2023 Exmark Lazer Z E-Series LZE742GKC604A3. Exmark mowers lazer z

Exmark Lazer Z S-Series Zero-Turn Riding Mower

For years, Exmark’s Lazer Z has been the standard of excellence for commercial zero-turn mowers. Today more than ever, the Lazer Z is coveted by landscape pros for its cut quality, productivity, durability and up-time performance. The improved design uses 40% fewer parts making it easier to maintain. Which means more profits for you.

With the top-rated Lazer Z S-Series of zero turn riders, you can choose from eight different engines, including an eco-friendly, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), propane option. Four UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck sizes are available in 52, 60 or 72 inches. Want tough? Try a 10-gauge, formed and continuously seam-welded top and a 7-gauge side skits. All with welded spindle mounting sites and full-floating 4-point suspension with four adjustable anti-scalp rollers. Select Lazer Z S-Series models offer Smart Controller. This easy-to-use interface has a wealth of user data like fuel level, interlock status, PTO and total hours, maintenance reminders and machine health status.

Mower Deck Widths: 52″ 60″ 72″

Lazer Z E-Series Features

Doing With Propane Our EFI system optimizes fuel delivery in real-time, which improves efficiency and performance. This, in combination with lower propane cost reduces operating expenses versus typical gas-powered mowers.

Ultracut Series 4 Deck This full-floating deck uses maintenance free spindle with a splined blade driver to stop bolt tightening on impacts. And, our patented bearing design on idler arm pivots only needs annual service.

Less Time At The Pump Gas-powered E-Series models have a single 8-gallon tank with one fill location.

On-Board Diagnostics Check vital functions at a glance on the digital screen. An electronic fuel gauge with low fuel warning on all Lazer Z units, battery voltage warning, hour meter and OPC safety switch monitoring make troubleshooting easy.

Fewer Grease Points With just four grease points that only need annual greasing, the Lazer Z delivers maximum performance with minimum maintenance. Greaseless spindles and only four grease points on the entire machine.

Built to Last Want tough? Try a 10-gauge, formed and continuously seam-welded top, and a 7-gauge side skirt. All with welded spindle mounting sites. And, full-floating, 4-point suspension with four adjustable anti-scalp rollers.

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Selling Price.

The perfect choice for professional landscape contractors who want the innovative engineering and commercial-grade quality of a Lazer Z zero turn riding mower, but in a value package. It features the same welded, heavy-duty, 1.5”x 3” tubular steel unibody frame found throughout our Lazer Z models. You can also choose from two rugged Kawasaki V-Twin engines or a Kohler Command EFI engine matched to a full-floating, UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck, in 48, 52, 60 or 72 inch widths. A digital operator diagnostic module simplifies system monitoring and troubleshooting, while the fuel gauge uses ultrasonic waves to provide a more accurate reading. Comes equipped with a full-suspension seat that enhances operator comfort.

sorriest mower and warranty

By the time you constantly repair these. You could by a new lawn mower every year. Then you would have a year warranty every year, and hopefully the other compactor your would stand behind it for at least that period of time. If not you could still by a new one for what it cost to repair this brand of JUNK!

Bad Warranty Service

I bought an Exmark Mowers Laser Z S series mower 2 years ago. I have less than 200 hours on it as I use it for personal use only. I had a bearing burn up in the deck which is covered under warranty. I took my mower to my local dealer and he said I will fix it today!! I explained to him that the mower is still covered under warranty to which he replied “Ohhhh you didn’t tell me this is warranty work, I cant fix it for 3 weeks”. I paid cash to fix the bearing and it was repaired the same day. I couldn’t wait 3 weeks. I have contacted ExMark and they have done nothing. I have even forwarded my concerns to Judy Altmaier the VP and I was given this response “On behalf of Judy, she is aware of your concerns and appreciates your feedback. Thank you.” Please beware!! This was a 163 repair to a mower that retails for well over 10,000.00 and they will not stand behind it!

Today the ignition switch fell apart, I looked at the design, what jink! You would think 12000 would buy a good mower.I guess not

Watch out because exmark won’t stand behind there product

Exmark will not help you if the dealer u bought from won’t honor it’s warranty Performance Efi model would not buy with the Kohler motor exmark the company will not stand behind the motor. They try to put it off on the kohler

This machine has been a work horse for us. It is built very well. Deck adjustment is easy, operator controls are simple, access to replace belts is easy. The quality of cut with this machine has depended heavily on what type of blades you are using. I’ve found that the high lift blades perform the best. I also found that the mulch kit was a pain that didn’t cut as well. Performance Performance of this machine has been very good. I have had a few electrical problems, mostly caused by vibration over time, nothing major however. Handling Works as nicely as any high quality mower. Durability As solid of a machine and deck as you’ll find.

i love this machine

when i purchased the emark it felt like i was in a spaceship once you get the hang of it you really dont want to get off its really fun if you ask me. i own about 15 arcers and i on 7 of these baies and YES they are my babies.tey rally work awsome andthey get the job done they make shar turns gt a ever angle and never have to worry about cutting for a little good while. i really recomend tis machine.just like the rapper “drake” would say “its the best i ever had.

