Using a trimmer for grass for mowing grass. Do not engage in amateur performances!

Proper operation of a trimmer for grass for grass

In every summer village, village, suburb and in the city itself you can see these devices: they work tirelessly, aligning the lawn grass, cleansing the space of squares and parks, gardens and gardens from thickets of burdock, wormwood and weeds. The noise and crackle from the trimmers are heard from the beginning of summer to autumn, until the growth of the grass is so much so that it will no longer need to trim it. Automatic braid for grass deserved its popularity for the simplicity of the device and operation. It is easy for her to use, it is easy to care for, and in case of breakdown it is not possible to easily fix it without difficulty. The article will just tell you how to use a trimmer for grass correctly.

As with any other technique, in working with the trimmer there are rules. First you need to make sure that the main nodes and assemblies: screw, rods, handles and motor. If the device has not yet been assembled, then it should be correctly assembled according to the instructions.

Gasoline unit

In the case of a gasoline trimmer, it is necessary to check the gearbox for lubrication. Also, do not forget to add lubricants to the fuel tank, if the instruction manual is evidenced. As a rule, gas and oil are mixed in a ratio of 45 to 1, but these indicators may vary depending on the model and manufacturer, so you should carefully study all the technical requirements for the device. The fuel container must be filled on the very neck. If all technical fluids are flooded, then you can try to start the device. But it’s not worth mowing right away, it will be better to let the trimmer work without load so that the engine works to the flooded fuel. A few minutes will be enough, after which you can give the motorcycle full load.


With an electric trimmer, everything is much easier. Having made sure that the gearbox has the required amount of lithol, you can start work. No additional measures are required. Unless it is necessary to make sure that the carrying does not run on the path of mowing in order to avoid possible damage.

When the device itself is ready to work, you should make sure that there is nothing around that could interfere with the work. If possible, the estimated mowing area should be cleaned of snags, glass, stones and other solid objects that can damage a knife or fishing line for a trimmer.

It is better if other people do not approach the trimmer while working. Usually the recommended distance is at least 10-15 meters in order to avoid small debris (mulch) in the eye and on the face.

Depending on the upcoming work, you need to choose a nozzle for a trimmer for the grass: a screw-knife for weeds and hay, a fishing line for a trimmer for lawn grass or a disk saw for shrubs. Mowing should be in the opposite direction from people, if possible, moving away from buildings and buildings. You should not get too close to the fence and other designs, since the fishing line for a trimmer can catch on sharp edges, and the screw-knife will bend if it accidentally offends it a hard object.

The preparation of the device itself will not take much time, all modern models of devices are designed to facilitate and simplify their operation, starting to work in the shortest possible time.

We run up a gasoline trimmer for grass

Most often, the is used in a motorcycle (trimmer for gasoline grass). The is the operation of the engine at low speeds, without loads. To run, it is necessary to start a motorcycle and let it work at idle. It is best to produce the first mowing with a fishing line, since when mowing lawn grass is a less high load on the engine than when working with hay or shrubs.

The load must be increased gradually, in stages increasing engine speed. If you start operating with high speeds, the engine can be poorly developed, which will affect the entire further operation of motorcycles.

Do not produce the entire temporary resource during the first engine start. It will be best after working at idle by idle for 10-15 minutes to mow, then drown out the device and let it cool a little. Use a motorcycle system carefully, without sudden movements, in order to avoid collisions with solid objects (stones). The stab on the stone can poorly affect the work of the unfortunate nodes. In some cases, backlash, noise and hum during operation appear. This can be easily avoided if the trimmer for the grass is correctly running.

How to use a trimmer for grass, if the grass is very high

If, upon arrival at the cottage, you found that the grass is very high, it will probably not be possible to perform its mowing with one passage with one passage. If you try to mow it right under the root, then it will simply be wrapped in a coil. And as a result it will block it. That is, a trimmer for grass simply cannot work. over, it can overheat and fail.

using, trimmer, grass, mowing

If the grass is too high, then the mowing must be made in several visits. First, you need to cut the top of the plants. And only then mow them under the root.

