What Nozzles Have On Champion Trimmer

Leading manufacturers of household and professional chainsaw equipment offer a number of the latest models with universal properties. Presented by a wide selection of chainsaws, they help to use the working capabilities of the tool with greater efficiency.

A significant part of a rather expensive household tool is used from time to time. The use of a chainsaw as a drive for several types of interchangeable equipment allows you to mechanize labor-intensive chores with less material costs.

What Nozzles Have On Champion Trimmer

Reserves for expanding functionality

The list of operational capabilities of chainsaws has been expanded and successfully implemented due to removable additional equipment. It consists of nozzles and devices for various purposes.

Most of the assortment of nozzles is focused on a complete set of corporate models. The possibilities of budget chainsaws in this regard are very limited.

  • Even a small set allows you to mechanize a significant part of the chores associated with special processing of wood and metal, drilling wells, caring for ornamental shrubs.
  • The use of a saw as a boat motor, trimmer for servicing lawns, a gas cutter or a household compressor is not ruled out.
  • Efficiency of using replaceable equipment is promoted by stable traction characteristics and efficiency of power units, adaptation of branded chainsaw equipment to difficult climatic factors.

In practice, it has been proven that chainsaws of leading brands can be successfully operated in a wide temperature range.

Combination angle grinder and gas cutter

Universal nozzle angle grinder is driven from the drive shaft of the drive sprocket by V-belt transmission. The device is mounted on the saw body with studs designed to fix the saw bar.

The diameter of the emery wheel is selected depending on the engine power and the features of the work ahead. The nozzle gas cutter angle grinder-1 copes with the abrasive cutting of natural and artificial tile-facing materials, metals, and the cleaning of welding joints.

angle grinder-1 works with standard and diamond wheels with a diameter of up to 20 cm, with a landing hole of 22 mm. An abrasive nozzle for cutting metal can be a good replenishment of the tools of a home workshop or the equipment of a small car service.

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Chainsaw as a drive for a light boat

The popular “Outboard Motor” nozzle is activated by means of a gearbox and pulley extension, which is mounted instead of the drive sprocket. Depending on the engine power, a boat equipped with a two or three-blade propeller can pick up speed up to 20 km / h.

Drilling and compressor equipment

Simple in design and convenient in operation, the ice drill nozzle in winter is used in fish farms to supply air to frozen reservoirs. The effectiveness of the use of combined equipment has been confirmed in practice.

Lightweight, compact and fairly productive ice drill. included in the equipment for winter amateur fishing. As a result of natural selection, the high demand for the most successful developments stabilized.

In particular, the motor-drill MB-2 Ice is characterized by excellent operational properties. The nozzle is driven through a reduction gear, reducing the shaft speed to 150 rpm. This model differs from the analogues of the same type in the minimum installation time, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes.

The replaceable compressor nozzle is inferior in performance to many household mobile units. Nevertheless, for the aeration of small stocked ponds, the operation of pneumatic paint sprayers and sprayers, its productivity is enough with a margin.

Replaceable equipment for working with wood

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Milling and drum nozzles for removing bark and cleaning building wood from surface irregularities are represented by several types.
The most famous models are Bark beetle and Debarker, with a working grip from 80 to 100 mm. Kroder nozzle specializes in advanced cutting of building wood. With its help, you can plan logs, cut cups and mounting grooves.

The equipment is used in wooden construction for pre-installation processing of industrial wood. Products are equipped with removable knives, which are easily dismantled for sharpening the cutting edges and a set of elongated threaded fasteners. The bark beetle is activated from the pulley, which is installed instead of the drive sprocket.

With the appropriate power of the power drive, bark removal nozzles can be used to remove knots, sharpen stakes, create corner locks of log cabins.

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With fine tuning, the bark beetle replacement tool can be used as a planer attachment. The quality of surface treatment of building wood is determined by the sharpening of the cutting edges of interchangeable knives.

Devices for longitudinal sawing of building wood

In the standard version, saw chains with a certain grinding angle are used for longitudinal and diagonal cutting of wood. Special devices are no less effective and productive.

Sufficiently durable in operation, a nozzle for longitudinal sawing, which copes with sawing logs and boards perfectly, costs about 2000 rubles. This is the approximate cost of four saw chains, whose service life is very limited.

Removable household equipment

This list includes devices designed to care for ornamental shrubs and lawns. The brush cutter nozzle will help to tidy up the living fence or in a short time to clear the area from young growth.

The removable nozzle of the rotary type trimmer is inferior to the household lawn mower only in terms of ease of operation. Its design allows for the processing of lawn areas with a sufficiently high quality and extremely short deadlines.

Traction devices

Wide functionality is characterized by the cable winch installed on a powerful chainsaw. The pulling force of the nozzle varies in the range of up to 2 tons, the radius of action is up to 30 meters.

In the operational capabilities of the traction device:

  • skidding of dumped trees;
  • pulling out stuck vehicles;
  • lifting and moving non-standard loads by dragging or using rollers;
  • plowing of heavy soils on land plots difficult to access for tractor equipment.

Willingly to complete their cars with chainsaws with winch equipment, motorists living in regions with poor roads.

Chainsaw as a pumping unit

The autonomy of the gasoline drive is highly valued in irrigated areas. Compact and mobile pumping units are effectively used to supply water to areas located far from power sources.

Such devices are in special demand in private and small-scale farms, for irrigation of cultivated areas, as well as water intake from wells and artesian wells.

Alternative developments

As the popularity of replacement equipment for chainsaw equipment grows, its new options are being developed. The list of offers was replenished with several types of removable nozzles Drovokol. The device is a rotating conical rod with screw thread.

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Benefits of Interchangeable Nozzles

In the first case, there is a significant savings on the purchase of a set of household tools for various purposes.

  • The price of several nozzles is 2-3 times less than the cost of a standard kit. In terms of functionality, many branded models are not inferior to highly specialized household counterparts.
  • Replaceable nozzles for chainsaw equipment take up less space, the operational replacement of a standard saw tire with any replaceable equipment, if you have the skills and the appropriate tool, takes several minutes.
  • The use of nozzles increases the payback of a chainsaw several times. The tool, which is most often used for the procurement of fuel wood, can be used to solve many household and construction problems.


Technical and operational characteristics of chainsaws are focused on a given level of workloads and special operating modes. Some owners of prestigious professional chainsaws oppose the use of nozzles.

The failure is motivated by the need for long-term operation of the engines at maximum speeds, in some cases. a lack of torque, accelerated reduction of overhaul life.

As a result of the research, models of cable winches, bark cleaners, wood splitters and compressors were recognized as safe for the resource and technical condition of the nozzles.

The list of non-recommended replaceable equipment dangerous for the tool includes: angle grinder, lawn mowers, motor drills and boat motors.

  • In particular, working with angle grinders, the air intake filter is clogged intensively.
  • The installation of boat equipment and a pump nozzle implies a long operating time of a high-speed chainsaw engine at maximum speed.

These shortcomings are partially or fully compensated by the increased wear resistance of modern power units, an increase in the real motor resource of chainsaws from 1,500 to 2,000 or more engine hours. The durability of engines is also positively affected by the use of heat-resistant branded motor oils.