What’s the best potato harvester for the tiller?

Variety of the transporter potato harvester for the motor tiller

An important helper in harvesting potatoes for farmers is the transporter potato digger for power tillers. Usually it is customary to dig potatoes by hand, but this requires a person to spend a lot of effort and time. Such a machine greatly reduces wasted time, doesn’t take as much effort, and increases the speed of harvesting.

There are few types of supplies for a power tiller.

  • A simple potato digger has a knife in the form of a shovel and bars that are attached on top of. When the machine drops the soil with the sharp side, the potatoes go through the bars, are shaken out of the ground and are left lying on the plot, but already in a clean form. When selecting a potato digger, it depends on the model of the power tiller and the soil structure.
  • A transporter potato digger should be equipped with a plough with an iron fence and wheels. Potatoes from the plough goes to the trellis, because of the vibration is pulled out of lumps of soil and also lies clean on the plot. The most famous transporter potato digger vibrating single-row KKM and KUM-1. It does not weigh much, has small dimensions, it will be convenient to use for any gardener.

The Transporter Potato Digger is a great advantage for the tiller. It is made in a modern way. It works in such a way that the soil layers, cut by the ploughshare, reach the conveyor belt, and there begins a good cleaning of the potatoes from the heavy soil. The machine does not fill much space. Its size does not impede the piling of fruits in a bucket. The conveyor belt spudder helps to harvest potatoes several times faster than other types of machines.

The most popular potato harvesters for power tillers

Potato digger on a manual single axle tractor is selected according to the following criteria:

Construction sizes of manual potato diggers may vary, so the tool is chosen according to their capabilities and the size of the plot.

Intercultivator Potato Digger Demo

There are one-row and two-row models. One-row potato digger for power tiller performs only one action, processing 1 row, while the two-row one processes 2 rows at once, it is also used as an okra.

The potato digger for the tiller KKM1 is a small-sized device designed for mechanized harvesting of potatoes, beets and onions. The design consists of a sieve and a movable scraper blade. The wheels are fully adjustable, allowing variable digging depth. The motor operation is also adjustable, so you can adjust the gentleness of the separation. The weed-free field is cleared of all weeds 2-3 days before the harvest.

Mini potato digger is suitable for power tillers Neva-2a, MTZ-40, Favorit, Salut, Cascade. The potato cultivator is suitable for light to medium-heavy soils, 26% RH. The KKM1 can handle any operation on an area with soil density of 0,2 kg/sq.m. km and up to 9 t/ha blockage.

Technical specifications when planting potatoes using this model are as follows: the distance between the rows should be 70 cm. To increase the clutch force, a 50 kg weight is hung on the power tiller arm.

It is a one-row potato harvester that allows you to harvest without damaging the tubers. It is designed to work on small plots, suitable for Belarus motor cultivator.

The device is perfectly designed, which allows you to quickly separate potatoes from the soil without missing a single tuber. One of the advantages of working with this equipment is the ease of operation and maintenance: spare parts needed for repair are available at any TC.

The machine works on any kind of soil. Wheel mounting with a bracket is located at the base of the device, which allows to adjust the plowing depth.


This vibrating potato digger is suitable for any kind of power tiller. Poltava potato harvester is made of durable metal, has a steel hitch 7-8. Cutting table with scraping blades is attached to the vibrating mechanism, which is a 6 mm strip. When the machine is used properly, the harvest is gathered in 2-3 hours, without getting your hands dirty.

Thanks to the powerful tines, the potatoes can be easily bunched on the table. Here the soil is spilled on the floor, through the bars, and the tubers move closer to the end of the table. The potatoes are then dumped down. The only tubers that may remain in the ground are those that ended up in the mole hole.

KVMZ is an attachment designed for harvesting/planting potatoes. Vibrating potato digger for motor-block KVM 3, analogue of VMZ, also belongs to the vibrating devices. If you give preference to this model, it does not matter what brand of power tiller you have, because the device attaches to any equipment with belt drive. Makes no difference what kind of tractor is in front of you: made in China or Poland.

