What is the Difference with a Knife And Fishing Line Trimmer

A well-groomed, evenly trimmed, green lawn is a considerable decoration of the yard. No less attractive is the lawn where picnics or sports are organized. And a beautifully designed flowerbed is a legitimate pride for any housewife.

What is the Difference with a Knife And Fishing Line Trimmer

Choose an electric trimmer

But for all this, not only effort and time will be required, but also appropriate garden tools.

Grass care

  • The easiest way to look after specially lawn grass. Its stems remain soft for a relatively long time; it reaches a small height. So the main thing here: do not let the greens outgrow and dry. The best mode is to trim the lawn about once a week. An electric trimmer is perfect for such purposes.
  • It is more difficult to put in order a lawn with wild grass. The vegetation is so harsher and dries faster. Here it is worth choosing a more powerful device with a large cross-section cord.
  • Mowing and trimming grass around the flowers and under the bush is a completely different task. Great power is not needed, but maneuverability and good visibility are important. An electric trimmer with fishing line was designed specifically for such cases. In the photo. electric braid.

Electric braid: characteristics

Trimmer. an electric lawn mower, but not a wheeled one, but a manual one. It functions on the same principle as other devices of this class: a rapidly rotating fishing line or knife cut the stems at the same distance from the ground. Mulching is not provided. The attractiveness of technology lies in its other qualities.

  • Trimmers from the network are among the quietest. When using them, there is no need to wear headphones.
  • As with all other options, the cooling of the electric motor is air. Therefore, the device does not work continuously: you should take a break for 5-10 minutes after 15-20 minutes of operation to cool the motor. An electric garden trimmer is designed to care for small areas. Accordingly, the engine power is small. from 0.25 to 1 kW.
  • The device works only from the network. This limits the range of the cable length. up to 50 m, and the location of the outlet. in the house, in the garage.
  • It is reasonable to choose a model from the network based on one more consideration: its arrangement is much simpler than that of lawn mowers, spare parts are available, and repair is simple.
  • The vast majority of devices are equipped with a curved shaft: torque is transmitted through a steel cable. Such a device allows maneuvering in narrow areas, but excludes mowing with a knife. When encountering an obstacle. a hard stalk, a lump of greenery, a steel cable spring and the speed decreases.

How to choose a device

The main thing when choosing is the statement of the problem. Before deciding which electric trimmer is better, it is worth finding out why it is needed. It is not a matter of power or cost. it is a matter of matching the technique with its intended use.


In general, power up to 1 kW involves the use of the apparatus only with fishing line. For grass lawn or just young this is more than enough. But on the other hand, this circumstance obliges to care for the site regularly, and not once a month. If only the second option is possible, then you need to choose the most powerful model from the line, otherwise the device will not be able to be used with a blade.

An electric grass trimmer is available in two versions.

  • Lower engine placement reduces vibration, provides better torque transmission, as the steel cable has a minimum length. But this option eliminates the possibility of mowing wet grass, dewy and even just too lush vegetation.
  • The upper arrangement guarantees a noticeable vibration, the device is not so convenient, since its heaviest part is located far from the working one. But it is allowed to mow and a dewy meadow, and a wet lawn. Which option is best depends on the specific conditions. In the photo. electric braid with the upper engine.


As a rule, a trimmer head is used for grass. Its stems are soft enough so that it does not require much effort to trim. Dry shoots, weeds can be cut only with a sharp edge, which in theory obliges you to use the option with a knife.

Video: What is the Difference with a Knife And Fishing Line Trimmer

  • The round cord, in fact, does not cut, but interrupts the stem, when rotating repeatedly striking it. A sharp-edged cord performs both functions at once. To do this, use a polygonal thread. from 3 to 6 faces.

So, the apparatus with a 2.4 mm square fishing line copes with raspberries, whose stems can hardly be called soft. As a result, there is no need to look for a more powerful device with a blade, but it is enough to purchase a suitable cord.

The video shows the operation of the apparatus with a trimmer head and with a knife.

An electric scythe or trimmer is an affordable and effective solution to lawn care problems where it is easy to extend an extension cord. For devices such as electric braids, the ranking of the best is based on technical specifications, cost, design features and ease of use.

What is the difference between a lawn mow and a trimmer

lawn mowers from the trimmer differ in purpose, functions and adaptability to loads.

