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TOP 10 best screwdriver manufacturers

The manufacturer is one of the main criteria when choosing both a professional and a household screwdriver. And if the buyer is already wondering which company to choose a screwdriver, he is looking for tools only from the most reputable companies. Companies that are distinguished not only by a wide range of products, but also by high customer ratings.

Among the manufacturers of screwdrivers, we distinguished 10, showing excellent results, both in construction and in home fixing works. Here you will find information about each of them.

Bosch screwdrivers

The versatility, reliability and proven quality of more than one generation is what makes Bosch tools the market leader. Releasing construction and household appliances for more than 100 years, they do not lose their grip and constantly improve their many assortments. Bosch screwdrivers are no exception.

Professionals highly appreciate the products of a German company, highlighting a number of qualities:

1. hardy motor with high rates of speed and torque;

2. light weight and compact body, helping to work at height;

3. The choice of modes of rotation speeds.

German screwdrivers are universal, able to work both with wood, and with drywall and plastic. Individual devices such as the GSB 14.4 V-LI Plus or GSB 10.8-2-LI have enough power to cut holes in metal and stone. If we talk about power. among the devices it is not difficult to find both network screwdrivers and those that work on batteries.

What is Best Motobur Or Screwdriver

If you want to distinguish between devices for domestic and industrial use. you can easily distinguish them by color. Tools for the home are made in green when professional equipment is painted in blue. Although Bosch tools remain one of the most expensive on the market, the price difference is more than offset by the high quality standards and ease of use.

In addition to the main device, customers receive a set of various nozzles and tips suitable for all necessary types of screws. Because no matter what the fixing task was for the master, Bosch brand devices will help to cope with it.

Makita screwdrivers

Second place on the list is Makita, a Japanese company that has been producing professional building tools for 60 years. The company’s assortment includes both mains and cordless Makita screwdrivers that cope with tasks such as:

1. tightening screws, screws and nuts into wooden structures;

2. drilling holes on wooden surfaces;

3. installation of drywall constructions.

In addition to standard models, those who make the Makita screwdriver offer a range of devices equipped with a shock function. If the idle speed of an unstressed device reaches 2300 rpm, the impact drivers reach speeds of up to 3200 rpm. With such power, the tool copes well even with surfaces made of stone and iron.

Having a small size and ergonomic appearance, the company’s screwdrivers operate at high power, reaching high values ​​of torque and operating speed. As a result of this, a noticeable vibration occurs that even the ergonomic handle does not completely restrain. Despite this, the company’s devices remain one of the most convenient on the market thanks to rubberized handles and LED backlighting.

The Achilles heel of Makita devices remains a weak battery that needs frequent recharging. Experienced craftsmen advise buying the best network models (such as the FS4000 or FS2700), since for a modest surcharge they significantly reduce time costs. However, if a screwdriver is needed not for professional purposes, but for home fixing work. this is not so important.

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Dewalt screwdrivers

The American company Dewalt remains one of the best brands of screwdrivers, combining compliance with high safety standards, ease of use and multifunctionality. Compact devices equipped with a powerful engine help to achieve the necessary torque indicators without strong vibrations and time losses.

Another positive feature is the presence of lithium-ion batteries. They not only make it possible to develop the necessary rotation speed, but also thanks to the double-sided fan, they do not need to be recharged too frequently. Dewalt screwdrivers have several modes of operation, which allows the master to choose his own speed for each type of mounting work.

In addition to multitasking and high power, the devices of this company stand out for their high safety and usability requirements. This is spoken about:

1. LED backlight, allowing to work in poorly lit and inaccessible places;

2. Automatically locked keyless chuck, which allows changing nozzles quickly and effortlessly;

3. rubberized handle, which greatly simplifies the work with the tool.

Among the model range of the company, the buyer will find both cordless screwdrivers for more complex areas and network ones. Although most models work with soft materials such as wood and plastic, there are shock models that work with metal and stone. The most popular among them are DCF815D2 and DCF895M2. The high-power modelless housing motors help achieve sufficient speed for numerous types of home and professional mounting work.

Sparky screwdrivers

The fourth position in the list is occupied by Bulgarian

Cordless screwdriver companies: which is better to choose?

Large volumes of construction work require a special tool. To tighten the fasteners and drill holes using a screwdriver. There are many different models on the market. They differ in functionality, reliability and price.

