Which side to cut the laminate with a jigsaw

We arm ourselves with an electric jigsaw

It’s good if you have a jigsaw at home equipped with a file for wooden surfaces.

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Using this tool is the best option.

Before sawing, mark the cut line with a pencil, and then cut through the film of the laminated coating with a knife or an awl. Now we grip the board tightly (face down).

The rotational speed of the power tool must be high. You must try to cut smoothly enough, without jerking the jigsaw, so that chips do not happen. Having got used to it, it is possible to quickly and accurately saw laminate boards. over, an excellent result is obtained when cutting both along and across the board. It seems that the answer to the question, the better to cut laminate flooring, is clear. of course a jigsaw.

We pick up a hacksaw

Laminate hacksaw, of course, sawn, but it is not very suitable for such work. After all, the teeth of a hacksaw, designed for woodworking, are intimidatingly large, and the top film of the floor covering is so thin. Just look. ugly traces will remain from these teeth. And it’s hard to cut the pressed laminate structure with a hacksaw. Hands get tired.

To get a better result, arm yourself with a fine-toothed hacksaw. For example, a hacksaw designed for sawing metal may well work. Chips on the cut can be avoided, but sawing with a fine-toothed hacksaw will be more difficult than a tool for woodworking. However, if you do not intend to cut the laminate in large quantities, then this method is fine. The quality of the cut, of course, is not perfect, but quite tolerable.

And here are the promised little tricks: before you cut, stick a piece of masking tape on this place. If you do this, then no chips are formed at the cut site. over, the laminate board must be laid face up. And in order for the cut to be smooth and clean, the hacksaw must have fine, frequent teeth.

Since the laminate is pressed using special mechanisms, then, of course, it is better to saw it not by hand, but with an electric tool.

For example, an electric hoe is quite suitable for this, (reciprocating saw), which is increasingly used by home craftsmen.

But for those who have never taken such an instrument in their hands, it will be difficult for habit. It takes a lot of effort and effort to achieve the desired result. Having acquired dexterity over time, it will be possible to saw the laminate very quickly and efficiently. But this process requires patience.

If you have not previously sawed other materials with this tool, then it is better to give preference in favor of a jigsaw.

How and with what to cut the laminate. choice of tools and nuances of sawing laminated coatings

Many people like laminate. this inexpensive floor material is very practical and beautiful. But not everyone succeeds in carefully sawing off even pieces from it. And you will have to cut it, and more than once. at the end of each row, at least. So how and with what to cut the laminate so that the cut line is pleasing to the eye. consider methods and tools that can be used to cut laminate.

A cutter specially designed for cutting laminates

Such a cutter is a bit like a guillotine. The sharpest knife falling from above instantly cuts the laminate like butter. The cut line is perfect and as accurate as possible. But this tool can only cut across the boards. And if you need to saw the floorboard lengthwise, then again turn to one of the methods described above.

In addition, such a cutter is very expensive, so buying it can be beneficial only to professionals who are engaged in laying laminate flooring on an ongoing basis. If you just want to change the floor in a couple of rooms in your apartment, then you probably shouldn’t make such a purchase.

Important: with any method, it is better to measure several times, and only cut. then. As a rule, they buy a little more laminate than it was calculated. It is taken into account that you will have to cut some boards, and then dock them correctly.

How to lay laminate flooring with your own hands: methods and schemes

How to make the floor reliable, beautiful, easy to install and at the same time inexpensive? These seemingly incompatible qualities are combined in the laminate. This is why this flooring is being used more and more. Nevertheless, in order for the floor to serve for a long time, you just need to know the intricacies of technology. For example, before laying the laminate, you need to check how even the base is. The maximum permissible deviation is no more than 1-2 mm per meter of surface. Only under this condition will it lie tightly, will not bend and creak. If the differences are greater, the lock may even break or crack the board.

If the base has irregularities that exceed the permissible dimensions, it must be leveled. For cement floors, everything is simple. a leveling screed is poured. They begin to lay the laminate after the solution has gained at least 50% strength.

Laying the laminate is only possible on an even base.

