Where To Repair The Trimmer

Cordless trimmer: how to choose and is it worth choosing at all Let’s find out how to choose the right cordless trimmer and what to look for when buying it.

Pros and cons of the cordless trimmer

In fact, everything is simple here: there is no and there can be no consensus and the right decision for all. There are pros and cons; and this technique is not suitable for everyone, not for any conditions and tasks; and the models are far from the same in their parameters. By the word, as in any other business, you need to listen to everyone, and choose yourself.

By the way, I came across an interesting test of a low-power cordless trimmer in various conditions, on different types of our real vegetation. Interesting, I recommend:

Well, we will return to the problem of choice. I have tried to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of cordless trimmers in the hope that this will help find an answer to the question of whether to purchase a similar technique.

Benefits of the cordless trimmer

  • Low weight (depends on the model!);
  • Lack of wires (and, accordingly, higher security);
  • Lack of gasoline emissions (as a result of environmental friendliness, and just more pleasant to work);
  • Quite low noise level (in comparison with gasoline models);
  • Ease of operation (in comparison with gasoline models);
  • The ability to process hard-to-reach places (around trees, under benches, etc.).

Disadvantages of a cordless trimmer

  • Low power (there are quite powerful models, but they are heavy and expensive);
  • Relatively high price (everything is relative, see above);
  • Short operating time on one battery.
where to repair the trimmer

Thus, a lightweight cordless trimmer (which is the goal of my search):

  • Has a relatively low power,
  • Not suitable for mowing large areas and dealing with tall coarse grass,
  • Does not require significant physical effort during work,
  • Quite safe it can be entrusted even to a teenager.

Good or bad, everyone decides for himself.


To begin with (as already mentioned), we look at the presence of the actual battery and charger in the kit. If this is the first battery device in your arsenal, it is advisable to choose a model with a complete set (when buying a battery and a charger separately, the purchase will cost much more). If you already have a battery technology of the selected manufacturer, it is reasonable to first make sure whether the existing batteries and chargers are suitable for the new device, and then make a decision.

Sometimes you come across very nice offers, for example, the delivery set of the Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-260 trimmer includes 2 batteries (at a price of 8792 rubles, this is really a very good option). And it is quite unexpected to see such a complete set in a model for 4991 rubles, which is exactly how much the battery trimmer Patriot TR240 21V costs. However, keeping in mind exactly where free cheese is usually found, you need to carefully study all the parameters of such offers so that you don’t miss something really important in the pursuit of profit.

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Cordless lawn trimmer

  • Selection options
  • Price
  • Manufacturer
  • Equipment
  • Weight
  • Guarantee period
  • Specifications
  • Pros and cons of the cordless trimmer
  • We weigh and choose
  • Leaving aside trolley mowers and robots for now, not every site is suitable for their use. Let’s take a closer look at the universal trimmer tool. At first glance, battery models are what you need: light weight, easy operation, no wires that need to be dragged around the site. But the discussion (Grass, grass near the house How are you fighting?) Showed that everything is not so simple: objections to this choice, perhaps, no less than arguments in its favor.

    Well, since I still need a trimmer, I decided to approach the matter in detail and figure out how to choose a successful, convenient, reliable, practical battery model. And yes, is it worth making a choice in favor of such a technique at all.

    Removal and disassembly of the starter, replacement of broken parts

    To repair the trimmer starter, you will first need to disassemble it and then assemble it. This process is not particularly difficult. For work, you need a screwdriver with a tip of the desired shape.

    The main malfunctions of the trimmer starter

    It is not difficult to determine the cause of the breakdown of the triggering device. There are several main options:

    • Break of the cord (rope);
    • When the spring breaks or disengages.

    These details are shown in the photo below.

    It may happen that the starter mechanism is accidentally broken. The consequences will be disastrous if the torn rope is wound around the flywheel of a working internal combustion engine: then the spring will burst, the pulley will break. But such cases, when a complete replacement of the starter unit is required, are extremely rare. In most cases, it is enough to install a new spring or replace the cord to fix the mechanism.

    How to repair a trimmer starter

    Petrol trimmer starter repair may be required at the most inopportune moment. In this case, the problem can be solved in two ways: replace the broken part or change the entire unit. The latter option is more expensive. To repair the device with your own hands, in most cases, you only need a screwdriver with the appropriate tip from the tools. Repair work does not take much time and does not require special knowledge. It is enough to know the device, the principle of operation, the nuances of assembling and disassembling the starter on the trimmer in order to achieve the desired positive result.

    Troubleshooting the petrol trimmer

    Equipment of this type is characterized by a more complex device, since it provides not only a drive, but also a number of other elements: gas distribution system, fuel tank and control.

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    Considering mechanical damage, it should be borne in mind that clogging of filters should also be included here. Operating requirements stipulate that they must change during regular maintenance of the device.