If you work on hard terrain, it’s possible to connect the adapter with blades directly to the frame to enhance the screening function. The device works perfectly with cultivators, where the pulley is mounted on the right and left side. When the pulley is on the right side, the digger is mounted on the left side, carrying out reinforcement work on the gearbox. Weighs only 40 kg. Suitable for Zubr, Patriot, Tornado, Ugra NMB 3 cultivators.

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Single axle tractor mounted mechanical small-sized one-row potato digger. The potato digger harvests on light and medium-heavy soils. 2 KN is effective in seedbeds cleared of foliage and weeds. The design weighs only 30 kg.

Good hitch system makes the unit more versatile in use and improves its performance. Productivity. 100 m/2 min. The spudger is suitable for power tillers Neva, Cascade, Caiman, Tomsk, Luch and can cultivate any type of virgin land.


Harvester KKMBA. a convenient simple potato harvester, designed for harvesting. It is excellent for work with power tillers Neva, OKA, Yarilo, Scout, Ural, Zarya. It is represented by the following models:


Semi-mounted potato harvester. KTF-01, 02, 05 is designed for work on light and medium soils. Estimated planting distance is 60 cm. The unit dimensions are 160 x 80 x 90 cm. Digging depth. 15-20 cm.

Single-row machine is aggregated with mini-tractors MTZ-132N, Belarus-09N, Crosser (zubr), bomet (MB), Crosser. The analogue of KFT2 is a Japanese rotary digger Star. Single row design.


Polishka Wirax or Wirex. a potato harvester for power tillers. Reinforced cardan enables the use of a mechanical digger for power tillers BelAgro, Super Kataisi. Plowing depth. 25 cm. PTO speed is 540 rpm.

Wirax is suitable for work on light medium-density soils. The equipment is easy to operate, maintain. Easy to read user manual. helps you set up the machine without any problems.

Modern potato harvester. it’s a passive-mounted attachment for connecting to machinery with a power take-off shaft. It works like a shovel or plow, but there are teeth or rods welded to the parts.

Main plow deepens, loosens and turns the soil. Potatoes are clung to the rods, lifted and remains on the surface.

What it looks like

Outwardly, the technique resembles an ordinary wheelbarrow, but differs in the presence of tines and mechanisms for rotating the carrying belt. There is an element for attaching it to the mini-tractor.

Working principle

The potato digger for the mini-tractor helps extract potatoes, beets, carrots and other root crops from the ground.

It happens in the following way:

After that, all you have to do is walk across the field and harvest. Compared to pulling with a shovel, the potato digger considerably increases productivity and reduces physical effort.

Reference. All models guarantee a gentle harvest. Practically no damage to the tubers. If the surface of the vegetable is slightly scratched, it is better to eat it immediately.

The potato digger is of the screen type, which is equipped with powerful wheels that significantly reduce the load on a single-axle tractor. The soil is picked up at a depth of about 20 cm. The working width is 37 cm with a machine weight of 40 kg.

Users say this model is one of the easiest to use, but reliable in terms of performance. Thickness of metal in some places makes this model practically eternal. The machine is equipped with a mass of additional seeders, which can also be used for sowing.

Advantages Disadvantages
Onions, beets and carrots can be harvested without damaging the tubers Used on light and medium soils only
Relatively inexpensive.)
Easy to use
Fits on most power tillers, has a practical detachable mounting system

Designed for connection to medium-sized power tillers with a keyed PTO. The conveyor-type implement weighs around 50 kg with a working width of 45 cm. Manual depth adjustment (maximum depth 30 cm).

Advantages Disadvantages
Made of high-strength metal Rather high price. about 28 000
Has a long lifetime Not suitable for hard, waterlogged soils
Roots are not damaged during harvesting
The machine can be operated manually

The vibratory potato harvester is designed for hard and loamy soils. Has an additional knife, which is used to undercut the layer of soil in which the potatoes are. At a relatively low price, this model is beloved by gardeners for the speed and quality of work done.