If an old wooden floor is used as a base, it must be removed according to technology, then a full-fledged cement floor should be made, with all the necessary layers (backfill, hydro and thermal insulation, a reinforcing belt and a screed). You can install a heating system in this floor, and lay the floor covering on the warm floor. Only in this case it is necessary to use special types of laminate that tolerate heat well. The cost of such a floor is high, and it takes a lot of time to install it. Therefore, this is not always done. If the logs and boards are not damaged, you can level the wooden floor with plywood, and already lay the laminate on it.

When leveling a wooden floor, all strongly protruding fragments are cut off with a plane or with the help of scraping, the cracks are sealed with putty. Sheets of plywood are laid on the prepared old wooden floor (it is used more often, although you can put any sheet material with a flat surface). They are fixed with self-tapping screws to the floor: around the perimeter after 15 cm, in the middle in a checkerboard pattern.

The joints of the sheets are shifted. they should not coincide (see the photo below). This way the load is transferred more evenly. One more point. leave some gaps between the sheets. they should not be fitted closely to each other. Wood changes dimensions depending on humidity and temperature. And these gaps will give the necessary freedom to avoid “humps” and distortions.

Laying plywood on a wood floor underneath laminate flooring is a common way to prepare a subfloor during renovations. If the wood has not been damaged, and the plywood is laid flat, does not “play” and does not bend, such a base will last for years

This is what an old wooden floor looks like, prepared for laying laminate.

Hacksaw: nuances of work, safety

If the work area is small. one or two rooms. and there are no electric cutting tools, a hand saw is fine. The hand saw blade must have very fine and frequent teeth.

A hacksaw for metal is best suited, since laminate is a hard, very strong, pressed material, and it is difficult to saw it with a conventional tool with large and rare teeth.

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The laminate board is sawn from the front side, and in order to avoid chipping and chipping, masking tape must be glued along the cutting line. On top of the tape, an exact line is drawn under a ruler or square, along which the material will be cut.

The electric chewing will greatly facilitate and speed up the process, and the cut quality will be better. Using an electric or a hacksaw for metal, you can make corner cuts in the laminate, but for rounded cuts (for example, under a pipe or arch column) such tools will not work.

For cutting, the board must be laid on the work table so that the cutting line is at least 20 mm from the edge of the table.

Laminate circular saw

If you don’t have a jigsaw, you can use a circular saw to cut the laminate flooring. This is a more complex tool and requires certain skills to use it. Using a circular saw, you can get the highest quality cuts of the laminate board along and across the blade.

The cutting element is a disc 16-20 cm in size with a blade thickness of no more than 20 mm. number of teeth. 48 pcs. When working with this tool, you must follow a certain sequence of actions:

  • remove the protective cover, install and fix the cutting disc on the laminate;
  • using a protractor, set the saw blade perpendicular to the lamella;
  • make the markings on the front side of the panel and fix it so that nothing interferes with the movement of the saw;
  • smoothly cut off the excess part.

During cutting, the tool should be held strictly perpendicular to the laminate panels so that the cut is smooth, cut smoothly, without stops and jerks, since they are the reason for the chips.

This sawing method has a rather significant drawback. a dusty cloud and the smell of burnt material. Therefore, you need to work on the balcony or outdoors.

Sawing a laminate with a jigsaw

The best tool for cutting laminate flooring is a jigsaw. This is a fairly comfortable and easy-to-use tool.

The main advantages of a jigsaw over other tools are:

  • compactness, low weight;
  • the ability to make a cut of any configuration (wavy, rounded with a different radius);
  • simplicity, ease of use;
  • high cut quality without chips and cracks.

Cutting a laminate board with a jigsaw is carried out at high speeds, so the cuts are of high quality. both curly, and across the board, and along the entire canvas. The main nuance is the choice of a jigsaw file.

For cutting the laminate, special saws are intended with a special shape of teeth, frequency and method of divorce. The standard reverse cut laminate file is marked T101 BR.

How to cut laminate flooring smoothly and without chips

The cut line is drawn from the back of the laminate (usually the manufacturer indicates which side is best for cutting). Then the board is laid on a table or a special stand so that the cut off part is outside the plane of the desktop.

The laminate board is pressed tightly by hand to the surface and the excess part is quickly cut off. The most important thing is to fix the board well so as not to damage it and avoid accidental injury. In the process of work, do not rush, press hard on the jigsaw.

How to cut laminate flooring: choose a tool

Laminate is a relatively new material for flooring, but it has gained well-deserved popularity due to its practicality and aesthetic appearance. In addition, it is easy to assemble it yourself by performing all the necessary measurements.

