What a Gas Trimmer Consists of

The trimmer is an ideal tool for caring for a personal plot. Compared to using a traditional hand tool, operating an automatic mower is a pleasure. However, any technique tends to fail. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to repair gas trimmers. Let’s look at what kind of breakdowns you can cope on your own, without resorting to outside help.

Petrol trimmer. device and repair

what a gas trimmer consists of

In essence, a gas trimmer consists of a long tubular rod connected to a gearbox of an internal combustion engine. The inner part of the tube contains a shaft, due to which torque is transmitted to the cutting device.

A cutting line is attached to the trimmers, which is fixed on a rotating mechanism. During mowing the lawn, the latter gradually wears out. Therefore, you have to periodically maintain a gas trimmer. Repair in this case consists in removing the old fishing line and replacing it.

Operational Features

Particular attention should be focused on regular cleaning of dirt and sawdust from the air filter, tightening screws and nuts before starting operation of the unit.

As for the rotating head, it is recommended to use exclusively a special fishing line here, since the use of metal cables or wires as an alternative will lead to quick wear of the mechanism. over, the fishing line should have a diameter recommended by the manufacturer of the existing model of gasoline trimmer.

Needs periodic maintenance and mowing head. A worn or deformed element can ruin a gas trimmer. Repairing here will require replacing the shaft or gearbox of the unit, which will lead to serious expenses.

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Engine failure

  1. Overheat. It manifests itself in engine failure after about 10-15 minutes of continuous operation of the trimmer. In this case, clogging of the cooling fins or the starter grille with clumps of grass and dirt can increase the temperature.
  2. Fuel. Sometimes, for proper operation, it is completely insufficient to refuel a gas trimmer in a timely manner. Repair is often required as a result of the use of insufficient quality fuel. As practice shows, trimmers are highly undesirable to refuel with a lower octane than the AI-92.
  3. Clogged air filter. Cleaning this item is a standard activity during scheduled maintenance of the unit. How to clean the gas trimmer? Repair in this case consists in thorough washing of the filter with detergents and its installation in place.

Spark Plug Replacement

One of the most common causes of gasoline trimmer failure is damage or clogging of the ignition element. If the candle has received serious damage in the form of cracks in the body, the spare part simply changes. The work is performed as follows:

  • The candle is dismantled with a special key and inspected.
  • In the presence of deposits on the surface of the body, the latter are cleaned with brake fluid or white spirit.
  • If the candle has critical damage, a new one is inserted in its place, after which it is firmly tightened with a key.

Fuel supply system

The problem may lie in the clogging of the fuel hose. Its disconnection should lead to unauthorized leakage of fuel. Otherwise, you will have to clean or replace the fuel filter.


It is worth noting that not every owner of a gas trimmer can cope with its repair and maintenance. Therefore, users who do not have experience with mechanics and electrical appliances, it is better not to try to disassemble the mechanism on their own. Be that as it may, you should never undertake to restore the trimmer to working capacity, relying only on your own intuition.