What is the gap on the trimmer between the coil. Structural components

trimmer for grass what gap on the coil

Consider the most common breakdowns associated with the ignition system of the chainsaw.

Feature or humidity of the candle

In the absence of ignition, there is no opportunity to start a chainsaw motor. When examining the system, we see that a black feld was formed on the candle. This indicates that a malfunction should be sought in the work of a carburetor, a piston group or reconsider the ratio of refueling oil and gasoline.

If the candle is wet, this speaks of the redundancy of fuel. Check all hoses to tightness, change those that have holes and cracks. Peel the candle from the carbon fiber, dry. Try to start the engine.

If the candle is dry, it was not thrown by technical liquid, check the presence of a spark. To do this, unscrew the candle, put on a high.voltage ignition cable on it and press to the motor body. After that, sharply start the starter. If there is no spark, change the candle and repeat everything first. A spark appeared. start the engine!

BB wire cliff

If the new candle also did not give a spark, it is necessary to test the wire. To check the integrity of the wiring, it is best to use a special tester. a multimeter, which was talked about at the beginning of the article.

The cliff of the chain in the coil, you can see checking it with a multimeter in resistance mode, the meaning will strive for infinity.

Large gap between the ignition module and the flywheel magnet

In the case of the resulting large gap in the coil, it is necessary to independently set the value by using the algorithm above the above.

The lawn mower will not start or start, but stalls. What is the reason?

To understand this, you need to know the principle of operation of the unit as a whole. It happens so, just purchased, a new saw is not started, and running around the service centers begins, in such cases it is recommended:

Carefully read the instruction manual; In detail to study the method of first factory and run.mowing; Try to understand the principle of the product; How to pump gasoline and so on.

The quality of gasoline is poor; improper proportion of gasoline and oil; clogging of the filter of thin cleaning; The spark disappeared.

The lawn mower is not started after winter

In such cases, it is necessary to conduct maintenance of the unit. Remove the fuel system, including filters (air, fuel), disassemble the carburetor, clean each node, rinse. Pour the filters with air

Pay attention to the quality and octane fuel number

One more fact must be taken into account that with the long storage of diluted fuel mixture, it falls working qualities, which also leads to the consequences in which the lawn mower will not start. Therefore, it should be diluted with portions, that is, the amount of a mixture that is produced at a time. The operating instructions clearly describe and are given clarifications on the proportion of mixing gasoline and oil. Straighten compliance with the correct proportions will at least save you from several questions, why the lawn mower will not start and what to do in such cases.

The lawn mower is not started on a cold

When starting a cold motor, it is not recommended to press the gas. Having tilted the lawn mower so that the air filter is on top, click on the fuel suction button 5-6 times, install the function of switching functions to the Start position, pull the starter’s cord several times until the motor starts up. After a few seconds of the engine, turn off the start system.

The lawn mower is not started on hot

If the lawn mower was recently at work and did not have time to cool down but did not want to start. press the gas trigger, sharply pull the starter’s cord several times until the engine is started and only then the gas trigger is released. If a lot of time has passed and the lawn mower managed to cool, then it must be started as with cold. If the above methods did not help, the lawn mower did not start, then you should contact the service center.

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If the owner of the lawn mower wants to establish the operation of the ignition system on his own, he should understand the principle of operation of this unit. In the internal combustion engine, it consists of a flywheel and magneto (coils). In turn, the flywheel includes a impeller that performs the function of cooling the motor and a number of permanent magnets.

Operating principle

When the flywheel rotates, an electric current is generated in Magneto, which creates a spark on the spark plug at the moment when magnets pass under the coil.

Before starting the ignition of the trimmer for the grass, you need to cut off other probable causes of breakdown and make sure that the problem is really in this node. For this, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions in the following sequence:

  • inspect the ignition coil body for damage and defects;
  • make sure that there are no pollution on all nodes and elements conducting current;
  • check the integrity and isolation of the wiring, contacts, the strength of the fastening, the presence of rust at the joints;
  • inspect the candle cap, as it regularly breaks away from the high.voltage wire, and they try to restore it manually, and any unreliable connection lowers the power of the electric arc of the candle;
  • check the candle, since the quality of modern gasoline very quickly disables this part, but there is another possible problem. the candle is wet;
  • make sure the circuit switch is working.

