What oil to lubricate the gearbox of the grass trimmer

What gear oil to use for petrol grass trimmer

The grass trimmer gearbox is the part that transmits the rotary motion of the engine shaft to the blade or the line. It is located on the lower end of the brushcutter boom. Gearbox also has the function of slowing down the engine speed of the grass trimmer.

Depending on the brushcutter model, the mechanism consists of several gears that rotate at high speed. They get hot because of the friction.If there is little or no lubrication, the process leads to severe overheating and component failure, resulting in the need for complicated repairs. To avoid this it is necessary to relubricate the transmission unit in time. The disassembled gearbox is shown in the photo below.

Gearboxes of modern trimmers of different models from different manufacturers differ from each other by design and the size of the seating. It comes in the form of:

Mowers are equipped with gearboxes with different types of gears:

  • conical;
  • worm
  • Spiroid;
  • spur gears;
  • planetary;
  • wave gears;
  • combined.

Drive shaft and gearbox are heavily stressed parts of the grass trimmer and are subject to considerable wear and tear. The movement between them is transmitted because of the clutch of the gear teeth, which are placed at different angles to one another. Toothed gears work effectively only if there is no mechanical damage. The mechanism must not overheat, otherwise it could jam.

Types of grease used

When selecting a lubricant, such factors must be taken into account:

Well-known manufacturers like STIHL, Husqvarna and others also make grease for their trimmers. Such products not only reduce wear and tear, but also protect the metal of the gears from corrosion. That is why it is better to use the same lubricant products for brushcutters from these brands.

Different models have different grease consumption rates. This is determined to a large extent by the intensity of use of the brushcutter and the heating of the transmission.You should only use oil if the temperature of the gearbox during operation does not exceed 40°C.

According to consistency, lubricants for grass trimmer can be:

By composition, the following types of lubricants are in demand:

  • Graphite grease, which reduces friction considerably and improves the rotation of the gears;
  • Lithium, which is also an excellent corrosion preventive, saturated with additives that increase the resistance to metal wear without harmful substances;
  • universal, containing mineral oils of high purity and performance-enhancing components.

Examples of suitable greases are: Champion EP-0, Gear Grease OREGON, Oleo-Mas, Azmol 158, Lithol.24

You should also pay attention to the manufacturer’s advice on this and use the products they suggest. You can buy them at specialized outlets. Champion EP-0 Universal Grease 120 gr

Champion EP-0 Multi-purpose Grease 120 gr

Tools and supplies needed

You will need the following tools and materials for maintaining the gearbox

lubricate, gearbox, grass, trimmer

Allen wrench for opening the lubrication hole in a gearbox

This tool is often packed with your brushcutter or trimmer.

The next tool is an ordinary medical syringe with a capacity of 10 ml. This is how to get the lubricant into the gearbox.

We recommend using grease supplied by the brushcutter manufacturer. As a last resort, you can use any rotary gear lubricant, such as Lithol 24.

Action Open the Geareducer

To gain access to the reducer, it must be opened. This is easy enough to do. Unscrew the main gearbox bolt with the hexagon socket wrench. The bolt for all brushcutters is in the same place, near the tool.

Action Filling a Syringe with Oil

The diameter of the tube is not identical to the diameter of the reducer

Use a grease gun to mix the grease into the gearbox without any problems.

Then fill the grease gun with grease from the tube.

Then the piston is inserted back into the syringe. Syringe is ready to add oil to the gearbox.

Procedure Filling the Gearbox with Grease

Insert the grease gun into the bore of the gear unit

First the syringe is inserted into the reducer bore.

Squeezing some grease into the gearbox and turning it about a quarter turn

Then press a little grease into the gearbox and turn it about a quarter turn.

Once all grease has been squeezed out, the process is complete

Lubricate in small portions. After each grease fill, turn the gearbox by 1/3 to 1/4 turn. It is advisable to choose the lubricant quantity for each filling so that the Geareducer completes a full revolution during the lubrication process.

