Learn To Fill The Line In The Trimmer

I want to devote today’s article to the sore subject of summer residents and gardeners “How to fill a fishing line with a trimmer”. Not many manufacturers of trimmers in their operating instructions answer this question. Therefore, it is difficult for simple gardeners to figure out how to do it correctly.
I want to start with a brief description of the technical characteristics of trimmers.
So, trimmers are electric and gasoline. The cutting element for trimmers can be a fishing line and a knife. The line is ordinary, four. pentahedral and intertwined (in the form of a braid). Knives are from 2, 3 and four bladed knife. Knives are also plastic and metal.

The trimmer feed system of the trimmer can be:

  • manual
  • semi-automatic
  • automatic.

Development engineers who create new models of trimmers calculate the diameter (thickness) of the fishing line and the number of knife blades, according to the power of the trimmers. Otherwise, the engine is overloaded, resulting in its breakdown. And these are additional and significant costs.

Today on the market there are trimmers:

  • With one nozzle. only the forest one.
  • With two nozzles. Leskovo and three-four-blade knife.
  • With one nozzle. only three-four-blade knife.

Our Kulibins long ago learned how to improve any mechanisms. For example, some gardeners make, in their opinion, successful replacements of fishing line with metal wire, or fishing line. But at the same time, they do not think about the safety of their own and their loved ones, because, as a cable, with the power of a working trimmer, it can easily break out and not only injure the mower and those around him, but leave a disabled person for life. The use of fishing line can and gives the best effect. I have never personally tried, then the line for a trimmer, but this work has several inconveniences: when it comes into contact with hard objects, it can be spread out, or it can be pulled out of the reel endlessly.
So, what is called closer to the topic? I give an example of how to fill the line with a trimmer (BOSCH Art 30 Trimmer). Everything is straightforward. Started.

  1. After you have chosen the line for refuelling, you need to cut off the necessary amount of fishing line, because, as the whole line in the coil is not wound into a reel.
  2. Cut off and begin to reel.
  3. Remove the coil and protective cover from the coil. Removed. We fasten one end of the fishing line into the gap and gently and evenly wind the fishing line.
  4. The number of fishing line should be such that the protective cover of the reel is closed and the fishing line on the reel itself unwinds a little.
  5. The second end of the fishing line squanders in the hole on the protective cover.
  6. Next, take the coil and the protective cover of the coil. Sit the end of the fishing line from the reel into the metal hole on the protective covering of the reel. A little pull the fishing line.
  7. Put it all on the trimmer. Turn the coil clockwise until it clicks.
  8. Secured. Now we connect the trimmer to the network. Put the trimmer in the original position for the work. Turn on the trimmer. The excess length of the fishing line will be cut to the trimming blade.

That’s all, starting work.
A little advice. Try to keep the line from cutting in contact with hard objects. With such a contact line will be cut. And so, as in this trimmer, the feeding of the fishing line is not carried out automatically, then you will have to stop the work each time, remove the reel and re-release the fishing line.

In my trimmer, in addition to the standard lawn mowing line, there is also a thick line for mowing coarse weeds. It has the form of a pigtail, i.e. three fishing lines tightly intertwined. This line has its own reel. It is stored in the upper part of the trimmer housing.

Such a fishing line is installed in the reel is very simple. according to the internal scheme inside the reel. The center of the line with a metal fastener is inserted in the upper part of the reel, and the ends of the line are guided in the grooves and brought out.
Such a reel is attached to the trimmer as well as a reel with an ordinary fishing line.