Which Saws are Better for Harvesting Large Wood

The chain saw is widely popular among owners of suburban farms. Although she is not able to fully replace her “sister” with an internal combustion engine, for small-sized sawmills, there is no better option.

The tool is easy to maintain: to get started, you just need to connect it to the network.

How to choose a chainsaw with a sufficient set of functions, but not overpay? In order to make a competent choice, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, the main of which we will consider in the article.

Chain saw working principle

Saw. a tool needed in the household, which is often used when cutting branches in the garden, sawing wood and carpentry.

Which Saws are Better for Harvesting Large Wood

Compact and easy-to-use tool does not require knowledge and skills in handling a gasoline engine

Initially, manual chain saw models were rather bulky and heavy. Not surprisingly, the emergence of electric chain saws on the market among most consumers was enthusiastic.

In addition to ease of operation, a significant advantage of the power tool is that it is environmentally friendly, since it does not emit exhaust gases during operation.

This is especially true when sawing materials in a confined space.

The main structural elements of the chain saw are:

  • electric motor in the housing;
  • guide tires;
  • chain;
  • oil pump with oil reservoir.

When the unit is turned on, the engine creates a rotational movement, which is transmitted to the sprocket by means of a bevel gear or direct drive. An asterisk placed in a common plane with the chain begins to rotate it, so that the cutting blade easily cuts wood.

Recently, many manufacturers equip models with centrifugal clutch, thereby preventing damage to the electric motor and saw gear during cycling.

Electric models of chain saws are famous for their long service life, which is achieved due to the constant lubrication of movable elements during operation

The chain oil located in a special container is pumped through the pump to the tire with which it travels through the chain through the sprockets and the cutting blade. Many models have a function of adjusting the intensity of the lubricant, which allows you to work with materials of different hardness.

The volume of the tank averages 120-200 ml. This volume is enough for 2 hours of continuous operation. The operator’s task is to control the oil level in the tank, otherwise, working “dry” the motor will quickly overheat and the tool will fail.

To facilitate the task of controlling the volume of liquid, manufacturers make transparent inserts in the case or provide for the use of a special probe.

It will also be useful material that is better. a chainsaw or saw: https://diz-cafe.com/tech/chto-luchshe-benzopila-ili-elektropila.html

Household or professional tool?

Like any electric tool, a chain saw is presented on the market by household and professional models. Professional tools are more powerful, which allows them to operate without stops for a longer time. They are best chosen if frequent use is required.

Most professional models are equipped with a function to maintain a constant speed of the motor, as well as vibration protection and comfortable handles

The only drawback of professional chain saws is their high price, which is often several times higher in comparison with household counterparts.

Household chain saws are more suitable for short-term work. The time of continuous operation of the tool is limited to 10-15 minutes, after which it is necessary to pause, giving the engine a "rest".

The simple design of these models and the use in the manufacture of low-cost materials can significantly reduce the cost of household chain saws

In order not to miscalculate, before choosing a chain saw, determine for yourself the scope of the proposed work and the frequency of use of the unit. If you need a tool for seasonal work in the country, it is quite possible to limit yourself to a household option.

Quality saw selection options

The modern market offers a wide selection of models.

Among the well-known brands of well-established manufacturers, the most popular are: Bosch, Sparky, Patriot. There are also less promoted brands, which are often not inferior in terms of the presented functions. Therefore, when choosing a chainsaw, you should focus not only on the brand’s publicity, but also on the performance characteristics of a particular model.

Also, material on what you should pay attention to before buying a saw will be useful: https://diz-cafe.com/tech/kak-vybrat-elektropilu.html

Parameter # 1. location and engine power

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a tool is engine power. Not only performance depends on this parameter, but also its durability.

If power surges in your mains are quite common, choose a tool with a sufficient power reserve. The engine of such a chain saw will not overheat when the voltage is reduced, giving out rated power.

The engine power of household chainsaws can vary between 1.5-2 kW, and professional. up to 3.5 kW

With unstable voltage, experts recommend choosing models equipped with a thermal control system that automatically turn off the tool. The thermal relay is triggered when the temperature of the motor winding reaches the set threshold. But it should be borne in mind that when switching off too often in conditions of unstable voltage, the unit’s productivity also decreases.

If you focus on the location of the engine in the structure, then it can be:

  • Transverse. the axis of the engine is perpendicular to the width of the unit, and its center of gravity is slightly offset. When working with such a tool will have to constantly maintain balance. It is most comfortable to work with him in a vertical plane when you cut from top to bottom.
  • Longitudinal. the design is an even fishing line in which all components are well balanced. Such a constructive solution provides excellent blade balancing during turns, giving the tool greater maneuverability.

