What lubricant to lubricate the grinder gearbox

We lubricate the gearbox of the LBM Makita and Bosch with our own hands

An action that does not require much effort and cost. Produced according to the following scheme.

  • According to the instructions, we disassemble the grinder into its component parts.
  • We open the gearbox housing.
  • We remove dirt and dust, as well as the remnants of previous grease.
  • Distribute new grease evenly throughout the gearbox.
  • We bring the grinder to its original state.
  • We start the engine at idle speed for a while to warm up the lubricant and evenly distribute it over all parts.

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Video instruction on changing the lubricant in a Makita angle grinder.

What lubricant to lubricate the grinder gearbox

Electromechanical hand-held construction tools for household and industrial use with replaceable attachments. The instrument was invented and created in 1954 in Germany (FRG).

The first models of angle grinders that appeared in the USSR at the end of the sixties were angle grinders produced in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, hence their name, used in Russia to refer to this tool in colloquial speech.

How to use the lubricant?

The grinder instantly gained immense popularity. Since, before its appearance, certain types of work required a significant application of both physical efforts and several tools in their type of purpose for performing one type of operation.

Being, in essence, a universal device for cutting products and materials of various hardness groups, as well as rough abrasive and grinding processing, an angle grinder easily performs the following types of operations:

  • Cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • Sawing of reinforced concrete, natural and artificial stone, ceramics and other materials of this group;
  • By replacing the saw attachment with the corresponding disc, the grinder can cut wood products and lumber from tree species of different structure.

Also angle grinder is used for the following works after sawing:

  • Removing scale and paint from metal and wood surfaces;
  • Removal of burrs resulting from sawing materials;
  • Fine grinding and finishing of surfaces and hard-to-reach places.

What does lubrication matter?

In order for the angle grinder to fully perform its functions and not cause any problems, its maintenance must be approached with great responsibility. The effective operation of the grinder under heavy loads, the duration of the successful use of equipment and environmental safety depend on the quality of the lubricant.

Before deciding what kind of lubricant to lubricate the angle grinder gearbox, it is necessary to understand that this element is one of the main parts of the angle grinder
. During the operation of the equipment, it heats up a lot, so heat dissipation plays a huge role.

To some extent, this is facilitated by the fact that its casing is made of metal, but proper lubrication is also of great importance. If a craftsman bought a high-quality, highly reliable instrument, for example Makita, he is simply obliged to monitor it and give it due attention.

Otherwise, the equipment will not be able to show itself at full capacity and will not serve the entire period for which it is designed.

Technical device of an angle grinder

The LBM design consists of the following elements:

  • Metal or plastic enclosures;
  • Reducer and its housing made of aluminum alloys;
  • Wheel for adjusting the number of rotations;
  • Start buttons;
  • Lock buttons for quick change of attachments;
  • Clamping nut of the working circle;
  • Protective cover of the disc and handle with a variable position on the body;
  • Electric cables.

How to service angle grinders under warranty?

If the grinder has not yet expired the warranty period, then there are no problems with lubrication at all. Regardless of the manufacturer of the tool, the described work is best commissioned by the appropriate workshop.

For example, what materials are used to lubricate the gearboxes of Makita angle grinders?

Experts, as a rule, know this much better than ordinary users and can do everything with maximum efficiency, which is possible in each specific case.

In addition to the fact that high quality materials are used, professionals have the most correct idea of ​​what dosage to use them, which also significantly affects the final result.

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At home, even the most suitable lubricants can be applied incorrectly and thus cause some damage to the tool.

An important point is also that inappropriate lubrication for technology strongly violates the rules for using an angle grinder. In the future, this may well become the reason why the services will refuse to service the grinder.

Workshop services can also be used when operating devices that are no longer under warranty. This is a pretty good approach that allows you to keep the equipment in the best condition.

Most craftsmen, as a rule, do not do this, since they are used to lubricating the gearbox on their own and believe that there is no point in wasting time visiting services.

it is worth saying that it is strictly forbidden to leave angle grinders without lubrication at all
. At first, this will lead to some problems with the operation of the grinder, and then the gearbox will simply fail.