During assembly, laminate boards must be staggered to give strength to the entire structure. Therefore, each row requires correction in length, both at the beginning and at the end.

3 Best Tools for Cutting Laminate Vinyl Floor| Laminate cutter Jigsaw Small Saw MrYoucandoityourself

Shortening boards or cutting out pieces of a certain shape is not so difficult, the main thing is to make the right choice. how to cut the laminate at home. Consider what kind of tools can be used to cut a laminate board.

Laminate cutter

Another tool for cutting laminate is the guillotine cutter. In other words, it is a sharp knife, which, with the help of a handle, is lowered onto the board and smoothly cuts it. To work with the cutter does not require skills and the use of force, the cut is very high quality, even, without chips, and the process itself proceeds without noise and dust.

With the cutter, you can easily achieve perfect professional-grade results. But it is advisable to use this tool specifically for professionals, since it has a narrow specialization, it is intended only for cutting laminate. Therefore, for the repair of two or three rooms, it makes no sense to purchase this tool.

Another disadvantage is that it is impossible to cut the laminate panel along the canvas, but only across.

Many people, starting to repair their apartment with their own hands, simply do not know how to cut the laminate. As it turned out, the most convenient and easy-to-use tool is the electric jigsaw.

If you follow certain rules, you can quickly learn and achieve a good result. Each of the tools discussed above has some advantages over the others. the choice must be made in accordance with professional skills.

Using a hacksaw to cut laminate flooring


The hacksaw is clearly not the leader in the rating, the better it is to cut the laminate, but sometimes a person only has it at hand. A classic hacksaw has very large teeth, and with their help it will not be possible to cut the board beautifully enough.

A fine-toothed hacksaw is required for high-quality cutting.

Are You Using the Right Jigsaw Blade?

By wood

The obvious disadvantages include the length of the process. The use of a hacksaw can be justified if you need to file a small corner or make a cut across the board. Using a hacksaw to cut a laminated board along its entire length is a catastrophic waste of time.

Using a circular saw

A circular saw

A circular saw cannot be called optimal for cutting laminate, but if a person has certain skills in working with it, then he should not have any difficulties. Most often, this method is used when it is necessary to cut the laminate along, that is, when it is necessary to go through the entire length of the board. The circular saw allows you to significantly speed up the sawing process and get high-quality material of the required size.

Installing laminate flooring: how to cut/saw laminate flooring

The disadvantages include the formation of the smell of burnt wood. The saw should be fine-toothed.

How to cut laminate

  • 1 Sawing with a jigsaw
  • 2 Using a circular saw
  • 3 Using the grinder
  • 4 Using a hacksaw to cut laminate flooring
  • 5 Using the cutter
  • 6 Shaped cuts

In recent years, among all floor coverings, it is the laminate that has consistently held high positions in popularity. This is quite understandable, because the laminated board is very similar to wood, although it is made on the basis of high-density fiberboard. The design of the laminate is four-layer, and on the surface there is another layer in the form of a film, its purpose is decorative and protective. Laminate is easy to install. Like the vast majority of floor coverings, the laminate needs to be cut and adjusted to the size of the room, and a beginner may have problems with this, because it is not known how to cut the laminate so that the cut is without the slightest cracks and chips.

Using the grinder


When using an angle grinder to cut laminate flooring, it is necessary to select discs for concrete or ceramic tiles. The cut is made on the outside, front side to avoid the formation of burrs and chips.

When using a grinder, a lot of dust and burning are generated, and therefore it is necessary to protect objects in the room by first covering them with a film.

Using the cutter

Special machine

This tool acts on the guillotine principle, that is, its parts, as it were, clamp the building material that needs to be cut, and then, thanks to the pressure, are quickly cut off. The cut is very smooth. In addition, there is no noise and no dust generated when using the cutter.

The design of the cutter is such that it can only make cross-cuts, which significantly reduces the scope of its application, and therefore the cutter is not worth buying for a one-time laying of laminate.

Sawing with a jigsaw


The jigsaw is one of the most convenient materials for sawing laminate flooring. Cutting should be carried out at increased tool speeds to reduce the possibility of deformation of the laminated board.

