Which mower is better – electric or gasoline?

There’s grass in the yard: how to choose a lawn mower?

A neat lawn is the result of hard work. Ironically, in order for the grass to grow well and thickly, it is necessary to wrestle with it forever. We advise you how to choose reliable and handy tool for lawn care. lawn mower.

A wheeled lawnmower or grass trimmer. the choice depends, above all, on who and what will mow. It should be said right away that to maintain the tennis court, soccer field or lawn for golf need a professional or at least semi-professional mower, but we will talk about household mowers. And one more thing: you want smooth “English” lawns. choose a wheel mower, as grass trimmer does not allow you to adjust the height of cutting the grass and does not give to achieve a perfectly flat surface.

Grass trimmers in favor

Grass trimmers are not for sissies. After all, the user will have to carry a 5-7 kg apparatus fixed on his belts or hold (and actively use) a 3 kg device.

Trimmers have an obvious advantage over wheeled mowers: they can mow grass at any height. even waist-high, while wheeled mowers are more suitable for regular upkeep of the area: if the grass has grown over a certain height, the “cart” can not fail. In addition, the grass trimmer is always maneuverability and the ability to neatly bypass obstacles: bushes, trees, flowers, garden decor. Grass trimmer. if power allows. cuts down young growth of bushes and weeds, and in addition, he does not need to adapt to the difficult terrain.

Gasoline or electric lawnmower. which is better?

Lawn mower is a type of garden equipment, the main function of which is to mow and care for the lawn. Modern lawn mowers are divided among themselves according to many factors, including the type of engine and the way it is powered, the size of the technique, its purpose and practical capabilities. All of this allows any novice gardener to choose the lawn mower that can best cope with the tasks it faces in those or other operating conditions.

Gasoline and electric garden mowers. these are different units, which are united only by their functions. mowing the lawn and taking care of the grass on the plot. Both the first and second types of equipment stand out for their advantages and disadvantages. To study them, you need to compare models with gasoline and electric engines on a few of the most important criteria:

  • the design of the mower. petrol mowers are complicated. They are best suited for operation by professionals. Lawn mower models with electric engines are more simple structurally, which allows beginner gardeners to use them with confidence;
  • The size of the area to treat. gasoline mowers can be used for large areas. anywhere in the yard or garden. The main thing is that the unit’s tanks are filled with fuel and motor oil. Electric lawn mowers are permanently tied to a power source. They can be used at a distance equal to the length of the regular cord or extension cord;
  • purpose. lawnmowers with gasoline engines are best suited for tall grass and weeds. The power and traction of its engine are enough to combat dense vegetation and rather large weeds. The lightweight electric mower is not capable of dealing with large wild vegetation. Nevertheless, it shows high quality of lawn mowing in hard-to-reach places, where large professional petrol mowers will be powerless;
  • harmful emissions. one of the main differences between petrol and electric garden mowers is that petrol models emit exhaust fumes, while electric models do not. This is due to the way their engines work. when burned in the cylinder, gasoline is converted into gas, large amounts of which are harmful to the environment. Electric motors are powered and do not emit any substances hazardous to health. Because of this, electric mowers can be used close to open windows of living spaces;
  • comfort. it is more difficult to work with petrol models, as they have a higher level of sound pressure and vibration. Mowers with electric motors are more convenient. they barely vibrate and create minimal noise.

Another important difference is the ease of maintenance and repairability. Gasoline lawn mowers for wild vegetation require more thorough maintenance, as their factory-made device includes elements that need regular cleaning and replacement. Electric mowers are easier to care for. All the user needs is to regularly clean the cutting blade and monitor the mains voltage.

How to choose a mower?

When buying a lawn mower to care for your yard, you need to carefully study its capabilities, design features and technical specifications.

