The ratio of gasoline and oil for a chainsaw partner

Leskhozes, forestry enterprises, private households buy chainsaws for specific production, household chores. Consider the correct proportions of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw. Today, the country’s liquid market offers an assortment of domestic and import mechanisms.

Important Terms

Power plants in chainsaws are internal combustion engines, fueled by certain grades of gasoline, diluted with the required parts of the oil.

Knowledge and strict observance of the composition of the combustible mixture is the key to long-term operation, productive use of small-scale mechanization units.

The main fuel component is the AI ​​brand. Below or above 92 octane is not recommended. Ideal for many types of mechanized sawmills of domestic or foreign manufacture.

The ratio of gasoline and oil for a chainsaw partner

The ideal ratio of gasoline and oil for a chainsaw:

  • increases unit productivity;
  • increases operational resource;
  • creates money savings.

The proportion of the mixture for "Stihl"

The German family-owned company Stihl has production facilities in many countries around the world. The office is located in Waiblingen. Among the manufactured assortment for the needs of forestry, a place of honor is occupied by small-scale mechanization means.

Today the Stihl chainsaw is in a liquidated golden age:

The manufacturer set the standard for dilution of oil in a ratio of 1:50. The proposed proportion establishes the ability to dilute 1 fraction of oil in 50 parts of gasoline. Or in a ratio of 1:40.

The calculation is simple. We know that 1 liter of flammable liquid equals 1000 milliliters. The value is divided by 50, we get 20 milliliters of oil. A similar algorithm determines its volume, recommended in a ratio of 1:40. After making simple calculations, we get the value of 25 milliliters.

Proportions for Swedish Husqvarna chainsaws

Depending on what power is required from the units, choose the appropriate component dilution:

From 40 to 50 parts of oil is diluted in one liter of fuel. These are ideal proportions of gasoline and oil.

Along the way, we inform you that only unleaded gasoline of the AI-92 or AI-95 grades is used. Leaded combustible product is considered an unfortunate choice for internal combustion engines, as it shortens the engine’s service life.

Husqvarna HP Structural Firm

The brand structure of the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna HP includes a company that manufactures mechanized hand tools and lubricants for them, effective chemical additives.

The manufacturer for the Partner chainsaw has developed an original ratio of the proportion of fuel and oil for two-stroke power plants:

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The mixing ratio of the fuel consistency is deduced by the standard formula 1:50. This is a constant. That is 20 milliliters per 1 liter of AI-92.

There are moments of non-compliance with the standard approach to dilution with a lubricant product of the company’s own production. This is when the ICE goes through the break-in stage. A fuel mixture of 1:40 is allowed for the engine.

Proportion for chainsaw Friendship

For engines, low octane numbers are used. The unit shows the highest performance when pouring AI-76 and AI-80 gasoline into the internal combustion engine.

It is recommended to dilute gasoline and oil according to the following algorithm:

Take 2 clean containers, dried from moisture with volume marks. Then dilute the fuel with push-pull oil in a ratio of 1:50. That is, the fuel is diluted with 20 milligrams of oil.

Need quality components

Practice proves the influence of the quality of the prepared mixture, taking into account the necessary proportions on the operational life of the tool, power, productivity:

  1. It is not recommended to use components that have expired.
  2. It is especially important for the components of gasoline and oil. not to use components obtained on the basis of gas condensates, since the molecular structure contains harmful ones, to add water for ICE.
  3. Partial non-compliance of AI-92 with international standards. AI-95 brand is saturated with additives that extinguish the detonation moments of ICE.

The noted drawbacks limit in time the operational life of hand-held chainsaws whose ICEs work on complex consistencies of a combustible mixture.

Why do you need to keep the proportion of gasoline and oil?

Many buyers, when purchasing a chainsaw, are puzzled why they should be added in the exact amount to the oil recommended by the manufacturer. It’s all about the intricacies of a two-stroke engine, which differs from a 4-stroke counterpart in a number of specific design solutions.

One of them: the manufacture of a single-cylinder engine, in which there is no crankcase for pouring grease. This is the technological success of his time.

You can imagine how the incoming combustible mixture loses the molecules of oil that settle on the stacks of the cylinder. Subsequently, it creates a sliding protective film in the rubbing units and parts of the internal combustion engine, reducing the physical contact of the piston rings with the cylinder wall, connecting rod and crankshaft.

To provide the unit with maximum performance, long-term operating mode is achieved by the correct ratio of pure gasoline with recommended oil. Violation of the rule guarantees a quick exit of the tool from the functional state. Damage to the internal combustion engine will require significant funds for repair or replacement with a new analogue.

Many users of manual mechanized tools present in the unit oil tank is considered a reservoir for lubrication and power plant. This is fundamentally wrong. The grease is designed for the chain during operation. But only. The oil tank is not a priori connected by a pipeline to the engine.

Rules for the preparation of the mixture

Even experienced lumberjacks do not always make up the combustible mixture for a chainsaw if the work is done in a hurry.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • prepare a plastic container containing 2.5 liters or less;
  • there should be a measured container. many use a regular medical syringe;
  • first, fuel is poured into the container, and then a precisely measured portion of the oil;
  • The final task is to thoroughly dissolve the oil product by actively shaking the consistency.

When making a mixture of gasoline and oil, one should adhere to the prohibitive action. you should not try to mix it in the gas tank of the tool.

After the finished combustible product is recommended to be stored for 14 days. If more, the oil will settle to the bottom of the tank. A new shake of consistency will be required. People busy with business often forget about this.

How to increase the life of a chainsaw?

A chainsaw will be technically sound under one condition:

when buying a tool, read in detail the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer for use.

Strictly adhere to and comply with the requirements for the selection of components for the formation of a combustible mixture consisting of gasoline and recommended oil.

It is impossible to use oils intended for motor vehicles to form a working product. This is strictly prohibited.