Saws with a transverse engine are for general use. The power of such tools fluctuates around 2 kW, and the mass does not exceed 4 kg.

Saws with a longitudinal engine are indispensable for carpentry.

The absence of a protruding engine on the side simplifies the work with the tool, but increases the weight of the unit, the value of which can reach 6 kg

The hands will get tired of considerable weight quickly, and therefore it will not be very convenient to operate such a tool for several hours of continuous operation. this is worth considering.

saw KRÜGER ECSK 25-40

The German brand KRÜGER, which has long gained popularity and consumer confidence, offers a very good tool with increased power.

saw KRÜGER (Germany) has a compact size and is used for logging, sawing timber, sawing branches and branches. The power of the KRUGER electric saw is 2500 watts. Impact resistant plastic protects the device from damage.

Among the functions. automatic lubrication of the circuit, start lock. It is convenient to work: the electric chain saw Kruger weighs only 5 kg.

The price of a Kruger electric saw is about 5,000 rubles, which is more than acceptable for a German manufacturer. Without a doubt, this device is the best demonstration of the ideal ratio of quality and price.

Parameter # 2. chain tension control

In the manufacture of saws, low-profile chains are used. Although they have lower productivity, they are good because they expose the instrument to less vibration, making it safer to use.

The correct tension affects the performance and safety of work, so during the operation of the saw chain you have to pull up quite often

On sale there are models in two versions of the chain tension:

  • Classic. to tighten the chain, the fastening tires are loosened and gently slid with a flat screwdriver. This is a rather painstaking method, time-consuming and requires the availability of the necessary tools at hand.
  • Simplified. chain tension is achieved by loosening the nut and shifting the tire with the slider.

The lubrication of the saw unit in modern models is carried out automatically using an oil pump. The pump is driven at the same time as the saw is turned on. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of the unit. The owner’s task was to control the level of the oil and add it as needed.

The presence on the side panel of the lever allows you to easily adjust the tension, the system is convenient in that it does not require the use of special tools

Parameter # 3. bus length

The working tire on which the chain is fixed may have various modifications. The length of the tire is directly related to the power of the tool. It can reach 30-45 cm.

Given that in the suburban area it is unlikely to have to cut thick logs, a tire 40 cm long is considered the best option for household work.

Tools with a longer tire will be much heavier, more powerful and therefore more expensive.

The quality of the cut depends on the thickness of the cutting blade.

For household tools, the standard tooth pitch is 3/8 inch: the thicker the chain, the more powerful the motor should be

Depending on the performance of the tool, different types of chains and tires can be installed on saws of various manufacturers. Movable items will wear out over time and require replacement. Therefore, in order to further prevent problems with finding parts, choose power tools with the most common type of circuit.

Parameter # 4. soft start

The engine starting and braking systems are perhaps the most extreme operating modes of the unit. The reason for this is that at these moments, shock doses of current pass through the motor winding, which significantly reduce its resources.

Significantly facilitates the work and protects the engine from extreme loads, the soft start system, which limits the starting current, allowing the motor to gain speed gradually

Soft start system extends the "life" of the unit.

The presence of an inertial brake allows you to stop the motor in a split second when the tool is turned off, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Option # 5. Security

Any woodworking saw is a potentially dangerous tool. Therefore, when choosing a unit, it is so important to protect yourself from possible injuries in the process of using the tool.

When choosing a power tool, pay attention to the presence of an accidental power-on lock. It protects you from danger if you are not comfortable holding the instrument with one hand or after turning it on you have found that you are not yet ready to work with it.

When working with a chainsaw, a “kickback” can be especially dangerous. It occurs when the end of the tire comes into contact with the hard surface of the lumber, as a result of which the tool is sharply thrown back, and its moving chain can injure the operator.

To prevent a “back strike”, modern models are equipped with an automatic brake system, which is a lever designed in the form of a shield located under the handle

The automatic brake is activated when the hand slips off when a “backstroke” occurs: when pressure is applied to the shield, a spring is activated, which activates the brake and stops the chain.

And for working on wood, an electric jigsaw is useful. You can find out how to choose this tool from the material: https://diz-cafe.com/tech/kak-vybrat-elektricheskij-lobzik.html

How not to break a freshly bought tool?