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In order to do everything right, you must first prepare for the cut. To do this, from the outside, mark a line with a pencil along which the cut will be carried out. Now you need to draw the same line with a sharp object, for example, a knife or an awl, and apply some effort. This will cut through the top protective layer, which will further help create a smoother and more defined cutting line of the board.

Now you need to place the board on a flat surface and fix it thoroughly. The part of the board to be sawn must be suspended. Actually, now you can start cutting.

Jigsaw blades for laminate

You should also determine which file is best to use. Today, there are nozzles for wood on sale, including special ones for laminate.

If the cuts need to be straight, then the file can be wide, although for more complex cuts it is still better to use a file with fine teeth and a narrow blade. The narrowness of the canvas especially strongly affects the beauty of the curly cuts, and the narrower the canvas, the thinner and more accurate the cut will be.

Also recently, reverse-directional saws have appeared on the market, which perfectly cope with the task of accurately cutting laminate.

Curly cuts

In some cases, for example, when a laminated board joins pipes, it is required to make a cut of a certain shape, which is called figured. Theoretically, such a saw can be made with a hacksaw and a circular saw, although the jigsaw is the generally recognized leader in ease of use.

Choice of cutting tools for laminate flooring

The main characteristics that a tool for cutting a laminate at home should have are:

  • the convenience of use
  • compactness and low weight
  • the possibility of obtaining an even cut, without cracks and chips

The last point, the meaning of which is not to spoil the appearance of the laminate board after cutting, is decisive for most home craftsmen. However, its significance is still exaggerated. In any case, chips up to 5 mm in size on the finished coating will not be noticeable. defects along the edge of the panels will disappear behind the skirting boards.

So what are the best tools for cutting laminate flooring??

Jigsaw tool

The best result in cutting laminate can be achieved by using a jigsaw for this purpose. It is a lightweight, very easy-to-use tool that will quickly be approached by any newbie master. Even a woman or a teenager. Cutting with a jigsaw is carried out at high speeds, which avoids damage to the structure of the fiberboard. If you act at the same time quickly, confidently, then the cut will turn out to be almost perfect.

The main thing in using a jigsaw is the choice of the file. Modern tools are usually initially supplied with special files for cutting laminate. They are distinguished by a special shape, pitch and way of setting the teeth. However, ordinary metal files. narrow, with small teeth will cope with this business just as well.

In order not to damage the decorative surface, the cutting line is applied (with a pencil or chalk) to the wrong side of the laminate board. It is laid on a table (chair) with the wrong side up so that the part that is planned to be cut is in a suspended state. They fix the laminate on the table with one hand, and quickly cut off the excess part with the other.

Circular Saw Tool

A neat cut along the edge of the laminate can be obtained using a circular saw with a metal disc. A circular saw is more difficult to work with than a jigsaw, so it requires some skill. If you have them, then it will be possible to cut the laminate quickly, evenly, practically without chips.

The laminate board is laid on a hard surface with a pattern upward, fixed. You need to cut carefully, with slight pressure, moving the disc along the drawn line, trying not to slow down in one place.

Construction knife tool

A regular construction knife can also be used to cut laminate flooring. For example, if you are almost finished with the flooring, there is only one board left to cut, but the grinder suddenly broke. There are no other tools at hand, but cutting needs to be done urgently. Then a construction knife will come to the rescue. Place a ruler on the front side of the laminate board, and make a deep cut along it with a knife. While holding the board on one side of the cut, press down on the other side. Laminate must break, just like ceramic tiles when hit by a tile cutter.

Laminate Cutter Tool

The laminate cutter, on the other hand, allows for professional cutting. Most often, this tool works like a guillotine. a knife, which, with the help of a handle, is lowered onto the surface of the laminate and cut into it. The cutter operates easily, without chipping or noise. You don’t need to use force or skill to use it. Perhaps this is the easiest tool to use, allowing you to get an excellent result in any conditions.

Since this cutter is used exclusively for laminate flooring, it only makes sense to buy it for professional installation. For finishing several rooms of an apartment, this option is considered impractical.

Hacksaw tool

Laminate can be successfully cut with a regular wood hacksaw. But this will have to expend energy, because its teeth are large enough and will bite into the laminate, and not cut it out. Smaller teeth on a hacksaw for metal. this is what you need to use for cutting.

A hacksaw is very often used for cutting with small amounts of work. In construction teams, this method is not used, due to the increased time costs and labor intensity.

