Trimmer for grass Battery for grass Assembly.

trimmer, grass, battery, assembly

Battery trimmer for grass: how to choose and whether it is worth choosing it at all

Grass on the suburban area. the theme of eternal and immense. And this same grass needs to be mowed every summer, but more than once and not from case to case, but preferably regularly. How to mow. everyone decides for himself, the choice is quite large. But most options are nevertheless designed for physically strong, healthy people-those whose opportunities are limited by age or ailment, the choice is much less.

trimmer, grass, battery, assembly

Where to find a light, reliable and convenient trimmer for grass?

So far, we will leave it as far as the gas mushrooms and robots-not every site is suitable for their use. Let’s look closer to a universal gun. a trimmer for grass. At first glance, battery models are what you need: light weight, light exploitation, the absence of wires that need to be carried along the site but discussion (grass, grass at the house How do you struggle?) showed that everything is not so unambiguous: the objections to such a choice, perhaps, are no less than the arguments in his favor.

Well, since I still need a trimmer for grass, I decided to approach the case in detail and figure out how to choose a successful. convenient, reliable, practical. battery model. And yes, is it worth making a choice in favor of such technology.

trimmer, grass, battery, assembly

Choice parameters

To choose, you must first decide on which parameters comparison, what is important. and what can you do. I got such a list.

And what to look at when choosing?

Here everything is simpler and more complicated Firstly, the technique of promoted brands, as a rule, costs more than analogues from less well-known manufacturers. Secondly, unfortunately, the loud name on the label does not always guarantee quality. And finally, if you look closely, it turns out that almost all the trimmers offered by our stores for grass are produced in China. Absolutely regardless of what brand they are sold.

Almost everything that our stores offer was produced in China, regardless of the name of the manufacturer. Screenshot Screenshot, LeroyMerlin

The idea to focus first of all on the brand burst with a bang after reading reviews. Failure models are uncomfortable, often breaking, with maintenance problems, etc.D All manufacturers have. Alas.

Nevertheless, what has been said does not cancel the fact that a well.known manufacturer with a high probability will have a better and reliable technique. In addition, it is easier for it to choose consumables and spare parts (if necessary), it is easier to repair in case of problems (products of unknown Chinese craftsmen are sometimes not taken for repairs at all).

Finally, since we are talking about battery equipment, it is reasonable to think about the prospect: most serious manufacturers have accumulators of different devices interchangeable, so in the future, if there is a desire to expand their arsenal, it will be possible to save money.

When buying a battery technique of one manufacturer, you can save on the battery and it. Photo from Arthurcourse.COM all kinds of ratings are called leaders among manufacturers of Bosch, Makita, Patriot, STIHL batteries. The latter, however, had inexpensive (up to 10,000) models I could not find on sale. But in this category, GreenWorks is well represented, which produces, judging by the reviews of customers, quite decent batteries.


To begin with (as already mentioned), we look at the presence of the AKB and ZU actually. If this is the first rechargeable device in your arsenal, it is advisable to choose a model with full configuration (when buying the battery and ZU, separately purchasing will cost much more). If you already have a battery technique of the selected manufacturer, it is reasonable for starting to make sure whether the existing battery and ZU are suitable for a new device, and then make a decision.

Sometimes there are very pleasant offers-for example, a set of a trimmer for the grass for Bosch Easygrasscut 18-260 includes 2 batteries (at a price of 8792 rubles, this is a really very successful option). And it is quite unexpected to see such a complete set of the model for 4991. this is how much it costs T Rimmer Patriot TR240 21V. However, remembering exactly where the free cheese is usually found, you need to carefully study all the parameters of such sentences that in pursuit of the benefit not to miss anything really important.

Two batteries in the kit are not often, but it is found. Screenshot Screenshot, LeroyMerlin

You should also pay attention to the type of cutting element. In battery trimmers, both a fishing line for a trimmer and knives are used. But in this case, knives are not the metal discs that equip powerful gasoline trimmers for grass and which even young trees knocked out-for such work, battery trimmers for medium and economy class grass are too weak (although more expensive models of appropriate power may have Included and metal cutting elements). Light trimmers for grass are equipped with plastic knives. Durability. corresponding (although in comparison with the fishing line, according to reviews, knives are more resilient).

