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Plugs Review for the Neva Motoboblock. Plug setup, plowing

Without a plow it was hard to introduce agriculture in antiquity. Now absolutely nothing has changed. And he is still a popular product. But unlike ancient times, the principle of its use has changed. Now for processing relatively small areas, plows for walk.behind tracts are used.

The purpose of their work is to turn the upper fertile layer of the earth in the winter period, this is done so that it absorbs moisture as much as possible. Thanks to this, the amount of crop increases largely.

How easy it is to plow with this model of the plow, look at

Let’s look at what options for plowing for plowing are the official manufacturer of the Neva motoblocks.

Plow of a hinged Mon

The manufacturer of this model is the joint.stock company “Energia”. They confirm the quality of the goods by compliance with all the norms of the Euro-Asian Union.

This is a relative small model that allows you to work in small plots of land in gardens, gardens, greenhouses, etc. D.

Here is a review, the principle of clutch and the work of this model:

The plow is a design from the base and to it attached housing and racks with holes.

He has one dump. That is, when using it, the soil will be discarded to one side.

The depth of plowing can be adjusted in manual mode. The maximum plow immersion depth is up to 22 cm. And the maximum capture width.18 cm. This is more than enough for most cases of soil processing.

The plow of one.horseman n

This plow is produced by VRMZ CJSC. Outwardly they are very similar to each other, but are characterized by quality. VRMZ has long established itself as one of the best manufacturers of various metal structures. Their distinctive feature is the high quality of the total spectra of products.

How simple a plowing of the earth with the Neva motornote look at

Based on the experience of sales, the plow of one.horseman and the production of VRMZ is one of the most popular. Therefore, the company has developed at once 9 different modifications of this plow. They differ in their dimensions, mass, width of the capture and arable land depth.

That is, every owner of the Neva motor block can choose exactly the plow that is most suitable for specifically its case.

The overall dimensions are represented in a wide range from wide to narrow, from low to high.

  • If you look at the width of the capture, it can be 15 or 22 cm.
  • The depth of arable land, depending on the needs, can be either 20 or 14 cm.

That is, they are universal and can find application on any site and for any needs.

When choosing a plow, you should know the condition of the soil that you plan to process. In particular, this model is suitable for softer and already prepared fertile lands.

Their use on virgin soils or rocky soils is unacceptable.

Installation and setup plug

Before you start plowing the ground, attach the plow to the walk.behind tractor. To do this, you need to combine them using a special hitch (usually it is not included in the delivery kit and is sold separately).

Here is a detailed video instruction on how to prepare a single tractor for a plow:

The plow should be connected to the walk.behind tractor exclusively on a flat surface. Thanks to this, you can perform proper adhesion. Otherwise, the overall design will be assembled under the slope, and the plow will function incorrectly.

Then you should adjust the plow for plowing. In its correct position, the field board should be parallel to the furrow line.

Here is a detailed video instruction on the main problems and nuances that may arise when regulating the plow:

The depth of the arable land can be installed using special bolts by moving them in the vertical-proper plane. The depth can be adjusted after they began to plow. However, you should be careful and be sure to follow the safety instructions.

The plow can be operated both when the walk.behind tractor moves forward and when it moves back. Due to the fact that it can rotate around its axis.

The most common disadvantage in the work of the plow is the fact that it is led to the side. How to solve this issue, see below:

For the best clue, the one.axic tractor must be equipped with metal primer.bearing wheels. They serve as additional stabilizers when the plow is working. People’s craftsmen make their options for such wheels. They simply pull the chains on standard tires, and a design is obtained, which in its characteristics is in no way inferior to special metal wheels.

Safety restrictions

  • work with a plow under the influence of alcohol or any other substances that reduce the reaction rate or attention;
  • work with a walk.behind tractor for malfunctions in the plow;
  • work with a walk.behind engineer mounts;
  • carry out repairs or any manipulation during the movement of the plow.

These rules are simple and more than understandable to every sane person.

