Trimmer Petrol (Lawn-mowing) Carver Gbc-052m Pro

A type of lawn engine, such as a trimmer, It is divided into several main categories: gasoline, battery, mechanical and electric. Each of them has a unique structure.

In gasoline ICE the fuel mixes with air until it enters the cylinder and then ignites from the spark of the spark plug. The power is regulated by the amount of mixture supplied, using the knob or gas pedal. A gasoline engine has a high speed and specific power with relatively low noise. Differs in simplicity of design. The main disadvantage. fuel consumption.

Electrical engine It is issued not only by environmentally friendly work, but also by significantly lower noise level. For the electric motor to work, it is necessary to connect it to a power source, for example, a voltage of 220-380 volts to the mains.

The advantage of the battery type engine is that you do not need a permanent connection to the mains. The tool allows you to carry out intensive work until the battery runs out.

Engine volume (working volume) trimmers. This is one of the most important characteristics of an internal combustion engine (ICE). ICE converts the energy received from the combustion of fuel into mechanical. This process takes place in the combustion chamber (cylinder) of the engine. Further, mechanical energy is transmitted through various units and assemblies to the wheels of lawn equipment (lawn mowers, aerators, verticutters, etc.). The cylinder volume or the sum of the cylinder volumes determines the engine capacity. Its power largely depends on the volume of the engine, since when a larger volume of the fuel mixture is burned, much more energy is released. With a larger engine capacity, the engine resource is higher, since it does not have to work to the limit.

Trimmer Fuel Tank Volume. An important characteristic for the engine, which is responsible for the duration of work. A fuel tank is a container for storing and returning fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel) to an internal combustion engine. In the manufacture of fuel tanks are mainly used steel, plastic or aluminum.

If the tank volume is too small, then there is a need for frequent stops of work for refueling. The more powerful the engine, the greater the consumption of the combustible mixture, respectively, the larger the tank must be in order to continuously process the necessary territory. Tank capacity is measured in liters.

Trim motors internal combustion are divided into. four stroke and push-pull. In the first case, the working process in the cylinder occurs in 4 cycles (mixture inlet, compression, expansion (ignition), release). In the second case, inlet and outlet occur during compression and expansion. Two-stroke engines have small dimensions, greater power per unit volume, but at the same time lower efficiency and less economical. Often used on mopeds, small boats, chainsaws and other garden tools. Most gardening equipment for lawn care equipped with 4-stroke engines.

For ease of understanding, power internal combustion engines is usually measured in horsepower (l.with.) The more powerful the lawn engine, the greater the amount of hard work in less time it will be able to perform. But for heavy work, it is worth considering the torque achieved at certain engine speeds, since the pulling force depends on it and the higher the torque (measured in Newton meters), the easier it will be for your machine to cope with hard work.
When choosing a lawn technique (lawn mowers, lawn mowers, aerator) with a certain power, you need to consider: the type and number of work performed, the size of the plot, soil properties.

Modern trimmers designed to care the lawn, depending on the model can be equipped with various cutting elements, which can be used for mowing a variety of vegetation.
The most common attachment is considered fishing line or, as it is also called cord. The main purpose: mowing grass, in not very neglected areas (it is convenient to bypass fences, trees, buildings). It is wound on a special head, with the release of a pair of ends that serve as a cutting tool. They can be from 0.8 to 5 mm thick. Thick fishing lines are used on powerful gas trimmers and can cut large weeds, thick stems of dried grass and soft young growth of small shrubs. Fishing line up to 2 millimeters is mainly used on electric trimmers, as they have a less powerful engine and design.
According to the method of release, fishing lines are divided into: manual, semi-automatic (cord is pulled out of the head when the operator presses it to the ground) and automatic (fishing line is pulled out to the desired length when gaining speed). In the latter case, there is a large consumption of fishing line, so the most popular are semi-automatic models.
In the case when it is necessary to cut thicker grass or shrubs, a knife or disk is used. The knife can be made of plastic or metal and have a different number of blades. For the most difficult work (shrubs, small young trees), metal discs with a large number of teeth are used. Some models of trimmers can be equipped with a nozzle with a saw (height cutter), which is designed to cut tree branches.
The ability to use knives and a blade depends on the engine power and trimmer design, you must strictly follow the instructions. On models with a curved bar, fishing lines and small plastic knives can be used.
Metal knives and discs are used on straight-bar trimmers. Since this design is safer for the operator (the greater the distance from the cutting head, special handle, stop). When a knife or disk collides with a hard surface, it is often thrown back. In addition, a heavier tool creates a greater load on the nodes and components of the trimmer.

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Trimmer Cutting Width. the width of the mowed grass of the cutting element per revolution. The larger the cutting element, the correspondingly, the more the treated area it captures during operation. The large mowing width is great for processing large open areas, in just a few passes you will finish the job.

Trimmer Petrol (Lawn-mowing) Carver Gbc-052m Pro

Trimmer handle Designed for convenient trimmer control. It can be equipped with additional buttons that are responsible for the operation of the tool. The handle can be of various shapes: D-shaped, J-shaped, U-shaped, Y-shaped.

For instance, D-shaped handle great for handling small areas, but at the same time it requires high maneuverability from the operator. J-handle prevents approach to a bevel gear. This handle is ideal for working with a grass knife. The combination of these elements will make your work more productive and convenient.

Y and U shaped handles. the most popular trimmer handles, which are great for mowing in open space, while the mowing movements will be similar to the mowing movement of an ordinary scythe.

Weight. this is the mass of the machine in the assembled state (measured in kilograms). Despite the apparent insignificance of this parameter, it is worth paying attention to this important property of garden equipment. Weight affects mobility and quality lawn machinery. Too much weight can cause difficulties when unloading and loading into a car. A more heavy-duty vehicle may be required. Larger weight requires a more powerful engine with high fuel consumption. However, with a small mass, problems may arise, for example, with the quality of mowing the lawn.

Trimmer shoulder strap It is designed for comfortable wearing, and it will allow you to easily and quickly perform work, protect against accidents and reduce fatigue during prolonged use. It provides an even distribution of the weight of the device over the human body, which allows you to hold the trimmer for a long time in comfortable conditions. All straps and clamps are securely locked in a comfortable working position.

Blade inner diameter: 25.4 mm
Number of cylinders: 1
Cooling Type: Air

The gas trimmer from the manufacturer Carver is a compact device designed for cutting, leveling and mowing grass and thin shoots, cutting small bushes around trees. It is used to level the lawns, to give them the most well-groomed appearance. With this device, gardening will be much easier, and the plantings on it will become irresistible.

Due to its compact design, the tool is very convenient and mobile. Due to the handle of the U-shaped, with the start key located on it, easy control takes place and better control during operation is ensured. Providing a two-stroke gasoline engine ensures economical fuel consumption and a long service life.

The trimmer is equipped with a shoulder strap that helps reduce the load on the arms and back when working with the tool. A large protective cover will protect the operator’s clothing and shoes from accidentally getting grass when mowing. The acquisition of the Carver trimmer model GBC-052M PRO will become an integral part for those who care about the decor of their garden or summer cottage.

Compact design
Remote Control Bike Grip
Low fuel consumption
Strap for tireless work
Large protective cover
Quick mowing a large area
Reliable cutting elements.