Which Chainsaw To Choose For Home

Choosing a good and inexpensive chainsaw for giving and home
How to choose a chainsaw for your home or summer cottage? Our article will help you make the right choice and find out which one is reliable. Should you trust Chinese chainsaws? ! Find out more in the article =

Kickback protection

Kick back – this is the rebound of the saw when working towards a person. Kickback occurs when the end of the tire hits the tree. When choosing and buying a saw, be sure to check if the selected model has protection against this phenomenon.

Backstroke protection in chainsaws goes two types:

  • Using a special brake;
  • With an additional shield.

Chainsaw brakes are much more common. It looks like a lever – a shield. When the tool is operating, the lever is set to the closest position to the hand, and when hitting back, the hand will automatically press the lever, and it will be transferred to the stop position of the chain movement.

An additional guard prevents the operator’s hands from touching dangerous machinery while the saw is in operation. It is installed at the end of the saw headset. This protection is not available on Swedish chainsaws.

Anti-vibration protection

When choosing and buying a chainsaw for your home, ask the seller to check it and hold it in your hands.

Light amateur saws should not vibrate too much. To reduce vibration in such chainsaws, rubber gaskets are installed. They are located between the handles and the saw body.

In professional heavy duty saws, the engine and fuel tank are separated from each other to evenly distribute the total weight over the entire structure. Chainsaws without special anti-vibration protection are suitable for those who work for a limited time.

The longer you work, the more the vibration will affect your hands, and this will lead to inevitable joint disease.

Semi-professional chainsaws

Models of this class have medium power and are capable of operating for a long time. The only drawback can be considered not long-term use. These saws are not designed for a ten hour day.

The power of semi-professional chainsaws is from 2.5 kW.

Chainsaw weight varies from 5 to 6 kg, depending on the brand of the manufacturer.

Choosing a semi-professional chainsaw is the perfect solution for building your own home.

With a semi-professional chainsaw, you can create roof framing, flooring, timber harvesting and more.

Chainsaw highlights and features

Kickback damping

How your chainsaw will absorb kickbacks is also not the last parameter. In those moments when you dock the chainsaw and the tree, you will definitely experience blows. Modern models have a solution to this problem – using a protective sector or using an inertial brake.

If the overrun brake is applied, the saw will stop after starting to cut. The protective sector is a special shield that is worn at the end of the saw. The second option is used quite rarely, so when choosing, you can safely take a chainsaw with an inertial brake.

Scopes of chainsaws

which chainsaw to choose for home

Before deciding which chainsaw to choose for your home, you need to determine the direction of her future use of this technique. The chainsaw is multifunctional and versatile and allows a large number of operations. The chainsaw is used:

Husqvarna – chainsaws from a Swedish manufacturer

A professional tool from a well-known manufacturer always tops the rating of the best chainsaws. The equipment produced under this brand has an economical engine and is adapted for operation in Russian conditions.

Models are manufactured using the latest technology, which significantly reduces emissions and saves up to 20% of fuel. The powerful engine of the Husqvarna chainsaw is equipped with an air cleaning system that does not require maintenance for a long time.

Saw motor and chain

All chainsaws are equipped with a carburetor two-stroke engine with two tanks. One tank for fuel has a volume of 0.3-1 liter, the other for oil is half as much. Due to this ratio, gasoline and oil in the engine run out at the same time.

For tools from foreign manufacturers, high quality gasoline and branded oils are required. Domestic chainsaws can run on regular motorcycle oil and seventy-sixth gasoline.

Chain pitch determines the distance between the saw teeth, so they pay special attention to it when buying.

  1. Home models have a minimum pitch of 0.325 inches.
  2. powerful saws are equipped with 0.404 inch chains. They are distinguished by their great performance, but at the same time, they also have great vibration. They are used for bucking and felling trees.
  3. Only powerful devices with high torque are equipped with wider pitch chains.

Powerful KRÜGER chainsaw (Germany) 4.5 hp

Chainsaws of the German manufacturer KRUGER demonstrate the best ratio of quality and price. Despite their impeccable functionality, they are available to most consumers. Basic options include a soft start system and a tire cover for maximum operator safety.

The manufacturer also pleases with a complete set of KRÜGER chainsaws. It has everything for maintenance, two chains, a filling case. The increased power allows for a wide range of jobs over a long period of time. The Kruger chainsaw is used in construction, logging, and site clearing. Saws of the German brand Kruger meet the highest requirements for reliability and safety.