Which Side Cut Tile Angle Grinder

Which Side Cut Tile Angle Grinder

Ceramic tile is a very durable and attractive in all respects facing material. However, the process of laying tiles is not as simple as it seems, and requires patience and preparation. In order to successfully install this material on the floor, on the wall, around the edges of the room, around electrical appliances, window frames, pipes or various protrusions, it is necessary to use specialized equipment. However, before proceeding directly to work, you will definitely need to decide how and how to cut the tile.


Ceramic Cutting Tool

The quality of the lining will depend on how the ceramic material is processed. If you are interested in how to cut ceramic tiles, then, first of all, pay attention to the following tools:

  • manual tile cutter
  • glass cutter
  • electric tile cutter
  • Angle Grinder.

Using this equipment, you can perform both standard cutting operations and rather complicated procedures: cutting rectangular and round holes, cutting edges.

Each of these tools is used for a specific amount of work and has its own functional features, which must be taken into account when embarking on the process of processing ceramics.

Work with a glass cutter

The simplest, cheapest and easiest tool for processing ceramic products is glass cutter. It can be of two types:

  • with small diameter roller
  • with diamond tip

There are practically no special differences in operation between them, however, the first tool is more convenient in operation.

Step-by-step instruction

Cutting tiles with glass cutter is no different from cutting glass. Before cutting the tile with a glass cutter, it is necessary to precisely mark the cut line with an erasable marker or pencil on its glossy side.

In order to work with this tool, it is advisable to use corners or metal rulers. Having applied the ruler along the line, it is necessary to draw the glass cutter only once from the far edge of the ceramic product to itself, trying to distribute the force as evenly as possible when pressing the tool.

We measure and cut tiles

Thus, you get a completely even fishing line. a recess that weakens the strength of the canvas. Then you need to arrange the tile on the table so that the notch line on the product and the edge of the table completely coincide. Next, gently holding part of the tile on the table, you need to click on its other edge: the product will break gently and accurately.

Gently break in half

Edges after all work can be processed with sandpaper.

How to cut with a manual tile cutter?

This tool is used only for the production of light straight cuts. You can cut tiles with them, either evenly or diagonally. over, the direction does not matter. This equipment is very easy to use. However, before you cut the tiles with a tile cutter, you must have a general idea of ​​its structure.

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The tool is a base, where special tubular runners are fixed, on which the carriage with a carbide roller slides. Tile after drawing a marking is necessary laid on this base. Then it is necessary to apply a roller to it and, using a special handle, make a neat cut.

In this case, only one cut is needed. Do not cut through the same place two or three times, as the result will be disastrous. the material will break completely not as it is necessary.

We put the canvas tight to the base and spend on the tile 1 time

It is also precisely because of this that you need to carefully monitor the sharpness of the cutting device. it is removable on specialized professional models, so if necessary, a dull roller can be easily changed.

It is worth noting that to obtain high-quality tiles when working with such a tool, you must also be able to correctly break the material.

On the basis of the equipment, a small tubercle is provided during cutting, raising the edge of the ceramic product clearly above the cut and then freeing its ends. this is why the tubercle along with the slot on the tile acts as a guide for breaking.

Gently break off half of the canvas with a T-shaped heel

In addition, the product also breaks with the help of a movable T-shaped heel, which is located in front of the roller. This heel should be installed exactly in the middle of the cut, so that in the process of pressing the lever she pressed on the canvas. Also, this tile cutter can be cut diagonally.

Diagonal cutting

How to cut tiles with electric tile cutter?

If you plan to work with very hard and large format tiles, it is best to use professional equipment. electric tile cutter. To work with such equipment requires certain professional skills, as the cutting process in this case is quite complex and time-consuming.

However, nevertheless, if you are interested in how to cut ceramic tiles as quickly and accurately as possible even with very large volumes, then an electric tool is the best choice. Such equipment is quite expensive, but pays off with repeated use and can last several decades.

In its design, the electric tile cutter is almost completely identical to the modern circular saw. The main differences are the discs used and the availability of water baths.

Another feature of these machines is the ability to make accurate cuts with an inclination, which is very useful when facing external corners. In this case, the need for aluminum or plastic corners completely disappears. a product that is docked in a corner with a trim under 45 degrees looks very interesting.

Instruction manual

Pour water into the bath so that it overlaps the disk by 2-3 centimeters.

Tile cutter preparation: pour water

We measure out the part of the tile that needs to be cut and put on the machine.

Then we press our canvas to the machine and slowly bring to the disk. Pressing hard on the disc is not recommended, as he can stop.

Start cutting tiles

Now you need to make a cut along the second line. To do this, carefully raise the tile and do the same procedure.

Second line cutting

Cut ceramics angle grinder

The angular grinder gives very great opportunities for cutting. it can easily and accurately not only cut along even lines, but also make curly cuts. If desired, using an angle grinder, you can cut a beautiful round hole with a diameter of 70 mm in the tile.

Angle Grinder: Angle Grinder

To ensure that there are practically no chips left on the glossy surface, it is necessary to use only a new diamond wheel and cut from the back of the product. Therefore, before cutting the tile with an angle grinder, you need to make sure the quality of the wheel and its functionality.

We make the markup, draw the marking disk and break off the long part

Break off the rest. Corners can be trimmed with tongs or the same angle grinder

An angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade is essentially a universal tile cutter. In order to increase the efficiency of the tool, the equipment can be equipped with a special cooling system. Of course, this increases the cost of the tool, but at the same time, and increases its productivity. Thanks to its effectiveness, the angle grinder is now quite widespread.