Action Sealing the Geareducer

After the gearbox has been filled with lubricant, screw in the gearbox bolt and tighten it well.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a brushcutter (the easiest way)

How to lubricate the gearbox of grass trimmer or brushcutter: proper maintenance of garden tools | (Photo Video)

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Types of gearboxes in mowers

A modern lawnmower gear differs from other similar mechanisms by its seating and diameter. Seat can be round, square or star-shaped. The most common sizes in diameter are 24 mm, 25.4 mm and 26 mm. Gearbox gears may be:

  • Cylindrical.
  • Wave.
  • Worms.
  • Planetary.
  • Conical.
  • Spiroids.
  • Combined.

The following types of grease are used for the gears: liquid and semi-liquid, plastic and solid. The main thing to know how to lubricate the gear on the grass trimmer and when. This is a necessary measure, since the product is equipped with gears that are in constant contact. Lubrication is required in the following applications:

  • Lithium. Contains no hazardous substances or lead. It is saturated with wear-resistant additives in the form of minerals. This compound is not only an ideal lubricant, but also an excellent corrosion preventive.
  • Graphite. Significantly improves the rotation of gears. It is designed for lubricating the speed regulator. The best effect is achieved by lubricating the lower gears.
  • Universal lubricants. They contain mineral oils with improved refinement and admixtures of useful components.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a brushcutter. Gearbox Lubricant.

Buying any kind of machinery is sort of a lottery, but a lot also depends on the gardener. The Chinese samples will serve long in caring hands and won’t let their owners down at the wrong moment. If you forget to timely lubricate the gear reducer of brushcutters, do not clean filters, use cheap low-quality gasoline, then the garden equipment from the most famous brands will become a headache.

Gear lubrication for brushcutters is one of the most important elements of maintenance of gasoline grass trimmers, which should be done directly by the user.

Time and procedure for preventive maintenance of the gearbox.

I recommend that a new gasoline grass trimmer should be preventive maintenance immediately after purchase, with the addition of lubricant to the gearbox. For all the high costs of garden equipment, some manufacturers save money and put the lubricant only to a minimum, for the time of break-in.

How often should you lubricate the gearbox of a brushcutter?

It is often necessary to check the transmission once a year, at the start or end of the season, to refill it with grease. If you don’t use your petrol grass trimmer professionally, that is enough.

If you use a large volume of mowing, it is necessary to lubricate the gear reducer of the brushcutter every 20-50 hours of work. If the operating conditions are difficult, for example if a large field is mowed all at once and the lawnmower has not had time to cool down, or if cheap lubricants are used, the lubricant has to be checked and regreased every 20 hours of operation.

Indirect indications that it is necessary to lubricate the gearbox can be overheating or noisy assembly. In these cases, if inspection reveals that there is enough lubricant in the node in terms of volume, I recommend replacing it entirely, while it is advisable to choose a different auto chemical manufacturer. Also I recommend to replace the grease completely, with disassembly and washing of the unit, when buying a second-hand gasoline grass trimmer.

Gear lubricant for gasoline grass trimmer.

A range of greases for garden equipment

According to the instructions, a special gear lubricant should be used to lubricate the bevel gear. As a rule, manufacturers of garden equipment produce and recommend the chemistry of their brand, as the most adapted to their devices.

At the same time, in order to reduce the cost of operation of garden equipment and increase the attractiveness of the brand of automotive chemicals, lubricants for garden equipment are usually made multifunctional. It is designed not only to lubricate the gears of gasoline trimmers, but also for the treatment of hoses, gears and gearboxes of any garden equipment and mechanical devices operating under high loads.

An example is a special high-quality grease from Oleo-Mac, based on molybdenum bisulfate. In the catalogs of online stores it is often found in the section of automotive chemicals, use the filter when searching: Purpose. Garden equipment. Or Liqui Moly LM 47 MoS2. CV joint grease with a special antifriction additive. molybdenum disulfide, designed for high-speed and loaded bearings. This gear lubricant is sold in easy-to-use, easy-to-store tubes.