By excluding all possible malfunctions, you can proceed to adjust the ignition of the coil.

Features of adjustment on different models of trimmers

Operating principle

It is necessary to adjust the ignition system so that the fuel is ignited at the right time in the combustion chamber.

If the flywheel is shifted to the shaft relative to its original position, the fuel is ignited faster than the piston overcomes the upper dead point. As a result of this, the piston moves back, and the crankshaft rotates in the opposite direction. You can determine the early fire of the fuel by a broken launch cord, a broken starter node or other breakdowns.

Sometimes ignition is late. The piston compresses the irreparable fuel, and then goes down, and only then the spark forms. As a result, the engine either does not work or its power is reduced, and the speed is gaining much slower.

trimmer, coil

Typically, a flywheel with magnets is installed in an ideal position, as if coordinated with the operation of the piston, and in order to avoid displacement, it is carefully fixed. This allows us to say that an incorrect installation of a part is impossible. But if the shift of the flywheel is a confirmed fact, then it is a failure or accident.

Setting the ignition system is performed simply and identical to different models of trimmers, whether it be Stihl FS55, Al-KO Sun 4125 or other lawn mower. First you need to remove the casing from the engine, having previously removed the fixing fixing. This stage of disassembly may have differences on different models of motorcycle (described below). Next, you need to partially unscrew the fasteners fixing the magneto, and turn the flywheel so that the magnets are at the top.

To make the optimal gap between the coil and the magneto, you must use a special template. It is impractical to buy it for a single use, therefore, as an alternative, you can apply a business card or a small calendar, as well as a paper sheet A4, folded four.

Then the coil will be pulled to the flywheel with a magnetic field. Holding the magneto in this position, you need to tighten the fixing fastener, and then pull out the business card. After that, you need to scroll several times a flywheel to make sure that he does not touch the coil at all. The process is over. the ignition on the motorcycle is exhibited. Read more the process of adjusting the trimmer ignition system can be studied on the Internet, where many videos are available to this topic.

How to set the ignition on the chainsaw yourself?

This is one of the central issues that concern all the owners of the chainsaws without exception, regardless of their power class and the brand that produced it. After all, even if the tool had factory settings set strictly according to the rules in accordance with the operation instructions, then in the process of work, their failures still cannot be avoided. Vibration, intensive loads acting on all systems of saws and ignition, including.

You need to look into the ignition coil as soon as possible if:

  • The unit does not start after several consistent attempts;
  • functioning occurs with interruptions that are noticeable not only at idle, but also under load;
  • The tool does not give out its power by full force.

If at least one of these points takes place in the operation of the device, then the ignition is re.installed on the chainsaw. This means that it is just necessary to reconfigure it, which can be done with your own hands without resorting to the help of repair workshops and service centers.

trimmer, coil

Diagnosis of malfunctions

All the reasons why the lawn mower is not started can be systematized by the specifics of the operation of individual units. The service center is systematized:

  • Motor malfunction (piston wear, bearing malfunction, crankcase crack);
  • Fuel consistency supply malfunction. clogged pores of an air filter or a malfunction of a carburetor;
  • the ignition system does not work;
  • A malfunction of a mechanical disposition. a leak of hoses, broken wires under a braid, rupture of the tubes.

The user first needs to check if there is a fuel in the tank. Starting in agreement with annotation, putting the saw on the side. Gasoline trimmer for grass; starts without problems. May not start. Set the air damper to the position “Closed”, pump up fuel, turn on the ignition and produce 3-4 sharp jerks by the starter. If the engine has earned, open the air damper. The lawn mower is not started. we repeat the operations with a slightly open air damper.

The lawn mower cannot work for a long time. Gearbox and engine will overheat. Mowing less than 15 = 20 minutes, taking a five.minute break. In hot noon, the operating time is reduced by half. When mowing weeds, sedgers, the working hours are required to reduce.

If you are unsuccessful, we begin to find the reason for the refusal:

  • check the quality of fuel;
  • make sure the operability of the candle and the cleanliness of the candle canal;
  • check the cleanliness of the air filter;
  • Make sure that the fuel filter is not clogged;
  • Check the cleanliness of the bastard;
  • Clean the exhaust channel.

complex reasons will be detected in the diagnosis of a malfunction, leading to the overhaul of the carburetor. Such reasons include clogging of the internal channels of the carburetor, wear on it gaskets and violation of the tightness of internal halls with a vacuum loss. The causes of gasoline breakdowns and why the gasoline trimmer for grass is not that the internal combustion engine does not start. DIY lawn mowing repair, if it does not start, will require patience.

