What Can Be Made From A Broken Screwdriver

For a long time, an angle grinder has served you faithfully. How much metal has been cut over the years of service! Now the tool is becoming unusable. a piece has broken off, the buttons are falling off, everything is loose. You need to buy a new one, and throw away good material zhAL-KO. What you can start the engine and gearbox of the old tool, we will tell in this article.


A home craftsman sometimes has problems with surface treatment, where it is impossible to approach with universal equipment. The part may be fragile with the inability to clamp, or bulky. It needs to be finalized on the spot. From an old angle grinder, you can make a tool for processing small surfaces with a flexible shaft. Get an analog drill.

For the manufacture of materials required:

  • flexible shaft, which is bought or selected from the available;
  • nozzle-holder of the working tool;
  • a pair of bearings with spherical rollers with a diameter of 228 mm;
  • working tool for machining with a shank diameter of 1-3.5 mm.

The presence of a flexible shaft will expand the functionality of the tool. With its help, it will be possible to get into the most hidden corners of the part, reduce the load on the hands.

As tools, it is possible to apply many of the master’s home stocks:

  1. Drill. With its help, the tool will turn into a small drill or drill.
  2. Milling cutter. Using the constructive cutters, you can process flat models, recesses of various shapes and depths.
  3. Cutting discs for processing thin materials.
  4. Brushes made of metal and felt for grinding, polishing surfaces.
  5. Abrasive tools with heads of various shapes.
  6. Tool for applying inscriptions.

Milling cutters can be made from broken drills by sharpening at the right angle.


Re-equipment of a broken angle grinder into a grinding or polishing machine will not be difficult. You can adjust the number of revolutions with a dimmer (dimmer) if the power of the instrument is small. Otherwise, a laboratory autotransformer is used to adjust the voltage.

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Outboard motor

If you are an avid fisherman with a PVC boat and still used only oars, you should think about making an inexpensive mover. Gasoline engines are expensive, consume a lot of resources, make a lot of noise. They are good for fast and long hikes. If you need to go to the middle of the lake or check the supply, you can do consumables from the angle grinder. From a non-working tool, you need an angular gear.

To mount the engine, we manufacture a transom from plywood, a joint, pipes of 2020 mm. You will also need a pipe for attaching the leg, screw and attachments. The screw, at low engine power, is cut out of 4 mm steel and bent. For the mover you will need a battery and a 12 V motor. The battery capacity is calculated depending on the engine power and operating time. It is better to take the battery with a margin.

Motorized bike

Making a self-propelled bike is easier than it sounds. You won’t even have to disassemble the angle grinder. You will need an inverter from 12V to 220 V, lithium batteries, a button with a power regulator. The essence of the mover:

  1. The shaft will transmit the moment directly to the tire. For this, a sleeve with roughness is made for better engagement.
  2. We attach the machine to the frame.
  3. To clamp the sleeve we use a cable similar to the brake handle. This will make it possible to turn on the engine not constantly, but to use it as an auxiliary.
What Can Be Made From A Broken Screwdriver

Coffee grinder

A broken angle grinder can really be used in everyday life by making a coffee grinder. Such devices come in 3 types:

Millstone is the highest quality. For its manufacture you will need:

  • engine power of at least 300 watts;
  • coffee grinder body;
  • millstones from an emery wheel;
  • the grid.

Grinding quality depends on the size of the emery wheel.

From the old angle grinder you can do a lot of useful things. It all depends on your imagination and ability to work with your hands. During the design period, it is necessary to take into account the power of the tool, the necessary functions, the availability of purchased elements.