How to cut laminate flooring: choosing the right tool for cutting

In order to properly lay the laminate flooring, you need to be able not only to connect the laminate panels, but also to cut them correctly. Otherwise, it will be impossible to “fit” into the area of ​​the room, as well as to observe the traditional chess pattern of the coating. Since you cannot take laminated boards with your bare hands, you can entrust cutting them to one of the hand or power tools.

Choosing a file

To obtain an even and smooth cut at the end of the laminate lamella, it is not enough to purchase a high-quality tool. the result depends on a properly selected file. Some manufacturers complete the tool with several types of files. It may happen that you do not need to purchase an additional file for working with laminate. it will be included with the tool.

From others, the laminate file is distinguished by its characteristic features. The shape, pitch, setting of teeth and material of the blade must be taken into account when purchasing a file. Thus, laminate saws from the well-known manufacturer of Bosch tools are flexible and durable, since a bimetallic blade is used for its manufacture.

By and large, if for some reason it did not work out to find a file with a marking that says that it is intended to work directly with the laminate, you can pick up another one that has fine teeth and a thin blade. You can get different results:

  • Wide blade saw for high quality straight cuts.
  • For a curved or curved cut, choose a thin saw blade.
  • A neat edge on the face of the lamella will be obtained if the cut is made from the outside.
  • To carry out an even cut on the floor, choose a file with reversely directed saw teeth on the front side.

The following rules will allow you to get a high-quality cut when cutting the laminate and simplify the cutting process itself:

What are the nuances you need to consider when laying the laminate yourself?

The boards must take shape. After the material is delivered to the apartment where it will be laid, it must be left there for acclimatization.

This is especially important when the temperature outside is low. When laying the floor, a technological gap of one and a half centimeters is always left between the coating itself and the wall, which, when the temperature changes, compensates for the possible expansion of the laminate

Cold coating when heated can significantly reduce this gap.
When preparing the surface, you need to take care of the required stock of boards. When laying at an angle, the laminate will do more than when laying parallel to the walls.
Elimination of visible defects in the floor surface. If the surface defects are not eliminated, the floor will sag and creak. The permissible screed can have differences of no more than 3 mm. Otherwise, if the base is made of wood, use a sander for leveling. With a concrete base, a self-leveling screed is made. A polyethylene film is placed on the concrete screed perpendicular to the laminate as an insulating coating. Then they put a heat-insulating and sound-insulating substrate. The final layer will be laminate.
Laying direction. If you choose a direction perpendicular to the window, then this will allow you to hide the longitudinal joints of the rows of the coating.
Laying the first row of laminate boards. It is always better to adjust the first row to the unevenness of the wall. Walls in apartments and houses are often deformed. With this in mind, it is best to leave a centimeter of clearance. For reliable fixing of the gap, it is better to use purchased or manufactured wedges against which the laminate boards rest. Easier to snap locks when the laminate is laid towards you.
The second row of laminate begins with the last piece of the previous row. For better fixing of the locks, the boards are placed at an angle.
After laying three rows of the floor, you need to check how smooth it turned out.
The final stage of styling. To keep the last board as flat as possible, it is better to use a clamp.

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The installation of the skirting board completes the work. Attach the plinth to the wall using fasteners, self-tapping screws or special plinth glue.

You can carry out finishing work on the floor with your own hands, and even without the help of a specialist, you can make a cutting. In order for the floor to lie flat, there is no deformation, and the bulging of the coating, it is worth cutting the board correctly and laying it back to back against the wall. At home, it is much easier to cut soft vinyl laminate, which consists of only 2 layers and is a thin sheet.

This type of coating is better than conventional coating as it has excellent performance properties.

  • Wear resistance class 43;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Water resistant;
  • Fast styling.

An excellent tool for cutting laminate is a special guillotine.

To cut such a laminate, no special tool is required and a ruler, pencil and construction knife are enough. A line of the future cut is drawn, then you need to draw a knife along it and bend the canvas. If necessary, make a curly cut, you can use large scissors.

To cut a laminate board, you need to take accurate measurements, prepare the tool, observe safety precautions

It is especially important that you need to cut the canvas so that there is no torn protruding part on the trim line. In other words, there should be no visual damage.