But in any case, in the case of winding, the work should be suspended to clean the device. And only after that continue the kosbu. This will avoid overheating of the device and its breakdown.

Subtleties of working with a trimmer on an even relief

If you produce mowing according to a flat relief, then you should be especially careful about the direction of rotation of the coil. Firstly, it is important for both your personal safety and the safety of others. Secondly, taking into account this nuance will allow you to facilitate the work performed.

In principle, with the first moment everything is clear. Because knowing which way various small objects (for example, pebbles) fly away, you can always warn and avoid a possible trouble. But the second point, perhaps, requires explanation.

Explain. If, with mowing, you do not take into account the direction of rotation of the coil, then the mowed grass may be in a nodel area. As a result, you and your unit will have to make more efforts to mowed grass that has been under a herbal dump. over, the quality of kota in such conditions will significantly decrease.

That is, the direction of mowing must be selected, given the direction of rotation of the coil. So that mowed plants fly to the already processed territory.

Choose a suitable nozzle

In addition to its product, the manufacturer usually provides several mills (usually 3).

To work with soft grass as a cutting element, a fishing line for a trimmer is used, wound on a drum. Speed ​​of 9,000 revolutions per minute allows you to quickly process even a large lawn.

For more rough grass and thickets, one of the metal knives can be used, which differ among themselves by the number of cutting teeth.

For mowing thick shoots, reeds, young shrubs, a disk with 40 or 80 teeth is designed. Corn, dry weeds with thick stems, you can mow three- and four-lobed milling.

And in order to put beveled grass in the rolls, a knife with 8 blades is used and a special crest is attached to the braid itself.

using, trimmer, grass, mowing

And now more about how to install a cutter. The place of fastening of the cutter is called a gearbox. On it, first you need to fix the figure washer using a hexagonal key.

Then put on a knife, combining the holes in it with a protrusion of the puck. After that, you need to install the upper figure washer on the shaft and tighten everything with a nut.

Here you should pay attention to the fact that the thread on the shaft is left, so you need to tighten the nut (like screwing the mowing head) counterclockwise.

To squeeze the nut to the stop will help the key, which is also in the delivery kit. You can replace the cutter by doing all the operations in the reverse order.

We season with a motorcycle

To refuel the chainsaws, not pure gasoline is used, but a working mixture that needs to be prepared in certain proportions.

The combustible mixture consists of gasoline with an octane number of 95 and high.quality oil intended for two.stroke air cooled engines.

The proportions should be 25 parts of gasoline per part of the oil.

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It is better to mix components in a separate container, from which, using a funnel, then pour the mixture into a fuel tank.

After refueling braids for grass, you need to wipe the entire surface dry in places with traces of spilled liquid.

How to mow grass with a trimmer with a metal knife

As the border of the mowing area moves, move the fuel and the bag.

If the grass was setting down: you need to hand the steering wheel forward and mow to the left with an inclination by the handles to the left (sector ~ 11 hours) and the right with the tilt for the handles to the right (sector ~ 1 hour), and do not rush!, to mow the grass cleanly and so as not to “dig” the earth.

During the mowing of grass (and turns), do not forget to look around!:

  • To notice the gesticulation of others, drown out the motor and remove the headphones,
  • So that closer than 15 m children, animals, spectators and assistants do not come up, When a metal knife in the grass collided with a motionless object, a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower (motorcycle) can be strongly thrown to the side or expanded back, and a trimmer for the grass rotates at a speed of up to 10,500 rpm. And he is able to cut off his hand or leg. Also, when the grass is mocking the trimmer from under the knife, various objects (crushed stone, glass, garbage) can fly out and ricochet).

How to mow grass with a trimmer (more about the mowing technique)

The engine revolutions when the trimmer mowed depending on the load on the engine. the thicker the grass and, of course, is heavier than the engine, the bolder you need to open the “hole” (throttle in the diffusor of the carburetor).

