tiller do it yourself from a scooter

Tiller features

Structurally, the homemade tiller is a two-wheeled unit on a frame, giving out up to 4 liters. s at an average speed of 2.5-2.7 km / h. Features, like operational tasks, are largely determined by the choice of the power plant. If we are talking about a remake from “Friendship”, the following parameters will distinguish it from the purchased tiller:

  • small size, lightness;
  • economy on fuel and lubricants;
  • the ability to assemble a unit sharpened for specific work (required frame size, unit for hitching).

a homemade tiller can plow, huddle plantings, harrow, mow or remove the tops, apply fertilizers. Due to its small size, it can be used in hard-to-reach places (for stony, poor soil, the power of homemade products may not be enough). It will be especially useful for those on whose site the strength and power of a large purchased tiller will be excessive..

tiller, yourself, scooter

Step-by-step instructions for making a tiller from “Friendship”

The manufacturing process depends on the chosen design option, drawing. Step-by-step analysis of one of the modifications:

  • Two bases (spars) are made of a steel pipe or profile with a diameter of at least 20 mm. The fold is made so that the ends are bent upwards.
  • On the long part, a steering wheel is welded, welded randomly or taken from motor vehicles. The bases are connected and reinforced with crossbars. Also, platforms for the battery and gas tank are welded or screwed to the bend of the base.
  • To mount the engine from pipes or a profile, a structure in the form of a sled is made. The motor is attached to it, and then to the base.
  • Next, the RU-32 collar flange from the VAZ car is mounted. Thanks to it, the shaft that transfers the forces from the motor will be fixed. It is also recommended to use the VAZ gearbox shaft as a shaft. Bearings with a diameter of 30 mm are used to fix the shaft in the flange..
  • The transmission link is made of sprockets from any old car or moped. One is mounted on the gearbox shaft, the other on the shaft on which the cutters or wheels are located. A chain from an old motorcycle is connected to each other.
  • Next, installation and connection of all parts is carried out..
  • Wheels and cutters can also be made independently, using old discs from a car or from agricultural machinery as a basis. The resulting parts are mounted on a steel pipe or circle of the required diameter.

You also need to consider an effective forced-type cooling system. Several options are offered. The simplest option is to install a fan. More complex designs suggest the use of water cooling.

For more comfortable work, it is worth paying attention to the exhaust pipe so that the exhaust gases are discharged to the side. It can be bent from a pipe with a diameter of 70 mm.

Undercarriage assembly

There are at least two options: you can use a ready-made semi-axle from a car, or make a home-made tiller driven by physical force (the “undercarriage” of an old trolley or wheelbarrow will be useful, which will significantly reduce the weight and dimensions, because an automobile axle shaft will require the use of tires). In the first case, it will be necessary to organize the drive from the motor to the semi-axle, which is not easy enough, therefore, to weld the “chassis” of the wheelbarrow to the frame is a more understandable option.

It is recommended to reinforce the wheels with lugs (for example, from a chain).

It is not difficult to figure out how to make a tiller out of a chainsaw if you understand the general principle of operation of both units. In addition to “Friendship”, the saws “Ural” and “Taiga” are also suitable for the tiller. When deciding on an experiment, it should be understood that a homemade product will have limited functionality and low power, allowing you to process a maximum of 20 acres.

chainsaw tiller

Pros and cons of homemade construction

The main advantage of homemade products, of course, is the savings in money. You can find the necessary parts and materials simply by rummaging in your garage or shed, or purchase for a small amount of money.

Also among the advantages of a homemade unit are:

  • sufficient power of the resulting apparatus – up to 4hp;
  • compactness, small dimensions of the tiller;
  • light weight, maneuverability, mobility;
  • economical consumption of fuels and lubricants;
  • the Druzhba engine is not whimsical in terms of the choice of fuels and lubricants;
  • the tiller is capable of performing various operations.

The engine used in chainsaws, especially in the Soviet “Friendship”, is hardy and capable of withstanding prolonged loads.

The main disadvantage of a home-made tiller from the Druzhba chainsaw is that with any design it will not work to get a real tiller. The power of the tiller is sufficient for working in areas with good soil. There are also restrictions on how to perform operations. Using the entire arsenal of attachments of the factory tiller, most likely, will not work..