Specialists in the repair of tools note that most often electric chainsaws fail in the spring.

This is easily explained by the fact that condensation accumulates in the windings of the electric motor of the tool during the cold winter months. Drops of moisture and provoke a short circuit when the unit is turned on.

You can prevent this problem by “standing” the tool before starting work in a warm room. To do this, it should be brought into the room at least a day before the moment of inclusion.

A frequent provocateur of incapacitating a tool is a voltage drop. When the voltage decreases and the unit develops rated power due to intense heat generation, the insulation may simply melt or close the anchor. Therefore, when working with the tool, it is so important to monitor the stability of the current and periodically give the unit a “rest”.

A chain saw is a simple and easy-to-use tool. With proper care and compliance with safety regulations, it will last more than 5 years without requiring additional costs.

Video tool wizard tips

How to choose an electric chainsaw (2018) | Blog | DNS Club

The question of buying a chain saw sooner or later arises from any owner of a private household, and usually this refers to an electric saw. Electric chain saws are inferior to gasoline in performance and autonomy, but significantly benefit in ease of maintenance and use.

However, builders also often take themselves an electric saw in addition to a gas saw. it is more convenient for small amounts of work, and working conditions sometimes do not allow the use of a chainsaw.

Chain saw device

Despite the external variety, all electric chain saws of the same type are arranged. In the housing (1) there is an electric motor (2) rotating the drive sprocket (3).

The sprocket drives a toothed saw chain (4) moving along a guide bar (5). The power button (7) is located on the rear handle (6) of the saw, a protective shield (9) is located in front of the front handle (8), which is also an emergency brake.

On the front of the case is a series of persistent teeth (10) that facilitate sawing.

Scopes of chainsaws

  • A chain saw is used wherever there is a large amount of sawing work:
  • – logging;
  • – carpentry;
  • – construction works;
  • – dismantling of wooden buildings and structures.
  • Some use a chain saw to cut branches, although it is better to use a reciprocating saw for this task. it is both more convenient and safer.
  • Characteristics of Chainsaws

    than power saws, the higher its productivity and the faster it will cut the same beam. But this does not mean that you should choose a saw as powerful as possible. Powerful saws are heavier and significantly more expensive, so choose a saw in accordance with future tasks.

    1. If you plan to cut thick logs (30 cm or more in diameter), then you will need a saw with a long tire and a power of 2 kW or more.
    2. If such tasks are not expected, a power of 1500. 2000 W will be quite enough.
    3. Saws with a power of less than 1,500 W are only suitable for sawing small parts and trimming twigs.

    Engine location can be longitudinal and transverse. With a transverse arrangement, the drive sprocket is located directly on the axis of the engine. the design is simpler, more reliable and cheaper.

    But with this arrangement, the engine strongly protrudes sideways, which can lead to certain inconveniences. it is more difficult to operate such a saw in cramped conditions.

    In addition, due to the uneven distribution of weight, it can lead away sideways when working.

    Saws with a longitudinal arrangement of these shortcomings are devoid of, but are more expensive.

    Tire length determines the maximum cut depth. The longer the tire, the greater the thickness of the log or beam can be cut. Of course, if the tire length is backed up by the corresponding power.

    Buying a saw of a well-known manufacturer, you can not think about it. a company that values ​​its reputation will not complete a low-power saw with a long tire. But if there are doubts about the correspondence of the bus length and power, then you should be guided by the fact that the optimal power for a bus is 40 cm. 2 kW, 35 cm. 1800 W. Saws with less power are usually equipped with a 30 cm bus.

    Tire groove width determines the thickness of the guide elements of the saw chain and characterizes the strength and durability of the chain. For household saws not designed for high loads, saw chains with thin guides are used.

    Chains experiencing high loads have a large thickness of guide elements.

    Chain pitch called half the distance between any three rivets. The chain pitch determines the length of the chain teeth and affects the performance of the saw and the cleanliness of the cut.

    The chain pitch should correspond to engine power: a large pitch provides greater performance, but requires more power. In addition, the larger the teeth (the larger the pitch), the rougher the cut, the stronger the vibration of the tool and the greater the adhesion of the chain to the material being cut. when wedged, such a chain is more likely to make the tool slip out of hands.

    • A 1/4 ″ (6.3 mm) pitch ensures maximum accuracy and cleanliness of the cut and is used only in miniature saws.
    • 3/8 ″ (9.3 mm) pitch provides acceptable performance and is used on most household saws.
    • 0.375 ″ (9.5 mm) pitch is used on powerful electric saws that require maximum performance.