Advantages Disadvantages
Root crops sometimes get spoiled by the knives
High output and suitability for any soil conditions
Ease of use

“Soyuzmash KKBS reinforced”

The most primitive, but no less popular variant of potato diggers. The implement is a small plough with beams of ploughing tools. The plow plunges into the soil for 20 cm, loosens it and brings the potato to the surface, where it is detained in the bars, cleared of soil and laid out on the surface.

Advantages Disadvantages
Reasonable price. about 1000 p No fastener included
Robust, but more suitable for chernozem Only cleans 1 swath at a time

Best potato diggers easily cope with different types of soil. black earth, loam, sandy soil. The machine works efficiently regardless of soil moisture. The design provides a good ground clearance of potatoes, which simplifies cultivation. The technique is distinguished by high productivity, maximum efficiency. It is unpretentious, has a reliable connection to the rotary cultivator.

Mobil K KV-3

The passive fan digger for power tillers is a simple, robust piece of equipment. The manufacturer has 25 years of experience in producing attachments and power tillers. The technology used in production ensures perfect geometry that makes the process of uplift more effective. The fan model uses thicker steel than comparable models. This positively affects the increase of life, the ability to work with heavy soil.

Welding works are made with the help of conductor, it guarantees the accuracy of connection of plough elements. Bolted for mounting, with several holes to help adjust digging depth. The tuber ejection guides are securely welded, made of thick steel wire.

The 410 mm grip of the blade gives the implement great maneuverability, allowing the potato plough to use in difficult terrain. Robust construction for high working speed up to 5 km/h.

Huter 71/3/8

Simple design and high quality steel makes it a good choice for the horticulturist and home owner in the countryside. Can be used to harvest carrots, other root crops. The mounting rod has multiple holes for mounting at different heights. The equipment, according to reviews, copes well with the overturning of layers of soft soil, can be used in areas with heavy soil.

best, potato, harvester, tiller

Additional grousers increase efficiency, the potato ejector guides are made of durable steel, they won’t bend during operation. Heavy-duty steel withstands high loads. Small size allows the potato plough to be used on difficult terrain.

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The fan-powered potato plough for single axle tractors is easy to maintain. The plough is made from quality steel and lifts the surface while the guides guides guides the roots to the surface. The mounting bar has several holes for mounting on various brands of power tillers. This component is made of thickened steel, can withstand high loads and allows attachment without hitching.

The guides are made of thick wire, and the frequency of the elements allows the potatoes to be well peeled from the ground. Has proven itself in sandy and loamy soils. Durability of construction is guaranteed by high quality of welding and stamping of main parts.


Transport model for Neva power tillers provides high efficiency harvesting. Wide blade makes for maximum grip, the potatoes on the conveyor belt are perfectly separated from the soil and laid out on the surface. Tiller arms are effective on any ground and provide maneuverability of the machine. Safety guard prevents dirt from getting on the axle.

The headlands are equipped with lugs for turning, the tensioning device enables the conveyor belt to be adjusted to compensate for stretching during operation. Coupling to the rotary cultivator via the hitch flange. The operator can change the angle of the blade and adjust the working depth.

Soyuzmash KKM-1

Universal vibrating potato harrow for tillers was designed by the engineers of the Soyuzmash company for power tillers “Oka”, “Neva”, “Agat”, “Celina”. The CCM model is built on a spatial supporting frame made of durable steel. Is connected to the drive by means of a reliable belt transmission. An adapter can be used to connect it to your power tiller. Horizontal vibrations are performed by the eccentric shaft.

Wheels or tines are used for transport. The sieve screen effectively breaks up sticky soil lumps during operation. The blade works well on loamy soils. The equipment can be used on fields clogged with stones, on soils with moisture up to 27%.

Champion BC-8713

Straight model for Champion power tiller, attaches to drive unit with optional hitch. Has a rigid construction, reinforced by a steel angle. The rods for sorting and ejecting are made of thicker twigs additionally reinforced with a steel strip.

