Which Gasoline Is Poured Into An Al-Ko Lawnmower

First bought a lawn mower with an internal combustion engine? Not sure which fuel to pick? In the article, we consider the brands of gasoline sold on the Russian market. You will learn how to make a choice, whether it is possible to save on the octane number, and how to extend the tool life.

Fuel selection

Which Gasoline Is Poured Into An Al-Ko Lawnmower

Preparation of fuel for a two-stroke engine consists in mixing special engine oil (it is bought in the same place as lawn mowers or spare parts for cars) with gasoline. Mineral oil is mixed with fuel in a ratio of 1 to 32 (or 1 to 35), and if it is synthetic, then a ratio of 1 to 50. all this should be indicated on the package. You can prepare fuel for the lawn mower for the whole season, for this, 100 g of oil is added to the 5-liter canister of gasoline.

To the question: “What gas to use?”. the answer is simple: the brand should not be higher than that indicated by the manufacturer of the lawn mower. The octane number matters. the higher it is, the longer the fuel burns, if you use a higher grade fuel, this will reduce the operating time of your device. The four-stroke engine has a crankcase, which contains lubricant that lubricates the motor, so it is only refueled with gasoline. But it will have to be changed at intervals of 50 hours, whatever it may be, since there is no special oil filter.

Only a cooled engine can be refueled, and the tank cannot be filled to capacity, you need to leave a little space for expansion. Of course, safety rules must always be followed.

Which pour gasoline a four-stroke engine mower?

Now tell what gasoline pouring into a four-stroke lawn mower, the main difference of which is the presence of a crankcase. It contains oil for lubricating the motor, because in order for this type of apparatus to work normally, it is enough to fill it with gasoline only. But there are some peculiarities. Because the equipment does not have an oil filter, which means it does not clean, you need to change it approximately every 50 hours of operation.

Checking the lawnmower’s oil and gasoline

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Preparation of a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

The video shows how to make a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines. Refueling mtkosa, chainsaws and.

As for gasoline that needs to be refueled, the mower should not be of a higher grade than recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment. Since the higher the octane number, the longer the fuel burns. And this, in turn, can lead to significant problems and premature failure of the tool.

It is well known to everyone that gasoline is a highly flammable substance and its vapors are explosive. Based on this, we recommend that you always follow a few simple rules that will ensure the security of each user:

  • Allow the engine to cool before refueling.
  • Do not work with fuel if there is an open flame nearby, and smoking is also prohibited.
  • In order to avoid poisoning by exhaust gases, fill in fuel and start up should be outdoors or in a room with good ventilation.
  • It is not recommended to fill the tank completely, it is necessary to leave a place for the “expansion” of gasoline, which always occurs when it is heated.
  • Try not to get fuel on your clothes and shoes.

In general, maintenance of gasoline engines lawn mowers. A fairly simple matter that does not require you any special knowledge and skills. For units with a two-stroke engine, you need to learn how to properly prepare the combustible mixture, and also clean the air filter in a timely manner. For devices with a four-stroke engine, it is enough to change the oil annually and clean the air filter so that it serves you for many years faithfully.

The choice of gasoline, depending on the type of engine

When buying, check with the seller what motor the tool is equipped with. Oil requirements for two-stroke and four-stroke engines are different.

A four-stroke lawn mower does not require fuel pretreatment. The design provides two tanks for gasoline and oil. Use the oil recommended by the manufacturer to extend the life of the tool.

Use two-stroke engines with a mixture of engine oil. The proportion of the composition is indicated on the gas tank cap. To understand how much oil needs to be added, see table.

Type Required Proportion
Mineral 1:32. 1:35
Synthetic 1:50

Example calculation using a synthetic product:

  • tank volume. 1 l;
  • the amount (1000 ml) divided by 50 (see the proportion in the table);
  • the total value is 20.

So, per liter, you need 20 ml of synthetic oil. If it is not possible to measure the desired volume. prepare a larger amount of the mixture. For example, for a 5 liter canister, half a faceted glass of synthetic oil is enough. Excess can be stored in the canister all season, the quality will not deteriorate.