Work speed of the engine during the mowing of grass with a trimmer try to keep constant (slightly higher than medium). or less gas. only depending on the overall load on the engine. No need to completely discard gas (and immediately acceleration again) with each wave of braids for grass. And the clutch is not for long, and the edges on the drive shaft can “overtake”, and the overall wear of the trimmer for grass (motorcycles) increases sharply.

Before mowing grass, we find out the parameters of the site

(to know which knives to take, how much fuel and time are needed)

  • Grass density;
  • The hardness of the grass;
  • the splendor of the grass;
  • wovenness of grass;
  • (The height and thickness of the grass are not important)
  • the boundaries of the site;
  • what irregularities (how to come in);
  • the presence of hidden obstacles (remember)
  • that not cut (bushes, flowers, seedlings).

To mow grass in the summer is a disaster, and not just homework how to use a trimmer. If your yard or site is strongly overgrown with grass, you can scare you, but this part of the article will help to figure out how to mow grass with a trimmer easier and less irritating.

Work in raw weather

If there is a need to mow a trimmer in any weather, then it definitely should be gasoline, since it tolerates raw weather well. Although, according to the instructions, work in the rain or on wet grass by some manufacturers of such gasoline equipment is also prohibited. When choosing a trimmer for grass for this, it is also worth paying attention to.

Electric motor. the most vulnerable to moisture place in battery trimmers. Accordingly, if it is located on top, then there is less likelihood of moisture from the grass, but in rainy weather they also cannot work.

The most sensitive to moisture trimmers for grass with power from the mains.

Typically, with wet grass, water enters the extension cords, where an electric arc can occur that can ignite the insulating plastic or cause a short circuit. Such a defect is “corrected” by buying a new extension cord or replacing a fork, but moisture entering the engine or control circuit leads to an irreversible exit of the trimmer for the grass. In addition, working with such a tool in the rain is simply dangerous, since there is a high probability of electric shock.

How to put on and hold it correctly?

The quality of your work also depends on what technique you use. For the right technique, you need to be able to hold the unit, and for convenience to wear it correctly. The fact is that not all trimmers for grass are equipped with a shoulder belt. If he is, then it needs to be worn so that you are comfortable. There are models of devices whose belt can be inconvenient, so try to put on a trimmer for grass as convenient as possible how it will succeed.

During long work, it also happens that pain in the back and muscles arise, so the most convenient tool can reduce the number of such troubles as conveniently as possible.

Another function is to adjust this belt. On better models, its convenience assigned a special role and made special positions that will allow the manager of a scythe not to experience inconvenience. You can adjust the belt in height, choosing the necessary for yourself.

Now let’s talk about how to hold the unit correctly. Various types of trimmers have different handles. For someone it is made in the form of a bicycle steering wheel (which ensures the distribution of the load on both hands). On some units you can see the handle of the letter D. The bicycle option must be held with two hands, and tight.

Despite the presence of rubberized handles, it is better to rely on yourself and not hope that they will not slip. Keep the handle in the shape of the letter D with one hand, and with the palm of the palm to provide a large capture area. This will give you full control over the handle, which will positively affect control.

We run up a gasoline trimmer for grass

Most often, the is used in a motorcycle (trimmer for gasoline grass). The is the operation of the engine at low speeds, without loads. To run, it is necessary to start a motorcycle and let it work at idle. It is best to produce the first mowing with a fishing line, since when mowing lawn grass is a less high load on the engine than when working with hay or shrubs.

The load must be increased gradually, in stages increasing engine speed. If you start operating with high speeds, the engine can be poorly developed, which will affect the entire further operation of motorcycles.

Do not produce the entire temporary resource during the first engine start. It will be best after working at idle by idle for 10-15 minutes to mow, then drown out the device and let it cool a little. Use a motorcycle system carefully, without sudden movements, in order to avoid collisions with solid objects (stones). The stab on the stone can poorly affect the work of the unfortunate nodes. In some cases, backlash, noise and hum during operation appear. This can be easily avoided if the trimmer for the grass is correctly running.

