What Oil To Pour Into The Lawn Mower?

Everyone knows that the car engine requires special care, which will ensure a long and trouble-free life of the motor. The same rule applies to the motor of the petrol lawn mower: depending on whether you have a trimmer or a large four-wheel mower, you will face the problem of choosing the oil. What are the main requirements for lawn mower engine oil?

How to choose lawn mower oil?

As with any unit, there is an instruction to the lawn mower, in which not only the main characteristics of the tool but also the rules for caring for it are stated. So, in the instructions, it will be written that for lawnmowers, it is necessary to use only specialized oil. And some manufacturers insist on using oil of the same brand as the lawn mower itself.
This fact turns out to be just a marketing ploy of manufacturers, and for a lawn mower, both automotive and motorcycle engine oil for four-stroke engines may be suitable. Just follow the basic rules:

  1. The oil must be mineral or semi-synthetic. Thoroughly synthetic oil can burn the motor, so it is better not to use it at all. During the operation of the lawn mower in mineral oil, a lot of sludge is formed, so we advise you to opt for semi-synthetic oil. Besides, mineral oil today is quite challenging to find.
  2. Oil viscosity should not exceed SAE 30 or 10w30, and the quality category should vary between SE and SJ. A more viscous oil can disrupt engine performance, but it also applies to a less viscous oil. All these indicators must be indicated on the packaging.
  3. Choose oil depending on temperature conditions of work. If you mow in cold weather, the viscosity of the oil may be higher than the above, but the next time you turn on you will have to change the oil to the right one.

In lawn mowers with four-stroke engines, oil is poured into a special crankcase and never mixed with gasoline, since the design of such a gasoline mower does not involve a mix of oil and fuel. On the contrary, it can cause engine breakdowns. It is enough to change the oil once a season, as usually, the crankcase can hold from 450 to 600 ml of oil. this is enough for processing large areas. However, do not be lazy to check the oil level before each use of the tool.

How is oil used in two-stroke lawn mowers?

As a rule, the two-stroke engine is installed on trimmers, and since their design does not imply the presence of unnecessary parts, a separate container for oil is not provided. How to be in this case? Cook the fuel mixture.
For lawn mowers with a two-stroke engine, the same rules as for their large counterparts work, with one exception — the oil should be bought for units with a two-stroke engine.
On each trimmer (or in the instructions for it) the proportions of mixing fuel and oil are indicated: from 1:32 to 1:35. This rule is valid only for mineral oil! And since it is now quite challenging to find it, and the cost can frighten off, semisynthetic or even synthetic oil is most often used. Note that the mixing proportions in this case change, and become. 1:50. If in doubt, carefully examine the packaging of the oil, it is usually indicated this data. Should be guided on them. To prepare the mixture enough to pour in five liters of gasoline with 100 ml of oil, this should be enough for the whole season of regular mowing. If not, repeat the procedure.