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Many owners of private houses and personal plots dream of a beautiful and well-groomed lawn, however, it needs the most careful care. it needs to be regularly watered, and from time to time mow the overgrown grass. Old lawn care technologies are a thing of the past, today they have been replaced by the latest equipment, in particular gasoline lawn mowers. If a person has not encountered such products before, then it will be quite problematic for him to decide on the choice of quality products. It was for such people that we wrote our article.

In addition to a direct review of the best gasoline lawn mowers in 2020, we have included here the basic rules for choosing such products, as well as the parameters that you need to pay attention to.

  1. Key Features of a Gasoline Engine
  2. Top 4 lawnmowers in the low-cost segment
  3. 4. Hammer KMT145SB
  4. 3. Champion LM4630
  5. 2. Huter GLM-5.0 S
  6. 1. AL-KO 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A
  7. The best self-propelled models in terms of price and quality
  8. 4. Makita PLM 5113
  9. 3. CAIMAN Athena 60S
  10. 2. Husqvarna LC 348V
  11. 1. KRÜGER GLMK-173
  12. Top 3 petrol wheeled lawn mowers
  13. 3. Viking MB 248
  14. 2. Champion LM4215
  15. 1. Makita PLM4620
  16. In conclusion, the video

Key Features of a Gasoline Engine

First of all, you should decide which design will be most suitable: manual wheeled or self-propelled. The first is much cheaper, but moving it around the site will be more difficult. Self-propelled themselves move on the ground, a person can only ask her the right direction. Such models are perfect for areas with a large number of fruit trees, shrubs, for large lawns.

Be sure to take into account the level of noise pollution, it is especially important to take into account this factor if the work will be carried out in the vicinity of apartment buildings of neighbors. Additional features and price also play an important role. The size of the blade is selected depending on how tightly and often the lawn grass grows to each other.

The cutting system is also very important. there are models with one type or combined. Lateral discharge will be most suitable for a lawn on which rough and thick types of grasses grow. Chopping and mulching are intended for frequent mowing, especially since the finely chopped grass will be an excellent fertilizer and will also keep the lawn in its original form when dry days stand.

Rotary engines in lawn mowers are most common. mowing here occurs on the principle of a scythe, the function of which is performed by blades rotating at high speed. Such models are quite heavy, but very powerful. Such devices are best suited for large areas and for overgrown lawns. If necessary, the rotating blades can be removed and sharpened or completely replaced.

Cylindrical structures usually move on wheels, grass is cut like scissors. With these lawn mowers a very high quality mowing is ensured. Such models should be used regularly, as they do not cope well with overgrown lawns.

Top 4 lawnmowers in the low-cost segment

4. Hammer KMT145SB

Our rating opens with a self-propelled model that belongs to the semi-professional line, well suited for continuous operation. It works on the basis of a four-stroke engine, whose power is 3.5 hp, and the volume is 145 cubic meters. see. Valves are located on top, due to which good air cooling is ensured. In addition, this design feature significantly reduces fuel consumption and does not allow the formation of a large number of harmful emissions. The air filter here is double. made of foam rubber and paper. The cylinder liner is made of cast iron, the crankshaft is cast iron. The design includes a silencer that reduces noise pollution.

The device is able to work in one of three modes. lateral discharge, collection of mowed grass in a grass catcher and mulching. The width of the cut is 46 cm. The height of the cut is regulated by a seven-position lever in the range from 25 to 75 mm. Grass catcher capacity is 60 liters. It is fabric, fixed on a metal frame. The wheels are plastic, the diameter of the front is 200 mm, the rear is 255 mm. This reduces the turning radius and increases the maneuverability of the device. The handle can be adjusted in height, besides it is folding, which provides ease of storage and transportation. On the handle there is a pad of neoprene, it will reduce vibration and allows you to provide the most dense grip.