Even if the specialized gear lubricant has almost completely worn out during operation, additives still form an effective lubricating protective film on the gear surface.

It should be noted that many brushcutter owners on the expanses of the former CIS countries to lubricate the gearbox using regular Lithium-based Lithol-24 or grease for Cables. It’s easy to fill the gearbox with a 5cc medical syringe. Many motorists, instead of the side screw, match the thread and screw in a linchpin from used passenger car crosspieces. This add-on allows you to add Lithol without disassembling the assembly with a grease gun.

The undoubted advantage of using Lithium-based grease and Lithium-based grease to fill the brushcutter transmission is that it’s cheaper to run. But there are nuances, because of which break the spears on the forums of gardeners Internet space. For my thoughts on what you can lubricate with lithium-based grease and what you can’t, read my article “Lithol as a brushcutter gear lubricant”.

How to lubricate the gearbox on a brushcutter or petrol grass trimmer.

Side bolt 17 on gasoline grass trimmer gearbox

Как обслуживать и ремонтировать головку шестерни стриммера.

For safety reasons, it is essential that the spark plug / tee cap be removed for all maintenance work on the brushcutter in order to avoid the risk of accidental starting. Do not flip the trimmer to avoid leaking gasoline.

Remove the side screw on the brushcutter gearbox. Depending on the manufacturer of the garden tool, there may be a wrench bolt instead of a hexagon screw, often a 17. Threads are common, unscrew counterclockwise. Do not lose the sealing washer.

If there is no grease visible on the inside face of the screw, you need to add 3 to 4 grams. Rotate the gear by hand, reversing the direction of rotation, so that the grease is distributed to the gears. Repeat the operation several times. On average about 5 to 10 grams of oil goes into the reducer. The unit must be completely filled with lubricant, taking into account the screw installation. Then install the screw in place, tightening it firmly.

As you can see, you don’t need much time or special skills to lubricate the gearbox on your brushcutter. Usually takes longer to assemble than to do all the preventive work. Have a safe gardening experience. Share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on how to care for gasoline trimmers.

Design and principle of the trimmer gearbox

Gearbox is a device for transferring rotation to the cutting unit from the motor shaft. Its second purpose is to convert the angular velocity of the output shaft into lower or higher revolutions. In the first case, the device is called “demultiplier” and is used on trimmers with powerful engines, in the second case. “multiplier” and is installed on low-power tools. The reducer is always placed at the bottom of the boom of gasoline and electric mowers of different brands, whether it is “Champion”, Huter or other brand.

The design of the gearbox is as follows. The main parts are the pinion shaft (to transfer motion from the motor) and the gear wheel mounted on the driven shaft (to rotate the cutting unit). To reduce the friction force during movement, rolling bearings are placed on the bearing points of the shafts. They are protected by special washers to keep lubricant and prevent penetration of dirt inside the seating. All parts are placed in duralumin casing with special technological opening for lubricant inlet. It is necessary so that you do not have to constantly disassemble the assembly to perform the lubrication.

Thus, the gearbox design, depending on the model and brand that produced the equipment (e.g., Sterwins, “Pro Arab”), includes several gears, interconnected by teeth to transmit rotation and moving at high speed. High friction causes the gears to become warm.

When to lubricate the gearbox of a grass trimmer?

A clear signal to lubricate the gearbox of a drive unit is when it heats up quickly during operation or when unusual noises appear. Lubrication is mandatory in this case.

It is also necessary to follow the recommendations of the gasoline or electric trimmer manufacturer. He specifies the lubrication intervals in the operator’s manual of the device.

However, even the manufacturer can not take into account all the nuances and features of the modes of operation of these mechanisms, so there is a fair opinion among the masters of maintenance of electric or brushcutters that gearbox maintenance should be performed without waiting for the signs of failure. Grass trimmer gearbox lubrication is recommended every 10-15 motor-hours (i.e. hours of operation).