How to choose a trimmer for the head of the head?

So that the head of the mower is highly efficient, the owner of the bushore should approach it correctly. In this case, several factors should be taken into account:

  • An experience. If the buyer. Novice gardener, it is best to buy an automatic coil. Semi.automatic and manual coils are best suited for more experienced gardeners;
  • Material. The reliability of the coil depends on this. They are considered the most durable metal models, but they weigh much more than standard plastic devices. When working with a metal coil, the braid engine is under a large load, so you only need to buy them to work with a powerful brush;
  • The diameter of the used mowing fishing line. For medium power trimmers, coils are used, which can be tightened with a wire thickness of not more than 1.6 mm. lawn mower with a capacity of more than 2.5 liters. FROM. Lamps can be installed that can be delayed using a cutting cord with a thickness of more than 2 mm.

An important role in choosing a coil is also played by the simplicity of its design. For beginners, coils consisting of a minimum of parts are best suited. experienced gardeners can use heads with a large number of elements in their design.

TOP 3 most reliable drums for home use

The market has a rating of the most durable mowing heads. They are distinguished by the simplicity of the device, reliability and resistance to damage. These include:

3rd place. Bosch K-103. This is a universal coil weighing about 300 g. Most often used to equip Makita and Hyundai motolers. The model is characterized by low energy consumption, impact resistance and durability. The core and its other parts are made of forged steel, and the case. From plastic;

2nd place. Flymo 15. This semi.automatic model of a trimmer for grass is equipped with a thin cup, which increases the flow rate. Nevertheless, he worked perfectly when he mowed grass in rocky terrain. To work with it, you need to use only a thin fishing line for a trimmer;

1st place. EFCO 8100. This model is one of the most reliable mowing heads. It works in fully automatic mode, which facilitates its filling with a cut cord. Only thin hair is used to work coil. The model of the model is made of durable multilayer plastic.

Despite stability and durability, all these coils are much cheaper than other analogues of lower quality, which makes them leaders in the post.Soviet market.

The main malfunctions of the coil

Users of the electrimmer and lawn mower often face a problem associated with a semi.automatic braid head. Coil malfunctions can be as follows:

The fishing line for the trimmer does not extend automatically

If, with a light blow, the trimmer coil button for grass on the ground is not lengthened for a trimmer, then the reasons for this may be the following.

Option 1. there was a snack, t.e. Squeezing the cord between turns. This problem usually appears if the user wound a fishing line for a trimmer to the coil unevenly, with the intersection of the turns, or wound it with insufficient tension. In the latter case, when the mowing head is rotated at large revolutions under the influence of centrifugal force, the cord begins to drag on, as a result of which the interitral clamping of the fishing line is possible. To eliminate the problem, you will have to disassemble the coil on the trimmer and rewind the cord correctly, that is, with even turns with good tension.

Option 2. too short ends protrude from the head. A fishing line for a trimmer may not exit when hitting the ground, if its ends sticking out of the head, insufficient length (short). In this case, the centrifugal force is not enough for the fishing line for the trimmer to stretch. Therefore, it is required to stop the unit (drown out the engine or turn off the ethletric trimmer for grass from the network) and pull the fishing line for the trimmer manually, after pressing the button.

Option 3. a fishing line for a trimmer was soldered inside a mowing head. This leads to the fact that the coil is stopped and does not spin when the button is pressed. Basically, this happens for several reasons: poor quality of the cord, overheating of the coil with prolonged operation of the unit, a fishing line on solid items.

  • In the first case, the cord of third.party manufacturers can be made of low.quality and fusible materials that do not withstand the mechanical and temperature load. Therefore, preference should be given to “branded” fishing.
  • But, if you still purchased a fishing line for a trimmer of unknown quality, and it is often soldered during operation, then you can follow the example of some users who, after refueling the cord, moisten it either with silicone grease (from the spray can) or mineral oil). This procedure greatly reduces the likelihood of soldering a fishing line among themselves.
  • Also, a fishing line for a trimmer can sleep if during a mowing it hit a hard object (stone, fence, dry branch, etc.D.). As a result of this, it is slightly stretched and draws back into the head with high speed. The cord is heated from friction, and its turns are sticking together. The only thing that can be done to eliminate this malfunction is to open a trimmer coil for grass and rewind a fishing line for a trimmer.

