Where can I repair my cultivator?

Cultivators repair

Cultivator repair at the customer’s home is possible. In most cases, the problem can be solved with equipment that the technician can bring to you with. An experienced technician can do it even with simple tools. Also our specialists always take with them on departure spare parts which can be necessary in the course of repair, guided by our own statistics. In 95% of cases it is possible to fix the cultivator right on the spot. If this fails. We will gladly take care of the transportation of your equipment to our service center.

Type of work Cost ( )
Glow plug replacement 150
Carburetor Cleaning 550
V-belt replacement 760
Piston ring replacement 990
Magneto Replacement 1230
Fuel system cleaning 770
Gasoline hose replacement 879
Starter replacement 500
Carburetor repair 800
Air filter replacement 200
Change of fuel filter 200
Engine replacement 3500
Engine rpm adjustment 700
Change of gasoline pump 600
Repair of ignition system 750
Pulley repair 680

Carburetor for power tiller

Many owners of power tillers are faced with defects: the equipment does not start, closes when you open the choke, runs irregularly, “shoots” or “accelerates. Particularly unsuccessful if the failure occurs in the midst of work, when every day is precious. Almost always the cause of unbalanced motor operation is related to the incorrect feeding of the combustible consistency. Solving the problem often helps to correctly regulate the carburetor of the motor-block. an easy operation that is simple to perform with their own hands and thus save on paid repair.

The Belarus 5 is notable for its original design. It is quite devoid of a frame, which allowed to considerably decrease the weight of the device. The equipment itself is presented as a single-axle, two-wheeled chassis, where all units are combined into one. The engine, gearbox and running gear are the main components.

Engine of MTZ-05 motoblock is attached specifically to the wet, multi-disc clutch. Next is the main transmission unit, represented by bevel gears with spiral teeth. Behind the main gear is a self-locking differential. From it, the torque is transmitted to the wheels by means of single-stage reducers.

On top of the box is a fuel tank for 5 liters and the control column, where the controls are located. The wheels are mounted on the flanges of the final drives. Two high-tread low-pressure wheels with herringbone-shaped tires provide good traction.

repair, cultivator

The exhaust pipe is on the right side of the motor, and the parking brake is mounted on the bottom. MTZ Belarus 5 has a mechanical transmission, located behind the clutch. The four main speed provides the movement of machinery at speeds ranging from 2 to 10 km / h. Reverse mode is used to move the power tiller.

How to repair machinery in farming simulator 19

Hello, dear visitor! If you have a question about how to make repairs in farming simulator 2019, you can read the detailed and step by step instructions on how to repair machinery in farming simulator 19.

Repair equipment in the game fs 19, you will need to make regular repairs, because the technique can fail. To see how worn out your equipment, you need to press the key to enter the game menu settings, for this press the key “Esc”. In the menu that opens, click on the icon “Tractors”, on the left side of the screen you will see vehicles, plows, cultivators, which you pair with the technique, and in the column with a picture of a “wrench”, you will see how much your technique is working. As an example, I will be fixing a cultivator and a tractor that have received a little wear and tear. Repair your equipment can do on your workshop and dealer’s store, where there is a special box. The first thing I will tell you how to repair machinery in farming simulator 19 with his shop, and then tell you how to repair technique without having its workshop. You need to buy a workshop and install it near your vehicle.

So, to buy a garage in the game farming simulator 19, you need on his keyboard, press the English key “P” the same key is denoted by the Russian letter “Z”. Next, you will open a special menu, where you will need to click on the button with the image of “Home” in the opened section “Static Objects”, click on “Other”.

When you click on the “Other” button, you will have various objects open, in our case, we need to select “Auto Workshop” and click on the “Details” button.

In the next step you will be proposed to set the workshop to the place you prefer. I will set the workshop not under the equipment. On the left side of the screen there is a menu, with tips on what buttons to press. We need the buttons with the section “turn”, in my case it is the “left and right” arrow buttons. If the workshop is red, then you will not be able to install the workshop in that place. If the workshop is green, you can install the workshop at this location. The price of the workshop is written in the menu tips second line “Buy”, in my case the price of the workshop is 28 020 euros. To buy and install a workshop press the “Enter” key.

After the set up of the workshop in your chosen place, a certain amount of money will be taken from your balance at the cost of the workshop. Now that we have a workshop, we can begin to repair the vehicle, to do this we exit the workshop buying mode by pressing “Esc” key.

So, to fix the equipment in fs 19, you need to drive to the workshop and put any technique near the workshop. For example I will fix the cultivator, for this I used the tractor to unhitch the cultivator right next to the workshop and the tractor drove a little further. After you put the equipment near the workshop approach the yellow icon “Tractor with money” and press the “R” key

After that you will open a menu where you can make repairs to the equipment. In the field of status you can see how badly damaged your technique. Click on “Repair” to repair the technique.

When you click on “Fix”, a window will open in which you will see the price to fix the technique, to fix the equipment, click on “Yes”. After all of these steps, the repair is complete. This is the way I like it the best.

And the second way of equipment repair in fs 2019. With the second method, you do not need your own workshop and do not need to buy it, let’s take a closer look at the second method of mending equipment. To fix the technique you need to go to the technique store, there is a special box, with the help of which you can repair your technique. In the screenshot I have indicated and circled the position, behind the store, where you can repair the equipment. Also you can teleport your technique to the store and quickly visit the store yourself. If you do not know how to teleport equipment in the game, you can see the instructions on how to teleport equipment in fs 19.