Which is better to choose an electric trimmer for grass for grass

The advantage of network electrimmers is realized when they are acquired to maintain order in small territories:

Located around the house. They can be connected to a 220 V home outlet, or an ip65 moisture.proof outlet located under a canopy, or IP67. not protected from atmospheric precipitation located in the estate.

Trammers for grass for such purposes can be minimal power: from 0.25 to 1 kW. Their advantage in the simplicity of the device, small weight. from 0 to 1.2 kg, small energy consumption, practical noiselessness of work. Units are ideal for mastering the skills of kosba women, people at old age, children over 14 years old.

Battery electrimmers are used for the same purposes, in similar operating conditions. trimmer for grass weighing 1-2.5 kg. It is ideal for people who regularly take care of the herbaceous cover of personal plots and with which the task of long.term work with the mash of the grass is not faced with the task. To tear heights or arrange plant profiles, it is enough to work for 15-30 minutes-the time for which inexpensive batteries are designed with a capacity of 1.2-2.4 a/h.

Inexpensive electric trimmers for grass for grass

Inexpensive trimmer for grass can be bought at any store selling garden equipment. The lowest price category is occupied by Chinese.made products, without designating the brand, or with a brand. the translation of which is available only to native speakers “Celestial”

They are easy, differ in the extreme simplicity of the device, but short.lived. Predict which of the units of the device will be the first to fail. it is impossible. For 1-2 seasons, given their cheapness, the device may be enough. What power to choose?

The category of inexpensive electric trimers includes:

Fest Fest ETL-500A 500 W. The case of the product is completely plastic. Engine location. lower. You can work only in dry weather and on dry grass.

Einhell GC-Set 3023 300 W. The case is completely plastic. Engine location. lower. Designed for digging only soft grass and trimming the tops of herbaceous plants.

Redverg RD-ET400 400 W. The case is completely plastic. Engine location. lower. Low.power. Sow high grass or hard stems of herbs they will not work.

Protective equipment when working with a motorcycle (trimmer)

Tip: This article does not replace the instructions given in the guide for the use and safety precautions. Always read the product management before use and observe safety precautions.

For safe work with a motorcycle (trimmer) you will need:

  • Helmet;
  • Headphones;
  • Eye protection (mesh shield or glasses, but it is better to use both);
  • Long durable pants (the legs are in the immediate vicinity of the knife or fishing line, so they must be protected);
  • Shoes with a non.slip sole (preferably with a steel nose);
  • Soft gloves (to protect and absorb vibration);

Knives for motorcycles (trimmer for grass)

When working with a motorcycle we can use a fishing line for a trimmer. However, a real advantage (in addition to high engine power) is the ability to equip metal knives.

Various types of knives for trimmers are designed to cut different types of vegetation:

  • A knife with 8 or less teeth: grass and weeds;
  • A knife with 9-40 teeth: thick weeds and shrubs;
  • Knives-saws with more than 40 teeth: small trees and young seedlings;

When replacing a knife, be sure to use gloves.

Each knife indicates the size (diameter) of the landing hole in the center. This is usually 2.5 cm, but cases are different. Therefore, look in the operating manual, what size on your trimmer.

Choose speed

Do not work on the principle of “first gas to failure, and we’ll see there”: choose the correct mode of operation, optimally adjusting the fuel supply and, accordingly, engine speed.

Choose the optimal engine operating mode for trimmer pruning of high and rough grass (if your unit is generally capable of this) you need average revolutions, for the lawn. low. low. And in order to exterminate the young shoot of shrub with the help of motorcycles, complete power will be required. At the same time, we do not forget about paragraph 3: the higher the load, the more often and longer breaks in work are needed.