It is quite difficult to change it and in many cases it will be preferable to purchase a new unit.

Some inexperienced and irresponsible users have already managed to make sure of this in practice, but after buying a new tool, they radically changed their attitude towards timely service.

As you can see, lubrication of the gearbox during the operation of angle grinders is a fundamentally important issue that cannot be neglected. Only a timely and correct solution to this problem allows you to maintain equipment in a full-fledged working condition.

Welcome to another article on the site! Today we will talk about how to lubricate the gearbox of the grinder (angle grinder), as well as about how and when it is done.

By using this tool, any user sooner or later comes across this question. Of course, there are also unresponsible people who do not monitor their equipment at all. And they end up with it out of order earlier than expected.

To avoid this, it is necessary to follow certain simple procedures. For angle grinders, the main such servicing action is to replace the lubricant in the gearbox. Yes, it is a replacement, not a simple addition. I will explain below why.

What lubricant to lubricate the grinder gearbox

For good work, the grinder needs a lubricant that will not leak out under heavy loads and long-term operation, but will reliably lubricate the part over its entire surface during the entire operation time. It must also be environmentally friendly.

Pay attention to well-known and already proven manufacturers of lubricants, such as Lubcon. Hammer. Makita. Hitachi. Experts advise, whenever possible, to choose a lubricant of the same company as your tool.

When deciding how to lubricate the grinder, pay special attention to materials based on silicone or silicone oil. These lubricants are excellent for tools that operate at a range of speeds from slow to high speeds and under all loads.

They are highly resistant to oxidation, protect against corrosion, and are easily combined with plastics and elastomers. The composition contains only silicone and a lithium thickener, which makes them environmentally friendly.

liquid grease for gear box of grinder

The consistency is maintained at temperatures from 50 to 190 degrees Celsius.

Preventive maintenance of grinder parts and mechanisms

In connection with the work performed, in which the occurrence of stone, wood and metal dust is inevitable, as well as its ingress into the grinder’s body and settling on the moving mechanical parts of the gearbox, the angle grinder needs periodic preventive examination and is reduced to the following actions:

  • Removal of dust and larger debris from the gearbox housing;
  • Checking the presence of grease in bearings and gears, as well as the integrity of the graphite brushes and replacing them if necessary.

Hitachi G12SA Angle Grinder, Gear Lube

Grease for the grinder gearbox. selection, application

Any power tool has a heavily loaded mechanical part, the health of which depends on the performance of the entire device. As a rule, this is a gear reducer, which in an angle grinder (in common parlance. a grinder) also changes the angle of the axis of rotation.

Any moving mechanism needs to reduce friction, and lubricant for the grinder’s gearbox also helps to cool the unit.

What the market offers: the best lubricants for angle grinders

A special grease for electric tools from the German brand Bosch is in high demand in the domestic market. He develops it for his products, but you can successfully use the composition for equipment from other manufacturers. The main advantages are the complete absence of mechanical impurities, durability, resistance to moisture and high temperatures.

Huskey brand products may well compete with Bosch lubricants. It is versatile, ideal for a wide variety of equipment, including power tools.

As we said above, imported lubricants are sold at high prices. Therefore, many domestic consumers are looking for inexpensive alternatives. The most common of these is the Metal Plak Electra formulations from Nanotech. Lubrication is produced in Russia, therefore it costs an order of magnitude cheaper than the products presented above.

If you do not lubricate the grinder for a long time, over time it begins to emit strange extraneous noises, crackle and hum during operation. Then the device simply turns off and requires expensive repairs. The only way to avoid it is to provide timely service.

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Overview of lubricants for the grinder

If you lubricate the working tool with lithol or grease, saving on materials, there is a high probability that, in the end, the equipment will refuse to work properly, no matter how high quality it is.