After you have teleported or driven to the store, you need to get into the transport and go to the left side of the store to the special box, drive to the special fence and get out of the transport. Next, we need to go to the yellow icon “tractor with money” and press the key “R”, after which you will have a special menu, where you can repair the technique. Repair equipment in the store at the dealer has a minus, after repair, you can not move the equipment on the farm, you will need to walk to the farm. That’s why I most of all liked its own machine shop, where you can repair any equipment at any time.

Now you know how to make repairs of machinery in farming simulator 2019, this is where I will end the instructions, bye everyone, have a nice game, see you again on computerhom.ru.

Cultivator MTD T/245

Cultivator MTD will be an excellent choice for all fans of reliability and high quality. The manufacturers have supplemented the unit with a motor MTD Thorx 55, the power of which (5.5 l. с.) is enough to perform many basic tasks and cultivate even virgin land.

Many owners of the device say that with its help they replace the shovel, because the depth of the cutting element is 32 cm, which allows you to achieve an excellent result without much physical effort. The engine is periodically cooled by the influence of the air flow, so about the overheating of the mechanism elements do not need to worry.

The repairability of the model and the availability of spare parts are also a positive feature of the technical development, because you can quickly and easily replace the element, using the diagram below.

How to Fix a Mantis Tiller


  • Fuel. gasoline A-95;
  • Weight. 39 kg;
  • Cutter width. 30,5 cm;
  • Recommended oil. SAE 10W30;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 1,4 l.

MTD T/245 motor valves are located on the top of the machine, which increases productivity, reduces fuel consumption and reduces noise during operation.

MTD T 245 cultivator operator manual

Fixing a Earthquake tiller that won’t start.

How to use the home-made cultivator

In order for a power tiller from a gasoline-powered saw Ural or other gasoline-powered tool to last as long as possible, you need to follow a number of rules when using it.

The main ones include:

repair, cultivator
  • The farmer should strictly observe the proportion when preparing the fuel mixture. Too much engine oil will harm the engine piston group and carburetor. If you add too little oil, the rubbing parts of the engine will succumb to increased wear;
  • transmission mechanisms require regular cleaning and oil changes. This should be done at least twice a season;
  • The owner of the cultivator, whether it is a homemade machine or a chainsaw attachment, should check the condition of the paintwork of the equipment. If scuffs have appeared on metal parts, they should be painted over quickly. This will prevent the appearance of rust;
  • The chainsaw cultivator engine should not smoke. If this happens, the work must be stopped and continued only after the engine has cooled down.

Observing these conditions, the owner of homemade equipment from a chainsaw will be able to extend the period of use of the cultivator, and avoid the need for its repair.


Motor cultivators are divided into three main groups:

  • The most low-powered of them have a weight that does not exceed 30 kg. They are designed for use on plots not exceeding 12 hectares. Most of these cultivators work using electricity.
  • powerful devices are designed to work on plots of 10 to 50 acres. Here models with gasoline engine are used. Such cultivators weigh 50-90 kg. Their weight allows you to work sufficiently hard soil.
  • For those plots, the size of which exceeds 50 acres, you need even more powerful cultivators. The devices that fall into this category usually weigh more than 90 kg. They can be equipped with additional modules, which significantly increases their functionality.

How to use services?

Using our services is very easy. For this purpose please contact the expert and describe the problem. We can perform repairs in our own workshop and also at your home. This is especially useful when the cultivator has large dimensions and considerable weight, it is difficult to transport it, there is no personal vehicle, etc.п. Thanks to our spare parts stock for all brands of cultivators the specialists of the Technodid Service Center repair your machine in the shortest possible time.

Sometimes a cultivator stops working for the most ridiculous reasons. The culprit is low-quality fuel, a defective spark plug or a clogged fuel filter. You can easily restore the functionality of your cultivator, following our instructions!

Price for the services of TechnoDid SC

Wheel replacement 260
Oil change 680
Complete carburetor overhaul (including flushing and adjustment) 1610
Spark plug replacement 140
Replacing the wheel drive belt 910

All for works you can see in our price list.

Information about the machine and its malfunctions

Cultivators are autonomous universal agricultural devices for carrying out various works on homestead lands. Such units are able to perform a large number of functions related to effective land treatment due to possibility of use with various interchangeable attachments. plows, cultivators, seeders, carts and other devices. Particularly with the help of cultivator one can carry out plowing of land to a different depth, loosening of soil, loosening of plants, cutting of furrows for watering, and other agricultural operations.

The duration of reliable trouble-free operation of the cultivator directly depends on proper operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, timely and quality maintenance. Recommended frequency of maintenance of such agricultural machinery is on average 1 maintenance service per season (preferably before the beginning of active use). One of the important types of maintenance, which is carried out by our specialists. periodic diagnostics that allows identifying existing defects (for example, a cultivator does not start) and prevent occurrence of failures of nodes and parts during practical use. Diagnostics of technical condition or solution of a problem is carried out within 1-3 days after receipt in our service center. After conducting diagnostics, revealing of possible problems and malfunctions necessity and profitability of further repair is defined. For terms to repair the cultivator. is up to ten working days. depending on the type and complexity of failure, the brand of equipment, its year of manufacture and respectively the availability of spare parts in the warehouse of our company or supplier.

repair, cultivator