Correct equipment

Basically, this advice concerns trimmers, because there are no special selection of cutting materials in the lawnmands. But for motorcycle on sale you can find the most diverse options for fishing line and knives.

Choosing the correct consumables in the instructions (instructions, Karl!) the manufacturer indicates the preferred diameter of the cutting fishing line. Therefore, you should not deviate much from these recommendations, trying to use the most thick fishing line for a trimmer. As a rule, it confuses and worse leaves the holes of the head of the trimmer for the grass. As well as options with a variety of figured cross.section, gear surface and other inventions.

If it is planned to mow coarse grass, and the capabilities of the usual cord are not enough, more correctly (and more effective, by the way), do not look for a more powerful nylon fishing line for a trimmer on sale, but put a knife. Knives are also of different types, they are selected for the task. Do not forget, choosing which knife for a trimmer for grass is better, take into account engine power. And in general. the very possibility of using a knife in the model of your trimmer for grass: we look at the first point about choosing a tool in accordance with the tasks.

Select the correctly cutting equipment

Principle of operation

If we consider the principle of the trimmer for the grass, then it looks like a manual braid. The difference is that it is equipped with an engine, with its help the cutting element is brought into rotation.

Producer companies produce the following models of mowers:

  • On which a gasoline engine is installed. Such garden tools have a fuel tank, this is their distinguishing feature.
  • Electric engine devices. These tools have less weight, because they do not have a fuel tank. But when choosing such models, you need to take into account that a power source needs their work to work.

All electric braids for grass can be divided into those that work on batteries, and models connected to an electric network. Each species has its own characteristics, but they affect the power supply unit. If you do not take into account it, then the rest of the design are similar in different devices.

If you take any model of a trimmer for grass, then it consists of such elements as:

  • motor;
  • fuel tank (electric motor does not have it);
  • levers with which the mowing is controlled;
  • knife for cutting grass;
  • barbell;
  • Spool with wound fishing line, which is cutting grass;
  • protective casing;
  • conical gearbox.

The engine is placed near the mowing head, it can be installed from below or from above. Only those models that have a direct bar with a gearbox. If it is curved, then the indigenous bearing becomes a connecting element. It consists of 2 bushings.

As a cutting device, a fishing line for a trimmer is used. It is easy to replace with steel knives and discs, they can be made of plastic or metal.

The choice of cutting element depends on how hard the grass will have to mow. Most often, the work uses a fishing line for a trimmer, it is called the cord. There are products of various shapes on sale, among buyers a spiral and round is in demand.

The fishing line for the trimmer is wound on the coil, it is inserted into the bobbin, while the 2 ends of the wire remain free. Когда двигатель косилки начинает работать, шпулька вращается, трава срезается свободными концами лески.

How to use a trimmer correctly

Garden trimmers for grass are effective. Newchers think that it is easy to work with a lawn mower, because you just need to include it in a socket or pour fuel, but this is not entirely like that.

The efficiency of the garden tool and its service life directly depend on operating conditions. Therefore, before using a trimmer for grass, you need to perform preparatory work.

The lawn with which you need to mow the grass is carefully examined. Be sure to remove glass and large stones. Having flew out from under a working mower, they can injure a person. They remove the wire from the lawn, because it can be wound on a rotating element, break a mower.

After that they move to the installation of the cutting system. There are trimmers for low.power grass on sale, which use only a fishing line for a trimmer. It is designed for mowing juicy and soft grass. But there are models with a capacity of more than 1 kilowatts on which metal knives are installed. They cut sowing and other hard weeds, trim the young shrub.

In order to replace the cord with knives, you need to unscrew the mounting nut, install the cutting element. Then the nut must be returned to the place, tighten it with the key.

The operator must take care of his safety. Mow grass in tight protective clothes. Special glasses are used to protect the eyes, they will protect from dust, grass and flying garbage. Hands are covered with gloves.

The electric trimmer for the grass is included in the network, and the battery models are charged for several hours before starting operation. Fuel is poured into a gasoline mower.

