Which Tile Cutter Is Best Hand Or Electric

Facing the elements of building structures during the repair or construction of buildings involves a large amount of work with tile material. In this case, it becomes necessary to adjust the size of the tile when laying it on the surface with a complex geometric configuration. To do this, trim the tiles along the desired contour.

There are many tools and fixtures for solving this problem, but tile cutters specially designed for such work are the most effective. These structurally simple tools provide a high-quality separation of the tile material to give it the desired shape. Which one to choose?

The tile cutter of this design has advanced features

Choose the type of tile cutter: electric or manual?

The tile cutter will be an indispensable assistant for a large amount of work on laying brooms, tiles and other tiled material. When using this tool, work is significantly accelerated, a high quality of cut is obtained, and material waste is minimal. On the market there is a wide variety of models of such devices, differing in size and cost, so for the right choice you need to understand the nuances of their functioning.

By design features, tile cutters are divided into two large groups: driven by an electric motor and manual mechanical. In the apparatus of the first type, a cutting disk with diamond spraying is used for work, driven into rotation by the energy of an electric current. In the second case, the cutting element moves along the guide rails with the help of muscular strength.

Electric tile cutters are widely used in construction organizations, stone processing workshops, and in industrial production. A tool with a mechanical manual drive is most often used in home repair work. Owners of private houses facilitate the process of laying tiles and metal tiles with it.

Replaceable Handheld Tile Cutter Roller

Ceramic tiles can also be sawn with an angle grinder or even cut with a glass cutter. Having mounted a diamond-coated disk on a grinder, you can, of course, process the tiled material by cutting, but fine clouds of dust that are very harmful to the respiratory system will be released into the environment. Such work is accompanied by a terrifying noise.

Manual Tile Cutter Options

The manual tile cutter is structurally composed of a cutting element on a movable base and a device for measuring angles. The cutter is the basis of the working part of this tool, with its help a notched fishing line is held, when tapped, the tile is divided into fragments of the desired size. If the configuration of the cutter is a circle, then they can perform a circular cut.

The presence of a "ballerina" provides the ability to cut holes for the socket

Small angle cuts allow the ruler to be carried out on a rotating mechanism. In addition, well-known manufacturers of such tools provide their products with many additional functions that protect the edge of the trimmed plate from painting, set the cutting angles with increased accuracy, and so on.

There are the following types of manual tile cutters:

  • Using rotating rollers as a cutting mechanism. In their manufacture, especially durable metal alloys are used. Similar tools are most widely used.
  • Having a mechanical carriage of increased rigidity in the cutting unit. With their help, you can accurately process thick and durable plates.
  • Bearings used in the chassis design. Such tile cutters are indispensable when working with materials of increased strength, having a thickness of up to one and a half centimeters.

The necessary model is selected depending on the expected volume of facing work. No need to focus solely on the cost of the tool, you need to take into account its technical characteristics and functionality.

The presence of a manual stop with a rotary mechanism allows you to cut tiles at an angle

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • The mechanism must have a very strong frame. This structural element provides a long tool life, especially with constant work with materials of increased hardness. Jams in the system of handles and levers are unacceptable, they must move easily and effortlessly.
  • An important operational parameter is the cut length of the tile material provided by the machine. This value can vary from ten to seventy-five centimeters. Machines with too short cutting lengths are often simply useless for the job.
  • Good smoothness of the movement of the cutting element on the surface of the workpiece is achieved by installing a bearing in the chassis of the mechanism. Machines of this design are often used by professional tilers.

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Power Tool Evaluation Criteria

Machines driven by a cutting motor from an electric motor are used to perform a large amount of facing work. Their use can significantly reduce waste. The cut surface is clean and smooth, increasing the speed of operations and productivity.

