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Universal Fit Grass Catcher

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The Universal Fit Grass Catcher is a grass collection/leaf collection attachment for commercial mowers.

Cylindrical shape enhances aerodynamic air flow, preventing clippings from piling up at the mower-catcher connection.


Find the grass catcher that’s right for your machine and join the family today!

Leaf catcher for lawn mower

Easily find the lawn mower products you want by browsing through our inventory. You can review all of our models quickly by clicking on the pictures below. Right now, you will find detailed descriptions on every product page that give you the information you need to make Smart, informed decisions. As soon as you find what you want, call or email us for more details.

Grass catchers, also called baggers, work like the bag of a vacuum cleaner, gathering cut grass and holding it until you’re ready to empty the bag. If your lawnmower doesn’t have one or your original one broke, here are some tips on using them.

Types of Grass Catchers

There are catchers for all types of lawn mowers, including zero-radius turn mowers, commercial mowers and walk-behind mowers. These accessories are easy to attach and remove from the lawnmower. There are original equipment manufacturer baggers and aftermarket grass catchers for each make and model of mower.

Grass catchers collect the cut pieces of grass that are blown out from under the mower’s deck. Steel grass catchers offer durability, and aluminum offers resistance to rust and a lighter weight. When mowing the lawn, aim to cut one-third or less of the length of the grass. Cutting less of the grass’s height at a more frequent rate is better for the root system. This also means fewer times emptying the grass catcher.

Benefits of Grass Catchers

If you’re tired of raking your lawn after mowing it, a bagger is a good choice. It will save you the extra work. Bagging the lawn clippings also helps your grass look tidier. Less thatch will build up. If you walk on your lawn or have a pet that walks on the grass, there will be less grass tracked back into your home when you have a catcher for the clippings. If you have a compost pile, the grass clippings will help with the composting process.

If you are looking for grass catcher replacement parts, Bradley Mowers has a range of options. Our house brand is made of steel and holds 4.05 cubic feet of clippings. It is compatible with Bradley Mowers WT, SOT and all pistol grip Bradley and Red Hawk lawnmowers.

We also stock Ferris grass catchers and baggers. These are also made of steel and have a capacity of 4.05 cubic feet. They are compatible with Ferris FW35 walk-behind and SRSZ2 stand-on mowers. Our GC2400 offers a welded steel housing. Its 3.90 cubic foot capacity offers convenience. This grass catcher is compatible with Bradley compact stand-on motors. There is a dust cover available and sold separately.

LTLTB95000. 54 cu. ft. Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag

The Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag is the bag that started it all. Its 54 cu. ft. size and lightweight, abrasion-resistant material make it the perfect bag for those looking to clear their lawn a few times each season.

If you have a two-bag material collection system, this is the perfect bag for you. The Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag offers a maximum bag opening circumference of 120 inches, and it takes just seconds to install. After removing your collection system’s existing bags, you simply drape the leaf bag’s opening over the hood, pull the debris flap over the front, and tighten the two cord locks to secure it in place. Just like that, you’ll see your capacity and productivity increase.

While in use, abrasion-resistant fabric ensures that you’re investing in a durable leaf-collecting solution for use season after season. Additionally, our design promotes airflow while trapping dust and debris, which results in less dust and mess while you collect your leaves.

All of our leaf bags are proudly made in the USA. This bag requires a material collection system; however, a material collection system is NOT included in the purchase of this bag. Please contact the dealer or store where you purchased your ride-on tractor or zero-turn mower for any required parts.


  • 54 cu. ft. capacity increases the leaf collection capabilities of your ride-on mower’s existing collection system
  • Simple fabric design slips over the hood of your material collection system and secures with cord locks in seconds
  • Durable, abrasion-resistant fabric offers long-term use and is woven to trap dust, but still let air escape
  • Fabric can be folded up for easy storage after use
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Compatible with most two-bag material collection systems on ride-on lawn mowers
  • Fast and convenient emptying, wherever you desire to pile leaves
  • Made in the USA

Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag

Capacity 54 cu. ft (43 bu.)
Length 91.75 in. (233 cm.)
Width. Front (End with Opening) 60 in. (152 cm.)
Width. Rear 51 in. (130 cm.)
Max Circumference of Opening 120 in. (305 cm.)
Fabric Cotton Blend

Requirements and Compatibility

Material Collection System 2-bag MCS
Works with most ride-on lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers. Make sure that bag will not make contact with hot exhaust

What types of mowers can the Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag be used on?