The cord spontaneously lengthens

There are situations when a user of a trimmer for grass notices a very fast fishing line consumption. At the same time, he never hit the ground with a button to lengthen the fishing line. The reason that the fishing line for a trimmer spontaneously lengthens, cutting off a special knife on the casing of the device, may be the absence of a spring in a mowing head. Often beginner users of mowers, trying to charge a fishing line for a trimmer into a coil, forget to install a clamping spring in the head, or completely lose it when opening the lid, and in the future, they do not even suspect its existence.

Diagnosis of magneto

Magneto. key node in engine ignition systems. This is a reel with a core, which is surrounded by primary and then secondary windings. If this part is faulty, there is no spark on the spark plug, and the fuel does not ignite.

The first way

You can check the work capacity of the magneto using a tester. To do this, you need to perform such a sequence of actions.

  • Correct the tester correctly: use the resistance measurement function and set 200 Ohms to remove the measurements of the primary winding.
  • The first electrode of the measuring device is sent to the “mass” of magneto, and the second to the output contact. If the primary winding is working, the indicators should be from 0.4 to 2 Ohms.
  • Install the tester switch by 20 kOhm to diagnose the secondary winding. Then send the first probe to the cap of candles, and the second. to the “mass”. If everything is in order, the indicators will vary from 4 to 6 kOhm, depending on the model of the trimmer for the grass, whether it is Patriot 547, Husquarna 128 R or a technique of another brand. If the chain is cut off, the infinity value appears on the tester screen. And if there is a short circuit, zero will be displayed on the display.

The second method

If you use the tester, there is no other way to check. At the same time, it is important not to touch the cylinder electrode, otherwise the coil will be damaged.

  • It is necessary to remove the cap from the spark plug. You should not unscrew the candle, as this will save compression.
  • Then you need to choose a nail with a remote hat and tightly insert it into the cap.
  • Further, the cap with a nail should be reliably tied to the cylinder by the dielectric. In this case, the electrode should be at a distance of 5.5-7 mm from the cylinder body, but do not touch the mass.
  • Then the starter needs to simulate the start of the motor with the ignition button. In this case, it is required to carefully monitor whether the spark will appear, and try to determine its color.

How to zero gap your trimmers

Important! A strong spark of white or with a blue shade indicates in favor of the serviceability of magneto. If it is weak, as well as orange or yellow, magneto is damaged.

There is one important point that needs to be taken into account when diagnostics: uninhabited magneto in any state can form a powerful spark. However, if it is faulty, then, heated, stops creating a current, and the trimmer does not start for the grass. Later, cooing, the coil again returns to the working level, the unoic tractor turns on and for some time works at idle or under load, until the magneto temperature rises again. In this case, the part needs to be changed for a new.

On a note! In a number of situations, the problem with heating does not occur due to the fault of the coil, but due to the spark plug. This means that the test must be subjected to both parts.

The spring may interfere

My first attempt to adjust the gas mowing carburetor did not give anything, since the spring of the fuel mixture adjustment propeller prevented. The factory spring turned out to be too thick in a compressed state and did not make it possible to reduce the supply of fuel to the required level. I had to choose another spring and continue the adjustment after its replacement.

The adjusting screw for feeding the fuel mixture with the spring

In the photo above the factory spring, below the adjusting screw with a selected spring. I am writing about this, because I am not sure that this is an isolated case, and someone else may face the same situation.

Settling of the ignition on the trimmer. How to set a ignition on a benzoca

On gasoline trimmers, both two.stroke internal combustion engines (ICE) and four.stroke. But the ignition system there is no different from each other, so the repair and configuration of this complex of accounting programs for ignition of fuel will be identical to different types of internal combustion engine.

The ignition system of a two-stroke ICE consists of 2 parts: flywheel and coils (magneto). The figure below shows how they look.

There is a impeller on the flywheel, which works like a fan for cooling a motor. There are also permanent magnets on one side of the flywheel, the figure is shown by the arrow.

When the flywheel rotates in the coil, an electric current is produced, which serves for a spark on the spark plug. The spark appears at the moment when the magnets are directly under the magneto.