Plug on a single tractor: varieties and their design features

The plow is a special soil plowing device equipped with a metal lick. Designed for the loosening and turning of the upper layers of the Earth, which is an important part of pre.sowing and slander processing. Initially, the plugs were pulled by a person, a little later. agricultural animals. Today, the plow on the uniform tractor is one of the options for using this hinged auxiliary equipment, in addition to the tractor or mini.vector.Depending on the shape of the main working elements of the plow on the unoic tractor, there are:

Based on the number of working details:

In addition, the plows on the uniform tractor, according to the specifics of the fasteners, are divided into ordinary and current.

Which plow is better for a walk.behind tractor to choose

To increase the performance of the work performed, it is very important to responsibly approach the question: which plow is better for a walk.behind tractor to choose?

revolutionary plow

For example, a revolutionary plow can be independently made from high.strength steel. Therefore, for him nothing is worth maintaining the necessary pressure in the process of working on the land plot.

It is also necessary to take into account the density of the processed soil. This should be especially taken into account for a swivel plow. the engine of the walk.behind tractor should not overheat, which will allow you to use the aggregate longer.

Rotor plow

The rotary plow for the walk.behind tractor is compared with a metal crest, which makes it possible to plow soil. Such types of plows of different models can be different in shape. However, these models are united by the fact that their shape is expanding to the top, which allows these units to pour the Earth away from the trench.

When choosing a plow, it is necessary to take into account the availability of a tuning plow settings. It is necessary to have the possibility of adjusting the depth of cutting and angle of inclination, for the greater efficiency of working with the plow.

Revolutionary plow

The revolutionary plow, which is being versed, is perhaps the most ideal option, because the replacement or sharpening of the knife is possible. You also need to decide what size your plow will be, which will directly depend on which model of the walk.behind tractor you use.

For more efficient use of the plow, it is necessary to adjust the apparatus, for which it is better to use the coupling (although not necessary). For a more accurate adjustment, it is necessary to take into account several principles: the first. it is necessary that the longitudinal axis of the regulator and the walk.behind tractor coincide, and the second is the vertical position of the ridge.

This setting will make agricultural work more efficiently. It is also necessary to use extension cords and metal wheels with cargo for various tasks.

When buying a plow for a walk.behind tractor, it is necessary to be guided by several rules: the plow should not have a thin rack, shortened dump, low thickness of the case of the case, poor.quality steel. There must be a manual instructions. Compliance with all of the above reduce your expenses without allowing breakdown, as well as efficiently perform work.

Which plow is better for a walk.behind tractor

Previously, the plow was a separate and large device. With its help, the soil was prepared for upcoming landings. Today it is a hinged equipment for a walk.behind tract, modernized and most productive for specific purposes.

The device is a device with three planes. One of them is dumpy, the second is horizontal, the third is vertical. The last two are located at an angle of 90 degrees.

Experts note the importance of the size of the cutting edge. Its edge should be located in the same plane with the edge of the dump. over, the distance of both is equal to one centimeter.

After using the plow, they must be cleaned, removing clips of soil and dirt. Then carefully lubricated with oil and placed in a special cover or in the box. This is the only way to protect the product from corrosion.

Types of plows

For the manufacture of equipment, a special material is used, which withstands fabulous loads during further operation.

  • Single.hustered. Suitable for processing soft soil previously prepared for landings. Their advantage is the simplicity of assembly and lightness of the structure. In terms of technical characteristics, there is no more than one lemeh here here.
  • Double.case. They also work on solid ground, except for rocky soil. They cope with the formation of grooves for plantings, hilling of plants, cleaning the territory from weed grass.
  • Dumpy. Designed for small areas. Their feature is in the special location. He not only turns the earth, but also loosening, making it soft and fluffy.
  • Unauthorized. often used in large territories in agricultural activities.
  • Reverse. Used on difficult soils. Differ in rapid turning of the soil, as soon as the plow lifts its layers. For this, the pen is made of special material and is located at an acute angle.
  • Rotary. resembles a cultivator. Several Lemes are installed on one axis, they have a curved shape and lift the soil, loosening it. The depth of processing is 300 mm.
  • Disk. Capable of working on moist soil, but differ in shallow effects.