Pay attention to the package of the selected trimmer for grass. Photo from

But here another nuance arises: the availability of consumables (which should be attributed, including knives) and the ability to replace them with analogues of other manufacturers. As all the same reviews testify, this question should be taken care of before the purchase, and not at the moment when the part is required. Because the option “went and bought” far from all models is relevant.

I collect and charge a battery trimmer for grass

Upon arrival at the cottage, the Device test began with unpacking. I posted the contents of the box on the table. Poured the instructions. In general, nothing complicated. Even a fishing line for a trimmer does not need to be wrapped: the manufacturer took care of this, and the coil is already ready to work. The trimmer for the grass is collected in three doses.

trimmer for grass before assembly. Photo by the author

To install the handle, I needed a wide flat screwdriver. Unscrew two screws. And set the handle on the bar of the braids closer to the center of gravity.

To fix the handle you need a wide flat screwdriver. Photo by the author

Flow the handle, install the protective casing. Three screws in the bag were glued to the Lesa Limiter. Combine holes and twist the screws.

To install the protective casing, I needed a cross screwdriver. Photo by the author

We connect the halves of the trimmer for the grass. The rod is collapsible, consists of two parts. To collect the tool into a single whole, you need to combine the upper and lower parts according to the specified marking (by arrow). Connect the parts. and twist the plastic coupling over the connection.

The rod of the mowing rod is securely connected. Photo by the author

You can go mow grass. Stop, you must call the device! The battery was really pleased: a liquid crystal display was placed on the back, which showed the battery charge level. 22%.

When I installed the battery on the base, the display showed the charging time. And on a charger, a green LED was blossomed, the battery began to charge.

On the guides we insert the battery to the charger to a characteristic click. The display was displayed on charging time. Photo by the author

The voltage of the lithium-ion battery 36 in instilled the hope that the power of a trimmer for the grass should be enough to “chop” even a tall weed. Its capacity is 2.5 A h. I was eager to find out how long you can work out with a fully charged battery. What grass can such a trimmer for the grass still come up with?

The landfill was ready to test the new mowing. I did not cut the site for a long time, two weeks, and it was on any size of any size.

The battery trimmer for Kärcher grass is assembled and ready to work. Masi’s cat became very interested in the novelty. Photo by the author

I evaluate the convenience of a trimmer for grass

The trimmer for the grass is relatively light, weighs about 4 kg. if you do not mow long, then it is convenient to hold it by the handle by weight. True, after about 15 minutes I already want to hang it on the belt, which is included with a mower.

I really liked that there is no shaft inside the trimmer handle, like gasoline models. The engine is located below, above the protective casing. The wire, which in the end, will not be dragged behind the trimmer, was incredibly pleased. So while you get a large extension cord from the barn, you will unwind 40 wires, you’ll get tired! During this time, the battery trimmer will have time to manage the weeds in the farthest corners. On 6 acres, this issue is not so relevant, but when you mow a large section of an electric scythe, it is a pity to spend so much time on twisting and promoting the wire.

The engine is conveniently located below. The trimmer itself for the grass is quite light. the daughter is controlled with him without problems. Photo by the author

The trimmer for Kärcher grass has a mowing strip width of the width. The width changes from 28 cm to 33 cm. But I did not have the need to use this adjustment.

The width of the mowing is regulated by the position of a restrictive knife, which is located on a protective casing. Photo by the author

The video video tells about the main parameters and characteristics that must be taken into account when choosing a battery trimmer for grass:

trimmer, grass, battery, assembly

The battery trimmer for the grass will be an effective and reliable tool for caring for various lawns only if it is correctly chosen and the capabilities of the device correspond to the tasks facing it.

Now you know what parameters of the electrocos should be compared in certain situations, which means that you can choose the right garden trimmer for grass for giving, hard grass and other conditions of use.


Easy efficient lawn care device or a small adjacent territory. Battery and charger. in the kit. The height of the rod is adjustable, the D-shaped handle allows a two-handed grip. Additional option: guide wheel for trimming the edge of the lawn.


The trimmer for grass is equipped with three.speed transmission and electronic engine speed control. As well as a smooth launch and electric brake. The reverse rotation of the engine helps to shake off the trapped grass from the working body. The charge level is shown on the display on the D-shaped handle. The battery is removable and is not included in the set of delivery. There are several models of different capacities in the proprietary line of batteries, they are suitable for 300 Makita devices.