The gardener should adhere to the following criteria:

  • The device. the quality of construction and components determines the longevity of the machine. A reliable mower should have no flaws. All of its internal parts should be installed as tightly as possible. In the engine compartment of the unit should not be visible damage, which over time can lead to a serious breakdown;
  • Engine type. Lawn mowers can be equipped with electric motors, as well as with two- or four-stroke internal combustion engines. The first type of engine stands out for its average power indicators and low traction reserve. 2 and 4 stroke mowers are more robust and can work properly in areas with a lot of large wild vegetation. The difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines is that a 4-stroke mower consumes less fuel and exhibits reduced noise levels;
  • types of lawnmowers. according to the principle of the cutting system units can be rotary or drum. There are also fingerless mowers on the market. they are designed for mowing wild vegetation in large areas and are only used on a tractor hitch;
  • wheel drive. this constructional element is very rare in electric mowers. In the case of gasoline units, the opposite is true. Almost every high-powered gasoline model is self-propelled. This makes it possible to use gasoline mowers for uneven areas. because in this case the user does not have to push the equipment up or hold it down during the descent. In some cases, a mechanical mower is also found on the market. It is not self-propelled. as mowing the grass and moving around the plot in it is done by the physical force of the operator;
  • Wheels. almost every lawn mower comes with wheels. Wheels make moving around the area more comfortable. An important advantage is the wheels on ball bearings. These parts dampen the surface irregularities, keeping the line for grass trimmer mowing smooth and neat;
  • possibility of adjusting the cutting height. most lawnmowers are equipped with levers or switches that allow you to set the blade to the height required by certain operating conditions. Such a function is deprived of a mechanical mower. it is able to mow the grass only on one level set by the manufacturer;
  • Receiving hopper. using models with bags for the collection of grass allows you to clean the lawn, collecting all the vegetation and leaves. Machines without a grass catcher box do not have this feature;
  • size. small mower is best suited to work in hard-to-reach places. Large-sized units can be used in an open space, where there are not many hard obstacles;
  • Lawn mower accessories can be installed. some models come with a seat. interchangeable handles, additional safety covers. All these accessories simplify the use of equipment on the site.

The country of origin plays an important role when choosing a mower. The most popular among professionals is the German. Czech. and the Polish mower. Machines from these countries stand out for their high quality of assembly and long life of the components. Beginner gardeners will suit the Chinese mower. It is easy to use and does not require specialized maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric grass trimmer

An electric grass trimmer is a fairly compact equipment that does not need additional fuel. Many grateful users leave only positive feedback. What is it about this kind of trimmer for grass that so attracts gardeners?

  • Versatility. The device is specifically designed for a variety of tasks and applications. It can be successfully used for gardening and excavation work.
  • Special environmental friendliness. Electric types of trimmers do not produce products harmful to nature and humans.
  • Easy operation of the device, as well as the ability to quickly repair. The unit is very easy to use. After a careful study of its structure and basic elements it will be very easy to fully understand what’s what. Replacement parts are readily available on the construction market and can be replaced in a simple and straightforward manner.
  • Quiet in operation. Such an electric grass mower is almost silent. you will not disturb the neighbors, and you will be much more pleasant to work with.
  • Not a bad indicator of performance. The electric motor, which will of course be considerably inferior to the internal combustion engine in terms of power, can handle the basic duties well.
  • Large selection of models for purchase. The buyer can choose the best option for themselves, depending on the purpose of the device, as well as on the level of financial freedom.
  • Restriction of the device to move around the whole site. The ability to get to the furthest reaches will be directly related to the length of the power cord.
  • Work at the expense of the mains. If your garden plot has voltage fluctuations or the complete absence of light, and this is not an uncommon phenomenon, it is likely that the purchased electric mower will gather dust inside the shed.
  • Small power indicator. In this case, electric mowers lose to gasoline mowers. But if you have a fairly small area, too much power is not needed at all.
  • The impossibility of performing work in extreme conditions. It is strictly forbidden to use an electric device in rainy weather, while petrol mowers can easily cope with this work.

This type of grass trimmer performs its work through the cable. In some cases, it has several additional attachments at once. The best value for money would be models like SKL, but also BlackandDecker.

As you can see, both the first and the second grass trimmer has both special advantages and notable disadvantages. Which one should you buy??

How to choose

When choosing a device, you should be guided by several factors at once. The most important in this case will be the overall size of the lawn. In the case where the size is quite modest, it will be better to buy an electric mower. But if you’re dealing with a fairly large area, then you simply can’t do without a lawn mower.