Trimmer. a technique for mowing grass and low bushes. Often it is lighter and more compact than lawn mowers, characterized by low power and productivity. It is equipped with a reel or bobbin with fishing line for cutting grass. Outwardly, it has one handle for holding. The difference between the lawnmower and the trimmer is also that the latter is not suitable for continuous operation.

lawn mowing. a more powerful device adapted for grass, hard vegetation, shrubs, thin tree branches. It is completed with fishing line and a mowing disk. In most cases, it is larger, more powerful and heavier than the trimmer, able to operate at full power up to 8 hours a day and is equipped with two handles.

What is better than lawn mowing or electric mowing

In order to figure out which is better, a lawn mowing machine or an electric grasscutter, consider the main pros and cons of tools and highlight the differences.

  1. Application. the trimmer is suitable for trimming the lawn with soft grass and cutting weeds in a summer cottage or garden. A trimmer with a more powerful gasoline engine is more versatile, and is suitable for both soft lawn and removal of hard grass, dead wood, weeds, shrubs and young shoots of trees with a thin trunk from the site.
  2. Autonomy. The operation of the lawn mowers is provided by a two-stroke ICE running on a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil, and is started by a manual starter. The electric trimmer works from the network, and to start it, you need constant access to power. Therefore, if you work in a place where there is no network at all, or if the area is large and there are no sense in pulling multi-meter wires from the outlet, choose a gasoline model.
  3. Weight. Due to the design features, the lawn mower, even with an empty tank, will weigh almost twice as much as an electric tool. Since the trimmer has to keep the awning all the time, this factor plays a role, especially for girls, adolescents and the elderly.
  4. Preparing for work. Electrocosse preparation is not required, just plug it into a power outlet and press the button. This option is especially suitable for people who have never before mowed grass. lawn mowing with a 2-stroke engine, firstly, you need a primary run-in (how to carry it out, described in detail in the instruction manual). Secondly, it must be refilled every 40-60 minutes with a gasoline mixture, which must be prepared in advance by mixing gasoline and motor oil in a suitable proportion in a special canister.
  5. Convenience of operation. the trimmer works much quieter than gasoline and does not pollute the environment with exhaust gases. But it is worth noting that models powered by electricity often have a lower engine layout, which makes working with them in rainy or wet weather unsafe. And also the electric motor should not overheat, this should be carefully monitored and not over-stressed the trimmer, otherwise it will quickly break.
  6. Service and storage. In maintenance, less picky electric braids. It is only necessary to clean the cutting elements from grass residues, blow out the cooling hole and lubricate the lower gear. You will have to tinker with a gas tool: you need to regularly check the spark plugs, clean the fuel filter, you need to learn how to prepare high-quality oil gasoline or change the oil in time (if the trimmer is equipped with a 4-stroke engine). The benzotrimmer is stored only in a non-residential premises due to the smell of gasoline, and is “canned” for the winter.
  7. Price. An indisputable advantage of the electric trimmer is its relatively low cost, in contrast to the gasoline counterpart.

Based on the above advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude what is the difference between petrol and power tools. Otherwise, it all depends on what goals you will set for the selected trimmer.

Features of lawn mowing

Gasoline braids and trimmers in some cases have more powerful power units, which allows them to better cope with heavy loads: hard grass, weeds, bushes, young shoots. The range of engine power varies from 600 to 3000 watts.

Suitable for landscaping large plots, non-electrified sites, heavily overgrown and abandoned territories. Some models are equipped with a cutting knife for shrubs and tree branches.

Features of electric braids

Electric braids and trimmers have less weight, low noise during operation and low vibration on the handle. In the management of electrical equipment is simple and intuitive even for beginners.

The disadvantages of the electric braid are low productivity, low power of the electric motor (from 300 to 1300 W), the need to constantly pull the extension cable along with it.

The best models

lawn mowers

Among the electric lawn mowers, the following models are considered the best:

    The FIT ET-1200 is one of the most powerful and cheapest lawn mowers on the market. Made in Canada, without Chinese parts.


Of the trimmers, the following models are considered the best:

    Bosch ART 26SL. the lightest and most compact device, German quality.

Even women, elderly people and teenagers can mow with their own hands.