It is possible to meet recommendations to perform lubrication at the end of the season during the preservation for winter storage. However, it is better to put new grease in the gearbox before the start of seasonal work.

Cases where lubrication is required include repairs to the unit and any disassembly of the unit.

Gear lubrication is also necessary if you have purchased a second-hand grass trimmer.

How to lubricate the gearbox of your grass trimmer? Grass trimmer lubrication points

Proper maintenance is the key to long and reliable operation of the tool. Primitive maintenance operations include timely gearbox lubrication and grass trimmer filter cleaning. And what to lubricate the grass trimmer gearbox, every user must know. The cleaning process requires several steps:

  • After removing the hood, the element is removed.
  • Then it is flushed with petrol and dried (naturally).
  • The filter housing is cleaned of oil and dust residues.
  • Check the boom for rotation during operation.

Is it possible to lubricate the gearbox of the grass trimmer with solidol, if no other means are available? No, for a long life time the machine manufacturers recommend the use of specialised lubricants. Some manufacturers develop care products that are adapted directly to the brand name tool. To lubricate the working couples, you only need to unscrew the plug and pour the liquid into the container.

The process of lubricating the gearbox

The gearbox is a mechanical device that is designed to transmit torque from the motor to the cutting equipment. Located at the bottom of the grass trimmer.

Immediately before maintenance work, remove the protective cap (or plug of the spark plug). It is forbidden to turn the grass trimmer upside down to avoid fuel leakage. To replace the grease, disassemble the device.

The disassembly process consists of the following steps:

  • The side screw is unscrewed.
  • If there are no traces of grease, it should be added (3-4 grams).
  • The gearing is then rotated by hand. This is to distribute material evenly over the gears.

The operation is repeated several times. The node must be filled tightly with grease. At the end of the operation, the screw is set in place and tightened firmly.

To lubricate the grass trimmer gearbox, it is necessary to clean the plug and the place around it from contamination, and then unscrew it. The lawnmower is placed on the left side. Turning the gearing, grease is simultaneously added to the gear housing until it is full.

How to choose the right lubricant

During operation, the nodes of the mechanism are loaded by contact forces on the tines, the resistance reactions of debris, as well as dynamic and shock loads. Depending on the nature of the load, you should choose what to lubricate the trimmer gear for grass.

The following factors should be taken into account when selecting a grease

  • manufacturer’s brand;
  • viscosity of the grease (the selection of this parameter depends on the torque of the shaft);
  • adhesion to the surface of the parts of the assembly;
  • intensity of grease consumption (ambient temperature, type and volume of work must be taken into account).

In the absence of a necessary lubricant, you can use a universal. The latter must contain some components:

  • anti-wear additives (without toxic lead);
  • mineral oils of high purity (inorganic);
  • solid lubricants with graphite or molybdenum disulfide.

How to Grease Brushcutter Gearbox? Trimmer head lubrication

Varieties of lubricating compositions

Lubricants of different consistencies are used for the care of the nodes of the mechanism:

  • Semi-fluid. Such compositions contain a variety of additives and additives.
  • Plastic. Are the most universal option. Most often used for gear and screw drives.
  • Solid. Plate slurries in original condition.

Special gear lubricant belongs to the semi-liquid system.

STIHL grass trimmer grease is popular. Due to the special composition and components, significantly reduces wear and increases resistance to corrosion. The main properties of this brand of grease are:

STIHL grass trimmer grease is suitable for brushcutters and trimmers and all transmissions with an enclosed housing.

Faults and remedies

  • High (or rapid) heat. Lack of lubrication is the main reason. If this malfunction is found, add lubricant and run the tool sparingly.
  • Increased vibration, staggering of the gearbox.

Grass trimmer lubrication points

For smooth, trouble-free operation and a long service life, the mechanism should be inspected and maintained carefully. Important point is the lubrication of moving parts. In most cases they are:

The multipurpose water-resistant grease “Lithol-24” is popular among users. Operating temperature range: from.40 to 120 degrees C. This grease is used in friction units and is effective at higher temperatures.