Lawn Tractor Leaf Bags can be used with lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers that have a material collection system installed.

How long will a Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag last?

Lawn Tractor Leaf Bags are made from a cotton blend. An average homeowner can expect to get multiple seasons out of their bag, and many customers have been using theirs for more than five years. During testing, our bags endured over 70 hours of use and abuse.

What if my Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag gets a hole in it?

If your Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag tears or rips, the material can be sewn shut to repair it.

What care or maintenance is required for a Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag?

Lawn Tractor Leaf Bags require very little maintenance if used with reasonable care and stored dry. If your Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag gets dirty, it can be hosed off, but you must make sure that the fabric has enough time to dry before storing it to avoid mold and mildew.

What if I don’t have a material collection system attachment on my mower? Will a Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag still work for me?

Your lawn tractor or zero-turn mower must have a material collection system for a Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag. If you need these components, please contact the dealer where you purchased your mower, or consult the manufacturer to see if these parts are available.

My Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag does not stay on my mower’s material collection system while in use. What should I do?

Please reference the instructions found in the bag that your Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag came in. If you need a copy of this information, or your problem persists, please use the Contact Us page or call us.

What warranty comes with a Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag?

Lawn Tractor Leaf Bags come with a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you have a problem with our product, please contact us.

Riding Mower Attachments, Accessories, and Implements

Your lawn mower was built to do so much more than cut grass. Take advantage of our lawn striping kit to get that professionally landscaped look in the spring, and make fall leaf cleanup a breeze when you use one of our baggers. When winter weather hits, install one of our weather enclosures and a front blade and put snow in its place. Learn more about some of our favorite mower attachments below.

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Brush Guards Bumpers


Snow Removal Made Easy

Relive the days when snow was fun Put Mother Nature in her place with a powerful tractor-mounted John Deere Snowblower or Front Blade. Add a weather enclosure and keep Jack Frost at bay. Make a clear choice, see your dealer today.

DIY Tips

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Home and Garden, eat your heart out.

Get the latest on how to care for and enjoy your yard and garden. The articles and videos are informative and the ideas are amazing.

Bagging VS Mulching

Which one is right for you? It’s a question asked by many homeowners – should I bag or mulch? Well, the answer actually depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with your lawn.

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Collecting your grass clippings serves many purposes for both the appearance and the health of your lawn. To quickly pick-up debris and keep a uniform appearance during the thick of growing season, bagging is definitely the solution. If you’re rehabbing your yard, you’ll want to bag the clippings so as not to disperse weed seeds or any diseased clippings. At the end of the season, using a bagger can really help make fall leaf cleanup a breeze. Additionally, if you compost, bagging your grass clippings offers easy access to a great source of compostable material.

find, grass, catcher, right, your, machine

Much like bagging, mulching your grass clippings can serve to improve your lawn’s appearance. Mulching returns nutrients directly back into the ground, resulting in less watering (and a lower water bill!) and fertilizer use. Additionally, you’ll save time by eliminating the need to stop mowing to empty bags.

Standard vs Reverse-Rotation Explained

Standard Rotation

Standard rotation blades come together at the front of the deck, moving material directly into the rear discharge chute. Standard rotation decks are ideal for users who need to collect thick, heavy clippings, including leaves and other yard debris.

If you experience uncut grass in the center of the cut area, especially in the 48″ deck, consider the reverse rotation deck.

Reverse Rotation

Reverse rotation blades come together at the rear of the deck, moving material around the edges of the deck before it is channeled into the discharge chute. The simplified airflow design of reverse rotation decks provides exceptional cut quality, especially in the middle and in blade overlap.

If you experience uncollected debris or grass clippings at the center of the deck, consider the standard rotation deck.