    Chain speed affects the performance of the saw. the higher the speed, the faster it will cut.

    Of course, only if the engine power allows you to maintain high speed under load. choosing among saws with different speeds and power, the choice should be made by power.

    The high speed of a low-power saw under load will greatly decrease, and the advantage will come to naught.

    Video: Which Saws are Better for Harvesting Large Wood

    Chain tensioning mechanism. The saw chain stretches during operation so that it does not start to fly off the tire, it must be tightened. On models with an instrumental chain tensioning mechanism, this should be done using a separate tool, most often a screwdriver.

    Toolless mechanism allows you to pull the chain manually by turning the tension regulator on the case.

    Device power. There are cordless chain saws. They combine the simplicity, convenience and safety of using chain saws with the autonomy of gasoline.

    Unfortunately, cordless saws are much more expensive, have less power and short battery life (20-40 minutes).

    In addition, with the same power, the cordless saw will be heavier.

    When deciding to purchase a cordless saw, pay attention to the characteristics of the batteries: their voltage indirectly indicates the power of the saw (the higher the voltage, the more powerful), and the capacity. about the duration of work without charging.

    Also note that most cordless saws are sold without a battery and charger, the price of which may be close to the cost of the saw itself.

    Electric chain saw safety

    A chain saw is a dangerous tool. Careless handling of it can lead to serious injuries and even death. Therefore, it is extremely important that all the options on the saw ensure operator safety during operation.

    All chain saws are equipped with a chain brake lever to stop the chain upon impact. But the manufacturing quality of this item may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    Before buying, you should check the operation of the chain brake. the lever should snap off with little effort on it. Before starting work, it is imperative to make sure that clicking the lever leads to an immediate stop of the chain.

    The author of the guide personally observed a Chinese chainsaw, snapping off the brake lever on which did not affect its performance in any way.

    Power On Lock allows you to lock the power button and gives a guarantee that the tool will not turn on from accidentally pressing the button.

    Inertia brake stops the chain when turning off the tool. If the saw does not have this option, after turning off the tool, the chain continues to move by inertia for a while. this may be enough to cause injury.

    Anti-vibration allows to reduce vibration load on hands and increase tool safety

    Do not save on chain saw safety. Having bought a cheap screwdriver of dubious quality, in the worst case you will lose the money paid for it. And in the case of a chainsaw, excessive savings can lead to loss of health or life.


    For pruning branches and cutting them into tree firewood, [url = ”http://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a9c90d16404e77/elektricheskie-pily/?p=1 is suitable&i = 1&mode = list&f = 880-1620] light, low-power chain saw.

    For confident work with medium trees and for most construction work, the best choice would be [url = "http://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a9c90d16404e77/elektricheskie-pily/?p=1&i = 1&mode = list&f = 1500-2410&f = 25-35&f = emrl] medium power saw with a tire of 30-35 cm.

    For sawing thick logs you will need [url = "http://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a9c90d16404e77/elektricheskie-pily/?p=1&i = 1&mode = list&f = 1820-2410&f = 37-46&f = 3134&f = emrl] powerful saw with a tire from 40 cm.

    Cordless chain saws combine the simplicity and ease of use of electric saws with the mobility of gasoline.

    In order not to waste time searching for keys for tightening a sagging chain, choose among [url = "http://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a9c90d16404e77/elektricheskie-pily/?order=1&stock = 2&f = 7kibc] saw with a toolless chain tensioner.

    If you plan to use a powerful saw frequently and often, make sure that it is equipped with an anti-vibration mechanism.

    Chain saw: design, working principle, ranking of the best models

    A chain saw is a tool that is very necessary in the household, especially when living in a private house. It helps in the construction, cleaning of the territory, solves many other problems. We will talk in more detail about how to choose a good chainsaw that will serve its owner for a long time.

    Design features of electric saws

    The design of the chain saw consists of the following elements:

    • Tire. a metal or polymer plate along which the chain moves.
    • Chain. a chain with sharpened teeth attached to it, which directly carries out cutting of the processed materials.
    • Drive sprocket. a metal part that transfers the energy of an electric motor to a circuit.
    • Clutch. a mechanism that provides contact between the electric motor and the drive sprocket.

    The tire and drive sprocket lengths on each saw model are calculated. Therefore, in no case should you install an incomplete bus. Many mistakenly believe that this will lead to a higher sawing speed. However, in practice, this causes an overload of the electric motor and clutch, and subsequently breakdown of these units.

