What is the difference between a brushless screwdriver and a brush

It would seem that there is no fundamental difference in electric screwdrivers, except for the name of the manufacturer on the product body. Over the past few decades, no revolutionary technology has been invented. Perhaps, except for one. The brushless screwdriver has gained popularity due to its wide functionality and mobility. Due to the lack of dependence on the power source, it can be used to solve many construction problems.

What is the difference between a brushless screwdriver and a brush

Brushless screwdriver has gained its popularity due to its wide functionality and mobility.

Brushless motors: a few words about modern technology

First of all, speaking about what a screwdriver is, it should be noted that this device is a reliable assistant in various situations. Thanks to its versatility, time is significantly saved and efforts to perform work such as:

In a brushless motor, an electronic amplifier perfectly replaces mechanical contacts

  • disassembly and assembly of furniture structures;
  • screwing fasteners;
  • installation work;
  • drilling;
  • thread organization.

In addition, the tool can be used as a construction mixer for mixing paint, various putties or adhesives. Absolutely any minor repair, which involves the use of screws or nuts, can be performed in seconds using the presented device.

Along with the development of semiconductor electrical devices, the understanding came that collectors and brushes should be rooted in the motor for a screwdriver. In such a motor, an electronic amplifier acts as an excellent substitute for mechanical switching contacts. By means of an electronic sensor, the rotation angle of the rotor is determined and semiconductor switches are monitored. Thanks to the elimination of sliding contacts, friction is significantly reduced and at the same time the service life of the units is increased.

Brushless motors provide the ultimate in device performance and minimal mechanical wear. In comparison with the collector options, the engines of the presented type are endowed with the following advantages:

Brushless motors are extremely efficient and have minimal mechanical wear.

  • higher torque;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • reduced noise level;
  • long term of operation.

It is interesting! The power of a screwdriver equipped with a similar motor often does not exceed 5 kW. It is simply irrational to use it in equipment with higher power. In addition, the magnets in their design are characterized by sensitivity to the magnetic field and to high temperature indicators.

A very important characteristic is that the inside of the brushless motor for the screwdriver can be completely closed, thus protecting from dust and moisture. Due to this, not only significantly increases the safety during operation of the device, but also increases its service life.

When applying the presented type of motor, the need to use a switch and a winding disappears. The magnet in this design is compact and light in weight.

The brushless motors for the screwdriver can be completely closed, thus protecting them from dust and moisture

In this case, the speed level depends on the voltage, and not on the centrifugal force. In this case, the functioning of the motor occurs in the selected mode. Even in the event of a leakage of current or during magnetization, such a unit does not reduce productivity, and the rotation speed corresponds to the torque. Turning electricity into mechanical power, brushless screwdrivers are characterized by excellent efficiency.

Brushless screwdriver: pros and cons of the unit

Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of brushless screwdrivers, it is worth noting that the efficiency of brushless units is much higher and is close to 90%. For comparison: in a competing version, this indicator hardly reaches 60%.

Note! This indicates that with an equal battery capacity, the brushless tool will work much longer on a single charge, which is extremely important if the charging source is far away.

The advantages of screwdrivers in which there are no brushes include:

Brushless screwdrivers have an efficiency significantly higher than conventional products

  1. Ease of speed control. At the same time, users get the opportunity to adjust this indicator in the widest range. it all depends on the characteristics of the work performed.
  2. Due to the lack of a collector-brush assembly, the tool is practically not susceptible to breakdowns associated with it if used correctly. In addition, due to this, the maintenance of the device is not difficult.
  3. The device copes much better with a significant load, which is associated with an increase in torque.
  4. Battery power consumption is as economical as possible.
  5. The brushless screwdriver motor provides the possibility of using the device in a hazardous environment, which is characterized by the presence of gas mixtures. This feature is associated with the absence of sparking.
  6. Light weight and miniature size.
  7. Regardless of the direction of work, maintaining a single power.
  8. Even if the load increases, the speed does not decrease.

As for the minuses, the presented tools have only one. They have a higher cost than their collector competitors. At the same time, the high price of a screwdriver is easily justified by the advantages of technology. The higher the requirements for the product, the more arguments appear in favor of a brushless device. Perhaps for a tool used at home, the cost is really high. If we talk about which screwdriver is better. brush or brushless for professionals, the choice is obvious.

Brushless screwdrivers have only one minus. a rather high price

How to choose a quality screwdriver

The equipment presented is characterized by unsurpassed efficiency, however, its cost often stops users. Since absolutely any, even the most expensive, devices are not safe from breakdowns, most users prefer the budget Chinese options. However, if you want to buy a unit that will serve for a long time, you should take into account the basic selection criteria that you need to rely on.

In the design of brushless tools, chucks can be quick-clamping or hexagonal, with a shank diameter of ¼ inch. In the first case, changing equipment is easier and faster, however, another type of cartridge has many advantages.

Note! In this regard, it is better to focus on the diameter. Since the versatility of the device depends on this indicator, you need to understand: the larger it is, the better.