Video: Which Gasoline Is Poured Into An Al-Ko Lawnmower

  • Quite sturdy and comfortable design, not satisfactory;
  • A sufficiently voluminous grass catcher;
  • It easily passes through uneven areas. no extra effort is required.
  • It is undesirable to mow wet grass. the blades quickly clog.

3. Champion LM4630

Another self-propelled model that has a fairly reasonable cost. It is designed to care for a medium-sized lawn. no more than 16 acres. The design is quite reliable, durable and easy to use. The model is equipped with a four-stroke engine with high environmental characteristics, engine power is 4.1 hp. The cut width is 46 cm. this parameter is ideally selected for the power of the motor, due to which it is possible to cut the grass at high speed. The central system for adjusting the cutting height level is represented by one lever. the range is in the range from 25 to 75 mm. The knife is made of high strength material. He does not dull and wear out over time. Accordingly, it does not have to be changed often. The blade consists of two blades of a special shape, which will also pump air, creating a good suction force. Thanks to this constructive solution, not only cut grass, but also leaves and even small twigs will be sent to the grass catcher.

The volume of the grass catcher is 60 liters, it is made from high quality fabric-type materials, the upper part is plastic, equipped with a very convenient handle. The maximum speed of the mower is 3.5 km / h. this is quite a good indicator for an engine with a capacity of 173 cubic meters. see. Gas tank is designed for one liter of gasoline. The design is quite heavy. with an empty gas tank and an empty grass catcher, it will weigh about 34 kg.

  • Decent power;
  • Long service life;
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Self-propelled.
  • Significant vibration;
  • The handle is trimmed with foamed polyurethane, which wears out pretty quickly.

2. Huter GLM-5.0 S

This model perfectly shows itself on relatively flat surface areas. The device operates thanks to a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with an air cooling system and manual start. The maximum power of the model is 5 hp. The two main handles responsible for speed and braking are placed on the handle, made in the form of an arc. It has height adjustment; if necessary, transportation can be removed altogether.

The lawn mower is equipped with four plastic wheels with polymer treads that will not harm the lawn grass. The model is fully self-propelled, rear-wheel drive. The user can only ask her the desired direction. The width of the cut is 46 cm, and the housing is designed so that the cut is larger compared to the width of the wheel axis. This allows you to easily process areas adjacent to the fence, wall of the house or tree. As with previous models, the cutting height is in the range from 25 to 75 mm. Mowed grass enters the grass catcher. All the main elements are located very conveniently, so it is very convenient to get to them if their maintenance or repair is required. The engine is equipped with a durable air filter, which reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases, making the equipment environmentally friendly.

  • The engine starts very easily;
  • A full gas tank will be enough to handle a 1000-square-meter lawn. m;
  • High maneuverability.
  • The neck for filling oil is not very convenient.

1. AL-KO 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A

This model is considered to be the best in its price segment. She copes excellently even with tall and wet grass thanks to the latest technologies that were used in its development and production. The model operates in three modes. mowing grass, mulching and collecting grass in a container. The lawnmower has a self-propelled wheeled chassis, rear-wheel drive. They have a fairly large size, they use reliable bearings with slow wear. Thanks to them, a smooth ride and good traction are ensured. In addition, rear-wheel drive makes it easy to cope with minor irregularities in the soil. In the process of doing the work, the device does not at all violate the integrity of the grass catcher.

The grass catcher itself has a rigid structure, it has a fill indicator that will promptly inform the user about the need to clean the container. Of course, the cutting height can be adjusted. The handle can also change its height depending on the user’s height. The ejection channel has a significant diameter, so it will never clog. The blades are reliable, well hardened, do not blunt for a long time, will not need to be replaced during the entire period of operation of the model. The product well removes stiff and tall grow. If necessary, the handle can be folded.

  • Easy to use
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Blades resist wear well;
  • Excellent maneuverability of the model;
  • Long period of operation;
  • High speed and performance.
  • One of the smallest engine powers among all the models already considered is only 2.7 hp. with an engine volume of 123 cubic meters cm.