Properties of trimmer grease

Special substances are used in the production of greases, which must comply with environmental regulations and standards. After production, they decompose without harming the environment.

Material consistency initially has a high viscosity level, and during operation this parameter decreases. This factor ensures full penetration and reliable protection of working pairs in heating conditions.

Prolonged use and trouble-free operation is ensured by timely and proper maintenance. Different materials are used for care operations.

Well-known manufacturers develop their own brand care products. These include: lubricant for trimmers “Husqvarna”, “Champion”, “Makita” and others.

The gearbox of the gasoline grass trimmer should be lubricated every 8-10 working hours.

Lubricant reviews by users

Experts advise to use only original materials, the characteristics of which meet the requirements of the manufacturer. If there are none, you should clarify what to lubricate the trimmer gear for grass.

Experienced users do not recommend the use of solidol, because this material is not suitable for the temperature and speed characteristics of the unit, as well as the consistency.

Also, this material has no antiwear properties.

The range of working temperatures of solidol. from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even at such parameters in the process of heating the density of the material increases, and the grease itself becomes coarse. In the event of an emergency, “Lithol-24” may be used on the tool.

What kind of grease should be used for grass trimmer gear?

During operation, the mechanical part of the grass trimmer is loaded with contact forces on the teeth, resistance reactions from grass clinging (sometimes. with dirt), dynamic, impact loads due to constantly changing torque. Grass trimmer gear lubricant must fully take into account these features, so the selection of the brand must be strictly individual.

The following factors are taken into account:

  • Manufacturer’s brand. Each brand is not unreasonably focused on lubricants of its own making (we can talk about cheap Chinese products later). This applies to manufacturers such as Husqvarna, STIHL, Huter, Makita, etc. Domestic grass trimmers are an exception: for example, Kalibr does not indicate the lubricant brand at all in the user’s manual.
  • Viscosity of the grease. As is known, all lubricating compositions are divided into three groups. high-viscosity (colloidal systems containing various additives), plastic compounds of universal use and solid lubricants that soften during operation.
  • Good adhesion to the surface of the gearbox parts, so that the grease is not squeezed out into the gaps or out of the unit.
  • Intensity of grease consumption by the gearbox. Here it is necessary to take into account your own experience and recommendations of specialists, because some trimmer manufacturers, trusting in their own service centers, do not give any clear recommendations concerning period of operation of a gearbox between two lubrications.

Lubricant consumption also depends on the temperature at which the lubricant retains its lubricating power. When the gearbox is heated up to 40 ° C, it is considered that the conditions of its work. satisfactory, and lubrication is enough.

It is believed that there is no universal lubricant for the grass trimmer gearbox, but this is not quite true. In fact, a suitable lubricant would be one that contains the following components:

  • Antiwear additives that do not contain toxic lead;
  • Solid lubricants with graphite or molybdenum disulfide (the latter is preferable, since this preserves the full lubricating power for a large range of shaft speeds);
  • Mineral (non-organic) lubricants only!) oils, with high purity.

The mentioned requirements are fully met by lithium greases Gear Grease OREGON or Champion EP-0, domestic compositions Oleo-Mas, Lithol.24, or Azmol 158, as well as those recommended by the manufacturer of the particular trimmer model for grass.

Maintenance of the gasoline grass trimmer

Most brushcutters and trimmers have a flexible shaft. Its condition should be checked at least once every 50 operating hours. To do this, you have to remove the boom tip, pull out the shaft and inspect it, then lubricate.

For the care of the shaft is suitable for inexpensive materials, it is more difficult to pick them for the gearbox of the trimmer for grass. What to lubricate this mechanism with. it depends on the company-manufacturer of the tool. It is best to use materials that contain molybdenum disulfide. The latter provides smoothing and filling of cracks in the working surface, so it is especially appreciated among users.

Important: Using a large amount of high-density grease leads to overheating of the mechanism, increased friction of the working couples and fuel consumption. So it’s important to choose the right oil and preventive maintenance.