The gasoline trimmer for grass is ideal for short work in any areas. It is quite powerful, so even copes with thick grass. For a gasoline trimmer for grass, it is easy to set up, it starts without problems. The kit is supplied not only with a fishing line, but also with a metal knife, with the help of which it is easier to deal with old thickets. It is heavy, weighs about 7 kg, but at the same time comes with the shoulder belt, which helps to better distribute the load.


Trimmer for grass with a good ratio of “price-quality”. It is powerful, it can even cope with the launched lawn. The electric trimmer for the grass is easy to maintain, does not require additional skills during operation, does not emit harmful gases.

Supplied with a fishing line and a metal knife. A fishing line for a trimmer can be replaced with reinforced and then the quality of the mowing will improve. Nevertheless, the device is quite weighty, so we recommend that you purchase a ranger belt for distribution of load with it with it.

What bonuses will be given to battery lawn equipment

Unless, of course, you will operate it correctly! First of all, we must understand that in the country we mow not only an even area with green grass. There are corners, and relief changes, and flowers overgrown outside the flowerbed, large and small stones of alpine slides, fences. Continuous obstacle course! But competent use of modern battery mowers and trimmers allows a lot.

Work without tired

What is important for the back of each summer resident? So that the handle of a trimmer for the grass is suitable and ensures a convenient capture. Trimmers Kärcher Ltr 18-25 Batty and LTR 18-25 Battle Set have a convenient ergonomic handle for capture with both hands. Models LTR 18-30 Batty and LTR 18-30 Battle Set are equipped not only with a soft additional handle, but also by telescopic bar. With her, you can easily set up a tool under your height.

You will set a convenient handle length thanks to the telescopic rod

And the models Kärcher Ltr 36-33 Battle and LTR 36-33 Battle Set also have a shoulder belt that will reliably fix the tool.

Battery lawmakers also adapt to your growth thanks to adjustable handles. It is convenient that they are easily folded if the tool is sent for storage, and that there is an additional handle for carrying the device. To reduce the mass of the tool, the grass collector is made of tissue material.

Ergonomic pens greatly facilitate the work with lawnmands

Hear and be heard

The noise level during the operation of the battery lawn equipment is so low that you can enjoy the sounds of nature. And nothing will disturb the rest of your household.

Mow quickly

To prepare battery equipment, it is enough to inspect it for damage and install a charged power supply. No need to refuel fuel, unwind extension cords. You do not have to calculate the trajectory of movement so as not to get confused in the wires. Battery trimmers for grass and lawn mowers are designed so that with a minimum of the forces and time to get an excellent result. For example, special combs on mowers allow you to cut grass growing along the edges of the lawn adjacent to the walls or fences. And you will not need to level it with scissors.

The edges of the lawn are now perfect!

Models LMO 36-46 Battle and LMO 36-46 Battle SET have a rear wheel drive, which is connected by one button. You will easily work with him on the slope when you have to mow in the hill.

If you still doubt that you can effectively work without a break, then we will give you the following numbers: on one battery charging the simplest model is the LMO 18-33 Battle Set LMO with the Kärcher Battle Power platform-the plot of 250 m² will be treated with 250 m². The most expensive and powerful LMO 36-46 Battle Set will remove grass for 650 m².

Get the perfect result even in the most inaccessible places

If your dacha is many places complicated for the lawn mower, then the best solution would be to buy a battery trimmer for Kärcher grass. For convenience and ideal result, they are equipped with a whole set of functions. For example, a twisted fishing line for a trimmer gives an even cut. Due to this, the grass does not get sick after daring and does not turn yellow.

We have already talked about the folding bracket, which helps to safely mow next to trees and flowers. But the batteries of Kärcher’s battery trimmers also have a deflected head. It allows you to carefully process the edges of the lawn along the tracks or terraces, as well as to give grass under benches or a catwalk.

Mow grass safely and conveniently in the most inaccessible places a good battery trimmer for grass or mower. this is a slaughter weapon in the fight for the perfect lawn. With a convenient, maneuverable, reliable tool, the war with grass and weeds turns into a fascinating creative process of creating an ideal garden.

How to choose the best battery trimmer for grass

Engine type: brilliant or brush (collector). Brastard engines usually provide a higher ratio of torque to weight, less mechanical wear and longer service life.