On the mounting rod there is an additional hole that allows you to change the depth of the ploughshare plunge. The main working parameter can be changed with the coupling bracket. All elements are connected by means of welding, which is characterized by good quality of seams. Powder-coated metal parts to protect against corrosion.

  • Low weight;
  • Simple, robust design;
  • Good for all types of soil;
  • No problems when maneuvering.


Model designed for use with Centaur, Mustang, Bucephalus rotary cultivators. Passive design has a hitch for rear mounting. The heavy walled boom is made of heavy gauge steel tubing for high load capacity. The wide blade lifts a large layer of ground, reducing the risk that part of the crop remains in the ground.

Tuber sifter guides work on two sides as you go. This part of the construction uses a thick steel bar, which does not bend during operation under the weight of the ground. Guides are reliably welded to the share. The blade is removable, making it easier to sharpen for routine maintenance.

Popular models

The screen-type potato harvester is used for plots with light to medium soil and humidity not more than 27%. In addition to potatoes, this equipment allows you to harvest beets, carrots and onions. Unit weighs about 40 kg, has a working width of 370 mm and a processing depth of 20 cm. KKM-1 productivity is 0,2 ha/h. The potato harrow is equipped with a sieve, ploughshare, and adapted to such models of tillers, as “Neva”, “Agat”, “Salut”, “MTZ”, “Favorite” and “Cascade.

, And in winter time the unit is cheaper. You can buy it in the manufacturing company or at official dealers.

This model of the attachment of vibrating type can be used with any models of power tillers made in Russia, Ukraine and China, such as “Neva”, “MTZ”, “Salut”, “Zarya”, “Agat” and others. To work on the toughest soils, the potato harvester is equipped with a special knife attached to the main frame, which creates a stronger vibrating lattice shaking the ground.

Weight of a potato digger KVM-3 makes 39 kg, and the working speed. 1-2 km/h. Working width is 37 cm, working depth. 200 mm. Machine productivity. 0,1-0,2 ha/h. In Russia this model costs on the average about 7 000-9 000. You can buy the potato harrow directly from the manufacturer or from small agricultural equipment dealers.


This machine of the vibrating type weighs 34 kg and is well suited for working on plots not exceeding 2 hectares. Speed and productivity of a potato digger is 2-3 km/h and 0,2 ha/h respectively. Working width is 39 cm, while the depth is 18 cm. Model “Poltavchanka” is equipped with a belt and a pin, allowing to connect the unit to power tillers “Zarya”, “Favorit”, “Neva”, “MTZ”, “Agat”, “Salyut” and other similar devices.

This attachment works excellent on medium-hard soils with max. 30% moisture. Thanks to the adjustable wheels, it is possible to choose the desired depth during harvesting and can be purchased from official dealers or directly from the manufacturer.

This conveyor-type machine cultivates a strip 45 cm wide and weighs 47 kg. The potato digger has the opportunity to adjust the depth of cultivation with the help of support wheels. Conveyor speed is controlled by the engine speed of the power tiller.

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This model is designed to work with heavy and medium-sized power tillers with a keyed PTO, such as “Zubr”, “MTZ”, “Kentavr” and others. Medium

Vibrating potato harvester for “Neva” power tiller

This model of the vibrating potato harvester was designed especially for “Neva” power tillers. However, with additional straps and attachments it can be used on other power tillers with the same attachment. The unit weighs 34 kg, has a working width of 360 mm and a working depth of 200 mm. The potato digger has a capacity of 0.15-0.2 ha/h at 1-2 km/h.

You can buy the unit directly from the manufacturer, as well as from specialized companies involved in the sale of small agricultural equipment. This model has received the best reviews.

Rating of the best potato diggers for power tillers in 2022


Designed for use in temperate climates. Brief description:

  • width. 320 mm;
  • Length. 420 mm;
  • One hole in the stand;
  • The width of the dig is 32 cm;
  • Digging depth. 20 cm;
  • weighs 5.15 kg.

Motorized version designed for digging root crops. Used in light to medium soils. No hitch included. Parameters: 550 x 445 mm. Can be purchased at any point of sale.