How to make a chainsaw tiller

a tiller is different from a multicultivator; the first can turn out to be a mini-tractor. If motor cultivators are only suitable for loosening the soil, then improved tillers even replace vehicles when transporting various cargo (hay, logs, livestock feed, etc.).

Consider how to make a tiller with your own hands from a chainsaw. To do this, you need to spend time studying the scheme of this technique and purchasing all the necessary spare parts. Having blueprints for a homemade frame, you can assemble a very powerful technique. When assembling the unit, spare parts from a scooter, cars, a Druzhba chainsaw, a Ural motorcycle, etc. are used. When manufacturing, you will need locksmith skills, since all work is done manually.

The design of a homemade unit looks like this: motor – intermediate shaft – wheel. A homemade chainsaw tiller is held on a frame to which the engine and gearbox are attached. The fuel tank is mounted on a bracket. The entire focus of the unit falls on the wheels. A working tool is installed at the rear of the mechanism..

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Time to make a tiller with your own hands

In general, the process of making a tiller with an engine from a Druzhba chainsaw is not complicated. The time to complete all work will directly depend on the available material and tools. And also on your skills in plumbing and design. Under the ideal set of circumstances, it is quite possible to cope in a couple of days..

chainsaw tiller Friendship and Ural

Consider how to assemble a tiller from the Friendship chainsaw. Assembling the unit from the Druzhba chainsaw engine is very simple. The motor is lightweight and compact, so the frame can be assembled from a pipe. In addition to the engine, a reverse gear and a fuel tank are attached to it. The pipe bent at the top serves as a holder for controlling the device. The speed knob is installed on it..

Let’s figure out how to make a tiller out of a chainsaw with our own hands. Step-by-step instruction:

  • A drawing is created. This is a very important stage in the creation of the unit, without which it will not be possible to manufacture reliable equipment. All spare parts with attachment points must be clearly marked and all dimensions indicated.
  • Frame creation. It is a cube with angles equal to 32×32 mm. The motor is installed on the upper corners of the frame, and under it is the fuel tank. For intermediate support of the shaft, vertical struts are installed in front. And to mount the bearings, you need supports to the longitudinal corners.

You can create a homemade tiller from a motorcycle. It will be a more powerful machine, it uses a motorcycle engine. For example, a motorcycle motor IZH is suitable.

Since the speed of the unit is low, a forced cooling system is required.

The easiest way is to install a fan. And so that the air is directed to the cylinder, a protective coating is used. This could be an old motorcycle fuel tank. Mopeds are also suitable for the manufacture of the unit..

They also make a tiller from the Ural chainsaw. An agricultural unit can be assembled not only from the Urals, but also from Taiga, as well as any domestic and foreign chainsaw. The main advantage of such an engine is that the chainsaw motor has a diaphragm carburetor, which allows it to work in any position. Carbs on all chainsaws work the same.

How to choose wheels for a tiller? Usually you have to choose from two types of wheels:

  • rubber (with deep treads), which are suitable for moving on a dirt road;
  • metal (with grousers), which are designed to work in the field.

Wheels can be selected from any vehicle, if they fit.

With an engine from a tiller, you can assemble a universal technique required in agriculture. Some add additional equipment to the tiller to perform various jobs. In this case, the homemade product allows you to modify the tiller at your own discretion..

How to make a homemade tiller from a motorcycle engine, video-video instructions

If you decide to make a homemade motorcycle engine tiller, the main condition. make the most of the used motorcycle units, minimally recycling them. This will require some experience and accumulated knowledge, with a lot of patience and work. The result of the work done is a reliable agricultural machine, adapted to almost any conditions. If there is a malfunction, the repair will be replacing the broken part or faulty assembly.

For example, if you take a submersible frame or a power supply unit: they are produced in production. If you are considering a reducer adapter, it is taken from the main gear of the wheelchair.

How to make a chainsaw tiller

a tiller is different from a multicultivator, from the first one can turn out to be a mini-tractor. If motor cultivators are only suitable for loosening the soil, then improved tillers even replace vehicles when transporting various cargo (hay, logs, livestock feed, etc.).