If you are not ready to constantly feel the vibration of the grass trimmer or you simply do not like the smell of oil, in this case it is better to choose an electric mower. Those who want to buy the most reliable device, which will work for 24 hours a day and in absolutely any climatic conditions, should buy a machine with a gasoline engine.

If you wish to purchase a lightweight mower that will not take up too much space in the shed, it is worth buying an electric one. If the reliability of electricity on your site is under great doubt, then it will protect from the emergence of various difficulties gasoline engine trimmer for grass.

You should clearly understand for yourself what you want to get in the end result, and only then make the purchase of an assistant for lawn care.

The main differences between the grass trimmer and a simple lawnmower

A lawn trimmer is a fairly heavy device that can mow grass on smoother surfaces. In addition, lawn mowers have a high noise index and break down quickly. Even when it encounters a small stone in its path, its blade can immediately break.

The weed trimmer is a more compact tool for gardening that is more functional and lighter in weight. It can remove not only the grass, but also branches up to three centimeters in total diameter.

When working with a trimmer, you can begin to adjust the height of mowing grass, mow both stony and uneven surfaces.

Power Types

Corded electric lawnmowers

Electric lawn mowers are ideal for most gardens and home care in a cottage, a family home or a small hotel. You can mow without having to worry about refilling the fuel tank or recharging the battery. And when you’re ready to go, it’s quick, straightforward. just plug it in and go! Models with this type of power supply have stable output and are easy to operate and maintain. They also work more quietly than their gasoline counterparts. The main thing is to find the right extension cord to ensure that the mower can move around the site without restrictions.

What types of lawn mowers there are?

Under the term “lawnmower” fits all appliances that help deal with rough vegetation. In fact, there are three variants of such a tool: grass trimmer, lawn mower and lawn mower proper. Each is designed for a specific application.

Grass trimmer and lawnmower are very similar in form, which is why many salespeople believe they are synonymous words. Both machines have a boom, a motor and a cutting unit. Both are operated by putting special straps on the shoulder and holding the technique in their hands.

Now for the differences. Grass trimmers have less power and cut grass with a fishing line (cord). They are suitable for mowing grass and weeds under trees, for uneven lawns, etc.

Grass trimmers differ in light weight and cutting tool in the form of a fishing line

Mowers are more powerful and can cope with brushwood, thick weeds like burdock or nettles, etc. Their cutting part is equipped with blades, although a fishing line can also be used for trimmers. S trimmers have a higher buzz and more force on the hand. But grass trimmers use less gasoline.

Mowers are more powerful than trimmers, and their cutting tools are knives

The most voluminous type of tool is a lawn trimmer. It is a cart with a motor (or without it in mechanical models), which moves on wheels and cuts the grass with knives. A man controls the tool with a handle. This option can not be called the best lawnmower for dacha, because it is designed only for flat, well-groomed areas, where there are no trees or bushes. Close to them, this bulk unit will not be able to mow the grass. Another disadvantage. it does not like stony areas.

Lawn mowers are designed for mowing grass on a level surface without stones

That’s why it’s a good idea to have both types of grass trimmer (or lawn mower) for hard to reach and hilly areas and a lawn mower for flat areas. We have already reviewed grass trimmers in more detail. Now let’s try to figure out which lawn mower is better.

We compare gasoline and electric machines

The #1 criteria. power and noise level

In terms of power, gasoline-powered lawnmowers are much stronger than electric ones. The latter are powered from the mains, which means that the manufacturers can not install too powerful electric motors, otherwise the network of 220 watts will not withstand the voltage. True, some models are additionally completed with a battery, but it is designed for a working time of up to 2 hours.

But the weaker the motor, the quieter it works. Mowing your lawn with a petrol mower will give you the roar of the engine. It’s not without reason that the most powerful lawnmowers come with an accessory kit that includes headphones.

When working with a gasoline mower, headphones must be worn in order to protect your hearing from the strong noise

By the way, the maximum power in gasoline models can cause machine breakdowns. Imagine that you are mowing a land with a middle-powered scythe and a pebble or a bone brought by a dog accidentally falls under the blade. How the engine reacts? Stalls! They take out the stone and quietly go on mowing. If the same object will get under a powerful gasoline lawnmower, the “horsepower” is enough to turn further jammed knives. The result. the cutting mechanism finally curves, causes deformation of the shaft and breaks the bushings. The case “smells” of overhaul!