From time to time when the engine does not start, the ignition adjustment will be necessary. Naturally, first you need to check the serviceability of a candle and a high.voltage cable with a cap.

It is necessary to adjust the ignition on a two.stroke engine to ensure timely ignition of fuel in the combustion chamber of the motor. Below is a scheme, you can understand the principle of operation of the internal combustion engine.

The spark in the candle should appear at the time of compression of the fuel piston, when it does not reach the top of the upper dead point (VMT) more than the best. When the piston passes through the VMT, the fuel mixture is ignited, under the influence of which the piston goes down under the action of the energy of the explosion.

If for at least any reasons (to a greater extent this is due to the shift of the flywheel to the shaft relative to its starting position), the fire of fuel occurs earlier than the piston passes, then it will come back, and the crankshaft scrolls in the opposite direction. Such a movement can damage the starter knot, cut off the launch cord, etc.D. Then there is an early ignition of fuel.

Also, you will like a later ignition on the trimmer more for you: the piston after compressing the fuel, which did not ignite, goes down, and in this case there is a spark. Then the engine will either not be launched or significantly lose power and will be poorly gaining momentum.

But such tasks with early or late ignition on two.stroke ICE are quite found from time to time, because the flywheel with magnets is already established in the correct position, which is completely synchronized with the movement of the piston. In addition, the flywheel is fixed on the shaft using a key and nut. Therefore, the wrong installation of the part is excluded.

For the most part, the ignition adjustment is to set the correct gap between the magneto and the flywheel.

Magneto is the main detail in the ignition system of the motor and is a coil with primary and secondary windings located around the core. Often, due to the malfunction of the magneto, the spark on the spark plug disappears, and the fuel ignition does not occur. To check the coil, it will be necessary to use the tester, and fulfill the following acts.

  • On the tester, going into the resistance measurement mode, you need to set 200 Ohms. In this way, the primary winding will be checked.
  • Connect one tester electrode to the “mass” of the coil, and the 2nd-to the contact emerging from the magneto. Normally, the resistance will be from 0.4 to 2.7 Ohm.
  • To check the secondary winding, it will be necessary to install the device switch by 20 kOhm. Further, one probe of the device is inserted into the cap of the candle, and the 2nd-is connected to the “mass”. Normally, the properties of resistance should be in the range from 4-6 kOhm and above (depending on the model).

When a circuit is broken, the device will show infinity, and when close. 0 (zero).

The first way

You can check the work capacity of the magneto using a tester. To do this, you need to perform such a sequence of actions.

  • True tester: use the resistance measurement function and set 200 Ohms to remove measurements of the primary winding.
  • The 1st electrode of the measuring device is put on the “mass” of the magneto, and the 2nd-to the output contact. If the primary winding is working, the characteristics should be from 0.4 to 2 Ohms.
  • Install the tester switch by 20 kOhm to diagnose the secondary winding. Then bring the 1st probe into the cap of candles, and the 2nd-to the “mass”. If everything is in order, the characteristics will diversify from 4 to 6 kOhm, depending on the model of the trimmer for the grass, whether it is Patriot 547, Husquarna 128 R or a technique of another brand. If the chain is cut off, the infinity value appears on the tester display. And if there is a short circuit, zero will be displayed on the screen.

Ignition of a contactless ant, Tula (full set of BSZ Muravey 2.5)

Attention: The manufacturer guarantees the operation of the entire kit during primary installation. All equipment and its elements are 100% checked before sending

It is extremely important to fully read the installation instructions, check the absence of problems and the short.circuit of the rest of the electrical equipment, use only with good battery. The warranty on the consumables of the kit (switch, coil) is 14 days from the date of receipt


Although the switch and coil are also tested, it is impossible to guarantee a certain guaranteed period of their operation on an engine of this type, t.to. the factory is destined for installation on 4t engines a/m. If something does not work right away, then 99.9% problem in the wrong installation, or damage caused by errors in the installation or operation of other equipment. Under warranty service, all transportation costs of delivery of the kit to the service and back are paid by the buyer. You accept these conditions when buying and agree with them. If they are not confident in their abilities, or do not agree with the warranty conditions, then the request to refrain from buying.

System of contactless electronic ignition ants, Tula.

