The puncher works but does not hammer

The construction industry is developing and replenishing daily with new tools. For several years now, a puncher has appeared in the top of power tools. In fact, this is a conventional drill, which is equipped with a shock effect. Every day, every second worker is faced with malfunctions.

Perforator defects and malfunctions

The puncher works but does not hammer

In order to deal with defects and malfunctions of this type of power tools, our team examined several popular brands and identified the causes of the most common breakdowns:

  • Increased wear of the working element;
  • Cracks on the handle and body;
  • Battery models are short-lived;
  • Frequent kinks of wire in electric models;
  • Malfunctions of the shock mechanism and its interaction with the usual;
  • Short life of bearings, chuck, teeth parts, safety clutch.

Why does the hammer drill heat up

Most often, the reason for this is the length of time and high load on the tool. The engine interacts with the working units, as a result of which overheating can occur. When it appears. turn off the tool, give it time to cool down. at least half an hour.

If the hammer drill hammer but not drill

  • The conical spring holds the clutch; if loosened, a problem may arise;
  • The lock roller stopped fixing the large gear of the shaft;
  • The tool retainer in the barrel stops working.

In this case, it is enough to replace or tighten up the problematic spare parts and start up in a gentle mode.

Perforator smell

Foreign odors can occur at the time of overheating or increased load, which is not designed model. If it is new or only from repair. most likely, the parts simply have not got used to, and it will take time for this process.

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The punch is not working

  • Short circuit, which led to the combustion of the rotor or stator;
  • Complete wear of carbon electrobrushes;
  • The brush holders are loose and do not hold them;
  • Burnt lamellas on the manifold;
  • The winding on the rotor or stator broke;
  • Battery failure;
  • The power cord is bent.

The winding can be produced at home. If you decide to replace the brushes, buy two at once, regardless of whether one or both is damaged. If a short circuit occurs, replace the burnt parts with serviceable ones. If the problems are in the wire or battery, buy new ones and mount them in place of the old ones.

Oil is flowing from the punch

Leakage is a direct indicator of the wear of some parts inside the mechanism. Unwind the model and make a diagnosis, replace the grease if necessary.

Rotary hammer

The reason for this is a loose coupling. It is enough to tighten it or replace it.

Reverse does not work

The reason is a breakdown of the mode button. Disassemble the rear panel and, if necessary, replace the contacts.

The hammer does not spin under load

Most likely, the load does not meet the permissible norm, as a result of which this defect occurs.

Perforator device, assembly diagram and parts list

The tool consists of a single-phase motor and rotor. For the rotational movement is the gear located on the armature shaft. Between them there are bearings, one of which is “drunk”, it is he who transfers the movements to working parts.

Barrel punch repair

This procedure is no different from repairing a conventional hammer drill. It is worth considering that the engine and shaft are located vertically.

How to fix a punch yourself

The repair procedure at home is the best solution and will cost less than the services of service centers. Repairing a tool is expensive and it is not a fact that a conscientious master will come across. Before you think about how to make a hammer drill, you should acquire the necessary tools, stock up on theoretical knowledge, how to disassemble and assemble a hammer drill. After the repair is completed, start in gentle mode.


Regardless of the model you purchased, the principle of troubleshooting is almost identical and does not require special skills. Do it yourself. more than real!