An equally important criterion is the number of revolutions. If you do not plan to use the tool on an ongoing basis, but, for example, you just have to assemble the furniture, it will be enough for the unit, for which this indicator is approximately 500 rpm. Such a product cannot be used as a drill, and if this function is nevertheless necessary, it is better to give preference to a tool with a speed of at least 1300 rpm.

In brushless screwdrivers, the chucks can be hexagonal or quick-clamping

An important role is also played by the selection of the battery. Today on the market are units with various types of batteries:

  1. Nickel-metal hydride options are characterized by excellent resistance to mechanical stress, but are quite quickly discharged.
  2. Nickel-cadmium devices are quickly enough powered by energy and can be used at low air temperatures, but their disadvantage is also fast discharge.
  3. Lithium-ion are characterized by compactness, light weight, are not prone to quickly discharge, but they are contraindicated in low temperature.

Users should also pay attention to the torque, since it is from him that the ultimate rotation force and speed depend. This indicator, which is in the range of 16-25 N / m, refers to the average. For professional devices, it often ranges from 40 to 60 N / m, and for the most expensive products. up to 150 N / m.

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Due to the presence of shock function, the device can be used as a drill without harming the screwdriver. The advantage of this option is that it provides the ability to easily create holes even in dense materials.

For professional screwdriver models, the torque is from 40 to 60 N / m

Brushless screwdriver: global manufacturers rating

Today, screwdrivers are very popular in the construction industry. It is worth noting equipment that has earned the special respect of many users around the world. Bosch, Metabo, Pit, Stanley brushless screwdrivers are the pride of the power tool market. Reliability, efficiency and comfort are the main tenets of their work.

Bosch GSR 18 V-EC. Expensive, reliable and high-quality. this is how you can characterize a brushless drill / driver provided by a German company. Thanks to the compact motor, the cordless device has characteristics that put it on one level with a network tool. It is the brushless technology that allows the presented model to function on a heavy surface without the risk of quickly discharging the battery.

As for the case of the Bosch brushless screwdriver, it does not exceed the dimensions of the battery. The advantages of the presented model are:

  • powerful torque with soft level adjustment function;
  • mechanical transition between two gear stages;
  • the presence of two high-power batteries in addition to the brushless motor.

Bosch GSR 18 V-EC brushless screwdriver is expensive, reliable and of high quality

It is interesting! In addition, this Bosch brushless screwdriver model is characterized by rich equipment. A case, an insert for it, as well as a magnetic holder for bits. everything is provided here to create comfort during operation.

DeWalt DW263K. This is a powerful and reliable unit introduced by the famous American brand. The model works from a standard 220 V outlet. A proprietary screwdriver motor is capable of developing power up to 540 watts, while the torque reaches 14.5 N / m, which meets the highest professional criteria.

Note! The presented model is capable of quickly and sufficiently tightening the screws and bolts, including large parts.

This tool can easily cope with woodwork, and will also be an excellent assistant in the installation process of metal structures.

The Stanley SBH20S2K is equipped with a long-lasting battery that is protected against overcharging

Additional benefits of the Dewalt brushless screwdriver also include:

  • the possibility of long-term operation in conditions of increased load;
  • the function of adjusting the depth of screwing, which is provided thanks to the head included in the kit;
  • the ability to smoothly control the number of revolutions;
  • the presence of a powerful motor with protection against overheating.

In addition, the product is delivered in a special case, which guarantees convenience in the process of carrying.

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Metabo Powermaxx BS Basic is the pride of a German company. Impresses users with its performance and power. Despite its compactness, the clamping level is the highest. this figure is 36 N / m. The mini-device is able to work every day for many hours. along with professional models.

Metabo brushless screwdriver has the following advantages:

  • high level of clamping;
  • the presence of a flashlight;
  • smooth speed dial;
  • the possibility of both drilling and screwing in, as well as unscrewing bolts and screws.

Despite the compactness of the Metabo Powermaxx BS Basic, the clamping level is 36 N / m

In addition, this tool is very conveniently located in the hand and does not slip out. Due to the possibility of adjusting the torque in one of more than twenty positions, it becomes possible to drill materials of different degrees of hardness.

Stanley SBH20S2K. The impact device with a brushless motor type can be used both for standard tasks and for drilling holes in stone, brick and concrete. This model is equipped with a long-lasting battery, which is endowed with protection against overheating and overcharging.

As for the other useful functions of the Stanley brushless screwdriver, among them it is worth highlighting:

  • long work on one battery charge;
  • the presence of 23 modes of rotation;
  • presence of backlight function;
  • batteries are not prone to discharge on their own;
  • the gearbox consists of durable and wear-resistant gears.

The presented model is recommended for those users who do not want to overpay for the famous brand and are looking for a truly powerful device with an ideal ratio of cost and quality level. This product can be entrusted with absolutely any tasks that it will cope brilliantly with. from tightening small screws to drilling with any drill.