When choosing hinged equipment and plow, many factors are taken into account: the power and strength of the walk.behind tractor, the volume of the section being built and its characteristics, as well as the tasks that will have to be solved using the nozzle. Most often, rotary plows are used for domestic use.

Types of plows for the Neva motornote

The plow consists of a lime with an unusual shape, and the heel, which processed soil processes. The plow is made of a very durable metal, since it will be the largest loads that will be provided on it. Plugs of different models are also selected individually, but there are universal products on sale:

  • One.horsepower. In this case, there is only one plunder that processes light soils;
  • Rotary. There are several working blades;
  • Revolutionary. The plow is made in the form of a pen, which greatly facilitates the coup of the soil of even more solid types.

The revolutionary plow turns the soil in the direction of one side, so when you reach the end, you will need to return to the beginning of the furrow. With a reversing plow, things are easier. when you reach the end, you only need to turn the soup and continue to work. This design allows you to not only plow the ground, but also harvest root crops.

For the Neva motornote, there is such a type of revolutionary plow as the plow of Zykova. This unit is especially distinguished due to its characteristics. The plow for the Neva motornote consists of:

  • Right.sided and left.sided corps with a plunder and a dump;
  • Support wheel;
  • Structure fastening to ridge;
  • Mechanism with fixing the plow buildings;
  • Field boards. It ensures the stability of the unit during work on Earth.

The revolutionary plow is attached to the Neva MB2 motoblock using a special bracket.

It is impractical to install a rotary plow if your site is small, since the design is quite expensive. It works at the expense of the Lemes located on one axis. When you turn on the unit, the axis begins to rotate, throwing the soil. Plowing can be carried out to a depth of 30 centimeters.

Double.sided plow for a walk.behind tractor

A double.sided plow for a walk.behind tractor (hill) is used to hill various agricultural crops. Also, weeds are destroyed between the rows. With such plows you can process the soil, cut the furrows to plant plants, and then fall asleep, including the reverse course of the walk.behind tractor. Such devices differ only in the width of the capture. fixed and variable. Between them the difference is only in the moving wings that regulate the width of the capture.

The plow, which has a fixed capture width, operates with a light motor block (up to 30 kg), whose engine is up to 3.5 liters.With.Their feature is 12-mm stands (protect the one-legged tractor from overload).

The most common type of cigns in which the variable width of the capture. Their only drawback is to shed the soil into the furrow after the passage. Such plows go with motoblocks more than 30 kg, with 4.0 liter engines.With. and higher.

Plug Setting for a walk.behind tractor: Dimensions are important

Everyone knows: a good tool of the furrow will not spoil. And how to choose a good? And the size matters. And material. And design. And the ability of a plowman is not at all superfluous.

Often you can hear: here, and the plow for the walk.behind tractor is new, and the solarium is a full tank. and does not go even for the plowman. What to say? Setting up the unit. a subtle case. Here, and the power should be selected correctly, and the soil.bearing should be hung instead of wheels, and control. A gypsy deed, plow a walk.behind tractor, which weighs less than a bag of potatoes.

And the very tool on the hitch must be attached well to the walk.behind tractor. Set the depth of plowing 15. 20 cm, adjust the angle of attack. And the heel to walk parallel to the ground: without burying and not emerging by a dolphin.

Yes, do not drive the “iron horse” of your. At low speed, a plow for a walk-behind tract, but give rest every hour and a half. The “horse” and the plow to each other and the farmer will get used to it. then the work will begin to argue.

Where to buy a plow for a walk.behind tractor?

But only it’s not easy to buy a good tool today. Everyone sells. And who did: which factory or master will not be told. And not every word can be believed. One name is. Zykov’s plow, but they do it. every. Who has. plows, who has no. Who will work from good metal, and which steel 3 is a nail for a lemch adapting. And from whom to ask: from Zykova or Pushkin?

