Video Chainsaw Review 65 20

Video Chainsaw Review 65 20


Husqvarna 365 chainsaw is a powerful professional equipment designed to work with hardwood. Reliability of the engine and moderate weight make this model indispensable for working in harsh conditions with maximum loads.


Husqvarna 365 chainsaw is used in logging production, for working at sawmills, in carpentry workshops, as well as in large farms for harvesting firewood. Husqvarna 365 can be used for the construction of bathhouses, log cabins, wooden houses, sheds, arbors. The saw is designed to cut trees from 20 cm in diameter or more. L

Easily cope with such hard woods as ash, plane tree, walnut, hornbeam, white acacia, yew, boxwood.

The Husqvarna 365 chainsaw has a 3400-watt two-stroke gasoline engine (equivalent to 4.6 horsepower). The engine displacement is 65 cubic meters. see. This model is one of the most powerful and popular in the whole world.

Basic equipment

The original Husqvarna 365 is assembled and manufactured in Sweden. Copies known by the same name, but with the abbreviation "xp" are made in China.

It is very easy to distinguish an original from a fake: a copy of a chainsaw is easier than the original, official representatives in the regions sell official equipment (regardless of the country in which you buy a chainsaw), the original Huskvarna has shiny plastic on the case, and the fake one has matte plastic. The most important difference is the price, a fake always costs several times cheaper than the original.

Basic equipment Husqvarna 365:

  • assembled chainsaw (the saw part is represented by a tire and a chain, the working part is a case with control knobs, handle holders, a fuel tank and an oil tank);
  • device documentation (instruction manual);
  • warranty;
  • protective shield for the right hand;
  • muffler.

Cost of the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw

For those who choose a chainsaw, the question is relevant, how much can a new Husqvarna 365 chainsaw model cost? The cost of such a chainsaw ranges from 39 thousand rubles or more, in Ukraine a chainsaw costs from 16 thousand hryvnias, in the USA on the official American website of the manufacturer, the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw model is sold at a cost of 759.95. A second-hand original has a value within 7 thousand hryvnias, a Chinese or Polish “duplicate”, that is, a copy of a chainsaw, costs about 2-3 thousand hryvnias.


Technical characteristics of the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw:

  • working number of revolutions per minute. 9300;
  • the maximum number of revolutions per minute. 12500;
  • idle the number of revolutions. 2700;
  • maximum torque 3.9 Nm
  • approximate fuel consumption of 490 g / kW / h;
  • spark plug type. Champion RCJ7Y, NGK BPMR7A;
  • the gap between the electrodes is 0.5 mm;
  • chain type H42;
  • oil tank volume 420 ml;
  • sound pressure level 114 dB;
  • degree of vibration is from 5.7 to 8.0 m / s².

Features of use

Features of using husqvarna 365 chainsaw:

  • watch the brake tape, the degree of wear of the tape should not be more than 0.6 cm in its thinnest part;
  • the brake handle must always remain intact. if you notice cracks or other damage, contact a service center;
  • chainsaw assembly is carried out according to the scheme presented in the instructions;
  • the instructions also contain a diagram of fastening vibration damping elements to the handle and engine block of a chainsaw. with loose vibration dampers, increased vibration and the risk of overloading the operator’s hands may occur;
  • watch the quality of sharpening the teeth of the saw chain. this will reduce the likelihood of kickback when sawing wood.

Video: Video Chainsaw Review 65 20

Instructions for safe handling of husqvarna 365 chainsaw:

  • work in special protective clothing (ideally, high boots with special protective shields, a plastic mask to prevent dust from getting into your eyes, protective gloves on your hands, a shield for your right hand, comfortable clothes made of thick fabric, not tight and not loose);
  • use a protective helmet and headphones to suppress noise;
  • Do not smoke near chainsaws;
  • never smoke while using a husqvarna 365 chainsaw;
  • leave fire extinguishing equipment in direct access to the place of use of the tool;
  • most injuries, including injuries to the hand, occur due to operator contact with the cutting part of the chainsaw, to avoid injury, beware of kickback, use the saw correctly, do not try to cut the edge of the chain without immersing the cutting blade in a log or board;
  • according to the instructions, it is forbidden to put the included chainsaw on the ground.

Device, maintenance instruction

The device of the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw is no different from the device of all the latest generation chainsaws from Husqvarna. Conventionally, a saw can be divided into two important parts: it is a casing with a fuel tank, engine, on and off levers, holders and brake, as well as a cutting part consisting of a tire and a chain. The manufacturer’s logo is applied on the cutting part. The body of the chainsaw is made of bright orange plastic.

Husqvarna 365 chainsaw maintenance rules according to the instructions:

  • after each work, clean the saw surface from debris and sawdust;
  • Check the chain for damage, burrs;
  • control chain tension;
  • once every four weeks, prepare a fresh fuel mixture, completely clean the tank of old fuel, and fill in a new one;
  • store the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw in a dry place, without fuel and oil;
  • Before each use, make sure that the chain lubrication is sufficient for normal operation;
  • once every 100 hours, adjust the carburetor;
  • every 100 hours replace the spark plug, check the condition of the spark plug every 50 hours, clean the surface of soot;
  • every 50 working hours, remove muffler from carbon deposits;
  • monitor the condition of the case, tire, handle of the husqvarna 365 chainsaw, the tension of the saw chain.

Fuel and oil, lubricants

The most suitable fuel for the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw: AI-95, AI-92 gasoline.

Oil for mixing with gasoline: for two-stroke engines with air cooling, the manufacturer of the oil is Husqvarna or Partner.

To lubricate the tire and chain of the chainsaw, use targeted lubricants from the same manufacturers. It is forbidden to use working off or cheap materials for lubricating the chainsaw, this leads to quick wear of the tool and lower performance.

Chainsaw Duration

The average duration of the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw with an initially full tank of fuel is about 60 minutes. For a more uniform combustion of fuel in the chamber, it is recommended to adhere to a mode of operation in which the number of revolutions at the moment when the chain and tire are involved in the cut does not exceed 8000-9000 per minute. Also, maximum idle speed (no load) should be avoided.

Basic faults and solutions

Consider the main problems that the owner of the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw may encounter.

Table 1.



The way to solve the problem

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Reviews of the advantages of the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw:

  • high power
  • excellent performance;
  • high-quality air filter and quick access to it;
  • ability to withstand extreme loads;
  • the most simple and convenient to maintain;
  • convenient to pull the chain;
  • the crankcase is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy;
  • there is an oil pump that automatically adjusts the lubricant supply to the chainsaw chain;
  • there is an Air Injection air purification system;
  • quick start;
  • convenient handle position, allowing the chainsaw operator to make an ergonomic grip.

Reviews of the disadvantages of the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw:

  • high sensitivity to low-quality fuel, “refuses” to work on the old fuel mixture;
  • heavy, not suitable for domestic needs;
  • when working on the cutting of tonometers, it is necessary to keep the chainsaw on weight, which is completely inconvenient because of its weight.

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Owner reviews

Nikolay, Poltava:

The cost of a copy of Husqvarna xp is an order of magnitude lower, relatively speaking, what you buy from the Chinese for 100 in the original will cost 700 from the Swedes. But it’s worth it, because fakes often require repairs!

I used the original husqvarna 365. it’s just a dream chainsaw. No kidding. And the power, and the level of work, components, assembly, really nothing to complain about.

I had a chance to work and a Chinese copy. Yes, outwardly similar. But the rest. Do not save, take the original. "