What Stihl Means In Weather

It happens that the usual yellow sun turns red shades. Since ancient times, people know that this is not just. For example, a red sunset. a sign that portends a change in weather conditions, a good harvest. But there are predictions with a negative connotation. In order to understand what exactly the sunburnt sun brings, it is necessary to carefully study all the nuances.

What Stihl Means In Weather

Sign: the sun sets in the clouds

The scarlet at sunset almost always indicates a change in weather. Such a bewitching spectacle takes place not only in the summer, but in other seasons:

  • If the sun goes down in the clouds. it will definitely be rainy weather. The likelihood of a hurricane, strong wind is very high. They also look at the clouds in which the sun sinks. If in striped. rain showers will last a long time.
  • Around the luminous white circle. means the good weather will linger. For example, in winter the days will be frosty, dry, windless. In summer, warm Stihl.
  • The burgundy sun goes over the horizon for a long time. to soon warming.

Why red sunset

Sunset is a beautiful phenomenon, as bright as dawn. The ancestors were sure that Yarilo traveled around the sky in his chariot, looked at people, and made it possible to understand what the new day would be like. If the sunset is red, then folk signs promise the following:

  • the crimson appeared after call. the onset of bad weather;
  • the sky turned red instantly. it will rain in 2-3 days;
  • dark shade of red. change in weather conditions is quick with negative manifestations. Most likely, the deterioration will be the next day.

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Lingering red sunset and brightly shining sun. expect warm, calm weather that will last long.

Scarlet dawn

Popular signs relate not only to the sunset. The red sun during sunrise is also a harbinger of weather changes. over, the change in weather conditions will happen faster. on the same day:

  • red dawn indicates a strong wind during the day;
  • summer crimson. heavy rains. Winter scarlet dawn. a decrease in temperature;
  • the sky reddened, the sun is bright: after 2-3 days, wait for bad weather. Added several shades of burgundy to scarlet. an ambulance;
  • dark clouds, a red dawn breaks through them. bad weather will last long. If such a phenomenon in winter. to snowfalls, in other seasons. to showers.

What kind of weather the red sun portends

To accurately decipher the messages of nature, it is worth paying attention to the remaining nuances:

  • redness stands out on the north side. to frost;
  • pale pink, pale red. a strong westerly wind will be tomorrow;
  • light cerulean, green, golden, light pink prevail. the days will be warm, calm. Even with clouds, such shades are a good omen;
  • dark clouds, the red sun goes out in them. rain with thunderstorms will be at night;
  • along with sunrise in the east a rainbow is visible. rain, and in the west. weather conditions will improve.

The sun in all cultures, religions is source of heat and good. National signs about the red sun also concerned military operations, attacks of external enemies. But in the modern world, only natural predictions have found scientific confirmation.