That is why each farmer gets along his plow to the walk.behind tractor. But in this matter, you also need to have understanding. And skill. And the tool. If the farmer is mastering. he does not need either a seller or a factory. He will weld, stroke. for his land, which knows which is better than anyone else. Him and the work with a plow of topics will be in joy and tired. But it did not work out. then there is no one to blame.

If there is no mark in the mechanical case, and the welding machine, you can go to the local local local. That’s who understands the native land, and about metal. Yes, about which direction to bend the plunder, so that not too much. This one will not let you down, will not deceive, will not run away anywhere. But another bad luck. the path is not close to him. And other plowmen in line to the “left” are built.

And if the time is running out and busy “left.handed”. go buy a plow for a walk.behind tractor on the Internet. For every taste, for any earth here is an instrument. And raise the virgin lands, and to fall in the garden. And the revolutionary plow will be found, and the most simple.

Yes, just consider the seller through the skype. Yes, say that the gun is unusable for plowing is the same as stealing. And the thief was formed before this with a wheeling. And that even a plow was considered a sin to take a sin. also remind you. Well, if you buy a serious tool on credit.

And let the seller about the plow for a walk.behind tractor and not deceive me answer the truth? Steel is alloyed, real? And the thickness. not like in a cigarette wrap?- Here are the cross, five millimeters.- And the seams were not cooked by a student? And the carving on the bolts is serious? Yes, the real “Zykov”. As I say before the polygraph. And I will give a real price, at a discount. Only you do not bend the price with cartoons with cartoons. Lada?- Lada.

That’s agreed. A public contract is called. To the mutual, means, benefit. without deception. Everyone makes his own: in honor and conscience. so that everyone lives well.

Principles of self.adjusting inventory

The next problem that the land owners face is how to set up a plow on a walk.behind tract? The effectiveness of the inventory and the speed of soil processing depend on the correctness of the adjustment.

After you finish installing the plow, start its adjustment. At the same time, take into account factors such as the coincidence of the longitudinal axis of the garden technique and the regulator, as well as the vertical position, the aggregate fought.

plugs, walk, tractor, unit

In order to enhance the efficiency of soil processing, you can use an extension cord and metal wheels with weighting agents. The same.based tractor itself should not have a thin rack, a short dump, a thin sheet of a case made of low.quality steel. Technology that does not have such flaws, and having sufficient power in the horse forces will become a good assistant for the treatment of the soil with a plow.

Present the adjustment of the inventory in the form of a scheme that includes:

For example, setting up a plow equipped with a support wheel is performed using a screw element. If electrical equipment is used for processing, then you can make changes to the processing process by means of a double.armed pulley that changes the rod and processing speed.

Questions and answers

Consider the most frequent issues arising from users during the manufacture of the plow.

The network has a large number of design options that are little like each other. How to choose the most effective option?

The choice of design is best made on the basis of the features and complexity of the manufacture of the plow. You should not immediately take on a complex and multifunctional version. It is more correct to make a simpler plow, which can subsequently be modified on the basis of working tests.

Two wheel tractor upgrade

It depends on the quality of the soil on the site. If possible, you can immediately use quality material. However, one must be confident in size and other parameters, so that later do not have to redo anything.

If there is experience, you can make a reverse design. However, it must be taken into account that here you need the manufacture of two exactly the same plows, mirroring each other. In addition, an independent setting of their position will be needed, which takes time and frequent tests.

This is not necessary, but to protect against corrosion, you can apply a protective layer to the upper elements. It is impractical to paint a piece and dump. the coating will be erased in the very first hours of operation.

The assembly process itself, in the presence of all the necessary tools and materials, can take only one day. However, setting, testing and necessary changes can take much more time.

Tips for choosing a plow and installing it on a single tractor

When installing a plow on a single tractor, you should not forget about the center of gravity of technology. If the center of gravity is shifted forward, then even complex and dense soil will better succumb to processing. This can be done using a weighting agent that needs to be installed on the front of the motor block body.

When choosing a plow, you need to take into account the type of soil for which it is purchased and the power of the walk.behind tractor is purchased, namely, it will draw this plow model on your site. You can find out the necessary information in the description of the goods or from sellers in TMK stores TMK.