    The principle of operation of the saw is very simple: the engine rotates due to electric energy, transfers its energy to the sprocket, and that transfers it to the chain.


    Depending on certain factors, electric saws are divided into several varieties.

    By type of food, they are:

    The first type is powered by a household electrical network. The device is connected to it using a cord. This has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the duration of the tool is not limited by the battery charge. On the other hand, it can work only where the electricity is carried out or where the generator is installed.

    Another disadvantage of this type of power tool is the restriction on the length of the cord of the person who works with it. The problem can be solved by increasing the wire or connecting the extension cord. However, this is still not very convenient.

    Cordless saws are powered by a built-in battery. It also has both pros and cons. The main advantage of this type of tool is a high degree of autonomy. You can take them with you anywhere.

    They also allow you to freely move around the workspace without being tied to a power source. However, the battery is able to work without recharging just 2-3 hours.

    In addition, it significantly complicates the weight of the electric saw, which makes working with it less comfortable.

    Which saw to choose is decided depending on the prevailing working conditions. If you have to work mainly at home, prefer network. If you often need to move from place to place, to travel far from settlements, then because of its autonomy, a battery device is more suitable.

    • Depending on the location of the engine, the saws are divided into two varieties:
    • The transverse engine, as the name implies, is located across the body. This greatly simplifies the design, since the drive sprocket and clutch system in this case are attached directly to the motor shaft. No additional nodes are required.

      This makes the mechanism much more reliable, and also allows you to install a more powerful engine (a simple design can withstand severe loads). However, this also has a drawback. the engine cover protrudes in the side of the tool, reduces the convenience of working with it, significantly reduces its maneuverability.

      In longitudinal saws, the engine is located along the engine. Due to this, their size is much smaller than that of the transverse. In addition, increased maneuverability and ease of handling of power tools. However, such a design requires a special transmission unit between the motor, sprocket and clutch unit.

      The need for it is due to the fact that it is simply impossible to install an asterisk parallel to the chain and the bus in this case. Such a transfer unit complicates the design and makes it less reliable, and also does not allow installing a powerful electric motor on the device (it simply may not withstand the load created by such a motor).

      What to look for when choosing a tool

      When choosing an electric saw, you need to pay attention to several important parameters!

      Here are the main ones:

      • Electric motor power. The more powerful the motor of a power tool, the faster and more efficient it will be. However, it should be remembered that a too powerful engine is not suitable for battery devices, because it quickly discharges even a very capacious battery.
      • Tire area. The wide tire allows you to process large materials. For example, a saw with a small tire will have to cut a thick log in two approaches. first on one side, then on the other. With a wide bus, such problems simply do not arise.
      • Chain pitch. Under the step of the chain understand the distance between the teeth. The smaller this parameter, the more efficient the tool is. But the greater the load on the motor.
      • Lubrication system. All moving parts and components of the tool during operation experience significant load and severe friction against each other. This requires a constant supply of oil to them. Therefore, the lubrication system must work efficiently. Before buying it is worth checking it. To do this, a little oil is dripped into the oil tank and the saw is launched for 10-20 seconds. After operation, the chain should be well lubricated.
      • Soft start system. A good tool should be equipped with a softstarter. It does not allow the motor to immediately gain large speeds and provides a smooth increase in the speed of its rotation. This significantly extends the life of the power tool. If you “accelerate” the motor immediately, an overload occurs, which can lead to burnout of the winding wires of this unit.
      • Chain brake. Working with an electric saw is dangerous. During her, it is very easy to get all kinds of injuries. Therefore, the safety of the instrument must be well thought out. One of its elements is an automatic chain brake. It stops the cutting element of the device immediately after the release button is released. This allows you to absolutely safely handle the device and not wait when the inertial movement of its components ends.
      • Manufacturer. It is obvious that devices from well-known European and American brands will be better than Chinese ones. Therefore, if possible, preference should be given to them.

      Which chainsaw do you use?

      It is worth noting that good tools can be found among the "Chinese". However, this is much more complicated. In addition, there is always a risk of running into a "pig in a poke" and acquiring low-quality or defective tools. products of Chinese manufacturers often differ greatly even within the same batch.

      Rating of the best models

      Below are a few high-quality and reliable electric saws that deserve the attention of the buyer.