The optimal solution for high.quality engine operation is the use of the so.called contactless electronic ignition systems (BESZ).

The most important advantage of the contactless ignition system, compared with the contact, is the supply of much greater energy to the spark plug, which significantly increases the spark so necessary for combustion of fuel. Thus, the combustion of the fuel mixture improves, which affects the engine power.

No less important is the fact that the shape and stability of impulses in all range of engine operation improves significantly. This is achieved by the fact that instead of the contact system of the ignition, an optical sensor is used, which is needed to form the control pulses to the electronic switch. Thus, not only the power and acceptance of the engine improves, but also the fuel consumption is reduced.

The third advantage and advantage of the contactless ignition system is its unpretentiousness and low need for maintenance. It must be configured once and that’s it. While the contact system is demanding on maintenance and configuration.

Composition of a set of a non.contact electronic ignition system of an ant, Tula.

Which line for a trimmer to choose

Before you stock up on this material for refueling in a trimmer for grass, you need to decide on the choice. After all, the usual so.called round fishing line for a trimmer is far from the only existing look. How to choose the most suitable? First you need to determine the working conditions.

Type choice. a line for a trimmer with a round section is the most common. It will suit any reels with the rarest exceptions. This type of consumable is suitable in order to mow fresh, juicy grass. But with the mowing of the so.called dryness, this kind may not cope anymore. It is pointless to mention attempts to mow shrubs and mention.

In addition to the usual type, there are others with sharp faces. Usually they are made by a “star” or “square”. The presence of sharp faces is the main feature and key difference between these threads.

It is thanks to this feature, the threads of such species are able to mow dry weeds. But the spicy threads are not devoid of disadvantages, the main of which can be called rapid wear and strength, markedly inferior to the round type.

In addition to the already mentioned types of forests, there are still interesting and often encountered varieties. Especially among them can be noted fishing lines, inside which a metal wire is stretched. Threads of this type are often used in tools working on gasoline and having an engine more powerful than one and a half horsepower.

Threads with a metal core come both with a round section and with sharp faces. Regardless of the type of cross section, such threads are the best suited to overcome hard.to.stop plants. Threads related to this type easily mow not only dry grass, but even small shrubs.

The threads with wire inside are favorably different from other types of consumables for their incredible wear resistance. But unfortunately, this feature has a more than noticeable effect on the price of this type. The cost of threads with a core significantly exceeds the cost of threads of other types.

The string is not advanced

In the coils of automatic and semi-automatic cords, the cord is served without stopping the trimmer for grass. If this does not happen, then:

The fishing line for a trimmer in the head is wound wrong, so the coil does not spin; The winding of the fishing line is made unevenly, so the cord stuck between the turns and does not go out. so that this does not happen, you need to wrap the thread carefully, preventing distortions, a turn to the turns; The ends of the cord emerging from the holes are very short, centrifugal force is not enough to extract them, so the fishing line is not served-before turning on the trimmer for the grass, it is important to control the length of the thread and slightly lengthen it, if necessary; The cord is stuck

The coil does not spin

The reasons why the coil does not spin are similar to the lack of fishing line. This is the wrong or uneven winding of the string, its sticking, as well as the short ends of the cord, emerging from the holes.

How to catch more fish?

  • One.built. In the modification of such a trimmer for the grass there is only one working fishing line for a trimmer. Such an unit is used in the main thing for small work, such as ending the grass.
  • Two.string. Can be both automatic and automatic. Here the equipment includes two strings. Such a trimmer is used for herbs for mowing and clearing sites.

Instructions for the correct wound of the cutting thread on the coil of the trimmer for the grass:

First of all, you need to disassemble the head. To do this, click on the latch and turn the lid to the side

Measure the right amount of cutting thread and insert it into a slot.

trimmer, coil

Win a fishing line for a trimmer in the direction of the arrow on both sides. The ends of 15 cm long should be left not wound. These ends are inserted into opposite slots. Then the ends are fixed in the hole on the head.

If necessary, then you can pull the remaining ends of the thread outward. To do this, you need to pull one end of the thread first, and then the other so that they can easily pass through the slots on the head.

Now you should assemble the grooves on the case and tighten the lid.

Then press the spool and try to twist it all the way

If a click was heard, then the spool snapped. Next, you need to stretch the free ends of the thread to the end.

How to remove and put a reel on a lawn mower!