Consider how to make a tiller with your own hands from a chainsaw. To do this, you need to spend time studying the scheme of this technique and purchasing all the necessary spare parts. Having blueprints for a homemade frame, you can assemble a very powerful technique. When assembling the unit, spare parts from a scooter, cars, a Druzhba chainsaw, a Ural motorcycle, etc. are used. When manufacturing, you will need locksmith skills, since all work is done manually.

The design of a homemade unit looks like this: motor – intermediate shaft – wheel. A homemade chainsaw tiller is held on a frame to which the engine and gearbox are attached. The fuel tank is mounted on a bracket. The entire focus of the unit falls on the wheels. A working tool is installed at the rear of the mechanism..

Making a homemade tiller from a motorcycle engine

For the successful operation of the tiller, a multi-stage kinematic transmission scheme was developed, which increases the additive coefficient, as well as thrust, etc. Together with the gearbox, the adapter is equipped with a main gearbox in the kinematic diagram. When the gearbox is combined with the wheelset and the main gear, a highly efficient power unit is obtained..

A special mechanism pulls the drive chains. It is fastened with pins to the sliders, which are made of steel angle. The latter are also capable of moving, stretching or loosening the drive chain. For this purpose, the slots are slotted and there are two adjusting screws and M10 fixing screws..

The most time consuming design. main gearbox. It is made of pre-fabricated steel plates (10mm). In the place where the bearings are installed, reinforcing discs are placed. Welded materials are solid to prevent oil leakage. The bracket-bracket is welded to the rear wall of the gearbox, which allows you to mount a trolley or a trailed agricultural implement. If you use a trolley, the tiller becomes a mini tractor.

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How to make a unit out of a scooter

Let’s consider how to assemble a scooter tiller. For such an assembly, the following are used:

  • scooter motor (4 hp is enough);
  • pre-shortened rear axle from a Zhiguli car;
  • gearbox (from a combine or other machine).

Instead of a gearbox, you can install two chain sprockets that connect the motor to the gearbox, and the gearbox to the bridge. The scooter variator can be installed on the engine. The battery is installed above the gearbox.

Since the scooter engine has its own exhaust system and starter, the car will be quiet. In the front of the tiller, you can put a headlight using a switch. This will make it easier to work in the dark, especially if the device is adapted for transporting goods..

BIKE POWER TILLER | Powerful DRY LAND Cultivator | Motorcycle Power Tiller

do-it-yourself scooter tiller

Consider how to make a chainsaw tiller. The chainsaw works in all positions thanks to the fuel supply system, it is very powerful and unpretentious.

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In this video, I will show how a rotary tiller mower made from scrap metal works. The width of the home-made mower is 45 cm, the cutting height is 3.5 cm.The rotary mower is made for the neva MB 3 tiller, it mows grass of any height, both low and high.

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How to make tiller lugs. Manufacturing process.

Mini-video about making homemade lugs for the tiller with your own hands.

Homemade potato digger for tiller

Characteristics of the tiller potato digger:

The simplest homemade potato digger for a fan-type tiller. In this video I show a potato digger I made, with which I have been digging potatoes for more than 3 years on my site.

The potato digger is made of scrap materials for the “Neva” tiller, without the use of a roar. Lightweight, simple, reliable and cost effective.

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What it is?

As the name suggests, tiller. it is a tractor, that is, a power source that can operate several implements, just like a four-wheeled agricultural tractor. This Tiller has the same rugged and high quality construction as you would expect from a traditional tractor: 4WD, car clutch, commercial gasoline or diesel engine and attachments. The big difference with the tiller is that it is smaller, only has one axle, it has a set of rudders, not a steering wheel, and obviously you are following it, not driving it..

How to service a tiller?

Simple and robust tiller design means high reliability and low operating costs.

Typical maintenance consists of changing the oil and filter just like any other equipment; annual lubrication of the control cable; from time to time check the tightness of fasteners subject to high loads, for example, the bolts on which the implements are attached; and replacement of worn parts. mower blades, cultivator tines, etc. – as needed. Potential repairs after hundreds (perhaps thousands) of hours of use may include items such as clutches and PTO clutches; gearboxes practically do not fail.

