherwise, you will have to look for the cause of the malfunction by the selection method. It can be one of the following:

    • The toggle switch on the boom is not in the “On” position. This is one of the basic steps, but sometimes beginners forget to turn on the tool before launching it.
    • Lack of fuel in the tank also belongs to such errors. If you run out of fuel and you forgot about it, just fill the tank (usually located near the engine) with AI-92 gasoline.
    • Lack, inappropriate mixture or proportion of engine oil. Ideally, no more than 50 g of oil should be added regularly. This will provide additional lubrication and keep your trimmer motor running. Also keep in mind that there are different types of oil (“synthetics”, “semisynthetics”, “mineral water”). they all have a different effect on the operation of the mechanism.
    • If the trimmer mower does not start after winter, drain the remaining fuel in the gas tank and replace it with fresh fuel. This is especially true for small, low power trimmers with small motors that are sensitive to poor quality mix. In addition, during the winter, sediment may form at the bottom of the gas tank, due to which problems arise with the operation of the device.
    • Excessive fuel pumping can also be one of the reasons that the trimmer stalled and will not start. When the choke is closed, the spark plug is flooded with fuel. It should be unscrewed and dried, and then inserted into its place and try to start the engine while holding the gas trigger. It is advisable to check it before that there is a spark between the electrodes. If there is no spark, the spark plug should be replaced.
    • Filter problems. If your trimmer does not start well, remove the air filter and start the tool without it. If everything worked out, the filter should be replaced with a new one. As an option. thoroughly clean and blow out the old one, however, sooner or later you will have to make a replacement.
    • Trimmer stalled and won’t start? Try to clean the so-called breather. an element designed to equalize the pressure in the gas tank. Cleaning can be done with a regular long needle. A clogged breather is often the cause of a malfunction.
    • The knives have been removed from the machine. some models will not work under this condition.
    • Violation of tightness. You can check this with a pressure gauge. If the pressure starts to drop, you should determine which part of the carburetor is faulty. Most often the carburetor gasket wears out.
    • Sometimes, after a long period of operation, you will notice that the trimmer is overheated and will not start. First, you should know to take breaks. The amount of continuous operation time recommended for this model should be indicated in the instructions. Also, the problem of overheating may lie in a faulty ignition coil or in the air cooling system, which prevents overheating.

    If none of these steps worked, you should contact a repair shop or service center.

    Why the lawnmower won’t start?

    Why the lawn mower won’t start, reasons

    You can figure out what caused the device to malfunction by disassembling it. This must be done carefully and carefully, there are many small parts inside that are easy to break. There are 2 types of damage: mechanical, electrical. Let’s take a look at the most popular reasons why the mower won’t start and stall:

    • the carburetor is out of order;
    • bolted connections loosened;
    • breakdown of the motor;
    • the moving components of the mechanism (crankshaft, piston) are jammed;
    • blocking of the cutting tool (cylinder) with a foreign object. branches, sticks, hard grass, stones, etc.;
    • the oil and fuel supply system is broken;
    • the spark plug is out of order;
    • stretched out, belt broke;
    • small or too large clearance between parts inside the structure;
    • faulty switch of the device;
    • dirty fuel hose, ventilation grilles;
    • clogged air filter.
    grass, mower, start

    If you use the petrol lawn mower for a long time without interruption, the device will stall. Why does the lawn mower stall and not start hot? Motor overvoltage occurs. It is better to postpone mowing, let the lawn mower stand, after it has stalled, most likely the reason lies in the overheating of the device.

    How to start a lawn mower when the engine stalls at home

    It is especially difficult to start the mower after a long period of inactivity. What should the user do when the sado-technician refuses to work:

    • If the device has not been cleaned for a long time, you need to flush the air engine, it is cleaned with gasoline (it is advisable to do this every 24 hours of operation). You can remove the filter from the device and start the unit, if the mower is working, then the reason lies precisely in this.
    • After winter, the remains of old gasoline in the tank can interfere with the operation of the device. The problem is easily eliminated if the fuel is replaced with a new one.
    • An insufficient amount of oil in the crankcase can also be the reason why the gasoline lawn mower will not start. Check its presence, whether there is fuel in the tank.
    • Incorrect position of the air damper during the first start. At a temperature ≥ 30 C, it must be in the middle position or closed. On restart. open.
    • Jamming of the crankshaft, piston. can be eliminated by moving these parts a little. The main thing is to do it carefully so as not to break the mechanism.
    • Dirty breather. the fuel supply stops, the part needs to be cleaned.
    • Dry threaded connection. with this factor there is no ignition spark, lubricate the connection with gasoline.
    • Spark plug malfunction. accumulation of oil on it, plaque. The candle is unscrewed, dries well, cleaned with a nail file. Excess fuel is drained, dried for at least 30 minutes. candle hole. The part may need to be replaced if it cannot be cleaned.
    • The contact of the high-voltage wire and the candle is also checked for the presence of a spark. If the latter does not occur, the malfunction of the ignition system will be identified and eliminated only at the service center.

    The structure of a gasoline lawn mower

    Before you repair the device, you need to figure out what it consists of. There are many models of garden equipment from different brands: self-propelled, non-self-propelled. They are all arranged in the same way. The constituent elements of the structure:

    • platform on wheels;
    • gasoline engine (starter, carburetor, ignition and fuel supply system, air damper, filter, piston system, fuel tank.);
    • hand grip;
    • water jet nozzle;
    • cutting elements (knives);
    • grass collector (container);
    • unit for throwing out freshly cut grass;
    • buttons, control levers;
    • body (aluminum, steel, plastic).

    Prevention of malfunctions

    The rules for operating garden equipment are not complicated, if you adhere to these points, the device will last longer than the expected period:

    • Always use a good quality fuel mixture.
    • Do not work in the rain.
    • Prime fuel to carburetor.
    • Pour the required amount of gasoline into the tank, exclude the ingress of fuel on the engine.
    • Mow intermittently. Give the device some time to cool down and rest. The petrol lawn mower will often not start when hot.
    • Clean the complete set only after the engine has cooled down. Should be cleaned: knives, channels, filters, container. It is advisable to do this with the use of special cleaning solutions. this way it will be possible to avoid corrosion of metal elements.
    • Store the device in a dry, warm room, eliminate moisture ingress.
    • During work, do not put pressure on the device, make smooth forward movements, move along the site. Chaotic back and forth movements. wear out the unit faster.
    • If the device is not used for a long time, you need to replace the fuel with a new one. Gasoline stagnates in the system, does not allow the unit to function normally.

    It should be noted that with the onset of cold weather, the car is removed as unnecessary, it is recommended to drain all gasoline for this period (it is explosive during stagnation). How to properly prepare the mower for work after winter: inspect the entire body for defects, drain and replace gasoline, check for oil, start the machine for the first time with the air damper slightly open or closed.

    Symptoms of problems

    The first thing that a user can notice is a deterioration in the quality of the device. The grass is not mowed evenly enough, leaving missing spots on the lawn. This happens because the motor starts to junk, its power decreases. TOP 5 symptoms indicating a problem:

    • Increased vibration of the device.
    • Increased operating noise.
    • The lawnmower starts and stalls.
    • The device shuts down by itself.
    • The car whistles.

    The main 3 reasons why the lawn mower stalls are improper operation, overload, prolonged operation (engine overheating). The system is cooled down thanks to the air filter, it should be checked every time you use garden technology. What to do to prevent the mower from stalling. before turning on the device, check the presence of gasoline in the tank, whether there is oil. It is recommended to clean the filter after each mowing.

    Troubleshooting by professionals

    The service station is not only for the car, but also for the garden technique. Usually, a service center is contacted in the event of a piston and carburetor malfunction of the device. Why and why the gasoline lawn mower does not start in these cases is determined by the master:

    • Damage to the integrity of the device or individual parts. with a tonometer, using pressure, find the affected area, seal it.
    • Clogging of channels, nozzles. elements are blown with air, cleaning fluids are used.
    • Worn pistons, gasket. replace the assembly part.

    Why the petrol trimmer won’t start?

    The owner of a summer cottage cannot do without a lawn mower or trimmer. But during its operation, situations may arise when this unit for some reason stops starting. And there can be many reasons for this. Let’s find out why the petrol trimmer won’t start.