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After the coil is removed from the head, it must be carefully disassembled. It is better to do this on a already dedicated area, because there can be a spring, which will be quite difficult to find in the highest grass in the highest grass. The electrical diagram of a trimmer for grass with half an electric trimmer for grass as you have seen. After disassembly, we will have three parts in our hands: the case (upper cover), the protective casing and the coil itself.

The gap on the trimmer between the coil and the flywheel

Gap on a trimmer between a coil and a flywheel

Spare parts for chainsaws and trimmers with mail delivery in all regions cash on delivery. SDEK, PEK, business strips on prepayment

  • Spare parts for chainsaws
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  • Circus brakes of a chainsaw
  • The crankshafts of the chainsaw
  • Clutch of chainsaws
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  • Elements of the bar and handle
  • Basmers and gaskets
  • Trimmeres silencers (gasosocos)

Typical problems. reasons

Malfunctions, most often happening to Magneto, are typical of trimmers of different manufacturers. As a rule, this is a weak spark or its absence, as well as the presence of interruptions in this process.

Unstable sparking

If Magneto gives a spark with interruptions, you must first check the contacts. They could burn or get sick. The detected carcass is cleaned with a file, and the oil is rubbed with suede, previously soaked in gasoline. The second possible cause of the problem is the adjustment of the clearance between the contacts. To eliminate it, you need to set the right distance.

If the spark appears with interruptions, this may also mean that the pillow of the interrupt lever is worn out. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to change the lever for the new. In addition, the clearance should be adjusted, as with another possible reason for the breakdown. the alcohol of the album.

The breakdown of the capacitor can also be the culprit of interruptions in the formation of a spark. In such a situation, it requires replacing the damaged part, since it is impossible to repair and re.charge it.

Lack of sparking

If Magneto does not give a spark at all, the main reason is to break off one of the transformer chains (primary or secondary). To fix the lawnical mower, a faulty part should be replaced. If the primary chain to the mass is closed, this can also cause a lack of a spark. It is necessary to eliminate it to correct the problem.

On a note! The punched insulation of the high.voltage wire can also cause breakdown. You can fix the situation by replacing the wiring.

Insufficient sparking

A weak spark on Magneto is caused by a damaged capacitor. To eliminate the breakdown, it is necessary to replace the failed part.

Types and features of the design of the ignition coils

The ignition coil called the module is present in all modern ignition systems: contact, contactless and electronic. Its purpose is to convert a low.voltage onboard current coming from a car battery to a high.voltage. High voltage causes a spark on the electrodes of candles, which ignites the fuel-air mixture (TVS).

In general, the coil is a transformer with two windings.

Three types are distinguished depending on the features of the design:

All three types have a similar design, there are only some differences. Therefore, finding out how to check the ignition coil, you can apply this knowledge for all types. You can make a device for checking with your own hands (author of the video auto.electrician RF).

The design of the classic module includes the primary winding, inside which there is a secondary. Each of the windings has two conclusions. The primary power supply is supplied to the primary. On the secondary one, one conclusion is high.voltage and is considered the weekend, and the second is connected to the primary winding. The entire structure is placed in a sealed case, on the cover of which all conclusions are displayed.

The double module has two cores. One is internal, is in the winding, the second is external, located above the windings. If the classic coil has only one conclusion for high voltage, then two of them have two. They produce a spark for two cylinders simultaneously.

An individual coil is put on a separate candle. The main part of the module consists of turns of a copper wire taking the primary voltage and secondary circuit converting the incoming current. The winding, which is primary, is located inside the secondary converter and has a core, which is located inside it. The high voltage, which is produced in the secondary winding, is directly transmitted to the candle with the help of a tip, a clamping spring and an insulator. A high.voltage diode is intended to cut off the current.

All types of modules are characterized by resistance, which differs for different models of the mechanism. If the resistance value differs from the nominal, this indicates a malfunction of the device.

Engine problems can occur due to a power malfunction. If there is a break in the windings or closing, this removes the power unit from the working condition. All types of modules do not understand, so it is impossible to repair them. In order to make sure that the device is subject to replacement, you need to know how to check the ignition coil.

You can most accurately check the performance of the device using special equipment that is equipped with maintenance stations, such as an oscilloscope. There are two ways to check the serviceability of the ignition coil with your own hands at home.