I own my own landscaping/field mowing business thats been going pretty slow the last few years and with this riding mower it really feels like your on auto pilot. Its turning radius is far superior to most other mowers Ive used over the years. I wished I had been able to purchase this mower earlier in my business career. Its fairly easy to operate and maintain matience. All my employees used to argue on who gets to use the mower because its so fun to ride- but I didnt let them! Until I recently purchased five more of these lil beauties. Now my business is running smoother then ever. Having this mower has cut mowing time more than half and makes my clients happier too. No more complaining and refunds. It also has a wider wheel base then my old ones, so I dont smash the lawns as much. The sports fans love that because it doesnt leave grooves in the lawn. GO RAMS! Thank you for reading my review.

xmart a wonderfull competivily price unit that is well bult.

A superior machine for any application, farm. or home owner. I personally have used exmark among other machines over the years and favor xmart make a hard job easier with no breakdown time and offering comfort as well. My son has a small landscape company in CT has just purcased a new exmark this will be his forth thee are many machine out thier but continues to come back to exmark. I have bought many machines over the years exmark holds thier value I never lost money when selling a exmark for a grade up. I always puchase used and resell at no loss and makng a profit. They do break down a lot of moving parts all lawn mowers do but I have to tell you it takes a lot of abuse some times even stupidity to break one of theese machines. Parts always a phone call away or readally available service is always simple easy to grease at all points well built engines and componets. Built with safety in mind atall times superior macine cut grass at light speed wth a fantastic cut by one see for yourself if you do not like sell it you might find you made money once again but I am willing to say you will be back to exmark when it is all said and done.

The exmark lazer z commerical lawn mower is great for many differnt applications. It is the most comfortable ride of any mower that you could get. in most cases it can cut your mowing time in half. If you are using it for your business it is a great piece of equipment that can be an exelient money maker. It is a very simple mower to learn on and almost anyone can mow like a professional on it. The quality of the cut is like none other and the mowers features make it a fun experience every time. It has many Smart safety features and is very well made. It is a piece of equipment that you can use all day every day as long as you keep up on the proper maintenance. The zero turn radius makes it great in tight spaces and just the over all controls of the mower make it great on any type of terrain. Some people might think that it is a little expensive but if you take care of it right it will give you years of effortless mowing. In the end it is money well spent.

Exmark Lazer Z X-Series 72

Shop Olsen’s Outdoor Power with 2 locations in Southwest Iowa. Serving Western Iowa, Southwest Iowa, Southeast Nebraska cities including Omaha, Council Bluffs, Nebraska City, Plattsmouth, Glenwood, Treynor, Carson, Oakland, Avoca, Harlan, RedOak, Corning, Elliott, Atlantic, Audubon and all points in between.

What you get when you check all the boxes.

And with our top-rated Lazer Z X-Series, there are plenty of boxes to check. For starters, you can choose from five rugged, commercial-grade engines, including high efficiency Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) options. Which also features our exclusive EGov and RED technology which can boosts fuel efficiency up to 41%. The X-Series also features our UltraCut Series 6 deck in 52-, 60- and 72-inch cutting widths. Whatever combination you choose, operators will ride in unrivaled comfort thanks to our unique seating system. There’s even a standard 12-volt adapter to keep devices charged. So, if you’re looking for our top-of-the-line mower, the Lazer Z X-Series should be at the top of your list.

Patented RED Technology: Enabling communication and response between key systems on your mower with defined operation modes, system monitoring and clutch saver features. UltraCut Series 6 Deck: This full-floating deck uses double-row bearings with a splined blade driver to stop bolt tightening on impacts. And, our patented bearing design on idler arm pivots only needs annual service. A New Level of Comfort: Comfort increases productivity. That’s why we designed a new, ergonomically advanced seat system featuring our exclusive Iso-Mount Seat Isolation System. Rear Discharge Deck: Available in 60 and 72 inch cutting widths, the rear discharge deck offers increased clipping discharge control, reduced noise, and the ability to trim on both sides of the cutting deck while keeping the operator clean. Productivity: Higher ground speeds with 16cc drive system and more power with larger engine displacements for improved productivity. Tool-less Belt Removal: Deck and hydro belt can be installed without using any tools.