    Why the trimmer won’t start. reasons

    To determine why the gasoline trimmer does not start well or constantly stalls, it is necessary to consistently check the operation of all the main components of the unit. This is especially important after long-term storage of the lawn mower. So, the main reasons for this behavior of the trimmer are as follows:

    • The culprit that the lawn mower will not start may be a poor-quality oil-gasoline fuel mixture. It must be cooked strictly according to the instructions. Saving is not at all appropriate here, since it can lead to the failure of the entire piston group of the trimmer. Do not prepare too much fuel mixture, as excess gasoline will lose its quality over time.
    • Be aware that petrol trimmers of brands such as Stihl, Husgvarna and some others will not start if they are filled with cheap petrol with a low octane number. Therefore, for such units it is necessary to use only high-quality high-octane fuel.
    • If the trimmer stalls immediately upon start-up, then it may have a flooded candle. In this case, you need to unscrew it and dry it thoroughly for half an hour. Then drain the excess fuel that is in the chamber, clean the candle from carbon deposits, put it back and try to start the lawn mower.
    • If your new gasoline trimmer won’t start, there may be a lack of spark. And this happens because the socket where the candle is located is dry and the fuel does not ignite. Lightly moisten the thread of the spark plug with a few drops of gasoline.
    • The gasoline trimmer may stall due to clogged air or fuel filters. It is best to replace such elements with new ones.
    • The exhaust port and breather can also become clogged. Having cleaned these trimmer elements, it will be possible to start the unit without any problems.
    • Another reason why the petrol trimmer won’t start, even when there is a spark, may be a clogged carburetor. To clean the channels and nozzles, it is necessary to blow them with compressed air using a compressor. Can be used to clean the carburetor and special rinse.
    • If the carburetor gaskets are worn out, they must be replaced. And if the tightness of this device is broken, you will have to identify the faulty carburetor part and replace it.
    • The trimmer may not start due to wear on the piston group. However, it is better to change such parts of lawn mowers in a service center.

    Homemade segment mower for tiller

    Such a segmented mower for a tiller is made of metal beams 15x50x120. They need to be drilled 12 holes so that their dimensions fit the M8 bolts. In the future, a guide rail (89 cm) with teeth and knives will be attached to these bolts. Knives are installed on both sides of the timber.

    Runners and clamps are attached from both ends of the timber. A wheel is attached to the main frame, which can be removed from an unnecessary stroller. Under the influence of the PTO of the tiller, the cutting part of the mower starts to work. This can be seen in more detail in the figure:

    main welded frame (1), braces (2), gear wheel (3), fixing and adjustment of the braking system (4), pawl for fixing the brake (5), main arches (6 and 8), articulated body (7), leg (9), fuel line (10), regulator valve (11), container for gasoline (12), handle (13), levers (14 and 17), latching mechanism (15), fastening bolt (16), throttle control lever ( 18), clamp (19), engine muffler (20), engine (21), fixing hardware (22), fairing (23), cutting knives (24 and 25), cover (26), slide (27), element fixation (28), knife frame (29), rod (30), pin (31), plates for holding the lower and upper parts (32 and 33).

    The mower, assembled according to this drawing, easily mows the grass. This homemade mower can be seen in action in the video.

    Homemade rotary mower for tiller

    A home-made rotary mower on a tiller is used for mowing grass for hay and for mowing a lawn. If the grass is small, then the mower will simply chop it up, and the tall grass will be cut.

    Consider a model made for the Neva Tiller and similar models. We use two discs from the grain seeder, and from the chainsaw. a chain and a gearbox. One disc requires four knives. They are made of hardened metal. To install them, holes with a diameter of six millimeters are drilled on each disc with a carbide drill. Using a shredder, we attach the knives to the discs. We also keep the gap between the knife and the shank, which is 1-2 mm larger than the thickness of the knife itself.

    Due to this, the centrifugal force, when rotating, will straighten the knives from the disc, and they will mow the grass. At the same time, it should be possible to rotate the knives 360 degrees, which is done for greater safety of the knives when they collide with something solid.
    Strong carbon steel is used to make the axle to which the knives will be mounted. The diameter of the axle must be at least eight millimeters. In order for the knives to have free movement, you need to tighten the axle with a disc until it stops.