For dacha needs quite enough gasoline engine with 6-7 “horse”, so before you choose a gasoline lawn mower, a higher power, think about whether you do not have on site, “pitfalls” that will provoke such failures.

When choosing a lawn mower, you should not chase high-powered motors, because they take a lot of gasoline and are difficult to operate

Criterion #2. performance

Productivity, of course, is tied to capacity. Large and medium-sized areas are easier to mow with gasoline models, because they can work for a long time without stopping. The electric motor will not withstand such a pace. They work for about 15 minutes and then they rest to avoid overheating the mechanism. Т.е. That’s enough power for the front lawn, but I don’t think it’s enough power to mow 10 acres. In addition, before choosing an electric lawn mower, consider the remoteness of the area from the power source. A machine’s standard cord size is no more than 20 meters. And if you need to mow at 50 m. from the socket, then you will have to buy more than 30 meters of extension cord. Good cable automatics the cost of the mower itself = the price of a medium-powered gasoline model. So is it worth “getting attached” to a corded unit if you can buy a “free, not on a leash horse” for the same cost.

An electric mower is tied to the mains, so it requires an extra cable on large plots

Criterion #3. service

But the electric models are much easier to maintain. They do not require constant monitoring of oil and gasoline levels, so for people who are poorly versed in the intricacies of filling engines with fluids, it is better to buy an electric version.

Criterion #4. safety level

If to analyze, what is worth choosing a lawn mower on the level of safety, then both variants have their disadvantages. So, gasoline models are not happy with the amount of exhaust fumes, which somehow have to be inhaled by the mower, especially when working small areas. Electric units do not have any harmful emissions, but they cannot be used in wet weather. In addition, if handled carelessly, there are cases when the cutting part can run into the cable and cut it, which can be dangerous. And yet, if according to the instructions to mow only in rubber boots, it is more comfortable to work with an electric mower.

Criterion #5. weight of the machine

When choosing a gasoline lawnmower, consider who will have to work with it. The petrol mower has a heavy engine and is more difficult to control than the electric mower. The load on the hands is high, which means that women, teenagers and the elderly find it difficult to work with such equipment. Electric models are more maneuverable, easier to steer, and run smoother. The operator only has to steer the mower in the right direction.

Comparative characteristics

Table 2 shows the advantages and disadvantages, according to the type of engine and power source.

Technical parametersPlussesMinuses
There is no battery on the electric motor The electric product does not need fuel or lubricants, the noise level is low (80 dB) You need a power grid, an extension cord, the cable is often damaged, you can not work in the dew and rain, power is limited
Battery available on the electric motor Same advantages as above increased mobility. Robotic lawnmowers do not require an operator during work Disadvantages are the same as above heavy weight, run time from the source is limited. 15-30 min, then you need a long recharging
Gasoline-powered internal combustion engine High efficiency, maneuverability, reliability, can be operated intensively Heavy weight, the noise level exceeds 90 dB, it requires regular maintenance and purchase of fuel and lubricants
Lawn mower mechanical without engine Environmentally friendly, no noise, low price, no dependence on petrol and electricity, usable in all weathers Only for cutting short and young grass, no cutting of thick and tall grass, great muscle effort and time-consuming mowing

In Table 3, consider the pros and cons according to the type of drive.

Technical parametersProfits and cons
Front-wheel-drive mowers Maneuverability on headlands, comfortable and easy to control. Front-wheel-drive mowers only work on flat areas
Rear-wheel drive Rear-drive models with large-diameter wheels are used for working on lawns with uneven terrain and on slopes. The machines are inconvenient to turn, they require stopping and even lifting
Mowers with all-wheel drive All-wheel drive has high power and performance, suitable for difficult terrain, all-weather conditions, no slipping on hills The product is expensive and heavy (up to 50 kg)
No drive Lightweight non-self-propelled models (up to 15 kg), low price, no extra costs. Requires muscle effort to push mower forward, low horsepower models with engine and non-driven wheels

Let’s consider mowers by principle of operation. Specifically, lawn mowers with availability:

  • Drum cutting unit: a cylindrical (drum) mechanism working on the principle of a harvester has the following advantages: it has cutting blades, which are spirally wound around the working drum. All the products with two wheels and some with electric motor work like this, which ensures qualitative mowing or cutting the grass. Disadvantages: low power and low passability in neglected areas.
  • Rotary cutter block: the rotary mechanism, working on the propeller principle, has the following advantages: it has cutting blades (1-2 pairs) fixed on a vertically rotating shaft. spindle knives or a cutting disk. the height of blades can be adjusted in order to work on elevated areas and uneven terrain. This is the operating principle of all four-wheel petrol and electric models. Disadvantages: they are determined by the type of engine, drive, blades, body material. Air-cooled lawnmower (without wheels)
  • Air cushion mowers without wheels have advantages: they are excellent maneuvers and go everywhere, they are easy to manage on uneven terrain and in hard-to-reach corners of the garden. Disadvantages: there are models on sale, which are difficult to direct the trajectory straight.

Consider the units according to power:

  • Low-power electric mowers. up to 1.5 kW of the engine. up to 3.5 liters.с. low weight. They are compact and economical. It is possible to treat small flat lawns with flowerbeds. The disadvantages include: a small width of mowed strip. up to 40 cm only young and short grass, a large expenditure of muscle effort and time, the functionality of the product. poor.
  • The electric mowers of average power. 1,5-2 KW.с. The ability to cut thick weed stems. They are used on small slopes, irregularities, to speed up the process of cutting the grass. Disadvantages include high cost, large size and weight.
  • High-power mowers: semi-professional or professional mowers. over 6 liters.с. motors run only on gasoline. Reliable and productive. The disadvantages include high cost and expensive maintenance.

In models that run on gasoline, the temporary life (continuous operation) is determined by the volume of the fuel tank, after which it is necessary to interrupt operation to cool the engine. Mowers powered by electricity need to be shut down every 15-30 minutes after start-up.

High horsepower mowers are good for big areas and difficult terrain. With a large diameter of wheels the tool will be easier to move, and with a wide wheel will be less crushed grass. Before buying, you should evaluate the control system and choose a mower that meets the financial possibilities and the needs of the site.

Why you need a lawn mower?

Only this device can cut vegetation to a uniform, user-set height across the entire area. During the formation of the cover, the height of the mowing. main parameter.

So, a two-centimeter grass is too short, it will become weak and may die. Weeds would quickly take root in its place. But 3 cm is the norm for summer. Above 6-7 cm. the appearance of the lawn changes. It begins to be dominated by broad-leaved plants, the site takes on a different hue, looks unmaintained.

These rules apply to a parterre lawn, in other cases (meadow, Moorish) the recommended cutting height is already different. over, newly sprouted weeds on new plots are cut only one centimeter from the tips. Obviously, such precision can only be achieved with a special device, a grass mower or grass trimmer will not cope with such work.

The second advantage of the lawnmower is faster and easier mowing. What it can do in an hour, a trimmer with medium capabilities needs a whole day. In this case, the entire weight of the mechanical grass mower will be carried by the user, and the machine on wheels only needs to move If it is self-propelled, then only guide.

The third advantage: If you use a lawn mower with a grass catcher box, you won’t have to work with a rake after mowing. And if you choose a model with a mulching function, the shredded grass also does not need to be removed. It’s a good fertilizer.

With all the advantages, we can not forget about the disadvantages. A four-wheeled device will not be able to mow lawn edges, paths, areas near bushes and trees, with pits and bumps. That’s where the electric or lawn mower is needed. A common question is. What to choose lawn mower or grass trimmer? The correct answer is that you need both in lawn care.

The classification makes it easier to choose

Even if you just need to mow a field of grass without any hint of aesthetics, you can buy a wheel mower and experience all the benefits of this technical device. The main thing is that the area would be flat. Given the needs of users, manufacturers produce a variety of lawnmowers. They are subdivided according to the type of energy used.

Electric. are popular with gardeners. They are inexpensive and yet work perfectly. The cable length (40-60 m) limits their possibilities.

Therefore, this technique is used on a small plot. It can reach 12 acres, but in practice the optimal size. no more than 8.