BISON DAI-18-2-Lee KNM4 equipped with electronic brake, reverse, spindle blocking function

BISON DAI-18-2-Lee KNM4. The ZUBR brushless screwdriver is intended for drilling holes in a variety of materials, and is also used to screw and unscrew screws, screws and screws. Thanks to modern technology, the dimensions and weight of the tool are significantly reduced. Advanced controllers help extend battery life. The presence of an electronic brake, reverse, spindle blocking function, the ability to charge in just 60 minutes made the operation of this product as convenient and efficient as possible.

A feature of this device is the use of 18 volt li ion technology in a ZUBR brushless screwdriver. It is thanks to her that the level of productivity of the device increased by 35%, the product received an electronic system of protection against excessive load, heating and discharging, and also it is not inclined to lose power during its operation.

P.I.T PSR 18 D1. The PIT brushless screwdriver is a modern model equipped with a working area illumination for comfortable operation in low visibility conditions.

Features of the presented model are:

  • good ventilation, providing the removal of excess heat from the engine;
  • lack of self-discharge and the effect of memorization;
  • the presence of 18 positions for the torque switch;
  • reverse function;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • the presence of a two-stage gearbox.

The P.I.T PSR 18 D1 brushless screwdriver has 18 positions for switching torque

Thanks to the two-speed mode, lightness and simplicity of drilling holes and twisting of screws is provided. At the same time, the delivery kit of the PIT brushless screwdriver includes several battery packs, as a result of which the work can be continuously performed.

The presented rating of brushless screwdrivers includes devices that are resistant to breakdowns, equipped with engines with excellent protection and are indispensable helpers both in everyday life and in industry.

Makita brushless screwdriver: Japanese leader

Models LXDT06, LXDT08 DF332DWAX1 are the real pride of the Japanese company. But first things first.

LXDT06 opens the rating of devices of the country of the rising sun. The unit with an 18-volt motor is characterized by the presence of a speed switch, as well as three power levels and a system called Quick Shift, which allows you to quickly adjust the rotation speed.

Models of brushless screwdrivers LXDT06, LXDT08 DF332DWAX1 are the pride of the Japanese company Makita

It is interesting! When this mode is activated, the maximum speeds and maximum possible power are set by default. At the end of the screw screwing process, the system reduces the rotation speed, which allows you to control the fastening of the fasteners.

Thus, you can start work with increased speed, since there is simply no point in using another mode. Due to the reduction in speed at the end, the likelihood of damage to the screw head, bits or parts to be processed is significantly reduced.

The LXDT06 is superior in performance to all existing brushless impact drills. Its advantage over the best models of competing companies is considered to be shorter. In addition, the device is endowed with a built-in flashlight that perfectly illuminates the work area. It is located in such a way that the shadow cast by the tool is completely insignificant. This significantly increases comfort and convenience during work.

Speaking about LXDT06, it is worth noting that the device is characterized by ergonomics and compactness, due to which it fits perfectly in the hand. Despite the fact that its battery is not much larger than that of analogues of other companies, it boasts a higher power, which means a longer battery life.

The DF332DWAX1 brushless screwdriver is a compact and fairly powerful tool.

If someone has doubts as to which is better. a brush or brushless screwdriver, the LXDT06 model will certainly dispel them. The shock unit is characterized by high power and at the same time compactness. There are no special innovations, but they are not needed at all. The characteristics of this device will please even professionals, not to mention amateurs who will have enough power that this device has.

Compact and at the same time quite powerful. this is how the DF332DWAX1 model can be characterized. A brushless screwdriver introduced by a Japanese company is an excellent solution for drilling wooden surfaces and metal. Not too high voltage is more than compensated by the highest efficiency of the presented model.

The engine of the unit is made in accordance with brushless technology, which is a guarantee of power, ease of maintenance and compactness. The presented device is equipped with two batteries, which are protected against overload and are equipped with a built-in indicator that displays the discharge.

Based on the above characteristics, we can safely say that the Japanese company does not intend to take positions in the market for tools with brushless motors. It was she who began their implementation, after which she was the first to offer users a speed control system, and at the moment she is demonstrating a mechanism for automatically reducing speed.

The LXDT06 is considered the best among brushless impact drivers

High power, quality and easy to use. all this is about the Makita brushless screwdriver. Such a tool will turn routine construction tasks into a simpler and more efficient process.

Having decided exactly what is better. an impact or unstressed screwdriver, you can start the buying process. In this case, special attention should be paid to additional functions offered by the manufacturer. It is better to make a choice in favor of a tool that suggests the possibility of regulating not only the speed of rotation, but also its direction.

In addition to the optimal price-quality ratio of screwdrivers, their options are important, such as a backlight, an indicator that notifies you of the charge level, as well as a number of other useful functions that make the operation as comfortable as possible. And in the case of the presence of a second battery, a case for convenient transportation, charging and a set of equipment, such an unit is certainly worthy of the attention of users.