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    These two discs are mounted on a welded frame and communicate with the PTO drive. The rotation of the discs should occur towards each other, which will allow the mowed grass to be folded into rows.

    Homemade mower for tiller, characteristics and description

    Usually, home-made mowers for a tiller, construct a frontal type: a rotary mower, a segment mower and a carriage mower.

    The welded frame is the basis for the segment and rotary mowers. It is made from metal corners, 4×4 cm in size. For the wheel axle, the bearing housings are mounted on the frame. Then the working part of the mower of the selected type is made.

    Homemade mower for tiller (rotary, segment)

    To facilitate the physical labor of a person on a personal plot, more than a hundred different sheds to the tiller are offered. But not everyone can afford to buy such equipment, because its cost is not cheap. The article describes a homemade mower for a tiller, the pros and cons of popular designs.

    When assembling such a mower, the most important thing is to get a safe and high-quality model. To make a mower for a tiller with their own hands, they usually use improvised units from agricultural machinery. After all, the main goal pursued by the creators of a homemade mower is to save money and achieve maximum results. Some models that ordinary gardeners come up with often surprise professionals with their idea and simplicity of design.

    How to connect a homemade mower to a tiller

    A manually assembled mower will not produce the desired result if it is not correctly attached to the tiller. There are certain rules to follow when installing the mower.

    First of all, you need to put the tiller in reverse mode. Before attaching to the PTO shaft, a connecting unit is placed in the hitch socket. Using a king pin with a spring, you need to lock the connection. The lack of a spring will lead to a malfunction of the towing mechanism.

    For greater safety, cover the mower blades with a protective cover. Tiller wheels contain weights to aid in tillage. Since they are not necessary when mowing grass, they should be removed. Cutting grass with the mower should be started at the lowest speed. No need to rush when cornering and make them smoothly.
    If you assembled a mower for a tiller with your own hands, first of all, its work should be safe.

    When a home-made mower is connected to the tiller and it works, then quite high revolutions of the discs with knives are achieved. In the event of a breakdown of the mount, you or people around you may be injured. Therefore, first think about whether you have enough skill to make such a device. After all, it will be much cheaper to purchase a ready-made mower for a tiller than medicines and treatment of crippled organs or nerves.

    Vitals Master EZT 144vrs

    Electric scythe Vitals Master EZT 144vrs is designed for cleaning lawns, as well as mowing grass where a normal scythe does not go: around trees, flower beds, between fences, on lawns with an uneven surface. The spit has an electric motor with a power of 1400 W. This electric tool is very comfortable to start. It is equipped with a soft start function, with which the unit turns on without jerking. The engine runs on a belt drive, which does not emit unnecessary noise during the operation of the scythe and does not create strong vibrations. The Vitals Master EZT 144vrs electric trimmer has many advantages, including the fact that the rotor and stator of the electric motor are wrapped in copper, which provides the device with durability and durability. In the complete set you will find a belt with which the scythe is put on the shoulder and a knife with three teeth for mowing vegetation. The line spool must be purchased separately. Depending on the stiffness and size of the vegetation, choose either a three-toothed knife (mows 255 mm) or a spool with line (designed for mowing plants with a diameter of 420 mm). The shoulder strap is adjustable to suit the height of the person, while it can be detached separately from the braid. After adjustment, the belt is very easy and quick to attach to the mowing device.

    • High-quality material for manufacturing the rotor and stator windings, as well as the housing, rod and handle as a whole. it is a guarantee of a long service life;
    • Smooth, jerk-free start-up prolongs the operation of the unit and simplifies the load on human hands;
    • Powerful motor makes it possible to change nozzles and use a knife for cutting weeds;
    • Bicycle handles provide a firm grip and comfortable control, designed for cutting vegetation of different sizes;
    • When working, the tool is convenient and simple, does not create unnecessary noise and vibrations.

    TOP 10: rating of the best trimmers

    • They serve for a long time and do not break;
    • They have good power combined with a low price;
    • They have an optimal set of functions.