Foreign companies recommend to masters how to lubricate the grinder, offering specially developed ointments. The manufacturer strongly advises the use of the products specified in the instructions for use. On the Russian market, there are indeed such, but at a fairly high price. In this regard, the question of high-quality lubricants of a domestic manufacturer arises sharply:

  • if the original imported grease contained molybdenum, you should look for an analogue with the “MoS2” markup;
  • “NLGI2”. for industrial tools and others operating on liquids of the second viscosity class (penetration. 265-295);
  • “ISOL-XBCHB 2” for the ISO standard;
  • “DIN 51825-KPF 2 K-20” for DIN standards.

What lubricant to lubricate the grinder gearbox

How can you lubricate the grinder gearbox

Like any other power tool, the angle grinder requires regular maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation. Its obligatory stage is the lubrication of the gearbox. one of the main units, which is responsible for transferring the engine torque to the working element. That is, to disk. The correct selection of lubricants can achieve the following results:

  • reduce the friction force between the gears of the gearbox and thereby protect them from wear and mechanical damage;
  • reduce the temperature inside the case and prevent overheating of the device.

Lubrication requirements for angle grinders

How to lubricate the grinder gearbox? There are no special restrictions, but many manufacturers, including the well-known brands Interskol and Makita, indicate a number of requirements for lubricants:

  • viscosity up to 800 Pas;
  • tensile strength from 120 Pa;
  • the presence of water-repellent properties;
  • resistance to corrosive processes;
  • increased melting point;
  • minimum amount or complete absence of mechanical impurities.

The lubricant should protect the gearbox parts from friction and not create serifs on their surfaces. In addition, please note that special bearing materials must be used to facilitate rotation.

Requirements for lubricating fluids for LBM gearboxes

How to lubricate the grinder gearbox, the master decides for himself. There is no universal remedy. you need to select your liquid for a specific tool. The correct lubricant must meet a number of requirements, including:

  • be resistant to corrosion;
  • consist of natural ingredients. including so as not to harm the master when inhaling vapors;
  • reduce the frictional force of the gears, and, accordingly, the heating temperature of the tool;
  • the consistency must be thick enough to adhere to the parts, but with a viscosity of no higher than 800 Pa s;
  • the consistency must remain stable, and not change, “melt” or flow out of the mechanism when the temperature rises. the minimum dropping temperature is 120 ° C;
  • ensure the operation of the tool in the range up to 150 ºС;
  • the presence of metallic impurities in the composition is not allowed;
  • tensile strength not less than 120 Pa;
  • be hydrophobic, have water-repellent properties;
  • protect the “insides” from dirt, dust.

Choice of lubricating coating

What is the best lubricant to treat gears and other parts so that they are as protected as possible during the operation of the grinder? The best choice is to use proprietary formulations that are produced by the manufacturers of the power tool. They are not cheap, but it should be borne in mind that such lubricants are developed in full accordance with the operating features of angle grinders.

Another option is to use lithol or solid oil. They are among the cheapest lubricants and are significantly inferior in quality to other formulations. Therefore, they can be used only in the most extreme cases.

Control of the correct application of lubricant to the LBM gearbox

Control of the amount of lubricant stuffed into the gearbox is carried out by trial switching on the assembled grinder for a short time at idle mode.

If the gearbox begins to warm up, traces of grease leakage appear from the oil seals and gaskets, then the conclusion is clear. You have shifted the grease. Open the gear housing and remove excess grease. Any excess grease will be deposited on the gear housing covers. An insufficient amount of lubricant in the gearbox is determined by the increased noise of the gearbox.

With long-term operation of angle grinders, the lubricant in the gearbox is distributed on the walls of the case and loses its properties from external influences.

Having opened the gearbox cover, carefully inspect the condition of the lubricant, the tooth profile of the gears. If you can, check the contact patch of the gears.

The presence of particles of dry or dried lubricant in the area of ​​the gearbox or on the housing indicates that the time to change the lubricant has come.