For high-quality cutting, you can use various types of tools. Most often, a file is used to cut the laminate sheet, which can be used at home.

There should be no rough seizures or other types of deformation on the edge and, in order to exclude their formation, it is best to use a file with fine teeth. If it happened that the coating was still deformed, then you should not despair, since you just need to put the material with this side under the baseboard. and therefore it will not be conspicuous. Before making a cut, you need to check several times to avoid inaccuracies, which will later become noticeable in the form of a hole on the floor sticking out from under the baseboard.

Sawing devices

Almost every material corresponds to a well-defined group of tools for processing. It is hard to imagine the result of the idea of ​​sawing ceramic floor tiles with a jigsaw, and metal tiles with a clerical knife. The most expensive diamond glass cutter will be useless when cutting a regular sheet of paper.

Anyone who has encountered a similar problem understands that to cut a laminate board, you need to use a special tool that preserves the internal structure of the material.

These tools include:

  • Electric jigsaw;
  • Circular Saw;
  • Hand saw;
  • Laminate cutter.

About laminate

The processing of any material requires any special tools suitable for this particular composition. You won’t cut ceramic tiles with a hacksaw, but cut metal with a glass cutter, because even the best cutter for one structure will be completely useless for another.

That is why we will figure out what from. and also see photos and videos about laminated panels.

Convenient laminate cutter

You can properly trim a standard laminate board using the machine on which the guillotine is installed.

It is important to remember that the board consists of 5 layers, namely unrefined paper, through which moisture is prevented from penetrating the coating, high density fiberboard, moisture resistant film, decorative paper, acrylic resin. They cut the laminate without chips so as not to spoil the integrity of the board, and it is advisable not to use a regular knife

You can quickly and efficiently cut laminate with a convenient cutter

When working with the machine you need:

  • Observe safety rules;
  • Work carefully;
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

It is strictly forbidden to cut without a pre-marked line along which the disc is mounted on the cutter. With the help of the machine, the cut will be carried out efficiently, quickly and easily, and if the technology is violated, you can deform not only the material, but also harm your hands.

What is laminitis made of?

  • The lowest layer, which is marked with the number 1 in the figure, consists of unrefined or tar paper
    It is a reliable barrier for moisture that may come from the main floor. Sometimes an additional one is added under the paper for sound and thermal insulation, but this happens only in certain collections and this significantly changes the price of the material.
  • The thickest layer of the laminated panel is marked with number 2, it is made of high density fiberboard (HDF) and the quality of the product largely depends on its thickness.
    A lock is cut into this layer and the thicker the fiberboard, the higher the locking spike of the lock, therefore, the groove is deeper and the connection is tighter (no gap).
  • The number 3 in the figure denotes a decorative layer of paper on which a certain pattern is applied
    Since the pattern can display many materials, the panels can also imitate various types of wood, wood and ceramic parquet, stone, sand, marble, and the like.
  • The topmost, fourth layer, consists of acrylic or melamine resin
    . Through it practically without interference, the decorative design of the panel is clearly visible. Depends on the thickness of the protective top layer. and, therefore, its belonging to the commercial or domestic category (the classification of the domestic (non-commercial) laminate starts with the number 2, and the commercial one starts with the number 3).

Sawing a laminate with a jigsaw

The best tool
for cutting laminate you can call a jigsaw.
This is a fairly comfortable and easy-to-use tool.

The main advantages of a jigsaw over other tools are:

compactness, low weight;

the ability to make a cut of any configuration (wavy, rounded with a different radius);

simplicity, ease of use;

high cut quality without chips and cracks.

Cutting a laminate board with a jigsaw is carried out at high speeds, so the cuts are of high quality. both curly, and across the board, and along the entire canvas. The main nuance is the choice of a jigsaw file.

For cutting the laminate, special saws are intended with a special shape of teeth, frequency and method of divorce. Standard reverse cut laminate file is marked T101BR

How to cut laminate flooring smoothly and without chips

The cut line is drawn from the back of the laminate (usually the manufacturer indicates which side is best for cutting). Then the board is laid on a table or a special stand so that the cut off part is outside the plane of the desktop.

The laminate board is pressed tightly by hand to the surface and the excess part is quickly cut off. The most important thing is to fix the board well so as not to damage it and avoid accidental injury.
In the process of work, do not rush, press hard on the jigsaw.