    AL-KO BC 1200 E

    AL-KO models in the top three are already an unbreakable tradition. The reason is the high quality of the equipment and the very meager% of hits on the service. This German electric trimmer can be safely called the most reliable trimmer to date. She’s just unkillable. The average service life is 5 years without any service. These are verified statistics. In the model, all the characteristics testify to premium quality: 2 cutting speeds, motor overload protection, soft start function, light and durable aluminum rod. As practice shows, the engine power is 1.2 kW. the most optimal for a trimmer. This motor handles most vegetation without overloading. At the same time, it is light in weight and quite hardy. The only negative is the high price. It is at the level of gasoline models. Unfortunately, impeccable quality is not affordable for everyone. But who value a reliable manufacturer, this trimmer is for them.

    • The lowest percentage of users’ calls to service centers;
    • Has established itself as the most reliable grass trimmer;
    • Two-speed;
    • High-quality copper-wound electric motor;
    • Drive from engine to gearbox. forged steel shaft;
    • Weed cutter included.

    Top brands of electric trimmers

    These are the most reliable trimmers ever and they are the best sellers by right. We have selected for you the TOP-ten of the best models. the most sold trimmers in 2019.

    AL-KO GTE 550 Premium

    If you need to clear an area of ​​overgrowth where a normal scythe will not pass, the AL-KO GTE 550 Premium trimmer will handle this task with ease. The unit of this type is designed to destroy vegetation between trees, under a bench, along fences and walls. This type of equipment is very easy to use. The presence of a rotary handle and a bar allows you to adjust the scythe so that it is easy to hold during operation. So that the trees are not damaged during mowing, especially for young seedlings, a special bracket and a wheel that moves in different directions are mounted in the trimmer. The unit is equipped with a powerful motor that operates at a load of 550 kW. In one pass, the scythe mows up to 30 cm of grass, which allows you to clear a large amount of area in a short time. A semi-automatic cutting head with double nylon line is responsible for the cutting, main part. The head can be adjusted, due to which the electric trimmer reaches the places where the usual scythe cannot reach. This trimmer on the electric motor has many advantages. Its motor, unlike other similar devices, is located on top. This provides it with protection from impacts during the operation of the unit, which affects the rock and its duration. Another important advantage is affordable cost and convenient transportation.

    • The uniqueness of the design, which lies in the ability of the scythe to work in narrow and hard-to-reach places;
    • The proprietary electric motor from AL-KO has a continuous operation with minimal electricity consumption;
    • It is possible to clean large areas in a short time due to the double line head;
    • Low weight of 3 kg ensures ease of use and reduces stress on the user’s hands.

    Hyundai GC 1400

    • Heavy duty motor for demanding tasks;
    • Bicycle handle. design like lawn mowers;
    • Due to the upper location of the motor, dust and moisture do not enter the engine through the air grilles;
    • Collapsible design;
    • Smooth start;
    • Large cutting width in one pass.

    Iron Angel ETR 1400

    The Dutch electric trimmer Iron Angel ETR 1400 is designed for quick and thorough clearing of garden and summer cottages from vegetation. The manufacturer of the machine from the Netherlands offers two attachments to choose from: a knife for mowing grass with a diameter of 25.5 cm and a line for vegetation no more than 38 cm. The motor power is 1400 W, the total weight is 7 kg. The motor starts smoothly, without creating unnecessary noise and vibrations. Depending on the nozzle, the electric scythe makes from 4800 to 6300 revolutions per minute. A metal shaft acts as a drive. In addition, the parts of the electric trimmer are a handle with a D-shape, a shoulder strap, a steel, collapsible straight bar. As for the motor, it is on top. This kind of positioning protects it from accidental bumps against the root or hard object, which increases the life of the scythe. The Iron Angel ETR 1400 electric trimmer not only benefits from the power of the motor, but also the fact that the motor is equipped with a thermal protection function that protects the device from overloads and overheating. In addition, the device has an additional handle, which makes it more convenient to use. Leading units are lubricated automatically.

    • Robust construction and wear-resistant, stainless material of the body and drive shaft ensure long-term use of the tool without any repairs;
    • Ease of use and comfortable grip handle make the tool lightweight and trouble-free in work;
    • The engine power of 1.4 kW in combination with a steel shaft makes it possible not only to mow with a fishing line, but also to cut off hard growth with a sharp knife;
    • Equipped with an air flow cooling system protects the equipment from overheating in case of prolonged operation;
    • Efficiency is noted, which consists in prolonged operation of the engine while consuming a small amount of energy.