The most affordable portable electric tile cutter

For the proper functioning of these units in their design provides a water or air cooling system. It allows the tile material not to overheat, otherwise it may crack or crack. Water for cooling is located in the tank, from which it is, if necessary, sent to the surface to be treated. It is preferable to use this type of cooling system, as it is more efficient. Electric machines are performed in stationary and mobile versions.

which tile cutter is better manual or electric

Selection recommendations will be as follows:

  • Build quality should be assessed by visual inspection of the unit. There should be no visible defects on the elements of its design; when starting the engine, the vibration of the machine should be minimal. The smaller it is, the better the result of processing the tiles by cutting.
  • An important operational parameter is the power of the electric motor. The larger it is, the better the device will cope with increased loads during the work process, and the more it will last a long time. A good indicator is the power value of eight hundred watts and above. The output shaft of such electric motors rotates at a speed of eleven thousand revolutions per minute.
  • Machines with a lower engine occupy less usable space. Units in which the engine is located on top cut tile more accurately.
  • The characteristics of the depth and length of the cut in electric machines are good. The best specimens are capable of processing slabs with a length of up to fifty centimeters long and up to four centimeters thick.
  • The availability of spare parts for repair must also be considered. The details of the service should be found out by the specialists of the repair shops.
  • The working disk in size should not differ from the standard values. Most often, its diameter is eighteen centimeters.

The functionality of electric tile cutters significantly exceeds the parameters of manual machines. Professionals appreciate this tool for the high speed of processing tile material. The cut time is several tens of seconds.

Tile cutters of famous brands

Long service life and excellent performance are distinguished by tile cutters of the following well-known brands:

    "Sigma". refers to the professional class of tools for cutting tile material. The cutting part moves on bearings along the slide in the form of tubes, which ensures the uniformity of the force exerted on the cutting strip. The thickness limit of the processed tiles is two centimeters. Tile cutter Sigma Series 3 Klick Klock 3D2K

An outstanding characteristic is a minimum distance of eight millimeters from the edge of the plate at which work can begin. It is produced by Italian manufacturers and is widely popular in the domestic construction market.

“RUBI”. the Italian model has been produced since the middle of the last century and during this time has gained a reputation as an instrument with unconditional reliability and quality. Professional options are equipped with an extremely durable casting bed, many adjustments and settings that allow you to very accurately select the angular direction and depth of cut. Tile cutter RUBI TR-600-S

Depending on the thickness of the plate, the roller cutting elements of the tile cutter can be replaced. Available for processing length is seven and a half centimeters. Units are stored and transported in convenient plastic cases.

"VARYAG". a domestic-made device is distinguished by a design of enhanced strength. In the manufacture of a roller cutting element, tungsten alloys are used, so it has a unique hardness. Tile cutter Varyag-55133

An unpleasant creaking sound is eliminated with a titanium coating. Bearings are used in the chassis design, the carriage moves along one guide.

“Biber”. the legendary German quality of this brand is greatly spoiled by the release of counterfeit Chinese products. Original tile cutters of this brand will not disappoint professional tilers, they are distinguished by a long service life, simplicity and reliability of the design. They effectively cut plates of increased hardness from porcelain stoneware, equipped with settings of increased accuracy.

Tile cutter BIBER Suprim-55111

  • "DIAM". domestic machines of this brand, but their production has been established at Italian enterprises, so they are distinguished by their unconditional quality and reliability in operation. Units belong to professional equipment and are equipped with a powerful cast bed, roller cutting elements made of especially durable alloys, and precise measuring devices. It is possible to process tile material up to two centimeters thick and up to seven and a half centimeters long.
  • Electric tile cutter DIAM ML-1200 / 1,8

    The choice of a tile cutter model for performing a specific type of facing work is determined by the features of its operation. High-speed electric tile cutter is used for professional use with a significant amount of laid tile material.

    For home repairs carried out on their own, a machine with a manual mechanical drive is quite suitable. Which unit is better can be determined by conducting a comparative analysis of their technical characteristics. In this regard, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the experience of using several tools with the help of the following video.