On such a lawn, it won’t be hard to move the cable. The wire is the one that needs the most attention, as there is a risk of cutting it. Otherwise, the electric lawnmower will only please its owner. It is easy to use and maintain, small in size and light in weight.

Gasoline lawn mowers allow freedom of movement. They can be used on large plots of up to 25 acres. Such machines are purchased for a private home, cottage, in the country.

Compared with all other varieties of mowers, they are the most powerful. They can handle high and dense bushes. That is why they are bought not only for lawn cultivation, but also to simply mow the grass as needed. Gasoline engines power a special kind of machines. frontal mowers that are designed for haymaking.

In addition to agriculture, gasoline-powered equipment is in demand in public utilities. Their high efficiency is ensured not only by their power, but also by the large mowing width. Some petrol lawnmowers can mow a strip of land up to 56 cm in one go. When mowing large areas, it is worth giving preference to the self-propelled model. Of course, for a small lawn there is no need for such a machine. Gardeners who need freedom of movement can choose a more compact model.

In addition to quite understandable concerns related to the refueling and maintenance of the engine, the future buyer should take into account another important feature.

which, mower, better, electric, gasoline

Petrol-powered lawnmowers are not suitable for working on slopes. If the angle of inclination of the surface exceeds 20 degrees, the four-stroke engine will stall. The two-stroke can handle an incline of 30 degrees.

Cordless. represented in a small number, they are produced only by a few companies.

They have the same applications as electric lawnmowers but have the same independence as petrol lawnmowers. That’s why they are perfect for cutting grass in small areas with many obstacles: trees, bushes, buildings, furniture. Cordless mowers have no trouble getting around them.

Freely shaped lawns and garden paths can be mowed with ease. In addition, the use of such equipment is one of the options, if there is no power supply on site.

Depending on the model, you can mow up to 300 square kilometers on one battery charge. м., it takes approx. 30 minutes of work.

Mechanical. don’t need electricity or gasoline, don’t make much noise. Lawn care on parterre lawn. Provide a high quality of mowing. The work requires great force from the user, especially if the grass is wet or high.

That’s why they are used on small plots, max 150 sq. m, optimally up to 70 sq. m. м. The possible cutting height of mechanical lawnmowers is less than the others.

Lawnmower performance range

Type Electric Gasoline Cordless Mechanical
Power, kW 0,75-2 2,2-8(3-6 л. с.)
Mowing width, cm 30-48 40-57 34-38 30-40
Mowing height, mm 20-90 25-100 20-70 12-40
Weight, kg 12-30 22-48 12-19 7,2-9,1

What lawn mower is better to buy: choose the type and model

With the advent of summer the owners of private plots and cottages think about how to clean their lawns. an important part of the landscape design. And the best solution to the problem is to buy a lawn mower. However, making the right choice with all the variety of models and brands is not so easy. Here’s how to choose the lawn mower that best suits your cutting needs and how to rank lawn mowers in three different categories.

How to choose the right lawn mower? First we need to understand the functional differences of lawn mowers from similar gardening equipment: trimmers and brushcutters. Often, owners of country properties do not see a significant difference between this equipment, which is fraught with errors when choosing equipment.

  • Lawn mower. it is a moving on wheels garden and park equipment of medium size and power for mowing lawn grass on a flat landscape.
  • grass trimmer. a mechanism of low power, designed to be carried in the hands, consisting of a cutting element, boom and motor. Lawn trimmers are used when it is necessary to cut the grass on uneven terrain, in places difficult to reach and close to crops. This device is usually used to treat relatively small areas. Or to mow the remaining areas where the lawnmower did not pass.
  • A lawn mower is a more powerful and structurally more reliable version of a grass trimmer. Intended for high grass and uneven areas. Can be used as the main tool for the care of the site, if you can not use a lawn mower, but because the mowing is done manually and is uneven, not suitable for use on the lawn.

So we have established that the lawnmower is the best choice for areas with a flat landscape and simple geometry. However, this is only the beginning of the journey. Next, you will need to choose the type of lawn mower. For easy perception, the classifications of the mechanisms, the operating principles of individual models, as well as their advantages and disadvantages are shown in table 1.