Tip. For large volumes of work and continuous use, choose a professional tool of proven brands.

Which company to choose a screwdriver?

A screwdriver is an indispensable assistant in any household. Using the tool improves the speed of many operations:

  • tightening screws, screws and screws;
  • drilling of technological holes and seats;
  • mixing small volumes of emulsions and solutions.

Screwdrivers are divided according to the method of nutrition. Some work from the mains, while others from an autonomous source. the battery. The duration of operation and the tightening torque depend on the capacity of the batteries. The network option does not require recharging, but is not so mobile in operation. The choice of the tool is done according to the target needs and scope. By the duration of the continuous stable operation of the device is divided into household and professional. Rotational speed, torque and engine power are indicators of the functionality of the tool when processing various surfaces.

Features of popular models

Consider a series of cordless screwdrivers of different price categories. All models have advantages and disadvantages, but are in demand among buyers.

Makita (TD0101)

Makita has established itself as a reliable manufacturer. This model has small dimensions, but at the same time. a large torque. The screwdriver is convenient for long work. The hand does not get tired when used overhead and on weight. High power allows you to screw large fasteners.

The disadvantage is the lack of speed control and limit clutch. A significant advantage is the reliability and durability of the tool at an affordable price.

Metabo (BS 14.4)

Manufacturer Metabo holds a leading position among manufacturers of professional tools. The model (BS 14.4) is powered by a battery. Perfect for a small workshop and occasional home use. A model and professionals are chosen to solve specific problems. The tool is well centered. The presence (14.4 V) of the battery allows mobile work in remote places. Suitable for long intensive use.

The disadvantage is in the quality of the cartridge and the grill of the engine cooling. The advantages include the illumination of the drilling zone and the charge indicator. The claimed high price justifies.

Bosch (GSR 1440-Li)

A model for true professionals. Powerful reliable tool for long stable work. The model is equipped with a fast-charging lithium battery. There are two operating modes with different speed.

Advantages are manifested in high torque, the ability to change the mode of operation. Two speeds, electronic control, a rubberized handle and 25 adjustment steps are the main advantages that make the work functional and comfortable. The price for the model is justified by a long service life and reliable operation.

The small starting points are attributed to small flaws. Sometimes the cap of small fasteners breaks.

Important! The quality of components, motor windings and housing materials is the key to a long service life.

Interskol (DA-18ER)

An excellent household screwdriver at an affordable price. Quite durable in operation. The package comes with an additional battery, and the process of fully charging. about an hour. Torque is average, but enough for simple homework.

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The case is made of high quality plastic. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to touch. A small battery does not give the instrument stability on a horizontal plane.


Devolt captures the entire segment market and satisfies any customer demand. This model is from a new generation of screwdrivers. The brushless motor runs on a single battery for a long period of time. Because of this, the overall service life of power supplies is very long. Ergonomic handle, made taking into account the characteristics of the human palm.

It is convenient to use at a height without a load on the brush. The backlight area is well located. Lighting continues for 20 seconds after the motor is turned off. The metal design of the chuck and gearbox increases the life of a screwdriver.

The disadvantages include spontaneous promotion of the cartridge. At maximum speeds, a sharp engine stop is possible. High price for the product.

Bison (ZDA-14.4-2 KIN20)

The model is produced by a domestic manufacturer. It has a low, affordable price. Suitable for occasional household use. For prolonged professional use is not used.

A competent design and nickel-cadmium batteries allow you to perform work in extreme cold. The fixing belt and the illumination of the working area are advantages when working at heights and in poor lighting. A long warranty and reasonable price make the model popular in the budget segment.

Disadvantages. in low engine speeds, which unpleasantly affects the mode of operation and drilling capabilities.

Attention! When working with any screwdriver, observe safety precautions. Follow the technical recommendations for using the tool.


which is better in terms of reliability and rating

The market of power tools offers a large selection of different models of screwdrivers from many famous companies, as well as little-known manufacturers. Almost all tools are identical in design, and the difference in their performance can be determined only during their operation.

To choose the most high-quality screwdriver from the mass of tools offered by the market, you need to familiarize yourself with their technical characteristics. For cordless screwdrivers, in comparison with cordless counterparts, in some circumstances the performance is greater, since time is not wasted for recharging them.

Device and properties of network screwdrivers

These tools are equipped with a DC motor that runs on 220 V mains power. They have a reverse button that changes the polarity of the motor so that it can rotate in the opposite direction. That is, due to a change in the direction of engine torque, the tool can screw in or, on the contrary, twist.