      Makita is a Japanese power tool company. A distinctive feature of its products is high quality and not very high cost. Makita UC4041A is an electric saw powered by a household network and a transverse engine. In the Russian Federation, Makita UC4041A costs from 8,000 to 9,000 rubles.

      Here are the main technical specifications of this device:

      • Chain pitch 0.375 (3/8) inches.
      • Weight 4.7 kg.
      • The length of the tire is 40 cm.
      • Power is 1 800 W.
      • Powered by 220 V.

      Despite the transverse arrangement of the motor, the model has good ergonomics. It was achieved thanks to the thoughtful design of the device body, as well as convenient handles for holding.

      Bosch AKE 40 S. an inexpensive chain saw from a well-known manufacturer of electrical appliances from Germany. The average cost of an electric saw Bosch AKE 40 S is in the range from 6,000 to 7,000 rubles.

      Here are its main specifications:

      • Chain pitch 0.375 (3/8) inches.
      • Weight 4.1 kg.
      • The length of the tire is 40 cm.
      • Power is 1 800 W.
      • Powered by 220 V.

      As you can see, the specifications are very reminiscent of the Makita UC4041A. But the tool is not so convenient due to the lack of ergonomic handles. However, it is characterized by stability, long service life and high reliability.

      Parma M6 is a low-cost electric saw from a domestic manufacturer. Ergonomics at an average level. The handles cannot be called uncomfortable, but they cannot be called as comfortable as possible. Parma M6 compares favorably with its counterparts in price. this model costs from 2,500 to 3,000 rubles, which is very little for a quality saw.

      Here are the technical characteristics it has:

      • Chain pitch 0.375 (3/8) inches.
      • Weight 3 kg.
      • Tire length 30 cm.
      • Power 1 100 watts.
      • Powered by 220 V.

      A distinctive feature of this tool is lightness. Its weight is only 3 kg. This makes working with the Parma M6 quite comfortable.

      STILL MSE 141 C-Q

      STILL MSE 141 C-Q is a lightweight, convenient and powerful saw from a well-known German manufacturer. The cost of STILL MSE 141 C-Q is about 9,000 rubles.

      Here are its main specifications:

      • Chain pitch 0.375 (3/8) inches.
      • Weight 2.5 kg.
      • Tire length 35 cm.
      • Power 1,400 watts.
      • Powered by 220 V.

      The model is distinguished by lightness, ergonomics and high work efficiency. The only drawback is the power cord is too short (its length is only 40 cm).

      VERTO Li-Ion 52G585

      VERTO Li-Ion 52G585 is a cordless electric saw with a transverse engine. The average cost of VERTO Li-Ion 52G585 is about 10,000 rubles.

      It has the following options:

      • Chain pitch 0.375 (3/8) inches.
      • Weight 2.9 kg.
      • The length of the tire is 21 cm.
      • Power 800 watts.
      • Powered by a 1,300 Ah battery.

      A distinctive feature of this model is a fully removable unit with a tire, chain and gear. This design solution greatly facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the mechanism.

      An electric chain saw is a tool that is needed in any household. Saws depending on the type of power supply are divided into battery and network, and depending on the location of the engine. into longitudinal and transverse. Each of the varieties has both pros and cons.

      When choosing a saw, you should pay attention to engine power, chain pitch, lubrication system, safety of use. Preference should be given to well-known trusted brands. They guarantee high reliability and long life of the power tool.

      Other useful articles:

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      How to choose a chainsaw: types of saws, their pros and cons, selection criteria

      Any good master will say that having a bad tool is worse than not having it at all. Given this opinion, a serious approach should be taken in choosing the tools necessary in everyday life. A chain saw is no exception.

      In order for the tool to become an ideal assistant in construction and household works, when choosing a chain saw, you must have an idea of ​​the types, get acquainted with the technical characteristics of various models, and also present the volume of planned work.

      Chain Saw It was named for its sawing apparatus, which is a special chain with cutting links connected in a ring and moving along the guide rail. The chain and tire are called the saw headset, as these parts are removable.

      Chainsaws are widely used in everyday life and in the professional field. They are used at construction sites, during rescue operations, at logging in city parks, when creating sculptures from ice. In households, a chain saw is used for repairs, with its help it is easy to remove dried wood, cut off interfering branches, and saw through firewood.

      Types of Chainsaws

      • When choosing a chainsaw, the future owner is guided by the volume and nature of the work to be done with it, depending on what type of tool is purchased.
      • According to the type of power sources, chain saws can be divided into three groups:
      • electric
      • gasoline
      • rechargeable.
      • The tool of each group is most effective in its field of application.