The best self-propelled models in terms of price and quality

4. Makita PLM 5113

This model has several operating modes, it is equipped with the latest Briggs engine&Stratton 6755EX SERIES, which boasts superior reliability. The model has three speeds of movement. 3, 3.5 and 4.5 km / h. The cutting height range is from 20 to 75 mm. The volume of the container for mowed grass is 65 liters, so the product can be used without interruption for a long time, without stopping to empty the grass catcher. There are reliable bearings on the wheels, the wheels themselves are made of durable plastic with a polymer coating, which is able to gently move along the surface of the lawn without crushing it. The case is made of powder-painted steel, it does not rust for a long time.

The engine is started according to the so-called easy start system. ReadyStart. For this, an ordinary starting cable is used, you do not have to make unnecessary movements. The engine speed is adjusted automatically. for example, their number increases with increased load, when you have to work with tall, dense or damp grass. Maintenance is simple; you can do it yourself. If necessary, change the air filter manually, without using special tools. The Super Lo-Tone silencer greatly reduces noise.

  • A fairly powerful device with three speeds;
  • It is relatively quiet and fast;
  • High-quality metal case.
  • The plastic clips are fragile and can be broken quickly if handled carelessly.

3. CAIMAN Athena 60S

It is a structure, the case of which is made of stainless steel, which makes it absolutely protected from the occurrence of corrosion processes. The model is quite heavy. its weight is 55 kg. If necessary, the height of the case can be slightly adjusted due to the special handle located on the side of the product. Such a constructive approach will allow you to cut the grass, not even paying attention to serious bumps in the terrain. At the front is a metal apron that protects the blades from stones. This metal plate is securely fastened to four bolts. The wheels are also made of stainless steel. The handle has an ergonomic shape, it fits comfortably in your hand, thanks to this the user can work with this tool for a long time.

The grass catcher itself is soft, but has a hard top, its volume is 70 liters. Engine released by Subaru. The model is perfect both for beautiful manicured lawns, and for areas completely overgrown with weeds and weeds, whose height is over one and a half meters. The largest processing area of ​​this product is 10 thousand square meters. Included is a nozzle for lateral ejection of grass. To install it, you have to remove the protective front panel.

  • Easily copes with both lawn grass and thick weeds;
  • It feels excellent on uneven ground;
  • It is possible to collect grass in a container or use a side discharge system.
  • High cost, but with such a set of useful features this is not surprising.

2. Husqvarna LC 348V

In the production of this model, the latest AfTech system was used, which found expression in the device of the cutting knife. He initially raises the grass with air, and then cuts it at a height of 20 to 75 mm, depending on the selected settings. The air flow is then sent to the grass catcher, additionally crushing the mowed grass. This allows you to maximize the use of this design and extend non-stop work. The cutting element is made of high quality galvanized steel. The model is self-propelled, rear-wheel drive, the wheels have an aggressive tread that carefully interacts with lawn grass without damaging or crushing it. The height of the haircut is adjusted using a single lever.

Each wheel has a twin bearing pair that reduces vibration. Behind the rear cover is a service compartment, where you will have to look during the scheduled maintenance of equipment that can be easily produced on your own.

  • The outgoing air stream is first directed to the ground, and then, together with the mowed grass, goes into a container for cut grass;
  • The grass catcher is very easy to clean;
  • Folding handle;
  • Carefully chopping the grass allows you to use it as mulch.
  • Speed ​​adjustment is not very convenient.


A powerful self-propelled model of the Kruger lawnmower with a 4-stroke production engine of 173 cubic centimeters. The engine power is 6.5 horsepower, so the lawn mower can work for a long time without interruption. Kruger gasoline mower is fueled with AI-92 or AI-95 fuel. Thanks to the 65 liter grass catcher, the mower does not need to be cleaned continuously.

The Kruger GLMK-173 is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle that smooths out vibrations. It is adjustable in tilt and height for maximum operator comfort. Cutting height is adjustable between 25. 75 mm at 6 levels. The mowing height switch is located on the handle.

