Universal Petrol Lawn Mower Pt 535

Universal Petrol Lawn Mower Pt 535

The universal gasoline lawn mower PT 535 is one of the most popular developments of the American brand PATRIOT. The universality of the model lies in the widespread use of various cutting organs. not only a classic circular knife, but also a plastic reel with a cord, as well as a saw blade. Therefore, the scope of the presented model is limited not only to mowing grass. The PT-535 petrol trimmer is used to cut tall vegetation, as well as dry shrubs with a rough stem and even thin trees. The indicated technical capabilities of the model are due to the features of its design and power characteristics of the power drive. In more detail about it. in the further description.

Great performance and endurance

The excellent performance of the PATRIOT PT 535 PRO Series lawn mowers is due, first of all, to the considerable operability of the 1.8-liter 2-stroke engine. In addition, the hard shaft used as a transmission element plays a significant role. Indeed, thanks to its strength, this garden trimmer has high traction and can easily cope with dense stems.

The PT535 lawn mowing engine block is equipped with a primer. a special hand pump that is used to pre-pump fuel into the carburetor. In the classic version, the pumping function is performed by the starter, which requires additional operator effort. In the presented model, since the carburetor filling stage has been completed in advance, manual start-up is faster and more comfortable.

Wide range of cutting tools used

As mentioned above, the power capabilities of the PT 535 PRO gas trimmer allow the use of several cutting organs. Their installation does not require special tools and skills. It is enough for the operator to determine the “front” of work and install a trimmer head for mowing grass, and a circular knife for dead wood and shrubs. Tree vegetation is treated with a strong saw blade.

Convenient handle with controls

The indisputable advantage of the presented motorized braid from the Patriot trademark is the use of an ergonomic U-shaped or so-called “bicycle” handle. This structural element not only allows you to comfortably hold the unit with both hands, but also provides operational control of the engine. For this, the handle is equipped with a lever and a throttle lock button, an ignition switch. In addition, the handle is adjustable along the length of the rod, which allows you to choose its optimal location for the operator.

Minimized operator workload

In addition to a special anti-vibration system, the load on the operator is minimized with the help of belt equipment. In the case of the Patriot PT 535, these are double shoulder straps that distribute the load most evenly over the entire musculoskeletal system. The presented model has a direct barbell, ergonomic handle and excellent knapsack equipment. Therefore, the operator easily tolerates even prolonged work on the site.

Declaring the wide scope of the petrol trimmer PT 535-PRO, the developers have provided its appropriate equipment. So, the supply includes a saw blade, trimmer head and a three-toothed knife. In addition, the owner of the lawn mowers additionally receives belt equipment and a container with environmentally friendly oil for a 2-stroke engine.

Pluses: Mows absolutely everything.

Comment: Unfortunately I believed the seller (said the discounts are unrealistic) I bought for 6799r.
Includes one knife, three-toothed and reel with fishing line.
And so the car is super!

Pluses: Powerful, mows everything, even a large shrub;
Options: 2 knives (1 three petals, 2nd multi-toothed), a knapsack belt (the weight of the braid is almost not felt), a good coil (in my opinion it does not look like PT 3355), a measured canister;
Plastic is not bad;
Good launch;
Comfortable steering wheel

Minuses: While satisfied with everything

Comment: I bought 3 months. back therefore I can say little for reliability, but the braid inspires confidence.

Pluses: Not heavy, easy start, no vibration

Minuses: not found

Disadvantages: V-shaped control handles are inconvenient, heavy.

Comment: Purchased in exchange for Sanguard GB25H there is nothing to compare. GB25H after 9 years of operation began to give a signal "at rest", there was no time to understand and was bought by Patriot. Subjectively, the difference is 8 cubic meters of volume and infinity in power. Split V-shaped Patriot control handles are not ergonomic, the range of motion with them is not the same. I was running fishing line in calm oil, the first tank was 1/30, the second, third 1/40, then 1/50. there were no problems. Nothing fell off, did not unscrew, did not jam. Rod and gearbox lubricated. The first run is both cold and hot. A pleasant surprise is the fishing line spool with through winding (there is no need to disassemble it for winding). After running in (three tanks of the mixture), when switching to oil, 1/50 stopped smoking, vibrating, became receptive. In addition to the control levers, there is nothing to show in general. And Sangarden, after cleaning the magneto, the cooling fins of the cylinder and the removal of the silencer spark suppressor (coked), again as young in the ranks. Prevention is the best treatment. apparently I agree with professional examinations 2 times a year and extend the warranty.

Video: Universal Petrol Lawn Mower Pt 535

Advantages: Unpretentiousness in operation, power, price.

Comment: The work is the second season. I cut the area of ​​15 acres.