      Electric chain saws

      When the tool is required for simple household and garden work (repairing a room, sawing firewood, cutting dry wood branches), it is enough to purchase an electric chain saw.

      It is easy to operate and relatively light for saws; during operation it does not form exhaust gases, does not produce loud noise, has insignificant vibration.

      It is also important that the price of this tool is affordable for most consumers.

      Unfortunately, despite all these advantages, chain saws have some disadvantages. Each user evaluates their significance when buying a saw in relation to their requirements.

      Firstly, the distance at which the saws can be used is limited by the length of the power cord. Therefore, if you plan to work at a considerable distance from power sources, this type of saw is not worth choosing.

      Secondly, a power tool cannot be used in wet weather or in humid rooms. Finally, it is necessary to note the need for frequent work interruptions, which are required to avoid overheating of the saw engine.

      Petrol Chainsaws

      All gasoline saws are powered by an internal combustion engine.

      Chainsaws by scope of application can be divided into three groups:

      Vibrorail for laying concrete: how to do it yourself

      1. household (delimbers),
      2. semi-professional
      3. professional.
      4. The most productive and powerful are the saws of the professional group, they are used in full-fledged construction work.

      Gas-powered chain saws are much more functional than saws. The main advantages of a gasoline tool can be safely called its high performance, lack of attachment to a power source, the ability to work in high humidity. For chainsaws, only high-quality fuel is used, which has a number of additives in its composition.

      To date, the range of these saws is very wide. Disadvantages of gasoline chain saws: they can only be operated outdoors, the operation is accompanied by loud noise, vibration and exhaust gas formation.

      Cordless Chainsaws

      Such a saw is a portable tool that is easy to operate. It is convenient to transport. The cordless saw does not produce excess noise and does not emit exhaust gases.

      The performance of these saws is low, and the operating time is limited by the amount of battery charge.

      Pocket chain saw

      The easiest option for a chain saw is a pocket one. It is a chain web with two handles. Today, this hand tool is rarely used.

      What is important to know when choosing a chain saw model

      Having decided on what type of chain saw is required, you should familiarize yourself with the main points of choosing a model of the tool.

      When buying an electric chain saw, you should pay attention to the engine power and its location (transverse or longitudinal).

      With a transverse engine, the saw is more convenient to use for vertical work; with a longitudinal. the saw easily works in any direction, since such a tool is perfectly balanced.

      It is very important that the electric saw has a lock in case of accidental switching on. In this case, it is almost impossible to get injured while working with a saw. Well, when for ease of use, the saw has a smooth descent function. Then the maximum power of the work is not achieved immediately after switching on.

      When purchasing a gasoline chain saw, you should immediately take an interest in its anti-vibration system, because if the vibration is significant, during the process of holding the saw, extra forces will be expended. Therefore, you should choose a model in which the handle is connected to the fuel tank. With this design, the weight of the tank significantly dampens the vibration.

      It is also important to correctly evaluate the power of the selected saw. In a chain chainsaw, engine power depends on its volume. the larger it is, the higher the tool power indicator.

      With the right choice of a chain saw, it will not disappoint the owner, since a quality tool in many respects provides a good work result.

      Watch the video “Types of Chainsaws”

      How to choose a chainsaw: specialist advice

      Do you have a summer cottage or a country private house? Then most likely in your household a chain saw with a gasoline or electric drive is used. If electricity has been supplied to your site, then you will opt for an electric chain saw. It is much more profitable. How to choose a chainsaw? What factors should be taken into account?

      The choice is obvious. chain saw

      In the case of saws, this issue is especially relevant, since these devices have a large set of technical characteristics, respectively, there is a clear delineation of saws for specific tasks.

      If we consider gardening, then both a chainsaw and a saw can be equally suitable. The second option in recent years has been increasingly actively acquired, since there are several indisputable advantages over a chainsaw for this device:

      • The lack of the need to purchase fuel from time to time, in addition, due to the lack of liquid fuel in the process, no exhaust is emitted.
      • The noise level emitted by the device during operation is minimal.
      • If necessary, an option is allowed in which it will be possible to work with it indoors.

      If you have a summer house or a country house, then sawing a tree is sure to come in handy sooner or later. Its dimensions allow you to use the saw for a variety of purposes, there are no difficulties in the work. The most important thing. you won’t have to think about where to get and prepare fuel.