Blade Spindles: No maintenance, sealed and non-greasable spindles; 7.75″-diameter cutter housing with 30mm (1.18″) diameter spindle shaft and splined blade driver. Drive Tires: 24 x 12.0-12, 4-ply Turf Master Tractor Frame: Unibody, welded, heavy-duty 1.5″ x 3″ tubular steel. Steering Control: Hydraulically dampened twin levers, adjust fore and aft. Adjustable dampeners (3 positions) to customize drive responsiveness. Also adjustable to 2 height positions. Front Caster Tires: 13 x 6.5-6, smooth-tread, semi-pneumatic. Parking Brake: Lever-actuated disc brake. Seat: Deluxe, two-tone, bolstered suspension seat with Elastomeric Vibration Control material. Mounted on innovative Seat Isolation System that provides operator isolation in all three planes of motion as well as fore-aft slide and seat flip-up. Electrical: 12-volt battery with 25-amp alternator. Onboard Intelligence: RED Technology Standard Features: 12-volt plug-in, engine hour meter and cup holder UPC: 193308000756

Engine Brand: Kohler Engine Model: ECV980 Engine Displacement: 999 Engine Series: Command EFI Engine Speed: 3,650 RPM Air Filter: Heavy-duty canister air filtration system Fuel Type: Gas EFI Fuel Capacity: 12-gallon (45.4-L), single fuel tank with single fill location. Fuel Indicator: Yes. electronic Sender Drive: Hydro-Drive Drive Description: Two Exmark exclusive Parker unitized pump and wheel motor systems with no hoses, integrated cooling fans, shock valve, 1.7-quart integrated reservoir, spin-on filter and heavy-duty components. 16 cc pumps and 17.1 cubic inch motors. Speed: Infinitely variable speed selection from 0-11.5 mph (18.5 kmph) forward, 0-6.0 mph (11.3 kmph) reverse Carb Compliant: No Deck Lift: Standard; foot-controlled deck lift changes cutting height and lifts the deck to maneuver around obstacles, or place in transport position. Safety Package: Operator Presence Controls (OPC) and drive system interlock, with safety interlock system indicators. ROPS: 2-post foldable ROPS standard with seat belt and latch. PTO Engagement: MagStop Electromagnetic 250-ft-lb clutch with spot brake Drive Wheel Release: Allows unit movement without engine running. Casters:.50″ thick caster yoke arms. Model Description: Lazer Z X-Series 38 HP Koh EFI EGov ECV980 w/72″ UltraCut Series 6 Deck, RED, Susp Seat Wide Semi-Pneum

Width / Cutting Deck: 72″ Deck Style: Floating Deck Deck Style Description: Full-floating UltraCut Series 6 with heavy-duty spindle. Side discharge standard with the option to bag or mulch. Deck Construction: 10-gauge top that is formed and continuously seam welded, 7-gauge side skirt and 7-gauge formed and welded spindle mounting locations for improved strength and reduced weight. Blade Tip Speed: Approximately 18,500 fpm. Cutting Heights: 1.0″ (2.5 cm) to 5.5″ (11.8 cm) in 0.25″ (0.64 cm) increments adjustable from operator’s seat. Blades: 3 Blades at 24.50″ Length

Width: 84.9 in. (215.6 cm) Length: 86.1 in. (218.7 cm) Height: 70 in. (177.8 cm)

NOTES:The gross horsepower of these gasoline engines was laboratory rated at 3600 rpm by the engine manufacturer in accordance with SAE J1940 or SAE J2723. As configured to meet safety, emission and operating requirements, the actual engine horsepower on these mowers may be significantly lower. The gross horsepower of the 3TNV80FT was laboratory rated at 2600 rpm; the 3TNV88C was laboratory rated at 3000 rpm by the engine manufacturer in accordance with SAE J1995. As configured to meet safety, emission and operating requirements, the actual engine horsepower on these mowers may be significantly lower.

Location: Atlantic Location Year: 2019 Manufacturer: Exmark Model: LZX980EKC726W0 New/Used: New Primary Color: Red Condition: Excellent Title: Clean

Exmark LZS740PKC60400 Lazer Z Mower 60 Inch PROPANE

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Financing available, first 120 days no payment. After 120 days (48 months no interest)

Engine Manufacturer

Engine Type



Wheel Size

Fuel Capacity

Kohler /td>
747 cc
Front: 13 x 6.5-6; Drive: 24 x 12-12
10.3 gal.

With the S-Series, you can choose from eight different engines, including an eco-friendly, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), propane option. Four UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck sizes are available with widths up to 72 inches. Want tough, try a 10-guage, formed and continuously seam-welded top and a 7-guage side skits. All with welded spindle mounting sites and full-floating 4-point suspension with four adjustable anti-scalp rollers.

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