When installing a two-speed gearbox networker acquires some additional functions. For example, a network two-speed screwdriver, the speed of which is 450 rpm, does a good job of tightening / unscrewing screws and self-tapping screws. And at speeds within 1400 rpm. quickly drills holes in metal and other materials.

Tool Benefits

Network screwdrivers, compared to cordless tools, have smaller dimensions and light weight, since they do not have a bulky battery.

During prolonged operation, the networker does not lose its power, while the cordless screwdriver gradually loses it in the process of discharging the battery. Sometimes, due to the characteristics of some battery models, the entire work process may stop during charging. And with a drill-screwdriver working from a 220 V network, such a situation is not even expected.

The cost of the networker is much lower than its fellow cordless screwdriver.

Chuck Overview

Screwdrivers can differ in the mechanisms of holding nozzles (bits), of which there are three types:

  1. Gear cartridge (key). A fairly reliable holding mechanism in which the bit is clamped using a special gear wrench.
  2. Keyless Chuck. Very handy for quick change of nozzle or drill. The cartridge can be single-sleeve. one rotating clamping ring, or two-sleeve. with two clamping rings.
  3. Chuck exclusively for bits. This holding mechanism, in comparison with the described cartridges, which can be used on conventional drills, is intended only for screwdrivers.

Cartridges, except clamping mechanisms, differ in the diameter of the nozzles inserted into them. For household tools, cartridges are usually used whose nozzle diameter does not exceed 20 mm.

Criteria for choosing a drill / driver

The main function of a drill / driver is to drill holes in various materials. But it also has an additional function that allows you to tighten / unscrew screws, screws and other threaded connections. That is, this tool is practically universal with a wide range of specific features.

If you analyze these devices by their performance, then you can identify the leading companies of manufacturers of drill drivers for both professional use and for domestic use.

Among reliable drilling tools, such domestic models of domestic production as: Interskol, Enkor DE-450ER / 10, Zubr, as well as Gardenlux CD14−22 and FIT-80014 stand out. All of them differ from ordinary models by the presence of two speeds:

  • For tightening fasteners (screws, etc.), the speed is up to 400 rpm.
  • For drilling, a range of 400–1300 rpm is used.

The difference is possible in the design of the electric motor, which may be with graphite brushes or not at all. The advantage of an engine without graphite brushes is that it works without unnecessary noise and special maintenance for their replacement.


When choosing a drilling power tool, you should first pay attention to such moments as:

  1. Power. This value indicates the consumption of electric power by the engine and indirectly the dimensions and weight of the tool itself. Depending on what class the model belongs to, an electric motor with a capacity of 100–900 W can be installed on it. The optimal option for daily work is enough average network power of about 500 watts.
  2. Torque. Measured in Newton / meter (N / m). This value determines how much force will be applied to the screw or drill to rotate them. Thanks to this value, you can determine what materials you can work with just a particular drill or screwdriver. For household tools, 10-15 N / m will be sufficient, and for professional screwdrivers, torque is usually given with values ​​of 30−35 N / m. For pulsed networkers, this indicator can reach up to 100 N / m.
  3. Rotational speed. For a household screwdriver, this factor is not an important indicator. But high speeds are desirable for drilling, and the larger they are, the more accurate and even the hole will be.
  4. Reverse. Without this function, there can only be an ordinary drill, for a screwdriver it is mandatory. The convenience of working with it depends on the location of the switch on the tool body. Typically, the switch is next to the start key.
  5. Speed ​​shifter. This function is important if the screwdriver is periodically used for drilling in the form of a drill. The switch is located on the body of the network tool. The speed for drilling should be in the range of 1500-2000 rpm./min., And for twisting / unscrewing the fasteners. up to 500 rpm. This feature is especially needed if you often have to drill holes in the metal. The higher the revs, the faster and more accurately the holes will be drilled.
  6. Speed ​​controller. This function was initially only available with drills, but over time it began to be installed on screwdrivers. It is very convenient when working with different materials, but in everyday life it may not be useful. To tighten a few screws, it is easiest to adjust the speed with the start key of the tool. The harder you press on it, the greater will be the rotation speed of the cartridge with a drill or a bat.
  7. Locking Start Button. This lock is necessary for a professional band tool that is loaded with screws or self-tapping screws. A clutch is installed in the belt mechanism, which, having hooked a self-tapping screw, immediately begins to unwind the cartridge with the bat. In order not to turn on the start button each time, it is fixed in the “start” position. In domestic conditions, the latch may be needed only if the power of the screwdriver allows you to drill holes in solid materials.