Buy certified plows that meet existing quality standards.

If the site is located on the slope and when processing the soil will have to rise to the hill, it is better to use plows with a smaller capture width. The motor block will be easier to pull such equipment.

The sizes of plows affect the maneuverability of technology, on high.speed qualities and radius of rotation. It is more convenient to use short equipment for processing small areas of small area.

When choosing a plow, its weight and dimensions must correspond to the capabilities of the walk.behind tractor, the effectiveness of the work process depends on this. So, for example, a single.power small.power tractor will not be able to work normally with a heavy plow.

Disk plows cope well with work on the site with a complex landscape, hills and bumps.

For more efficient work with light plows, weighting agents should be used.

Harrowing and varieties of harrow

The harrowing normalizes air exchange and the balance of fluid in the soil, breaks large clods of soil, evens out a layer of earth on the site, helps to make fertilizers. The harrowing of the site is carried out twice a year: in the spring, before sowing and after removing the last crop.

There are teeth, needle, disk and rotary furrows.

устройство самодельного мотоблока Homemade Walk Behind Tractor

Tooth harrow. is a metal frame with teeth placed on it. Teeth can have a round or rectangular shape.

Needle harrow. installed on powerful motoblocks, designed to process stubble, plot with the remains of the stems after harvesting. In design, similar to a tooth model, is a frame with interchangeable arcuate pins.

plugs, walk, tractor, unit

Disk harrow. consists of spherical discs that are attached to the frame and have different angles of inclination. During the movement, the discs are cut and crushed the first layer of earth. Such harrows are installed on more powerful motoblocks.

Rotor or rotary harrows. are active attachments, consist of disks with pointed plates that break the soil. Installed on motoblocks instead of wheels. The depth of entry into the ground is about 7 cm. Such harrows are used immediately after cleaning crops. They are most effective in working on walkways with a gearbox. Rotor harrows are used for loosening and alignment of the Earth, for sowing seeds and fertilizers.

Which plow for a walk.behind tractor is better. the choice of a successful gardener

The earth loves when they care about it. With gratitude, she gives generous crops if you care for it correctly. For example, a plow for a walk.behind tractor in increasing the fertility of the soil and saving time helps well. What kind of equipment it is, and how it helps to increase fertility?

An indispensable plow for a cultivator implies a convenient device with blades. In terms of cutting blades, units differ and are designed for different types of soil. This assistant to the owner of the Earth helps him to plow even those areas that are difficult to pass with a shovel, for example, to plow the virgin soil.

Winning moments from the use of the plow

The advantages of using the plow are as follows:

A high.quality plow for a walk.behind tract in a short time plows huge layers of the Earth, saving the time of the owner of the site;

Available unit replaces the work of the tractor by saving money;

The device is always at hand, you will not have to hire heavy special equipment to prepare a site for the garden.

It remains to choose the right plow for the cultivator so that it can deal with the tasks.

Direct plow for the cultivator is convenient to work. For example, American Champion models are in demand due to their good quality, lightweight and technical capabilities. Owners of sites that use this version of the equipment are satisfied with high.quality welds created by the manufacturer. Its main mission is the main soil processing. The work of the plow leads to a decrease in weeds on the site due to the creation of “breathing” conditions in the ground. This tool helps out for plowing a neglected territory.

Двухоборотная модель создана для культивации глинистой почвы с большим количеством сорняков. У него несколько плюсов.

Агрегат отлично срезает верхний слой, удаляя при этом корни;

Преимуществом эксперты считают способность ровно проходить участок без скачков;

С помощью такой техники удается вспахать целину даже в обратном направлении. Он состоит из двух зеркальных плугов, поворотной сцепки;

Также в каталоге магазина можно купить плуг для культиватора «Patriot», который идеально подходит для американских моделей мотоблоков. Орудие для земли, изготовлено из стали, окрашено, что замедляет воздействие на него земли и увеличивает время до появления ржавчины.

Плуги, представленные в каталоге, помогут быстро обработать землю и главное – качественно.