Which Wood Sander To Choose

which wood sander to choose

Types of grinders on wood

To make the right choice when buying a grinder on wood, it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to the characteristics and capabilities of the tool, which can be professional or household. The former are designed for intensive and prolonged use under the influence of high loads: only high-quality materials are used for their manufacture, and the level of reliability and strength of mechanical and electronic components is an order of magnitude higher when compared with a household tool. Professional machines are much more powerful, more productive, heavier, but also more expensive.

Among household tools you can find really interesting tools, which, however, in some of their characteristics will be inferior to professional devices. But there is also a pleasant moment. low cost. If you plan to use a grinder no more than several times a month for a couple of hours, then a household tool is your choice (there is no point in spending money on a professional tool).

Household sanders work intermittently every 15-20 minutes

There are a number of devices designed for grinding: tape, vibration, eccentric, direct grinding, surface grinding, etc., used for processing various wood products and other materials.

Features of belt grinders

Belt machines are commonly used for rough machining of flat surfaces. With their help, you can remove a thick layer of material (for example, completely remove the paint or putty). This device is also in demand in the processing of window and door parts. for example, for processing internal rounded surfaces. Belt grinders are often used when it is necessary to grind a specific area in a car.

Choosing a belt grinder depending on power

The key working element of the tape machine is an abrasive tape that is glued into a ring. The width of this tape can range from 65-110 mm. The tape rotates thanks to a pair of rollers, the speed of which is about 150-400 m / min. That is, it can be argued that the increased speed of the tape provides the greatest efficiency; here the main ratio of the cost and power of the engine, because, for example, for the movement of the tape more than 300 rpm you need an engine that has at least 600 watts of power.

But there are also negative aspects of tape machines. So, the most powerful and productive units provide low quality processing (often traces of grooves and scratches remain on the surface). In some cases, after processing with a tape machine, there is a need for finishing, which is best done with a vibrating or eccentric device.

Tip. A belt sander is capable of removing up to 15 g of material per second, which no other kind of machine can do.

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Belt sander

Features of Vibratory Grinders

A vibrating tool for performing grinding work is also often called surface grinding. Such machines are mainly used for finishing. for example, for polishing surfaces of a flat type. The vibration machine is capable of working with metal, plastic, wood, artificial and natural stone, composite materials, etc.

A key feature of vibrating machines is the presence of a soft grinding base, due to which reciprocating movements are performed at high speed and with a small amplitude.

In most cases, a machine with a rectangular base is used, but you can also find a deltoid base, which makes it possible to work in hard-to-reach places.

What to look for when choosing a vibratory grinder

It is strongly recommended to purchase a grinder with a dust removal system, since the vast majority of models are equipped with it. It is not worth underestimating the importance of this system, because when performing grinding work a really huge amount of dust is generated, which poses a danger to the life of the worker.

Attention! It is worth remembering that household machines are able to work no more than a third of an hour, after which they need rest (20-30 minutes).

Vibratory grinding machine

Features of eccentric grinders

The key difference between the eccentric machine and the above units is the presence of an eccentric mechanism, due to which it is possible to simultaneously perform reciprocating and rotational movements. An eccentric tool is best suited for machining profile and curved surfaces; able to work with almost all materials, in particular with wood, metal, plastic, etc.

It is this tool that is able to perform the most high-quality and accurate grinding, but such a machine "passes" in front of shallow corners and indentations. the working "plate" simply does not get there. The engines of modern cars consume from 200 to 900 watts, and those that ask for more will naturally be more productive. If we talk about the rotation of the "plate", then it usually fluctuates in the range of 4-14 thousand rpm (the higher the speed, the rougher the processing).

Random orbit sander

Eccentric machines are often well “stuffed” with electronics. for example, a frequency maintenance system (it does not fall under load). Some models have an electrodynamic brake, thanks to which you can instantly stop work to prevent damage to the workpiece. In professional models, an inrush current limiter can be provided, thanks to which the tool accelerates smoothly and does not create an overload that occurs during a sharp start.

Tips to help you choose a grinder

If the price of the device is not of the last importance, then for frequent use in everyday life it is recommended to buy copies of the middle price segment of firms:

  • Skil
  • Sparky
  • Bosch;
  • You can also look at domestic manufacturers of Fiolent and Interskol, which have recently well raised the bar for quality.

When choosing, pay attention to the dimensions and weight of the device, especially if you need to perform work “on weight”. Choose a faster car than a powerful one. they will be easier and cheaper. If you need to perform work on a workbench, then you should choose the device with the greatest weight (this will be more of a plus than a minus). It is also worth paying attention to how the switches are located, how they work, how difficult it is to change the accessories, and whether the power cord interferes with the operation.