Additional functions

  1. Cartridge brake. To increase the safety of a person working with a screwdriver, the tool is equipped with a brake, which, when the trigger is released, instantly stops the rotation of the cartridge.
  2. Backlight Some models for the convenience of working in an insufficiently lit room are equipped with bulbs that illuminate the work area.
  3. Design and ergonomics. Modern models of screwdrivers are made in such a way that it is convenient to hold them in your hand during operation, and all controls are in the access area of ​​the hand that holds it. For example, the index finger is always on the start button, and with your thumb you can easily switch reverse or speed.

On some models, right on the tool body there are special sockets for spare bits, which is quite convenient especially when working on the roof. Many professional tools have special mounts that allow them to be mounted on a mounting belt.

Network Screwdriver Rating

It is unlikely that a professional model of a screwdriver should be purchased for domestic needs. Firstly, they are quite expensive, and secondly, it is not so often needed in everyday life, and throwing a large amount of money on an instrument that will most of the time just lie on a shelf is completely irrational. For home purposes, it is better to purchase a tool of small or medium power. For example, the following reliable and fairly popular models:

  • Interskol DSh-10 / 260E2. This is an inexpensive small Russian-made cordless screwdriver (commonly used in Shurik) with a capacity of only 260 watts. The weight of the tool is 1.4 kg, it has two speeds and is equipped with a keyless chuck. Adjustable torsion moment in the limit of 25 N / m. Impactless drill / driver.
  • Makita 6413B. Lightweight and inexpensive drill screwdriver, but with a powerful electric motor of 450 W, with idle speeds up to 3400 rpm., Speed ​​adjustment is done electronically. Keyless chuck allows you to quickly change nozzles without the use of special tools. The convenient handle covered with rubber provides full comfort during the work. The start button is connected to the cartridge speed adjustment mechanism. the deeper it is pressed, the more the cartridge rotation speed increases.
  • Bosch GBM 6 RE. Network screwdriver with engine brake, which refers to the shock-free models of drill drivers. This middle class drill, which can be classified as a semi-professional tool, is equipped with a fairly powerful electric motor (350 W) with a weight of about 1.2 kg. The torque is 12.3 Nm with 4000 rpm. The drill is equipped with a reverse, thanks to this it can be used to twist / unscrew the screws, and when jamming the drill during drilling, it is easy to release it. Due to its power, a crown can be used to drill large holes for pipes.
  • Skil 6221 LD. This is a compact, light-weight screwdriver-drill with a speed of up to 1600 rpm. and a torque of 38 N / m. The tool is equipped with a 6-meter power cable and is equipped with electronic control, which creates convenience during work. The rotation mechanism has two speeds that are switched using a mechanical switch. The low speed switch “Low speed” provides torque for tightening screws with large and small diameters, and the high speed setting “High speed” is used to work with the drill when drilling holes. Skil 6221 LD is equipped with a case, in which, in addition to it, there are sets of drills, bits and nozzles of various diameters.
  • Hitachi D10VC2. Lightweight (1.3 kg) small-sized shockless drill / driver is equipped with a quick-clamping chuck and a rubberized case. When starting, it starts smoothly without any jerks. The reverse is located on a convenient handle and is switched with one finger. The speed is electronically controlled. Hitachi D10VC2 is a fairly convenient household tool with which you can make minor repairs at home.

Security measures

When working with power tools, the following safety precautions must be observed:

  1. Before turning on the power tool, you need to visually check the tool to identify any defects in the housing, power cable and rotating parts of the drill.
  2. If it is a toothed chuck, change the nozzle only with the wrench intended for this. In doing so, make sure that the nozzle is fixed firmly.
  3. There should not be any foreign objects in the area of ​​the working area.
  4. When working, it is forbidden to touch the rotating elements of the drill.
  5. Do not try to stop the cartridge with your hands.
  6. Keep track of clothing, do not start working with loose-hanging clothing items or long loose hair. All this can be wound on a rotating drill chuck.
  7. Do not leave the power tool turned on unattended; it should be disconnected from the power supply immediately after completion of work.