    Hyundai GC 550

    If you need to clear areas for an even and smooth cut, then the electric trimmer from Hyundai model GC 550 is just what you need. This model is equipped with a powerful, improved motor that doubles the speed of the rotating block compared to other models, thus improving productivity. The engine power is 700 W, at which it makes up to 1000 rpm. The electric trimmer Hyundai GC 550 also has advantages in heat dissipation, since a special system is built into the device, which is responsible for cooling the engine in case of overheating. There is also an automatic thermal protection that turns off the unit in case of overload. The cutting element is a head with a semi-automatic line feed. The length of the line is 6 meters, the diameter is 1.6 mm, which allows it to mow 300 mm of grass in one fell swoop without damaging the stems of the plants. The scythe handle is adjustable, which makes it possible to lengthen the handle and thus reach hard-to-reach places. To make it comfortable to hold the scythe during work, there are pads for the handles, made of durable, wear-resistant rubber. The unit also features a push button injury protection that protects the engine from accidental starting. Also, using the adjusting device, you can adjust the rotation of the head in any direction. The D-shaped handle, which makes it easier and more comfortable to use, helps to adjust the sweep width and the angle of rotation of the trimmer head. The built-in wheel helps to deliver the tool to the place of work, which can also be used as additional support.

    • High productivity thanks to the 700 W motor and high-tech cutting head;
    • The manufacturer Hyundai used high quality materials, which provide the unit with strength and durability;
    • Due to its low weight, which is 2.9 kg, the scythe is easy to carry, and the transport wheel allows you to transport it around the site;
    • Smooth start lightens the load on the hands and protects against a jerk at the start;
    • Trimmer adjusting head penetrates into hard-to-reach areas for full cleaning.

    What to do if your petrol lawnmower won’t start?

    The most important point when using any equipment is to comply with the basic rules of operation and its timely maintenance. This approach will ensure that your petrol lawn mower works properly and for a long time. But nevertheless, sometimes unforeseen situations happen, and for some reason the device does not want to start. In our article we will tell you about the possible causes and ways to fix this problem.

    Faults that you can fix yourself

    When your petrol lawnmower won’t start. first of all, it is necessary to check the presence of fuel in the tank. If it is missing. top up to the desired level. Often, when the device is not used for a long time, gasoline “runs out”, so it must be completely drained and refilled with new. This procedure must be done carefully so that fuel does not get on the engine, as this can lead to further ignition (when the engine heats up). Which gasoline is better to use, you can find out from the technical passport of the device.

    In order for the unit to start, you need to pump fuel with a primer (if available in this model) into the carburetor and set the maximum speed. You need to start the technique carefully. The starter cord must be smoothly pulled out until it stops, then pull it towards you with one even sharp movement.

    A problem can occur if the air damper is not correctly positioned during the first start. Depending on the air temperature, it is completely closed or set to the middle position (above 30 C). Then it must be fully opened.

    Check the air filter for dirt. To do this, turn off the machine and disconnect the wire from the spark plug. Unscrew the cover and remove the filter. Rinse it with gasoline and dry it thoroughly, or simply replace it with a new one. Remember that it is recommended to change the air filter after every 25 hours of operation.

    Another reason your petrol lawnmower won’t start could be a faulty spark plug. Perhaps she was just flooded with fuel. In this case, unscrew it, clean it and check for a spark. It may not be present when the spark plug is filled with fuel. Place choke control handle (if equipped) in the CLOSED position and start the engine. If this does not help, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

    grass, mower, start

    Try to constantly inspect the bottom of the machine, as any damage to it may cause the engine to stall.

    If your petrol lawn mower started up normally but stopped working almost immediately, it is likely that the crankshaft or piston is stuck. Another reason may be an insufficient amount of oil in the crankcase. We recommend that you manually move these parts and check the oil level with a special dipstick, you may be able to correct this problem.

    However, remember that the replacement and repair of all faulty components and elements should be entrusted to professionals from authorized service centers. Never do it yourself.

    If you want to talk to a specialist and get advice on the issue that has arisen, call us by phone: 7 (495) 135-29-39 every day from 10.00 to 20.00. We will provide all the information you need.