Pros: relatively light
comfortable knapsack belt
40 teeth saw blade and trimming knife included
measuring tank for preparing the working mixture
hard shaft
comfortable handles and overall weight distribution of the trimer
anti-vibration system works well, no shaking hands

Comment: the fishing line included in the kit is not so bad, it mowed about 7 hundred parts of thick grass and small trees;
grass is wound on a reel, but this is a universality fee, to use either a knife or a fishing line, winding grass can be avoided by mowing tall grass from above, in principle there were no particular inconveniences with winding grass on a reel;
the maximum diameter of the fishing line is 2.4 mm in the manual, in real I inserted a fishing line of triangular section 3 mm., will no longer enter, and now it was a pleasure to mow it !;
starting the engine on both hot and cold is ideal, the first time;
I use gasoline AI-95, 4 liters was enough for mowing 15 acres;
after the purchase, I checked the tightness of all the compounds, the presence of lubrication in the gearbox. everything was normal, prepared the mixture, 1 to 30 and let it work at idle (sometimes a bit of gas) (spent a hot run-in), then reduced idle speed, it seemed to me a little high;
noise at work is tolerated without headphones;
1.8 horsepower more than enough for your household, all that is higher in power is for professionals who mow down roadsides, there will be huge gas mileage, noise, weight and vibration.
My opinion is that this trimmer is ideal for household needs.
Purchased for 7500 rubles.
for reliability. time will tell, I think that it will be no worse than analogues, since most branded firms have production facilities in China, and assembly takes place there.


The Patriot T 535 Rro petrol trimmer is used for mowing young tender grass on lawns, for cutting down weed with a fragile thick stem, a young shrub with thin branches, willow and reed thickets. The model was developed in the USA, and is licensed in China. A distinctive feature of this tool is low cost, ease of use.

Characteristics of the lightweight Patriot T 535 Rro trimmer

  • A modern gasoline trimmer for mowing grass and mowing grass with an optimal cost and normal productivity.
  • Built-in anti-vibration blanking system adds comfort to use.
  • The balanced design allows you to perform a large amount of work without undue effort on the part of the operator.
  • Belts anatomically fit the figure and do not interfere with a sharp change in movement.
  • Air-cooled two-stroke gasoline engine.
  • The increased motor resource.
  • Quick start due to electronic ignition primer.
  • Mobile, easy operation. No experience with a similar tool is required to perform basic operations.
  • A gas trigger is located on the ergonomic non-folding handle of a bicycle type, which allows you to adjust the engine speed during operation, quickly switch from one object to another.
  • The gas lock is located on the handle in the reach of the fingers.
  • The shaft for the trimmer is rigid, which ensures reliable fixation and stability of the working head.
  • The bar is not collapsible.
  • Air filter with an affordable and simple device, lightweight and easy maintenance.
  • Interchangeable cutting tools expand the functionality of the trimmer.
  • The handle is adjustable and precisely adjusted to the dimensions of the operator.

Technical parameters of the Patriot T 535 Pro model

  • Four-stroke petrol engine with electronic ignition.
  • Rotational speed 9000 rpm.
  • The engine tank volume is 0.33 l.
  • Engine power 1.8 hp
  • The bar is straight, non-separable.
  • Maximum / minimum cutting width 460/230 mm.
  • Replaceable cutting line / knife cutting equipment. Diameter 2.4 / 230 mm.
  • Net 7 kg.
  • Gross 9.7 kg.

Self-assembly of the Patriot T 535 Pro trimmer

The design of the tool is simple, without complex parts. Self-assembly is available to any user without technical knowledge and design assembly experience.

  • There is a mount on the main bar. The handle is installed in it so that the open part is on the right side.
  • The handle is bolted, but not completely tightened.
  • The control knob is set with the trigger of gas to the trimmer head.
  • The fastening screw is tightened stationary and securely.
  • The control cable clips are fixed to the handle in their respective slots.
  • The shoulder strap carabiner snaps into place on the main rod mount.
  • Go to the assembly of the lower part of the rod.
  • First, an iron casing is attached to protect the gear housing, and a plastic protection is covered on top.
  • A protective flange is installed on the splined shaft of the gearbox. The coincidence of the technical grooves of the gearbox and flange is observed.
  • A rod or hexagon is inserted for fixing into the technological hole between the gearbox and the flange.
  • The trimmer head is fully twisted counterclockwise.

The trimmer cannot be operated without the installed protective flange. If the flange is not installed, after finishing work it will be impossible to remove the trimmer head.

  • The iron casing is screwed onto the base of the gearbox.
  • A protective flange is installed on the splined shaft of the gearbox, the coincidence of the grooves is observed.
  • A knife is mounted on the protective flange.
  • A clamping washer is placed on top of the knife and tightened with a nut against the stop counterclockwise.
  • A fixing rod is inserted into the hole between the flange and the gearbox. The nut for the connection is tightened with a ring wrench.
  • A safety pin is inserted on the gearbox shaft.

Do not sharpen a dull cutting knife. The edge finishes and the balancing of the instrument goes astray. Jamming of the shaft occurs. You can turn the knife over with the sharp side and continue working, and then at the end of the process, change the knife to a new one.

  • The fixing lever of the fastening system is squeezed out, the parts of the rod are connected so that the fixing of the fixing lever fits into the guide groove of the lower rod.
  • With proper assembly, the bar cannot be opened without pressing the latch. If light detachment occurs, reassemble.
  • The additional fastening of the coupling is tightened to the stop.
  • Regardless of the job, it remains possible to rotate the lower bar at angles of 90 and 180 degrees with the lower bar firmly fixed.
  • Put on a trimmer. Adjust the anatomical belt to your size. Adjust the length of the trimmer handle.
  • Tighten the bolts holding the handle all the way.
  • Pour the fuel mixture into the tank and start working.