      In any technical device you can find a weak spot. In the case of the saw, this weak point is the dependence on the power source. Although this can hardly be considered a significant problem, since almost all cottages are electrified, with rare exceptions.

      How does a chain saw do its job?

      As for the components, this is an electric motor, a driving tire, a chain with cutting teeth mounted on this tire, there is also an oil pump and a container from which oil is supplied to lubricate the cutting chain.

      In addition to the handle that simplifies working with the device, there are two buttons, one of which is intended to turn on the device, and the second to lock the work.

      Models in the middle and high price segment can have advanced functionality, in particular, we are talking about a button for adjusting the chain tension. It cuts the saw in this way: when it is turned on, the engine and the oil pump are started, so that the tire moves and the chain is lubricated with oil.

      What you need to know about the technical specifications?

      The basic characteristic that you need to build on when selecting a particular model is engine power. Here you need to look at how hard the chain saw will be used.

      When you need to make a single cut of wood, which is more random than planned, then devices up to 2 kW for these purposes are ideal. Such power is not enough for conditional hour work in the garden, so here you should already look at appliances from 2.5 kW to 4 kW. Of great importance is the weight, especially when there is a large front of work.

      Here a lot depends on the price, since at the same power, the unit can weigh both 3.5 kg and 5.5 kg, respectively, the difference is significant. According to the oil tank, one can say that the volume is 0.2 liters. enough for several hours of work at a not very accelerated pace.

      Technical Specifications of Some Chainsaw Models

      Finally, you need to look at the length of the tire, which is also selected from the nuances of the work performed. For complex tasks, for example, for large wood, you should take a tire with a length of more than 40 cm.

      Design features of chain saws

      The location of the engine in the saw affects how the cut will occur. Devices are available with a transverse and longitudinal arrangement, if you look at the body. For cutting at right angles, it is better to use units with a transverse engine.

      It is preferable to choose a saw with a longitudinal engine, because it is better balanced

      • Such a chain saw can be successfully cut from top to bottom, but any other variations of work: at right angles or from bottom to top, are not provided, so there can be noted a clear bias in one or two positions.
      • There is much more balance in saws with a longitudinal arrangement of the engine, and it is better to choose just such a device, since it will not limit the wizard in how he needs to work.
      • For ordinary gardening, in the country, it may not be worth overpaying for this tool, although you need to look at the nature of the work and how much it will be.

      In some models, a protective relay against overheating may occur. The task of which is to disconnect the tool from the network when the engine temperature exceeds a certain threshold. This can save the unit from damage.

      Sometimes manufacturers equip their devices with random lock buttons. We recommend choosing a saw with it, since this is a matter of safety for the master. After a certain time, the tension at the saw weakens, but some devices have a special handle for such cases. We recommend checking the level of tension before starting work.

      The nuances of work

      The first thing you need to know is that the chain saw cannot work without interruptions, so you need to set the mode to 20 minutes for 20 minutes, that is, first work, then rest, and work again.

      Do not forget about cleaning after cutting, and about checking the oil level, also before cutting. Keep the device in a dry place, in the same place you need to work with it, since moisture is an enemy for a chainsaw.

      As for workwear, there are no strict criteria, except that you need to choose something narrow, otherwise the end of the clothes may be pulled into a saw.

      As an oil, you can use both conventional automotive and special mineral. The latter option is preferable, but its cost may be slightly higher than automobile.

      You should pay attention to the level of sharpening of the teeth, because the chain saw is dulled from time to time, if you do not take care of it properly. This does not mean that the wood will not succumb to saw. it will be sawn, only much longer.

      The motor will start to operate at higher speeds, and this is already unpleasant, since if nothing is done, then after a while it will fail.

      At first glance, it is not always possible to accurately understand the condition of the teeth, but there are several indirect signs: an increase in cutting time and the heterogeneity of sawdust produced. Sharp teeth make filings the same.

      What is the result

      Most likely, the budget option will be limited in the planes of work, it will be difficult to keep it for a long time due to gravity, and also it will surely be deprived of a button against accidental inclusion and a handle for chain tension.

      Nevertheless, it is advisable to choose a device equipped with additional functions, for example, an oil indicator, as well as a universal oil supply system that can adapt to conditions.

      The point is that when there is a really practical need to work at full capacity, the oil supply is on, but when the so-called idle speed occurs, the oil is not wasted in vain. You will have to overpay for this function when you purchase, but instead the owner of the device will save a significant amount of money on supplies in the future.

      In the proposed video you will see valuable tips on choosing a chainsaw.