Types of Woods For Trimmer. Consumables Selection

Types of Woods For Trimmer. Consumables Selection

Garden trimmer today is a fairly common tool. But without a fishing line for a trimmer, working with it is impossible. There are quite a few types of fishing line. Experts consider the most reliable of them nylon.

Types of woods for trimmer

Twisted thread with notches during operation produces the least noise. This property can be considered a big plus. Due to its structure, such a thread also increases the power of the tool itself. You can purchase a two-component fishing line for the trimmer. It consists of an outer and inner layer. The outer layer always consists of nylon. This material wears out slowly, is not afraid of loads and temperature changes. Inside is a metal filling. Due to its stiffness, this material can cut shrubs well.

The fishing line with protrusions and spikes on the surface has good wear resistance. It is recommended for use with high power trimmers. With its help, you can cut thick grass, dry stems, small trees and bushes. For the home, you need to constantly have 1-2 types of consumables to replace spent. It can be a round thread and a fishing line with metal filler.

Supplies selection

How to choose the line for a lawn mower? Fishing line is a working tool for a country lawn mower. With its help, mow grass near fences, paths and trees. It must have flexibility, rigidity and strength. The required thread thickness can be found in the characteristics of the mower (trimmer). A thread with a diameter of 1.2 to 4 mm is usually used. But each device requires a different diameter. A thinner thread (compared with the parameters required by the manufacturer of the trimmer) significantly increases engine wear and gradually disables it. Thicker. leads to overheating of the engine and to its breakdown.

If the battery or electric unit has an engine power of 1 kW, it needs a working thread with a diameter of 2 mm. When the engine power is less than 0.5 kW, the fishing line is taken with a diameter of not more than 1.6 mm. For a trimmer with a gasoline engine, you need a cutting line with a diameter of 2.4 to 3 mm. Such a cutting tool can easily mow perennial dead wood and thick grass.

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For electric braids, a fishing line of circular cross section is most often used. It costs a little and is quite popular, as it cuts fresh grass very well. Its disadvantage is the high level of noise emitted during operation. Mower manufacturers recommend the use of a spiral-shaped cutting tool. Also widespread are:

  • square section;
  • section in the form of an asterisk;
  • rectangular shape.

Fishing lines that have sharp edges and various notches have greater productivity. They cut grass more evenly on the lawn. Large weeds lend themselves well to notched cutting tools. The noise level is not very high, and the engine is given extra power if the fishing line is installed on a powerful trimmer. The working head on the lawn-mow, on which the fishing line is wound, is installed special.

For mowing dead wood and shrubs, a twisted two-component fishing line for a lawn mower is used. It has high strength, tear resistant. Only suitable for mowers with gasoline engines. But such a cutting tool is quite expensive. For daily work, its use is very expensive.

The trimmer cutting tool is wound on a special spool. Fishing line is sold in pieces of 10-15 m. It is not recommended to use thin steel wires and stranded cables instead of fishing line. Such nozzles will quickly lead to a mower malfunction, including a gasoline or electric engine. For gasoline powered mowers, a cutting cord diameter of 3 mm is usually used. You can reduce it, but it is recommended to use a diameter of not more than 2.5 mm.

A thin thread from 1.2 to 1.6 mm is used to trim the lawn. A thread with a thickness of 2 to 2.4 mm cuts young grass well, while a thickness of 3 mm and 3.2 mm is capable of mowing thicker and older grass, dead wood and weeds. A cord 4 mm thick is rarely used.

To extend the life of the cord, you should try to avoid contact of the fishing line with stones, trees, foundations, paving tiles. How to wind the line onto the trimmer reel correctly?

Incorrect winding will damage the unit. The winding rules are written in the instructions for the device. The parameters of the desired cord are also indicated there.

Conclusion on the topic

Do not put a steel cable instead of a nylon thread.

He will surely break, and his pieces will pierce leather shoes at great speed. Only line with a length of up to 15 m and a diameter of 2.4 mm to 4 mm should be wound on the reel. The ends are brought out.

As they wear, they are exposed on their own. To do this, you just need to lightly hit the ground. In other cases, you just need to reset the mower speed and then add them again. The line is fed automatically. There are coils with manual feed. To feed the working tool you need to turn off the engine and get the ends of the thread manually.

Winding should be done in the direction of the arrow on the coil body.