The mower is kept so that the spool or knife is located parallel to the ground. When the tool is installed in the correct position, the motor is included. After the grass is bewildered, the mower is turned off.

First start

Before the first launch, the operator collects a mower, the procedure is described in the instructions that are attached to the product.

If the trimmer for the grass is gasoline, it is necessarily checked before operation. The fuel tank is filled along the neck.

The motor should work for the fuel, so at the first launch it should work for several minutes without load. After that, start mowing grass.

How to refuel a benzotrimer

Motokos working on gasoline are with two.stroke and four.stroke engines. The first option is much more common. What are the differences between them:

  • in trimmers with a 2-tact engine, the response to press the inclusion lever is faster (for this reason the lawn mower is mainly equipped with this type of engine);
  • A tool with a two.stroke engine will be much easier, as well as easier to maintain;
  • Fuel consumption in a two-stroke engine is higher than in a 4-stroke with a similar power by about 30%;
  • The 4x-stroke engine is more environmentally friendly, since the fuel in it burns completely and is not thrown into the atmosphere, as well as its noise level is much lower;
  • And the most important distinguishing feature is the refueling: a 2x-stroke engine is equipped with one common tank, where gasoline mixed with butter is poured; 4x-tacte has a separate gas tank and a tank for motor oil.

For refueling, it is necessary to use fresh gasoline AI-92 or AI-95 and high-quality motor oil for garden equipment (for 2x- and 4-tact engines, manufacturers produce different oil). Oil can be used mineral, semi.synthetic or synthetic.

The proportion of gasoline and oil for trimmers with a 2x-tact engine can be found from the instructions for a specific model. Usually it is 50: 1, in some cases, proportions of 25: 1 or 40: 1 are recommended. Prepare the fuel mixture in a separate container with accurate observance of proportions. Never pour the liquids “by eye” directly into the tank without mixing them in advance. Detailed instructions for mixing a benzomalam, with video and description, can be found on our website here.


Before starting operation, gasoline braids are necessarily rolled up. The operator turns on the motor, he must work for a while at idle. It is necessary to ensure that the engine does not overheat, the load should not be.

When running in, motorcycles increase the load gradually. If you start work with high speeds, the motor will work well, this will affect the further work of the mowing.

At the first launch, you should not fully develop a temporary resource. After the engine works at idle, you can proceed to processing the lawn. The lawn mower should operate for no more than 15 minutes, after which the engine is turned off, it must cool down.

If you need to run the electrimmer, the braid is first collected. Then make trial launches at least 3-5 times. If the engine works well, go to mowing. At first they work for no more than 5 minutes, then the duration of work is gradually increasing.

How to wear a belt

If the tool has a shoulder mount, before starting work it hangs on the shoulder. The trimmer for the grass is fixed on both shoulders if it has a backbone mount.

The model with a bicycle handle is held with 2 hands, the D-shaped handle is wrapped in palm. The belt must be worn so that it is convenient, then the back will not get tired.

How to cut the lawn so that it turns out to be even

So that the grass on the lawn is trimmed evenly, it is necessary to lower the mower as low as possible during operation. The site must be divided into squares. You need to work, moving clockwise. In this case, the hay will always lie on the left without interfering under the feet.

Kosim under hay

It is better to mow hay not with a fishing line, but a metal disk. Grass is cut under the root, maintaining its length as much as possible.

Spinning high grass

If you need to mow high grass, this is done in several suits. The lawn processes 2-3 times. The rotating part is lowered from top to bottom, in which case the grass is not wound on the reel.

The operator must remember that the grass wound to the coil leads to overheating of the motor. If this happened, the motorcycle is turned off, and the coil is cleaned.

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Most effective mow grass with the ends of the fishing line, and not the entire length. In the second case, the tool works worse, engine overload is possible. If you need to cut the grass on the site of a large area, to increase the efficiency of a trimmer for the grass, you must be tilted towards the mowing.