Russian producer offers a good quality product that will be indispensable for the potato digging, shifting from manual to mechanized digging. Used with Patriot power tillers. Sifts the soil and throws the tubers to the surface of the ground. Efficient device that allows you to keep your root crops looking marketable. Use on light to medium soils.

  • Low weight (5 kg);
  • easy to use;
  • efficient;
  • Sold in any specialized store;
  • Long working life.

Goods are made by a Russian company. Weight. 5.25 kg, dimensions. 550 x 445 mm. Purpose. sifts the soil and ejects potato tubers to the surface. Used in light and medium soils.

best, potato, harvester, tiller

This attachment belongs to the category of diggers. Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 400 mm, weighs only 5.05 kg, legs are 12 mm thick. Produced in Russia. Can be worked at depths of 25. 30 cm. Main application. digging out root crops. No question where to buy. The units are waiting for their potential owners in all specialized stores.


Refers to the category of attachments for power tillers. Producer company of Russian origin. Main purpose: mechanical removal of root crops, followed by manual harvesting. Can be used for harvesting onions, beets, carrots, etc. Efficient if you harvest potatoes planted in rows every 60 to 70 cm. To increase output, it is worthwhile to hang a load of at least 50kg on the front of the boom. The main conditions of use:

  • Soils are medium to light;
  • moisture index. up to 27%;
  • Solid material blockage of 8 to 9 t/ha;
  • Soil hardness. max. 20 kg/sq m.see.

Working elements: active ploughshare (knife) and screen (sifting grid). Thanks to the depth guide wheels, the digging depth can be adjusted. It is desirable to use with such power tillers as Hopper, Weima, Patriot, Carver, Forza, with 18 mm PTO.

Delivery is made all over Russia, both in major cities and small settlements. it is possible to use the services of the online store, and the payment of 14890 is made after receiving and inspection of the machine.

  • The equipment is reliable and easy to use;
  • Failures are extremely rare;
  • The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty;
  • Good combination of price and quality;
  • simple design;
  • It allows you to quickly and efficiently handle large harvests.

Products of Russian production are valued for high quality, reliability and durability. Suspended to power tillers Kaskad, Celina, Neva, Forza, Salyut and other similar models. Allows for mechanical harvesting of potatoes, by pulling them out of the ground. After you need human hands to put it in bags. Can be used to harvest beets and onions. It is attached to the front of the tiller with a special attachment. Gear belt adjustment is mandatory.

  • one year warranty is provided;
  • Quickly and easily mounted to the tiller;
  • uncomplicated design;
  • effective;
  • comfortable in use;
  • Helps to collect a crop quickly;
  • versatile;
  • It is possible to order through the Internet-shop paying by cash on delivery;
  • Preserves the appearance of the product.

Canopies on minitractors are made by a Russian company. They belong to the class of vibrating. Accessories: sifting grid and blade (working plowshare). Vibration frequency and digging depth can be adjusted. Positive feature: the noteworthy final result. clean potatoes on top of the bed. To mount the device on a minitractor, you need a driveline, which is not included in the kit and is purchased additionally, thereby increasing the cost of the unit.

  • replaces manual work;
  • easy to use;
  • easy to install;
  • Will master both light and medium soil;
  • high quality of work;
  • does not spoil the appearance of tubers;
  • can be operated for a long time;
  • reliable;
  • delivery is possible to any region of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus;
  • cash on delivery.

Russian-made products, high quality and reliability. There are practically no breakages, correct operation. 1 year warranty. Used for mechanized digging of potato tubers. Compatible with power tillers Kaskad, Neva, Forza, Salyut and Celina, as well as similar models.

You can buy the product for 11000 per unit.

Модернизация копалки для мотоблока ч.1. Upgrading (revision) potato digger for tillers part 1.

  • high quality;
  • long service life;
  • easy to use;
  • practically does not break;
  • speeds up harvesting;
  • high efficiency;
  • the possibility of ordering through the online store;
  • deferred payment;
  • excellent combination of price and quality.