Lubrication process

It is better to apply lubricant in a special room. You can contact the wizard, or you can do all the steps yourself. First you need to disassemble the grinder and remove the layer of the old lubricant product. The elements should not have old coating. The step-by-step recommendations for lubricating the mechanism include the steps:

  • Disassemble the tool.
  • Using kerosene, gasoline, carefully wash all parts of the gearbox and remove old grease.
  • Dry the elements.
  • Open the container with grease, stir the composition.
  • Place on bearings and place in cavity.
  • Collect all parts.
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Often, users wonder how much lubricant is needed. The use of a significant amount of the substance will cause it to leak out of the gear housing during operation. In the future, the grinder may suddenly break. You need to take substances in the amount of half the volume of the reducer.

Lubricating compositions for the grinder gearbox. types, use, possibilities

The grinder is a necessary and useful tool on the farm. With the help of this device, you can engage in professional activities, or you can carry out repairs at home. The efficiency of the grinder depends on the quality of care.

I have long understood that the high-quality operation of any tool and mechanism requires mandatory maintenance. Grease for the grinder gearbox is a product that allows you to provide tools with full protection against negative influences.

Readers will agree with me that many do not know what kind of lubricant to use for the grinder gearbox. People have no idea about the principle on which the composition is selected and what to pay special attention to. All these nuances will be considered in the presented article.

Grease for bearings LBM

Three bearings are installed in the design of the angle grinder. Two bearings are mounted on the rotor of the tool, one bearing is mounted on the shaft of the driven helical gear of a larger diameter.

In angle grinders, bearings are used that are already filled with grease. But from improper operation, overheating of the tool, grease flows out.

How to choose the right grease for grinder bearings?

Bearing grease must meet the following requirements:

  • increase sliding;
  • reduce friction between component parts of parts;
  • evenly distribute heat and act as a coolant;
  • prevent the occurrence of corrosion;
  • protect from dirt and dust getting inside;
  • work in the required temperature range up to 150C;

The operating conditions of the bearings of an electric motor differ from the operating conditions of the gearbox bearing, not only because of the temperature requirements, but also because of the operating modes, load modes, frequency and speed of rotation.

The grease for the bearings of the electric motor must have protective properties that prevent the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture on the bearing parts.

The Russian market offers a wide range of foreign greases designed for bearings operating in different conditions. But their cost makes us look for cheaper, not inferior in quality, domestic lubricants.

How To Greasing Bevel Gear on Grinder Machine

Among domestic lubricants, we recommend paying attention to the Tsiatim-221, VNIINP-246 (GOST 18852-73), VNIINP-235 lubricants.

Well proven lithium greases.

Possessing high water-repellent properties, they have a wide temperature range. The role of the thickener in them is played by organic and inorganic substances. For sealed bearings, it is best to use CIATIM-203, VNIINP-242 greases.

Of the pigment greases for electric motor bearings, blue grease VNIIMP-246 and dark purple ointment VNIINP-235 have become widespread. The first grease is less common than the second one due to its high price.

In today’s Russian market, domestic manufacturers of lubricants are represented in a wide range of products.

What lubricant to lubricate the grinder gearbox?

What amount of lubricant should be used when replacing the angle grinder in the gearbox

If the amount of grease in the bearings is controlled by flowing it out from the reverse side, then a certain amount of grease is packed into the angle grinder. Excess grease will leak out during operation. And a small amount of it will not ensure high-quality operation of the gearbox.

Leave as much lubricant in the gearbox as needed to cover the gear teeth.

Apply enough grease as a guide so that it occupies slightly less than half the volume of the gearbox cavity.

You can end the review with the following conclusions:

  • The grinder’s gearbox needs mandatory lubrication in order to exclude damage or improper operation of the mechanism.
  • The lubricant should be selected taking into account the frequency of use and the model of the grinder.
  • Experts recommend buying lubricants according to the manufacturer of the mechanism itself, but it can be replaced with other substances.

Most popular grease formulations

Foreign-made lubricants are more expensive than domestic mixtures. The Bosch brand is popular. The product is used for application on mechanisms of the same brand, as well as other models. The coating has a high technicality and technical parameters.

Quite good quality, users note in Huskey lubricants. The formulations differ in their intended use. Withstand considerable temperature. Of the domestic products, one can single out the products of the Nanotech companies. Metal Plak Electra. The mixtures have good technical characteristics and can withstand high temperature indicators.