Battery voltage. There are models with voltage from 18 V to 54 V in the top of the battery trimmers. In terms of price and quality ratio, high.voltage are more profitable, since for the development of the same power as other models, less current is required.

Battery capacity. Briefly: the more. the better, especially if you need to treat a large plot of land. It will unpleasant to send a trimmer for the grass for recharging, having processed only half the lawn.

Battery charging time. the less, the better. Modern trimmers for grass are usually charged for 1-3 hours.

The number of engine speeds and width of mowing. The speed with which the trimmer for the grass will process the site depends on these parameters.

The weight. For a woman or an elderly person, the optimal weight of a trimmer for grass is 4-5 kg. Men will cope with a heavier unit weighing 6-8 kg.

Tool shape and length. Some users consider the curved form of garden technology more convenient to use, although a direct bar provides much better access when working under places, such as bushes or garden furniture. Very high or stunted people should take into account the total length of the tool or the presence of an adjustable shaft to ensure comfortable work.


The review opens a powerful and expensive model from the popular and proven manufacturer. It is equipped with a voltage of 54 V and a capacity of 3 A h and a bronnial engine. The kit has not only a fishing line for a trimmer, but also a knife, which allows the DEWALT DCM571X1-QW to easily deal with thick-button weeds, shrubs and even young trees. According to buyers, for an hour of work, you can dig 3 hundred.a.angled area for “zero” for “zero”.

A convenient folding handle is adjustable in height, so the trimmer for grass will be convenient to use for people of different growth. Noise level. 94 dB, so don’t count on silent work. Battery charging takes a little more than an hour.

Rating parameters

We have compiled a rating of the best batteries of batteries for grass.

To objectively assess the popularity of these devices, we focused on:

  • Reviews and reputation at sites such as Yandex Market and the All.Temperses store;
  • specifications;
  • price;
  • equipment;
  • the possibility of acquisition without power sources.

Reviews and reputation show how customers evaluate this or that model, focusing on their own goals and objectives, for the solution of which they acquired a trimmer for grass. However, the situation in areas is different, so the technical characteristics are no less important, because they describe the potential capabilities of the device.

For example, a trimmer for grass with a lower location of the motor has a lower power, and its ventilation holes are quickly clogged with grass.

Therefore, it is suitable for mowing only small areas with low sparse grass.

Another important parameter is equipment. He, along with technical characteristics, describes the potential capabilities of the device. For example, one model is equipped with a powerful power source and two cutting tools, fishing line and knife, therefore it is universal and suitable for any grass.

Another model is equipped with a curved shaft or its engine is installed below, which means it can only work with a fishing line, so it is only suitable for mowing low, delicious vegetation. And which of the devices is better to choose? It depends on the vegetation on the site.

The ability to purchase a trimmer for grass without a power source is relevant for those who already have a battery technique of this brand, which means that you can reduce costs, because even a lot of devices can work from one source alternately.

Is it worth taking it?

The answer to this question lies in the financial plane. If a family wallet easily suffers such expenses, then the battery trimmer for grass will be useful in any house.

You can take it with you to the cottage, trim the lawn or cut the lawn from a neighbor or a friend, even on picnics, such a device will be useful. after all, sitting on the freshly chosen grass is much more pleasant than on a spicy multi.grass.

In addition, much depends on the presence of modern battery equipment from the same ruler in the house as the electrocos.

If such a technique, and therefore the battery, is in the house, then you can purchase the device noticeably cheaper, and buying a new power source of increased capacity will also be useful.

If the state of finances does not allow you to purchase a trimmer for grass and a power supply of an increased container (the best powerful battery trimmers for grass), and the site is overgrown with high grass and weeds, give preference to powerful gasoline analogues.

They will not only cost cheaper, but also better cope with such work.

In addition, the battery trimmer for small grass and with the lower engine arrangement complements the gasoline or network powerful device.

After all, with its help you can trim the edges of the lawns and cut the edges, and the cost of this device is low (the best small trimmers for battery grass).

Battery electric ships occupied a unique niche of the garden technique market, because they combine the advantages of gasoline and network models, but have their own disadvantages.

To determine whether the purchase of such a technique or its acquisition is justified, it is necessary to take into account both the real capabilities of the device and your financial capabilities.