The wheels of the device have an impressive diameter. Front. 20.3 cm and rear. 28 cm. Thanks to this diameter, the Kruger lawnmower has a high cross. She perfectly mows grass in hard-to-reach places, for example, near a fence. The case of the model is made of metal resistant to corrosion.

  • An easy-start system is provided;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • It does not depend on the mains;
  • Mows grass in hard to reach places;
  • The thought-over design for the greatest comfort of operation.
  • When working a little noise.

Top 3 petrol wheeled lawn mowers

3. Viking MB 248

This semi-professional model can be used in areas up to 1 hectare, the manufacturer recommends it to be used both on personal plots and in the forest park area. In order to achieve the greatest efficiency of the equipment, you should use the model on flat lawns, where there are no any hillocks. This lawn mower easily cuts even fairly thick grass. The device is powered by the latest 405E Briggs brand engine&Stratton. it is characterized by excellent quality and profitability during operation. Its capacity is 2.5 liters. sec., tank volume. 0.9 l. Due to this, the lawn mower is able to work without additional refueling for quite a long time. The grass catcher has a volume of 55 liters and absolutely all mowed grass gets into it. The model does not weigh too much. only 27 kg, so it can be easily managed alone, even loaded into the trunk of a car.

One of the main advantages of this mower is its self-propelled device. the device does not have to be pushed in front of you. Maneuverability is high, the model easily rotates in place at any angle, if necessary, the design can even be deployed. High-quality mowing, after processing there is a smooth lawn. The four-stroke engine, there are practically no exhaust gases, since the fuel burns out almost completely. There is practically no noise, the model is collapsible, during storage it takes up a minimum of free space.

  • The increased mowing width. 51 cm;
  • Easy to use;
  • Not too heavy.
  • There is no indicator that the gas in the tank is coming to an end.

2. Champion LM4215

This model is designed for plots whose area does not exceed one hectare. There are two mowing modes. mulching or collecting grass in a container. The width of the strip is 42 cm. The cut-off height switch is five-position. maximum height 70 mm, minimum 25 mm. Engine power is 2 liters. with. with an engine displacement of 99 cubic meters. see. Four-stroke internal combustion engine itself, has an air cooling system, does not overheat even in extreme heat. The grass catcher is reliable, made of dustproof material, its volume is 40 liters. To work with this device does not need any additional skills.

The rear wheels are slightly larger than the front, which increases maneuverability. This is not a self-propelled vehicle, so you have to push it in front of you, since it weighs not as much as other similar products. only 22 kg. During operation, it emits a small amount of noise, so it can be used near residential buildings.

  • For its engine size is quite powerful;
  • An easy start system is provided;
  • Gasoline and oil are poured separately;
  • Low noise.
  • It’s difficult to maneuver between trees.

1. Makita PLM4620

This is another semi-professional model, which is quite acceptable to use in medium or small territories, for example, in summer cottages. The model is very functional, weighs relatively little, has excellent operational characteristics. This is a four-wheeled device of a non-self-propelled type. Its basis is a four-stroke carburetor engine, the power of which is 3.4 hp, and the launch is carried out by a manual starter, the number of revolutions of the motor is manually regulated. Overheat protection is air. A special engine emergency stop lever is provided.

The case is made of stainless steel, the thickness of which is 1.5 mm. The wheels are plastic, equipped with comfortable bearings. The rear ones are larger in diameter than the front ones. When transporting the model can be folded. The grass catcher has a plastic cover. The grass is trimmed using 4Cut technology, you can use the mulching function.

  • A fairly powerful design that can cope with grass, the height of which reaches a meter;
  • It works pretty quietly.
  • Not detected.

In conclusion, the video

Well, our review has ended. We reviewed the most popular models, we hope that you liked at least one of them. If you still have any questions about any of the presented lawn mowers, then you can ask them in the comments. Your opinion is very important to us!