What Canvas For Jigsaw Saw A Countertop

The electric jigsaw is an electric saw, which is an indispensable thing in every home. With this tool you can saw metal structures, wooden objects, plastic and tiles. Unlike a standard saw, a jigsaw can be cut the most intricate figures. circles, triangles, stars, in general, almost everything you can imagine. However, with such extensive capabilities, a problem often arises in the smooth running of the jigsaw, so that the resulting lines correspond to the planned ones. How to evenly saw with a jigsaw? We will help you figure this out.

Sawing process

In order to start work, it is necessary to carry out preliminary activities and prepare:

  • gloves
  • protective glasses;
  • machine oil;
  • material to be processed;
  • clamps guiding the roulette wheel;
  • construction pencil;
  • jigsaw itself.

What Canvas For Jigsaw Saw A Countertop

The sawing process is as follows:

  1. Strengthening the source material. In our example, the source material is a tree. A prepared wood sample and a guide, the role of which can be played by a regular flat rail, should fit between two clamps. The sample is placed on a certain elevation, so that the jigsaw could not rest in the process of cutting. After that, using a tape measure, you need to accurately measure the desired width of the product, which should turn out, and draw a cut line with a pencil. Then lay the guide to the desired distance from the line and secure with clamps. A jigsaw set with a file in the direction of the marked line with the guide is also fixed with a clamp. You need to fix it well, but do not overdo it. The same thing is done on the other side.
  2. Cut. Turn on the jigsaw and get started. Proper use of the device does not imply an extreme pressure on it, which can provoke rapid heating of the product and damage. It is also not worthwhile to use the same file for a long time, because it dulls very quickly. If a tree of very hard rock is selected as the starting material, then you can pre-lubricate the surface with machine oil. It will be easier for the saw to slide, the cut will become smoother, and the jigsaw will last longer.

Some features of the process

You must first select the right file for a jigsaw. A variety of files allows you to focus on the option that will correspond to both the material of the original workpiece and the final desired result.

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In general, a jigsaw can be with a pendulum and with the usual move. In the second version, for a smooth cut, the blade needs to be moved clearly vertically, cutting the material upward. Due to the high speed created, the web wears out more slowly.

When working with a pendulum tool, the principle is essentially the same, only the preferred material for processing is soft wood or plastic, difficulties may arise with steel.

In order to make a direct cut, it is necessary to choose a wide blade, it is better if the jigsaw has the “Soft start” function, which will allow to avoid sudden movements precisely at the initial stage. If you need to cut a round hole, you first need to drill the original version, into which the necessary file is introduced. The cut itself is carried out according to the marking. If the original version cannot be cut, then it is required cutting method. To do this, the jigsaw tilts at an angle until it comes into contact with the material, this allows you to make a through hole, after which you can already do the marking on the marking.

If you need frequent circular sawing, it is advisable to purchase an additional device called a circular cutter.

It is allowed to cut along the edge of the workpiece, but it is necessary to make sure of its initial evenness, without this the jigsaw is sawing crookedly. If the edge is uneven, then only correct marking can fix this.

When working with wood sheets of small thickness, there is a risk of chips. To prevent this, place the sheet face down.

For smooth sawing of panels there are special devices, the so-called machines. They can be vertical or horizontal.

The names speak for themselves. In the first case, the panels are installed vertically, the beam installed on the guides, acts as a bracket. The possibility of its rotation to a right angle allows you to saw off the material in any plane. The horizontal version assumes the presence of a table for sawing, the mechanism itself and the carriage, ensuring the movement of the file along.

Rules for flat cutting

Thus, in order to correctly and evenly make a cut, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Carefully choose a file that is suitable for your source material.
  2. Prepare all necessary supporting items.
  3. Carefully fasten the workpiece.
  4. Take into account the correct location of the workpiece so that it does not have to correct flaws. in some cases, the canvas is placed face down.
  5. Work out the device control technique with the help of professionals or through a training video.
  6. Carefully observe safety precautions.

In fact, processing products with a jigsaw is not such a difficult task, which any beginner joiner can do. Even if an even and accurate saw cut does not work right away, do not despair: you need to soberly assess what nuances you may have not paid attention to. And do not ignore the advice of professionals who can speed up the process of mastering art, how to saw with a jigsaw, and discover some secrets. Try and improve!