Table 1. Lawn mower working principles

Technical parameter Advantages Disadvantages
Type of motor and energy source:
Electric motor without battery Electric lawnmowers
Environmentally friendly, does not require the purchase of fuel and lubricants, has a low noise level (at 80 dB). Requires an electricity connection, an extension cord, risk of cable damage, dangerous to run during rain and dew, limited power.
Electric motor with battery Rechargeable lawnmowers and robotic lawnmowers
Have the same advantages as listed above, but are also more mobile. Robotic lawnmowers do not require an operator. They have the same disadvantages as listed above, but also have a heavy weight, limited battery life (15 to 30 minutes), the need for long recharging.
Gasoline engine Gasoline lawnmowers
Highly productive, maneuverable, reliable, designed for intensive use. Heavy, noisy (more than 90db), require regular servicing and purchase of fuel and lubricants.
No motor, power source. muscular effort Mechanical mowers
Absolute cleanliness, no noise, low cost, energy independent, can be operated in all weather conditions, ideal for short grass areas. Requires more physical effort to move machinery quickly, more time to mow. Not suitable for thick or tall grass.
Type of drive:
On the front wheels Self-propelled, front wheel drive mowers
Maneuverable on headlands, easy to steer. Use on flat lawns only.
Rear-wheel drive Self-propelled reversible lawnmowers
In the presence of large-diameter rear wheels are able to work on slopes and rough terrain. Troublesome to turn, sometimes having to stop or even lift some models to do so.
All-wheel drive Self-propelled four-wheel drive lawn mowers
Powerful and high-powered, versatile for any terrain and all-weather conditions, effortlessly climbs and descends hills. Have a high cost, high weight (about 50 kg).
Without drive Non-motorized models
They have a low weight (about 15 kg), economical. Need to push in front, low power (models with engine without wheel drive).
Working principle:
Cylindrical (“drum principle”, with spiral cutting blades around the rotating drum) Lawn mowers with drum cutting unit
These include all two-wheeled models of mechanical lawnmowers with manual drive, as well as individual models with an electric motor, which determine the advantages of technology. Offer the best quality of mowing (grass shearing). Have low power and passability, not suitable for neglected areas.
Rotary cutting unit (“propeller principle”, a disc or 1-2 pairs of cutting blades. spindle blades. are fixed on the vertical rotating shaft) Lawn mowers with rotary cutting unit
Versatile, with height adjustability of blades that allows to work on both high and uneven terrain. All four-wheel petrol and electric models are included. Disadvantages are determined by type of engine, drive, blades, body material.
Air cushion Wheelless lawnmowers
Maneuverable, have high cross-country ability and easy controllability, designed to work on an uneven terrain and in hard-to-reach places. Rarely found on sale, have a small range of models, it is difficult to direct in a straight line.
Electric. up to 1.5 KW ICE. up to 2.5 liters. с. Low-power lawn mowers
Compact, lightweight, economical, ideal for small flat lawns with flowerbeds. Small mowing width (up to 40 cm), high consumption of time and efforts for mowing the lawn, the ability to cut only young and short grass, poor functionality of the technique.
Electric mowers. 1,5-2 KW. с. Medium lawn mowers
The best option for most areas with small surface slopes and irregularities, capable of cutting weeds with thick stems, greatly speed up the process of mowing lawns. Have higher cost, relatively high weight and dimensions.
Gasoline engines with more than 6hp High power mowers
They are reliable and productive; they can only be petrol lawn mowers, semi-professional and professional models. High cost and expensive to maintain afterwards.

How to choose a lawn mower

Rational choice of lawnmower involves linking its technical and functional characteristics with the features of the area, which will be mowing the grass, and user preferences. To do this we recommend making a table with the criteria you have chosen (personal preferences and site conditions) in one column, the correspondence of the mower’s features to these parameters in the second column, for example “1. yes” and “0. no”, and their weight in the third column which characterizes their individual importance to you. The most significant factors will have the maximum weight. the multiplication factor of the points.

which, mower, better, electric, gasoline

You can use our test, which will greatly simplify the choice of the type of lawnmower (Table 2). To calculate the result, add up the points corresponding to your answers and compare the resulting value with the nominal values (given at the end of the table).