Which Extension Cord To Use For A Power Lawn Mower 1400

Electric lawn mowers are good for everyone: they are lightweight, mobile, relatively inexpensive, productive and environmentally friendly.

The only big drawback of such devices is the dependence on the electric network, which causes many inconveniences when it is necessary to process a spacious lawn in the absence of a sufficient number of connection points (sockets).

You can solve the problem with an extension cord. After reading the information below, you will learn how the extension for a lawn mower works, get recommendations for choosing a suitable device and its subsequent operation.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of an extension cord for a lawn mower for an end user is not much different from the mechanism of action of an ordinary network carry: the device is plugged into an outlet, transferred to the required distance (unwinds to the desired length), where the device is connected to it, in this case, a lawn mower.

In turn, reel extensions are also classified into 2 groups. Representatives of the first category have the form of a coiled extension cable, one end of which is equipped with a molded outlet. Directly, the coil and plug are located at the other end, located at the point of connection to a stationary outlet.

This design is very convenient to use. the user does not need to carry the coil itself, it is enough to simply unwind the wire. Thanks to the features of the case, the unwinding and reeling of the cable are quick and effortless.

The second type of reel extension is significantly different from the model discussed above: here the coil is equipped with several sockets, allowing you to simultaneously connect more than one device.

For use in combination with electric lawnmowers AL-KO, Gardena, Stig, Bosch Rotak 32, Stihl, Makita, Champion, reel extension cords of the first group are best suited, as in accordance with safety precautions, taking the coil far from a stationary outlet is strongly discouraged.

Along with this, models made in a waterproof case are available for sale. if possible, use just such an extension cord for a lawn mower.

How to choose an extension cord

When choosing an extension cord designed for use in combination with an electric grass mower, you need to pay attention to a number of significant parameters and characteristics.

Firstly, choose the optimal extension cable length. At this point, focus on the size of your site. Additionally, add a couple of meters “in reserve”.

To determine the approximate extension cord length, you can use the following diagram.

Given: rectangular section 20×30, i.e. standard 6 acres.

We find the square of the diagonal of the site, summing up the squares of its sides. Next, you need to extract the root from the obtained value to get the length of the diagonal. In the case of this site, it will be 36.06 m.

The nearest standard extension cable length. 40 m. We buy such a product. The stock will be used to compensate for bends, bends, etc. Rounding the calculated length to the smaller side is possible only if stationary outlets are installed at different angles of the structure located on the site.

In the case of trimmers, the recommended cable sections will be as follows:

Video: Which Extension Cord To Use For A Power Lawn Mower 1400

  • for a device with a power of not more than 1.5 kW. 0.75 mm;
  • 1.5-2 kW. 1 mm;
  • 2 kW and more. 1.5 mm.

The cross-section of the extension cable for use in combination with a lawnmower with a power of more than 2.5 kW should be at least 1.5 mm.

Thirdly, need to solve issues with the features of the grounding extension cord. If grounding is necessary (and its presence is highly recommended), buy a product that has a “3” in its marking. As an example, we can consider the model of the extension cord KG 3×1.5 mm from the popular Atlas brand.

Features of the extension cord in the video.

Fourth, you need to choose the appropriate design extension. As noted, such products can be performed on a coil or in a bay. The first option is most preferred. The second is used mainly on an industrial scale and allows you to connect more powerful equipment.

Fifthly, it is necessary to take into account a number of general recommendations for choosing an extension cord for a lawn mower:

  • The extension cord must be equipped with one rubber outlet. The presence of two or more outlets will create difficulties when connecting an electric lawn mower and cause inconvenience during operation.
  • Extension cords are best suited for use in combination with lawn mowers, the cord of which is colored orange. Such a coloring is simply more clearly visible on the ground, so that the probability of accidental cable damage and the occurrence of related problems is minimized.
  • Due to the fact that lawn care is carried out mainly in the warm season, it is preferable to choose an extension cord with a PVA wire for use in combination with an electric lawn mower.
  • If the extension cord will be used not only in combination with a lawn mower, but also to perform various tasks in the cold season, give preference to models with wires KG.

User manual

If you wish, you can permanently fix the extension cord before use. for this the coil design is equipped with two mounting holes.

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Install the reel in a suitable place, mark the locations of the future fasteners through the holes, drill the recesses and fix the extension drum with bolts or other suitable fasteners.

To roll the cable after use, pull it to secure it, then slowly roll the wire.

Automatic coils are characterized by high traction. Avoid uncontrolled cable folding. Hold its end and slowly guide the movement of the automatic coil.

Which Extension Cord To Use For A Power Lawn Mower 1400

Coils of modern garden extension cords are equipped with mechanisms that provide protection against overheating during operation. As a rule, the color indication in different models is the same. So, if the LED glows red, this indicates that the overheat protection is in the on state.

Reel Extensions for Lawn Mowers do not need specialized maintenance. It is enough to clean them periodically. The automatic coil must not be energized during cleaning. To comply with this rule, unplug the extension cord from the stationary outlet.

The outside of the extension cord is cleaned with an ordinary dry and clean rag. Check that moisture does not enter the extension coil design.

During operation of the extension cord, observe basic safety precautions and precautions:

  • Do not disassemble the extension cord;
  • Do not use the product in rainy weather;
  • do not use extension cord in places with excessive humidity;
  • Do not allow moisture to enter the extension cord;
  • Do not use the extension cord in places with high dust, vibration, etc.
  • do not short the terminals of the sockets;
  • do not let children use an extension cord;
  • Do not plug appliances into the extension cord. the total power of which exceeds the maximum allowable for this device.

Now you know what an extension for a lawn mower is, how to choose it and use it correctly. Follow the recommendations and everything will be in the best possible way.