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Due to the relatively simple design that most of this equipment uses, even this repair can usually be done at home by anyone with decent mechanical ability; many practical documents and videos are available on the Internet. If necessary, the equipment can be delivered to the dealer for repair. In this case, tillers have the advantage that they do not need a huge truck or trailer to transport them; Thanks to the adjustable handlebar design, which allows them to be folded into a small package, any tiller will fit in an SUV or most station wagons.

Last but not least, the main benefit of a tiller is exercise. How many times have you heard from the doctor “Walking. Better Exercise ”or“ Should You Really Walk More ”? How many Americans buy a health club membership and walk on a treadmill and then go home and get on a lawnmower? Strollers allow you to do your job and exercise well while you do it. truly the best of both worlds for the hobby farmer.

Is it right for me?

Most of the equipment is true to scale, and the tillery is no exception. You don’t buy a 50 horsepower tractor to mow one acre, and you don’t want a tiller to mow 50 acres..

For proper scaling, the walker is extremely practical. They are great for a garden or lawn of up to a couple of acres, 15 acres of hay, and 10 acres of bush trimming. Because they are very stable on slopes and take up very little room to maneuver, the steeper and rougher the terrain, the more attractive walking becomes..

You will definitely need to be able to walk around the equipment in order to use the pusher correctly. There is a seat for riding while mowing, but it is bulky and cannot be relied on. These cars are made to go from behind!

Homemade tiller with a motor scooter engine “Vyatka”

The tiller has a mechanical gear-chain transmission. It consists of a chain, two bevel gears and a pair of sprockets.
They did not install a differential in the transmission, because it would be necessary to introduce a wheel locking mechanism. This would complicate the design and make it difficult to maneuver in small areas of land. Therefore, the design provides for the use of two overrunning clutches, allowing the drive wheels to slip..

The frame is used as a power unit for the tiller. At its base, a crossbar is installed (we use a corner of 75×40 cm), and two holes with a diameter of 14.2 mm and two holes with a diameter of 12.2 mm are drilled. On the inside of the frame, two M12 bolts are embedded in the last two holes. This allows you to connect the articulated joint of the cargo cart and the attachment of agricultural implements..

On the left side of the cross member, a supporting beam is welded (we use a 67×67 corner), in which a cutout is made for the gearbox housing. At the front end of the beam there is a parking arm support.

On the right side of the cross member, a carrier plate is welded onto which the gearbox is attached. For the sub-frame we use a plate with dimensions of 280x40x8 mm. In the middle of this plate, an engine mount is installed.

A vertical rod is installed at the front of the slab. The front bracket is welded to it, on which the engine will be mounted. Torque is transmitted by the drive sprocket chain from the output shaft. For its manufacture, an asterisk was taken from the “Vyatka” scooter.

tillery do it yourself photo compilation

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The engine and gearbox of a homemade tiller

the assembled tiller is very compact in size. To reduce its size, they replaced it with a homemade scooter engine muffler. In work, it is in no way inferior to the factory counterpart. To make it, they took a part from the Vyatka muffler. The muffler is located on the exhaust port of the engine cylinder.

The engine is started by a kickstarter. Gears are shifted by a lever, which is installed on the gearbox sector. The clutch and throttle levers are installed on the hitch control handles and the handlebar of the cargo cart. To fit the overrunning clutches, the gearbox shaft was lengthened by 170 mm. The driven sprocket was installed on the left end of the shaft.

When the shaft rotates, the overrunning clutch makes the driven roller rotate. When the tiller turns, the wheel, which moves in a circle with a large radius, rotates faster than the shaft. In this case, the rotation of the leading part of the coupling occurs faster than the driven one. Therefore, when turning, soft clicks are heard, because rollers slide over the cellular surface. When the speed of rotation of the wheel decreases, the rollers are re-meshed with the cells..

The cultivator units are used for the hitch. The twin rods were shortened and welded to the docking channel. Longitudinal holes are provided for attachment to the tiller..

Homemade technique