    Mechanical problems

    Main function when using the device assigned to the trimmer head, in which the cutting surface is made of fishing line. In most cases, the device fails due to problems with its supply.

    • If the line is used up, it is necessary, following the instructions of the instructions, to wind a new one.
    • Line entanglement may be one reason for work stoppages. In a similar situation you need to unwind it and insert a new bobbin if it shows signs of damage.
    • Also, the trimmer may fail due to stuck nylon thread, which may be associated with overheating of the device during its long-term use. This problem is solved by rewinding the line.
    • Malfunctions can be directly related to the coil: for example, the bottom of it may fall off. Repair in this case will be reduced to replacing it or creating a new bottom with your own hands. Having chosen the last option, it is necessary to prepare a piece of PCB or a bolt with a nut.
    • In some cases, the coil may not show signs of damage, the motor may also be fine, but the head does not rotate. In a similar situation, you should look at the drive shaft. If the fear of its breakage is confirmed, then the device must be handed over to a service center.

    If the failure of the gasoline trimmer is associated with malfunctions in the mechanical part, then the repair technology will for the most part repeat the work carried out with respect to electric models.

    Fuel supply and ignition system

    In most cases, malfunctions occur precisely in this area, and each owner can fix such problems with his own hands.

    • If attempts to start the lawn mower do not lead to anything, or if it stops working after a couple of moments, then problems in the ignition system can be considered as a possible reason. To confirm this hypothesis remove the candle and examine her. If there are signs of a fuel mixture on the body, it can be concluded that the problems are related to the adjustment of the carburetor. The presence of black carbon on the candle indicates the need to replace it. Most often, there are no problems with the search for similar accessories for trimmers.
    • The body of the spark plug can be covered with carbon deposits if low-octane gasoline is used as fuel or the device operates in a cold start mode with violations.
    • A dry candle may indicate that the problem is with a clogged fuel hose. This will be confirmed by the flow of gasoline from the disconnected hose. If nothing like this happens, then you need to examine the filter: if there are signs of clogging, a new product is installed instead. Also the reason may be the breather, which can be restored to working condition by cleaning it with a needle.
    • When diagnosing a gasoline trimmer, it is important to pay attention to the muffler: very often its body is covered with carbon deposits. In this case, it must be removed, cleaned with kerosene and burned out with a burner.
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    Trimmer repair, lawn mowers

    SPI Multiservice multi-brand service center (Es Pi I Multiservice LLC) carries out repairs and service service trimmers (lawn mower) Husqvarna, Stihl, Bosch, Makita, Stiga, Watt Garden, Einhell, DOLMAR, Nikkey, Lider and other Chinese brands in Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Gomel, Vitebsk, Mogilev and other cities of Belarus.

    Electric and gasoline trimmers, lawn mowers are gardening equipment designed to make it easier for a person to maintain lawns, backyards, parks, squares in proper condition. Lawnmowers, when used with the appropriate attachments, can also be used in pet food, bush trimming and even snow removal!

    Electric and petrol trimmers (lawn mowers) do not have fundamental differences in the device and consist of an engine, a rod and a cutting unit (a spool with a fishing line or a circular knife). They differ only in the presence of a gasoline or electric engine. The advantage of petrol trimmers (lawn mowers) in this case is baboutmore power and the absence of a power strip dragging along behind you.

    In order for electric and gasoline trimmers, lawn mowers to please you with long and flawless work, without needing repairs, little is required: carefully read the operating manual and then just follow the recommended operating and operating modes, handle the equipment carefully, take good care of and serve on time.

    But even correct operation and timely maintenance cannot always guarantee the occurrence of malfunctions that lead to repair of trimmers and repairing lawn mowers.

    Major malfunctions requiring trimmer repair and the lawn mower can be divided into two groups:

    • Engine malfunctions (gasoline or electric);
    • Mechanical faults (clutches, shafts, gearboxes, etc.).

    Malfunctions of gasoline trimmer engines (lawn mowers) can be caused by:

    • Wear of the cylinder-piston group;
    • Improper operation of the carburetor;
    • Malfunction of the engine ignition system;
    • Bearing wear.

    Malfunctions of electric trimmer motors result from:

    • Damage or short circuit in the rotor and (or) stator windings;
    • Wear of collector brushes;
    • Wear of bearings.

    Malfunctions of the mechanical part of trimmers, lawn mowers occur as a result of:

    • Natural wear and tear of units and parts;
    • Wear caused by the use of low-quality lubricants;
    • Lack or insufficient amount of lubricants.

    The main signs of malfunctions that will entail trimmer repair (lawn mowers):

    • Appearance during operation of unusual noises and vibrations;
    • Excessive heating and overheating of the engine;
    • Excessive heating of the gearbox;
    • Increased fuel consumption;
    • Black or gray smoke on gasoline models.

    If during work you find at least one of the listed signs, entrust trimmer repair, lawn mowers for professionals.